gladrags boutique

heres just a few of the bits you will find on the gladrags bigcartel website. i came across gladrags when i started attending coventry university, its a cute little boutique in coventry that sells really cute clothes. all the things they sell are the latest styles like at the moment they have so many cute pastels in. they also stock motel rocks clothes if your interested in that. i really love all the levi shorts they sell; they are all individually reworked, studded and dyed and look amazing. 
they sell band t-shirts and vintage dresses too, there website is just full of things that i want to buy!

the other day i went in the coventry store and saw they were selling some leggings; they all shiny and very similar to the american apparel disco pants which retail at £70 but in gladrags for a very similar pair just £16, they are coming soon on their website but they are in store in the coventry branch so if you live nearby you may wanna snap them up. 

if you wanna see anymore pictures of these leggings just ask and check out the gladrags website for all the clothes above and prices. 


LoveFayexoxo said...

that lilac dress is a dreammmm!! I'm in love with it!! How much does it retail for?


amypyt said...

Faye , the dress is £30 :)