Hopefully back and blogging properly now! Actually got to go out and take outfit photos today! I love this outfit. I bought these culottes ages ago from New Look but they are a little snug on the tummy so keep putting off wearing them. They were fine though, I think they look good with this khaki tshirt from H&M. I always wear khaki and burgundy in Autumn, they are two of my favourite autumn shades. I went to Primark today and bought a few Autumn bits, i've filmed a haul so expect that on my channel soon. 

What are your favourite Autumn colours? 



So were back from Ibiza, I seriously didn't want to leave! We had the best time, it was so much fun. I did film whilst we were there but my SD card corrupted and i've lost everything, I'm so gutted. I took it to get repaired but it was no good. I luckily took some photos on my phone and other camera. 

I love this bikini that I was kindly gifted by Freya, it was so perfect for Ibiza, the mesh material sections on the cups are so on trend. I wouldn't normally buy myself a black bikini just because i'd normally wear more colourful clothes on holiday but the black made it really chic and classy which was perfect for ibiza as everyone got dolled up for a day at Ocean Beach which is a VIP Luxury beach club. 

The fit was spot on, I was the same size as I am in my bras, you can get some advise with your size over on the Freya website. The quality is really good, it's a decent sturdy bikini top. The bottoms are really cute and comfy too! I felt amazing in this bikini and felt really confident walking around at Ocean Beach Club. 

You can get this bikini here from the Freya website or other Freya Stockists. 

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I can't believe it's Autumn already, the leaves are all orange and falling off the trees, the temperature has dropped and those nights are getting dark earlier. I thought i'd pop together a few tips and tricks to keeping your house warm for less this winter.
 - having the heating on a timer. Do you really need it on all day when no one is at home? Pop it on timer so its on for and hour or so in the morning and before you go to bed, you just need to take the chill out of the house.

- closing doors, I know it seems like an obvious one but I always have my living room door open in the summer and closed in the winter just to keep the heat in. 

- put a jumper or a dressing gown on! why sit there in shorts and a vest with the heating on. Pop a dressing gown on, you'll warm up much quicker than the central heating will!

- Using products like MagnetGlaze to block out any draughty windows! They use acrylic plastic sheets which you can get made to measure, they are so simple to install and it reduces the amount of heat lost through the windows. It's a really cost effective way of insulating your house with prices starting at as little as £40. MagnetGlaze is avalible here at The Plastic People website.

-getting a draught excluder for your doors, you can get these from home stores and they are usually really cheap, less that £5. They are just a cheap way to block the gap under your doors. 

- I found in my rooms that have laminate or wooden flooring that they can feel alot colder during those winter months, getting a nice fluffy warm carpet or rug is a cheap way to make a room feel instantly warmer. Thicker curtains is another way to warm up a room !

-don't block your radiators with big furniture, this will block the heat coming out. Try having a little move around even if it's just for those colder months.

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I have to say I find I can be very lazy when it comes to a night time skincare routine, I usually give my face a good wash, usually a double cleanse using good old Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and then use a night cream when I can be bothered. I've recently incorperated Vichy Skin Sleep into my routine. 

The number of hours that we sleep has an impact on our skin and how bright it appears. Skin Sleep
is designed to recreate the look of a good nights sleep. The formula is a gel like balm texture. It's nice and thin and not greasy, it soaks into the skin really fast. I feel since i've been using Skin Sleep my skin has appeared more plump and smoother. I've been on holiday so my skin is looking brighter anyway but I feel the plumping aspect makes my face appear more awake.

Skin Sleep has been scentifically proven to help make people feel more relaxed when going to sleep and was tested on a panel of nurses, flight attendants and young mums.
I love the smell, its very theraputic and is relaxing, you are instructed to massage the product into the skin in circular motions and concentrate on massaging the temples. This is all very relaxing before bed time.

I think this product is a little out of my budget for a night creme as I said I'm not a massive night routine person however this cream is lovely and really chills me out and gets me nice and ready for bed. I would consider repurchasing this if I felt that a lack of sleep was seriously evident on my skin as I felt this did plump the skin and I did appear more awake and refreshed.


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Hello everyone i'm back from Ibiza, i'm hoping to jump right back into blogging. I had some trouble with my Go Pro and have managed to loose all of my videos from Ibiza so i'm trying to retrieve my videos and I will hopefully be uploading an Ibiza Vlog.

Ibiza was amazing but now i'm back and I need to get back into my old routine and get myself back to the gym after a week of drinking and eating Tapas.

I find keeping track of my workouts really motivates me, I use the Polar heart rate monitor and the
My Fitness Pal app. I also occasionally use my pedometrer, to keep a track of my steps whilst i'm at work.

The Polar heart rate monitor is really simple and easy to use. It tells you when you are in the optimum zone whilst you are working out. It records how long you are working out for and how many calories you've burnt. It syncs with most gym equipment aswell making it really reliable.

