I was so excited when I received an email asking if i'd like to try a pair of Vionic Sandals*. I'm pregnant and my feet are very swollen and I was finding most of my shoes were feeling uncomfortable! This email came at the most perfect time, i've been wearing them for a few weeks now so thought i'd share how i've been getting on. 

I picked the Vionic Nala Sandals as I wanted something I could wear to work, I work in retail and with it being summer i'm wearing alot of maxi dresses so I thought a pair of sandals would be perfect. The Nala style is a classic design, I went for the white ones which are really versatile, they also come in Red and Black. 

Vionic also stock heels and wedges, sneakers, loafers and flats, slippers and much more so theres something for everyone. 

The Nala Sandals feature a Midsole which absorbs shock and reduces the stress on feet, ankles and knees. An Outsole, which is  a durable rubber outsole with a patterned tread to provide traction and the Footbed FMT Technology to designed to hug your arches and support your feet. 

Honestly at first I didn't think they were working for me, they were quite uncomfortable and were really hurting my arches. I thought i'd continue to wear them and see if once i'd broken them in a bit if they were more comfortable. I'm glad I was persistent and gave them a chance. I'm used to wearing very flat shoes which I why I think they were hurting my feet. After a few days wearing them at work I noticed they were no longer uncomfortable. They are really comfortable and I can wear them all day at work with no problems. I've had lots of compliments on them and a few people have actually mentioned how comfortable they look. A few of the girls at work had actually heard of Vionic and were happy to hear that I think they are very comfortable.

I think £70 is a bit steep for a pair of sandals and I probably wouldn't spend that much but I'd be happy to pick up a pair in the sale. The Nala style is actually on offer right now so you can grab a pair for £50 which is more reasonable. I know a lot of people that would be happy to spend £70 of pair of shoes if they were comfortable. 

I went for my usual size, as I said my feet are abit swollen right now due to pregnancy but i've found that my normal size fits perfectly and my feet don't look like they are bulging out which is lovely. 

* this post contains a pr sample, i have not been paid for this blog post and it's honest and my own opinions.


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We've been making some changes to the apartment and we will be painting and giving the whole place a fresh new look. I've started already with the living room by adding some new accessories and changing the colour theme. We are going to do the bedrooms next and then the bathrooms ( we have an en-suite aswell as our main bathroom)

Our bathroom suites are white and we are going to freshen up the paintwork, keeping it all white and fresh. I want to add some new accessories to give the bathrooms a complete makeover.

I love this huge round mirror, it's from Habitat and is gorgeous, it's on trend and will make a big difference.

I'm loving these copper bathroom accessories and think they will add a really nice addition and refresh the whole room.

I really like this Blush Pink colour right now so might pick up a few towels and accessories in this colour, we have blue towels at the moment so this will make quite a big difference.

This long mirror radiator from comes in a Rose Gold colour which would be so cool and would match with my colour theme perfectly. You can actually head over to the website to enter a competition to win £250 to spend on making your dream bathroom into a reality.

Check out my Pinterest board here with lots more bathroom inspiration and ideas to create my perfect bathroom.


 A few weeks ago, Clint and I were invited along to Broadway Casino in Birmingham for dinner. We were really excited to go along and I thought i'd share our experience with you .

We arrived and headed to the bar and got ourselves a drink and then walked round into the restaurant.
The Restaurant is modern and clean with lots of seating. Plenty of room for big groups as well as smaller tables for couples and a few booths too. It was very comfortable and cosy, you can see the casino floor and they have a piano too. 

We were greeted by Roberto, the Restaurant manager who went through the menu with us and told us the specials and helped us with our food choices. The Restaurant is an authentic Italian eatery and Roberto has a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry as he's worked in Top hotels in Italy
 before coming to Birmingham over 20 years ago. 

We started with some bread and olives which was really tasty, Roberto told us stories all about the bread, and we ordered our mains. 

I was torn between pizza and pasta and the menu has so much to offer, there's alot of choice and everything sounded good. They also have a seafood section and mains such as steaks and chicken. 

I opted for the pizza in the end as I really wanted to try it and Clint went for Lasagna. I chose the Pollo Parmigiana pizza which was soo good. They base was thin and classic, the edges were crispy but the actual base was soft and so tasty. The chicken was really nice quality and tasted really nice, and well seasoned. The Mozzarella was perfect, it was such a tasty pizza and I really enjoyed it and managed to eat most of it (I filled up on bread)  I liked everything about the pizza and I would happily order it again. 

Clint's Lasagna was massive, such a big portion. It was really meaty and looked very impressive. He actually said it was the 'best Lasagna he's ever had' Clint really likes Lasagna and orders it alot when we eat out so I was very impressed that this topped all others. 

