h&m summer!

This is what I ordered from the h&m website the other day! they have 50 % off selected swimwear so the orange colour bikini is actually half that price!! I also used a £5 off code so i basically got the green bikini bottoms free and free delivery.

I really like h&m's swimwear range, they have so many patterns, colours and style of bikini. I've previously had h&m bikini's and they are just such good quality for the money. Primark bikini's are them same price as these and are half the quality.  I'll post a picture when they arrive :) Don't really know what h&m online delivery is like.

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Holly said...

These all look gorgeous! I usually get my Bikini's from primark so I'll deffo have to try the H&M ones :) Really wish there was a store closer to where I live as I have a phobia of ordering online!!
I really like your blog, I'm following you now and looking forward to 'cyber' getting to know you :)
Love Holz oxo