I went along to the Bullring Beauty Gala at Debenhams last week. I was lucky enough to be invited, it was an event open to everyone. Tickets were only £5 and you were treated to some amazing food and amazing wines brought in by the lovely people at Cafe Rouge.

The night was great with 10% off across the beauty hall and lots of different things happening on the counters. Benefit were doing brows and Elemis were doing facials, so lots going on. There was a stage where different brands were able to share new products, tips and tricks and tutorials for everyone. I really enjoyed Bare Minerals easy smokey eye tutorial and actually got to model for Bare Minerals. I got to try out their new Bare Skin foundation which is amazing!!

Elemis were amazing as usual and I got to try a few of their products which was lovely! Urban Decay were showing off their latest range Pulp Fiction which looked great!

It was a lovely evening and I got the chance to catch up with fellow bloggers and meet some new peoples! At the end of the night there was a raffle and I won a 100ml bottle of Juicy Couture perfume which came with a lovely bag, there was some fab prizes to be won including products from Urban Decay, Cargo and many more!

Everyone got to go home which a very generous Goody bag which was full with perfume samples and a few goodies including some Fashion Fair make up and a very generous Elizabeth Arden Cleanser.


So I finished university this year and i'm due to graduate in November so I thought i'd share a few tips with you guys about uni life and little tricks to survive. I actually stayed at home so I didn't live in halls or student accommodation however alot of my friends did so here's just a few tips.

If your staying in halls just remember you will sharing your accommodation with other people so if your someone who only eats certain things or likes things done a certain way you may have to come to terms with change! I would say get some labels ! You can buy labels (like the ones for letters/ parcels) from the pound shop, just pop a label on things that are yours and you don't want people to use/ touch, this will set some boundaries.
- get a toiletries bag if you have sharing bathrooms instead of leaving your favourite shampoo for everyone else to use.
- Things like bread, milk etc, come to some kind of agreement whether you buy your own or will share. It would maybe be a waste to have a whole loaf of bread to yourself whereas if everyone shares there would be less waste.

Lists; There's going to be loads going on freshers fairs, enrollment, nights out, student cards, student discount events! Get a diary! write everything down so you don't forget. Its also great for keeping on top of those assignments! I used to have a chalk board and I would write down what work I planned to do each week and would keep a note of any deadlines and upcoming lectures.

Get yourself a USB stick - Like this handy one from Kingston - pop it on your keys! Back up your work. I used to hear horror stories about how students would lose essays or photos / art work etc because their laptop has broke or its disappeared off the university network. Get yourself a USB or two and back everything up just incase!

Learn to cook - This handy cookbook has loads of easy recipes for students - I was fine because I stayed at home but if I went away for Uni I would have struggled since I would have had to live off beans on toast! It's a great idea to learn a few simple recipes so you can pull your weight and cook a meal for your flat mates!

Doctors- Join the local doctors surgery or find out where the nearest walk in clinic is. You can get into all types of trouble at uni, fall over on a night out, food allergies and you may need to see a doctor, its a good idea to get things like this sorted during your first few weeks at uni otherwise you will find yourself in a spot of bother if you don't know where to go!

Freshers Fair - Go to the freshers fair, its a great way to find out whats around the campus and which places do deals for students! At my uni dominos were always doing student offers and I signed up for a waterstones card. You can find out about gyms in the area and student offers at the cinema etc. You also get loads of freebies, I got cans and cans of energy drinks breakfast biscuits etc so it was well worth going to!

Societies and clubs- I didn't join any clubs as I said I lived at home and just saw them as a hassle however a few of my friends were members and found it a great way to meet new people with similar interests and I think if you are going to uni because you want to meet people and networks and communicate then societies are great!

I hope this has maybe helped a little! I would love to hear your university stories. Was you in a society and whats your number one tip for surviving freshers?

This kit was send on behalf of StressFreePrint, they are running a campaign for freshers over on their site 


Cardigan : H&M 
Cami : New Look 
Jeans : New Look 
Sandals : Primark 
Bag: New Look 

I love this cardigan from H&M, I did some shopping the other day as I had a little bit of Birthday money left. I had spotted the cardigan but didn't buy it but whilst I was look around the other shops I kept thinking about how perfect the cardigan was so I went back to buy it ! H&M actually had student discount offer on aswell so I got 20% off yay ! I also picked up these black stretchy skinny jeans from New Look, i've wanted to get a pair for a while so decided to get some. I love my new handbag, Clint got it me for my Birthday after I subtly sent him a photo of it haha! 


'living at home leaves me with more money for things like holidays' 
For those of you that don't already know,  I still live at home with mom and dad! The reason for this is I have just finished three years at uni and decided to stay living at home instead of moving away. I was in a long term relationship whilst I was making the decision about Uni and decided to stay close to home. 

Living at home does have its advantages - I hardly pay any rent so it means I spend more money on things like holidays, clothes and make up. I have my phone bill to pay for and my cinema card but thats all the bills I have. My parents get food in so I don't really pay for food, sometimes if I fancy something in particular we will nip to tesco. We tend to eat out most of the time. 

I don't find that living with my parents restricts or stops me from doing things. I go out for meals and to the cinema with Clint alot and we still go out with friends on nights out. My parents don't go to bed early so we don't really interrupt them if we come in late.

I do help out a little with washing and tidying up but I don't really do as much as I should, i'm quite lucky that my parents will wash my clothes and even wash my dishes up after me. 