We shared a pudding as we were both very full as our mains were so big! We opted for the Monterosa Cheesecake which was sooo good! It's a sponge cake with cream cheese and strawberries. It was really light and refreshing, not too heavy and was just perfect after our big meal. I actually ate most of this (sorry Clint)  as it was very delicious! 

Overall we were really impressed with the whole experience. I would have never thought of going to a Restaurant in a casino before. The service from the whole team and lovely manager Roberto was amazing, they were all very friendly. The food was perfect, I couldn't fault a thing! It was very tasty and the whole menu is very affordable and a great value for money. You get amazing quality and the prices are very reasonable. The atmosphere was very cosy and relaxed and we would definitely go back again. 

If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Birmingham for an occasion or just a really nice Italian meal I can't reccommend Broadway Casino Restaurant enough. There's something for everyone and we had a great time. The location is great as it's not far from Broad Street where Birmingham's main nightlife is.  Broadway Plaza also has a Cinema and Bowling and more so there plenty to do you can hit up the Casino floor after a good meal, it's perfect for everyone. 

Here's a link to their website, where you can check out their menu and book a table

* We were invited for a complementary meal, the opinions and review above is honest and my own. I have not been paid for this review/ blog post.


I've started doing a lot of research into labour and planning what kind of birth I want to have. I am trying to stay vague as I don't want to plan everything down to the last second and it all get thrown out of the window! I know chances are I won't have the birth I have planned but I thought it would be good to write a few ideas down and share some of the research i've done. I am only 24 weeks so I have a long way to go yet and this birth plan could change depending on how the rest of my pregnancy goes.

I am considered a low risk pregnancy at the moment, I have a history of high blood pressure so this could change should we see a spike in my blood pressure. So far throughout my pregnancy it's been amazing, very well behaved. This means I can technically have my baby at Solihull hospital which is the closest hospital to me however this is a midwife led unit and there's no doctors so if myself or baby was to have any complications I would have to go in an ambulance to a different hospital. I don't like the idea of this so i'm looking at Warwick hospital as this seems more like a Midwife led unit but they have doctors nearby should we need any help.
I want the birth to be as natural as possible, I would like to have minimal pain relief and I don't like the idea of them checking me every 10 seconds. I know this could all change once we get started as this is my first baby.

I have researched positive birth techniques such as Lamaze which seems really relaxing and chilled and sounds perfect. I don't want to be bed-ridden, I want to walk around and move as i've read this can help with the pain. I love the idea of a water birth so will ask for this if its possible. I have already decided Clint and my mom are going to be my birthing partners. I think having my mom there will help me alot as I do get anxious but shes had two babies so knows what shes doing. I think she will help Clint too, as this is his first baby too and I think he will feel better knowing shes there.

My fears right now are pain and something going wrong, i've watched One born every minute and see on many occasions women who have planned a natural birth being rushed for a C-section and this scares me! I am going to spend the next 3 months looking into this, more knowledge means less surprises.

I'm hoping the antenatal classes will help with breathing techniques, I am going to start watching some youtube videos too. I'd love to pay for private antenatal classes, they also do pregnancy yoga in my area but we can't really afford it right now.

A few months ago we also visited The Baby Show and learnt all about stem cells and how companies like Smart Cells collect stem cells from your babies umbilical cord and use these to protect your family from over 80 conditions and diseases. You can find out more in this infographic via the Smart Cells website.

My friend gave me a book all about positive birthing and i've seen a book called the positive birth movement that I want to check out, i'm going to spend the next month or so doing lots more research and then will draft my birth plan together. The main things I want is a relaxed calm atmosphere, with music if possible. I want to walk around, not be strapped to the bed. Minimal pain relief and prodding and hopefully there won't be a need for medical intervention but I know they are nearby if I need them.


Hello! I thought i'd do a 24 week update as I want to document this pregnancy so I have it all to look back on and I know it will be helpful to others who are expecting or planning on getting pregnant.

If you didn't know I was pregnant you can see my pregnancy announcement post here

I've found pregnancy so far quite difficult! My first trimester wasn't too bad, I had some sickness and nausea but it wasn't too bad. I had extreme tiredness but again this wasn't too bad and I managed to carry on as normal most of the time. 

Now i'm well into my second trimester I thought i'd share how I've found it. 

The tiredness hasn't gone away at all, i'm so exhausted all of the time and it's affected me quite bad. I feel mentally drained as well as physically drained. I'm still working but just part time and even that feels like too much. I've dropped down to 15 hours which is about 3 days a week and i'm hoping this will help. I've got a week off next week so i'm hoping to get some blogging done and just chill for most of the week and catch up with some friends as i've not seen much of people over the last couple of weeks. 