I then use the My Fitness Pal app to record the information and also add my food and drink though the day. This gives you a little idea of what foods you will have burnt off through the day. I think recording what you eat makes you a little more wary of what your eating and stops you snacking!

A pedometer is a really handy thing to have you can get a pedometer app for your phone. This lets you track how many steps you take and how many calories you loose throughout the day. My job is quite active so I do alot of steps, so its good to keep tabs on this.

The fitbit is a device that actually does everything for you, it records your steps and your workouts, you can even use the fitbit app to log you food intake. There's also challanges to give you that motivation and push if you need it.

There's more information and stats about whether an exercise tracker will actually motivate you here on the Legal and General site 

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Custom Polarised Sunglasses - £58* - Sili Sunglasses 

I know what your thinking, it's cold outside why is Amy talking about sunglasses, I'm in ibiza this week so these are perfect for my trip! I'm forever breaking my sunglasses but Sili Sunglasses have the answer. They have invented sunglasses that are more durable, they are made from an extremely flexible polymer so they bend back into their original shape. You can also customize your own sunglasses so you get to choose what colour you'd like and what colour lenses you want. They also sell additional arms so you can mix and match your arms so you can have different coloured arms. 

Why choose Sili Sunglasses ?

 "- Engineered from a high-tech extremely durable polymer. Flexible and incredibly lightweight.

- Interchangeable arms and lenses. Customise whenever you like.
- High Quality Polarised Lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection for optimal vision clarity and protection.
- Scratch and impact resistant lenses.
- Includes Sili microfibre case.
- Lifetime guarantee on materials." 

I really like my Sili Sunglasses, I love the idea of them being unbreakable which is perfect for ibiza, we are going to a few pool parties and will be drinking alot so I can imagine breaking my normal sunglasses so these will be perfect and a must have for those days.



I love love loveeee Liz Earle cleanse and polish, it has to be my all time favourite cleanser! Whenever my skin feels like it needs a good cleanse, when I breakout or when I notice more blemishes I always go back to cleanse and polish. 

This Limited Edition Jasmine and Osmanthus is so nice, it's a gorgeous fresh scent! I can't believe how creamy it is! The cocoa butter makes Cleanse and polish so rich and creamy. Chamomile and rosemary tone and calm the skin. 

Liz Earle cleanse and polish is a must have product for me, I also go back to it and always have it in my bathroom cabinet. It's a great value for money, my bottle always lasts a good few months! You can now get Liz Earle from Boots so you can also collect your boots points when you make a purchase.

I'm loving the new Limited Edition scents and really love this Jasmine and Osmanthus scent, I bet the others are great too! This one is such a nice fresh and clean smell. Your skin is left feeling so clean and soft. I always love the feel of my skin after i've used cleanse and polish for a few days.

The Jasmine and Osmanthus Cleanse and Polish is avaliable with 2 muslin clothes for £20.75 here at

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 So I spotted the lovely Sophia from TATTOOED TEALADY blogged about this Mac Velvet Teddy dupe, I just had to pick it up and try it for myself. Velvet Teddy has to be my favourite lipstick ever. It's the perfect nude, Mac matte lipsticks are amazing, I have a fair few in my collection. My Velvet Teddy is starting to wear down so when Sophia mentioned this dupe for a bargain £4.99 I had to get it. Velvet Teddy is the brown/ nude shade that every blogger seems to be wearing right now. Recently Kylie Jenner shared her secret and let out that to create her iconic lip shes uses Velvet Teddy lipstick by Mac, and also the Mac Soar and Whirl lip liners. 

I popped into boots last week to get some lunch and this fell into my basket. I haven't tried any Maybelline lip products for awhile. I have to say these color drama lipsticks are amazing, They are like a lip pencil and come in a selection of colours. The consistancy of Nude Perfection is so creamy, it glides on really easily and lasts all day. The finish is matte and its just such a lovely creamy finish, not drying at all. The colour is so so close to Velvet Teddy, like Sophia said Velvet Teddy is slightly warmer in shade, ( see swatches below) 

I've been wearing Nude Perfection since I picked it up last week, I just love it and for £10 cheaper I will be picking it up again. I might have to stock up! It's a perfect everyday nude and a great dupe for Velvet Teddy. 

Overall for a bargain price of £4.99 I don't think you can go wrong with Nude Perfection by Maybelline color drama stick. It's a must have product if your after a cheap nude lip product, maybe if your not sure about splurging £15 for Velvet Teddy?  I'd say give this ago first! 


LESS THAN A WEEK TILL IBIZA!  I'm off to Ibiza on monday so I've started getting in the holiday mood. I've started my packing and got my nails and hair booked in for later this week.
I thought i'd share a few products I will be using to get holiday ready this week before we depart for sunny Ibiza.

