REVIEW: cheeky pink

models own cheeky pink powder blusher £6
collection lasting colour lipstick shade 8 sweet tart £2.99

i picked up the models own blusher because ive prevously been using no 7 loose powder blush and i really liked it however i wanted to try something new the models own blusher is a powder blush and its a nice bright pink colour which is what ive been using recently. the consistency is nice and it applys nice with my blusher/bronzer brush. Its not clear in the picture but it does have a little bit of shimmer in to. i think its abit like benefit coralista although its a little less orange. i think for £6 this is a really good product and may use it again.

the lipstick is a really bright pink i've been looking at lipsticks alot recently because i really want to buy a ysl lippy but i really cannot justify the price so i keep picking cheap lipsticks up and i will continue to until i decide whether to buy a more pricy lipstick .

this collection lipstick was £2.99! and its a lovely bright colour, its rather moisturising and it stays on for ages, i dont really like the packaging but its £2.99 and i would really recommend it !! its such a cute pink aswell :)

have you tried any of these products if so what do you think? 


Janine M. said...

Looks pretty! Interesting that you liken it to Benefit Coralista! Models Own is only available here in the Philippines via online sellers.

Jessica Emily said...

Aw i love your blog so much! It's really adorable and full of so many great posts!
Stay lovely. xo

Charlotte said...

That lipstick is such a bargain! X