My mental well being has taken a turn for the worse, my anxiety is back. I'm just always worried that something is wrong. I mentioned briefly in my last post that we have been to the hospital a couple of times to get petal checked out as i've had reduced movements. I have an anterior placenta which means my placenta is attached to the front wall. This can restrict my movements however as bubba has been moving a lot i've got to know her patterns and I know when she tends to move alot. She has on a couple of occasions not moved so we've had to get checked over at the hospital. I have got myself into a right state, crying and getting really worked up because of this. As I mentioned above i'm still at work and finding it very difficult. I work in retail so i'm on my feet all day and theres alot of running around involved. I find it hard to drink a lot and I don't really get a chance to rest except on my break so I haven't really wanted to go to work. 

I've got a week off next week and i'm really looking forward to that and will hopefully have time to rest and get back to normal a bit. I have another midwife appointment in two weeks for a check up as I mentioned my anxiety so getting to listen to bubba again will help. We are also going to be booking another scan so we can see the baby again as our 20 week scan feels like forever ago! Clint's just got back with the moses basket which is making everything feel real! 




I know!! Another outfit post! Whats going on? Honestly I was feel so rubbish about how I look and don't feel very confident about my body right now. I know i'm having baby and i'm going to get bigger and really need to get over that but I feel like i'm putting weight on everywhere, not just my tummy. I haven't been eating great but i'm planning on eating more healthier for the rest of the pregnancy. 

We had a bit of a scare on Thursday, I hadn't felt the baby move since the Wednesday morning so was worried and didn't really know what to do. I have an anterior placenta which can mean I can have reduced movements as my placenta is basically in the way. I had been feeling the baby quite alot, especially at night time but I hadn't felt her. I phoned my midwife but she's on annual leave so I phoned the hospital (which was a right palarva) and they told me to go in to get checked over. 

We arrived at the hospital and was told to go to delivery suite, when we arrived on delivery suite we were shown to a bed and the midwife went off to get the things she needed. She came back with a Doppler and used this to find her heartbeat. She didn't find it straight away and said she was picking up my placenta, and then we heard it. Her little heartbeat was strong and beating away perfectly. She said her heartbeat was normal. She wanted to check me over so they checked my blood pressure, urine and temperature to make sure i'm all okay which I was and a few hours later we were aloud to leave. 

I really want to start documenting more things like this on my blog for me to read back over in a few years when shes growing up. 

We took these photos yesterday we went to town to have a look around the shops, we were also invited to review the food the the Broadway Casino, it was really good and a full review will be up next week. 


Are you going to a wedding this summer? Don't know what to wear? I thought i'd put together this post and share a few of my favourite picks for a summer wedding guest.

I thought i'd feature a few bits for him as well as her as I have quite a few male readers.

I'm going to start with my for her picks! I love this orange floral dress from Asos! It's really pretty and on trend right now. It has short sleeves so perfect for those of you who don't like your arms, no need to worry about a cardigan or cover up. The length is really good, it's a midi length which suits alot of people. I'm short and find midi length works really well for me, the frill on the bottom of the dress is really on trend right now too! I think florals are perfect for summer weddings! If you are not brave enough to pull off the bright orange then a pastel floral pattern will work just as well!

I really like nude accessories right now and with the dress i've picked being very bright I think any more colour would be to much! This River Island Bag is perfect, it's white so super easy to wear! It's a decent size so you can fit your make up, phone and purse in. I would team with these nude heels! Very simple but effective again perfect with the bright dress!

For jewellery and accessories again I would keep it simple, I think rose gold would be perfect for that bronzed summer vibe! Just some tiny hoops/ stud earrings and a pretty bracelet is all you need.

I'm really feeling a bronzed goddess vibe so for make up keep it natural, use the Nip + Fab highlight palette. The middle bronzer is perfect and creates a gorgeous summer glow! The middle highlighter is gorgeous and leaves your skin glowy and fresh! I think the Urban Decay Heat palette would be perfect to create a bronzed smokey look to finish off the whole look!

First up for him you need to get your suit sorted first, Suitsmen have a huge range of suits perfect for any occasion, including a range of mens machine washable suits. This suit would be perfect for everyday or a wedding. It's good to go with something simple that you can wear again and again. You can accessorize using a tie and matching handkerchief. Why not match your partner and add the colour of her dress to your tie?

For men shoes are a big deal, again you want to keep them simple. Go for something sturdy and good quality that you can wear again. These shoes are really on trend but look like they are of a good quality. They look smart perfect for any occasion, especially a summer wedding.

Accessorize your look with cuff-links, waist coats and a fancy watch!