For the last few months i've been back on my healthy(ish) eating and trying to get down to the gym as much as possible. I've been quite ill this month so I haven't been working out as much as I wanted to but I really didn't want to make myself worse. I've been following my Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz dvd* which is great as you can do it at home when you have some time, the dvd is split up into 12 3 minute workouts so you can do a couple if you don't have much time and want to fit a quick workout into your day. See my full review on Charlottes 3 Minute Belly Blitz here 

I've got my hair booked in on friday, I should be having my roots touched up, I want them a little bit darker and then I want my hair to get much lighter into the ends. I have picked up a couple of these Loreal Feria Dip Dyes and might add some pink or purple into the ends just to make my hair abit fun. I really love having colour in my hair but i'm not aloud for work so I always tend to add some colour when i'm not working. I actually picked these up in the poundshop.

This Veet EasyWax Electrial Roll On Kit* is such an easy way to get long lasting results. Following the step by step guide is so simple, there's just 6 steps to get salon- wax results at home. The Veet wax system gives you long lasting results for up to 28 days meaning I shouldn't need to shave whilst i'm away. The kit is suitable for the bikini area aswell making it ideal for my holiday preparations. This EasyWax roll on kit is part of the Natural inspirations collection and is full of natural ingredients such as Shea Butter and Pine Tree resin, great to soothe and leave the skin feeling moisturised and soft. I will be using this properly later in the week and will do a full review on it when i'm back from Ibiza.

I have also included fake tan in my getting holiday ready.  I sometimes like to apply fake tan just for my first day so that I don't feel super pale. We get to Ibiza really early in the morning so the fake tan will just make me feel a little more confident in my bikini before I start to build up that tan. This Vita Liberata NKD skin matte wash off instant tan* is ideal for that first day glow and then you can just wash it off once you have started to get a natural colour.

I've been doing a Teatox by Slimming Solutions* for the last week, I should finish the course just before we go on holiday. I have really enjoyed the Teatox and will be reviewing it in full on my blog. As I said above I have been eating more healthy and excerising more so I have lost a few pounds over the last few weeks. I've noticed my skins felt clearer and my tummy is less bloated. The tea tastes lovely aswell, I really enjoyed having it every morning and every other night. I have another 14 day course which I will start again once i'm back to flush out all of the alcohol and naughty food i'll be eating in Ibiza.

Finally I have booked to get my hair and nails done. I love having my acrylics done before I go on holiday. Having nails makes me feel so nice and feminine. I can't really have nails at work because they just don't last, it such a waste so I love getting them done before I go on holiday. I've been using this Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream most nights to get my feet looking nice and soft ready for those sandals and flip flops. I'll buy a nice nail polish that will match my nails and paint my tootsies before we go too!

So thats it we are all ready and prepped for ibiza! Is there any must have products you get before you holiday or what rituals do you do before a trip away?

this blog post contains pr samples, they have been marked with an asterisk (*) I have not been paid for this blog post and all opinions/ views are my own. 


My beauty wishlist is forever growing, I like to research products and read reviews so that I don't end up buying loads of things that are not worth the hype or money.

I am a beauty blogger so obviously the first place I look for reviews is on other blogs, I have some of my favourites like LLYMLRS and gh0stparties but sometimes I just google or search on twitter for a review on a certain product and go from there. I find bloggers give you good ideas when it comes to using a product or they might have some hints and tips about a particular products. They also may have a discount code or ways you can get the product for cheaper.

I also love watching youtube videos, I love watching tutorials and hauls. I find if I see someone feature a product and they create a really good look or they rave about a product that I will go and find out more about the product like the price and read some reviews about it.

Sometimes I spot products in magazines, i'm definitely a sucker for packaging so I can spot something in a magazine or on a website and become suddenly addicted. The Grazia website has a beauty page which is great, there's lots of product features and articles. I always spot beauty products in magazines and research them further online via blogs and reviews to see what others think about them.

Another place I tend to look if i'm researching products is the stores themselves, whether it be in real life or online. Most websites now have a review option where real people can actually review a product they have used or bought. These are usually real people that have paid money for that product so these reviews are great! Sometimes I might pop to a beauty counter or into Space Nk and ask questions about a particular product to see if people are raving about a product or if the sales assistant has any information about the product again I find this is a great way to get some hints and tips of how to use products.

How do you research beauty products before you buy them? Is there any must have beauty products you think I need to add to my collection?



Another day, another outfit. I had a couple of days off so had a chance to take some outfit photos. Back at work today but i'm off tomorrow. Not sure what the plan is, I need to start packing as i'm going on holiday a week monday! 
I've been abit down this week so i'm really looking forward to my week away in ibiza! 



I love this outfit! I spotted this skirt in Primark and knew I had to pick it up for just £8 i've spotted them in new look and topshop for much more. I got this t-shirt as I knew I needed a plain top to wear with the skirt, this is just a £2ish black tshirt from primark that I bought a few sizes bigger so it has an oversized look to it.

I love my hat, it goes with so many outfits, I picked these boots up in Primark the other day too!
I know when we get back from Ibiza it will be autumn and I will need some new boots, I loved these and they were only £15 and they had one size 5 left so I just bought them!