Its nice to be alone sometimes and my parents will just leave me to it in my room if i'm up here blogging or with Clint which is nice but we also spend alot of time together we eat dinner together if i'm home and will normally watch tv or a film together. 

I would like to move our however right now we've been discussing going to America so staying at home a little longer will give us a chance to save up for that. I think after America we will start saving for our own place. We haven't discussed it much but it's the next step for me I need to move out and get a proper job. I am planning on going back to university next year so I think once my teacher training course is done I will feel more ready to leave home.

Even though I still live at home I would say i'm still my own boss!

Find out more about being your own boss


So as you may know i've just got back from Gran Canaria, I stayed in Amadores which is right by Puerto Rico which is a tourist area. I visited Puerto Mogan for the day to visit the market which is held every friday, you can get a water taxi which costs about 10 euro each which is well worth it!
I wanted to share some photos of Mogan as its gorgeous and such a lovely place to spend the day if you are going on holiday to Gran Canaria. It's described as Little Venice which as you can see is because of the canals and pretty little building. There is also a beach and many bars and restaurants which are great !


I've been set a little challage by Bon Prix to style a pair of jeans in three different ways! I've decided to go style a pair of black skinny jeans! Every one has a pair so here's three different ways you can style them! These jeans from Bon Prix are only £22.99 and are stretch skinnys making them comfy and a bargain. You can get them on the Bon Prix website here 

This first look is a casual day outfit, I love this boyfriend style shirt from New Look, I think a check shirt is a staple item for any wardrobe. I love these shoes from Topshop they make the outfit a little more girly and match this gorgeous bag from New Look. Its a great casual outfit for day to day wear for shopping or a day out with the girls!


I think this is how you could style the jeans for work or a more smart look. I would wear this for a a meeting, an interview or if you work in retail. The jacket is very smart as it has the lapels but the colbalt blue makes it a statement piece. I love this cami from Oasis, I think it would look great with the cami. The pattern and colour would go great with the jeans and the jacket. I teamed it with this Pauls Boutique bag, I think it works really well, and I think the white would look great against the colbalt blue jacket. The bag is smart/ casual so you could go straight from the office to the bar. 


Last of all is this NIGHT OUT outfit. I love kimono's !! They are so easy to wear and look fab. This monochrome one from F&F at Tesco is great for a night out, pop it over a black cami with a big statement necklace to dress up the jeans. I've teamed it with these gorgeous heels from New Look which again dress the jeans up! And finally a pop of colour with this neon yellow bag from River Island. 

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This is one of the outfits I wore on holiday, i'm home now :( I had such an amazing time and will be sharing some of my holiday snaps with you.

This is what I wore on my Birthday ! We went for a meal and for some drinks.

I love this bag, I actually got it before my last holiday, its from the Topshop sale. Its got two sides so its a great size for all your bits and pieces. I love it because I can easily fit my camera inside.

This skirt and cami are both from New Look, I picked them up to wear to my friends birthday and decided it would make a great outfit for a night out in Gran Canaria aswell.



As you may have guessed i'm going on holiday again, well i'm actually on holiday right now! I come home tomorrow but I thought i'd share the suncare that I have taken to Gran Canaria with me.

Piz Buin spf 15  sun spray- This is one of my favourite sun creams, it rubs in so easy. The spray bottle makes its easy to apply. It dries very fast and gives a lovely even tan. I've used this for a few years and I always bring a bottle on holiday with me

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL range - I've kindly been sent the Anthelios XL range to try on holiday, I've seen amazing reviews about this suncare range and seen magazines rave on and on so I needed to try it out for myself. I have never ever used factor 50 but I burnt a little last time I went away and I was in so much pain so i'd rather wear a higher factor. The oil smells lovely and rubs into the skin very quick and dry, its not greasy or oily. The stick dries very quick aswell and I've used sun sticks before that tend to sit on the skin but this doesn't, there's no residue left on the skin it dries in really well. The fluid is so light, I think it would be perfect for the face when you want that extra protection but you don't want a thick layer of cream on your face.

Hawaiian Tropic Face spf30- I brought this on holiday with me earlier in the year and found it worked very well on my face. I think its a nice size bottle to pop in your bag and I actually used it on some sensitive areas. As its designed for the face its more sensitive so it worked well on some areas that I had burnt previously.

Malibu Dry Oil - I haven't used this oil before but I like to bring an oil away aswell, I normally only use an oil on the last few days of my holiday once my skin has got used to the sun and I have a nice base. I'm not sure if I will use this as I said above I burnt a little last time we went away so I want to be more carefull however suncream is expensive on holiday so I'd rather just bring it along even if I don't use it.



I've been testing a few products from this range including the body lotion and solid oil and I have to say i'm a big fan! I haven't used a body oil before so this was new to me and I was abit worried that it would be a very greasy formula but its not its lovely. Its a dry oil that soaks into the skin so fast, it leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. It smells beautiful, its such a lovely scent, its clean and summery.

You can use the oil on your skin but also on your hair, you can use it on dry or wet hair. On dry hair apply avoiding the roots and pat for a shiny finish or apply to damp hair and pat then dry as normal to lock in moisture and radiance.

You don't need to use alot on your hair just a small amount, otherwise it can leave the hair looking greasy. I can see this product lasting me a very long time. I'm going to be bringing it on holiday with me as I think the oil will keep the moisture in my skin and hair.

This is part of the Wild Argan Oil range at The Body Shop which you can buy here-