Are you going to a wedding this summer? What will you be wearing? Got any tips for those summer wedding guests?

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As you may know i'm having  a baby and have been thinking about what i'm going to pack in my hospital bag. I have a little while to go but I know the next few months are going to fly by and I like being prepared. I have started writing a list of what I need to buy for my hospital bag.

I thought i'd put a blog post together to share a few bits that I will be including in my hospital bag and thought this post may help those of you who are having babies soon. I am having my baby in November so if your having your baby in summer you may not need all of the above.

This is stuff that will be in my hospital bag, I will do a separate blog post on what I will pack for the baby. I really like this travel bag from Cath Kidston and think it would be the perfect size for my bits and pieces. I think we are going to go to Bicester Village to have a look at the outlet for bags and baby bits.

First of all a few bits that you will need include your hospital notes and any birth plans, throw-away underwear/ old knickers. Maxi-pads, breast pads, and some water and snacks for yourself.

Nightwear, you don't want to spend alot on nightwear in case it gets ruined. I would reccommend getting yourself a few maternity nighties that you can wear throughout your pregnancy. I really like this strappy nightdress from Asda, it's lightweight so you won't get too hot! I also want to pack a nightshirt like this one from Asos. I want to breastfeed and feel this would be easy to undo the buttons to feed baby. The long sleeves will be abit warmer too as i'm having baby during the winter months. I'm also going to need a cosy dressing gown, like this lightweight quilted wrap from David Neiper would be perfect as it's lightweight so I wouldn't get too hot but adds that extra layer.

Again as it's going to be cold I will need some socks and new slippers for when i'm walking around. These ones from Next look really comfy and warm, I have a similar pair from Primark which were only a few quid so I will pick a pair of those up.

I want to get a decent nursing bra, I work in a bra shop and really like this one from Panache, I will most likely get one before bubba is born so I have one for whilst we are in hospital etc and then i'll get a few more once bubba is born and my milk has come in properly.

I will be bring my make up bag with me as I will be one of those people that wear make up during labor, I will only have a bit of foundation and my brows on, maybe some mascara. I hate going out without make up on and I want to have some photos of me during labor and when the baby is born and i'd feel alot more comfortable with a little bit of make up on.

A lipbalm is a must have as you can get dehydrated throughout labor and a lipbalm will stop your lips from getting dry and chapped. The Dr Paw Paw balm is a good all round balm, I have a little travel size tube which I think will be perfect. I am also going to pack my Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray, which i've mentioned on my blog before. This is a water spray which is perfect to cool you down and refresh your skin.

Finally, i'm not sure how much reading or listening to music i'll get to do but if I have to be induced or labor ends up taking a few hours I think bringing my kindle and some earphones will keep me relaxed and make time pass quicker. We will be bringing the camera too so we can film some of the labor and take some photos of the baby when shes first born.

What did you bring in your hospital bag? Am I missing anything?  I hope this post helps you if your having a baby and thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag.

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I haven't done any outfit posts for such a long time and I really love featuring my outfits. When I found out I was pregnant I stopped doing outfit posts because I thought people might notice my bump, I started to show pretty much straight away from about 7 weeks. Now i'm further along and everyone knows i'm hoping to feature some more outfits on my blog. I am struggling as I don't feel very confident about how I look right now but I want to embrace being pregnant and document my bump getting bigger. 

I thought i'd write a pregnancy update today as I've been meaning to write one for a few weeks. 

I found the first trimester really difficult, I struggled with tiredness really bad, I was exhausted all of the time. My sickness wasn't too bad, I found that I felt sick more than I was actually sick. I suffered with bad headaches and had sciatica for a few weeks. The sciatica started around 15 weeks and I suffered on and off for a couple of weeks. I was advised to get a pregnancy ball which I found really helped. I have started to feel more human, I'm still having the occasional headache and I am still really tired but feeling abit more normal and have a bit more energy. 

We went for our 20 weeks scan a couple of weeks ago and everything is all good, bubba is measuring all normal and we found out it's a girl! We are both super excited to be having a little girl. 

Over the last week or so i've started feeling her a lot, I noticed it a few times when I was going to sleep but i've felt it more and over the last day or so I've felt it during the day which is amazing. It's such a lovely feeling! My placenta is anterior which can stop me from feeling movement, I haven't really felt 'flutters' which is how people usually describe it, i've felt prods, like she's moving or jumping around in there. 

We both so excited and now i'm feeling more human I want to try and write some more updates and feature more outfits on my blog. I am going to start buying baby bits and pieces over the next few weeks. I've been researching baby brands and what I need to buy. If you can recommend any brands or must have products then let me know.