KMS California Add Volume Spray

KMS California Add Volume Volumizing Spray *

I got this in my first Birchbox, I had never heard of KMS until recently so was really excited to try it out. My hair is very temperamental with products like this and can just go greasy but it doesn't with this. 

Its a spray get thats designed to thicken for intense fullness and its a heat protector. 

You apply it to towel dried hair and then blow dry! i've actually found this makes my hair dry quicker which I think is fab  :) And I can see my hair does feel thicker. I have been using this and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and have noticed my hair is feeling at lot thicker. I've also started using other products like argan oils and have noticed my hairs looking more healthier. 

I used to literally shampoo and condition my hair but now I use so many products because they actually work. 
This is a great product and I've used it loads and still have about half a bottle left. i also got another really similar product in this months Birchbox so will try that one out too :) 

amy x

Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara

I picked this up in boots last week. I have some benefit mascaras and actually only bought this because I needed a few extra advantage card points to buy my effaclar duo with my points and I had a triple points voucher to spend on seventeen. I'd seen this a couple of times but I don't really buy mascara unless I really need it but I picked it up anyway and I have to say i'm impressed.

The results are fab, this mascara creates long lashes and you can add loads of volume with the brush by moving it side to side. I really love the effect this mascara creates. It makes it look like you have loads of curly lashes. Normally I go for big thick brushes but this is a thin brush but I still really like it. The formula is good and the mascara lasts all day and doesn't flake off.

It's easy to remove with eye make up remover wipes or micellar water.

I would really recommend this if your looking for a cheap and cheerful mascara.

What I'm Wearing today

Dress: AX Paris @ New look (old) Belt : Topshop Necklace : Primark 

Face: Mac Studio Fix NW20, Mac Pink Snob Blush, Rimmel Liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay pencil eyeliner, 17 Doll'd up mascara, Bad Gal Lashes, Sleek Brow Kit, Mac Angel Lipstick, Mua Undress me too Palette in Naked, Tranquil, obsessed and corrupt.  

I love this dress, Its such an easy dress to just pop on. It doesn't crease either so its one of my faves to pop on when i'm in a rush. I love the Oxblood colour and think it suits my skin tone really well. I used to hate red's because I always felt really RED faced but I wear oxblood all the time and love it in the autumn winter months.
Today I have popped this on with my chunky cream Topshop cardigan because its abit chilly and i'm just nipping to uni for a lecture so won't be getting all messy today. 

I took these photos myself by balancing my camera on my dining room table and opening my back door and timer ;) haha so thats why they arn't the greatest quality . my camera man (dad) decided to go out lol I really need a tripod so send me your ebay sellers ! 

My recent Skincare

Origins Spot Remover - Buy here £13 
Premae Balance Rescue Face Tonique - £17. 50 *
Effaclar Duo - Boots £13

Heres a few bits that I've been trying out this week. I'll be reviewing the Origins spot remover and effaclar Duo in a few weeks after using them properly and you can read my Premae skincare review here . I've currently broke out in spots on my chin and decided that I might need to invest in some skincare specific to my combination skin type so these are the three products i've been using.

I can't wait to try them out properly and let you know how I get on. I'm also interested in trying some REN skincare so let me know what products you think I should try out. 

I want to test these products over a few weeks so I can see if they make any difference to my skin : )

Amy x

Outfit Post -

Cardigan : Internacionale shirt: missguided jeans: Primark Necklace; primark Boots: Dorothy perkins.\

Sorry for all the Casual outfit posts, I have been doing screenprinting at uni and whats the point of wearing my nice clothes. This is a nice snug comfy outfit that I popped on last week. I love seeing peoples casual outfits as well as there nice going out/ shopping outfits because we all love our comfy jeans and comfy cardigans. I'm going to hopefully get some outfit photos done this week but if not I defiantly will at the weekend because I have loads of events to go to :) So you can look out for those next week :) 

Kleenex range

all home bargains - 69p each 

I remember how excited I was when I spotted the new Kleenex range but realised I've never bought any of the products. I have however tried the Shine absorbing sheets because I got them free in a goody bag from the clothes show. I was really impressed with them and jumped at the chance to get another pack for a mere 69p at home bargains! 
I picked up the eye make- up removal wipes, two packets of the extra gentle face wipes and the shine absorbing sheets. They were 69p so I thought i'd try it all out. Just thought i'd let you all know so you can run down to your local store and get some ;) 

I will do a review when i've started using the products :) 

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

I bought this ages ago and never reviewed it ! I've been sorting through some bits recently because i've been doing abit of selling and remembered I wanted to review this. 

Honestly I'm not a fan! I really wanted to try some of the Botanics range after some recommendations and picked up this and their cream make up remover. I wear alot of eye make up so I decided to pick up both products. 

I've read a few reviews on this product since buying it and I believe boots have changed the formula and people that used this product before are the ones who notice because this product isn't 'SOOTHING' It actually really stings my eyes. Now I have rather sensitive eyes but so do most people and this product shouldn't sting your eyes, especially since the packaging says 'soothing' 
I've found that using this product makes my eyes really sore and doesn't really remove much of my make up and leaves around my eyes really greasy and oily. Also in the morning I would wake up with crusty and sore eyes. 

I've stopped using this product and now use the Micellar water from Superdrug that I reviewed the other day. 

Have you tried this product and had similar or different effects , let me know :) 

Amy x 

Premae Skincare Balance Rescue Face Tonique

I got this sample of the Balance Rescue Face Tonique from Premae Skincare in my goody bag from the   
#birminghambloggersmeetup. My skins been really bad recently and i've been suffering with breakouts. I thought this would be a really good time to get this out. I've been using it before applying my make up and before I go to bed for about a week and I've noticed my skin has calmed down a bit and I've found its getting less greasy throughout the day.
I think this is a great product for those of us with combination skin because many products out there are very harsh but this isn't. It's an Alcohol free solution and doesn't dry the skin out . 
I love how fresh and natural its feels and smells, the fragrance of rose, lemongrass and other oils are lovely and make your skin breathe ! I love the smell and how you can feel this working away at your skin. 
I really like this product. I think the only issue with it is .. I don't think it would last very long! 

Its £17.50 for 100ml - My sample size is 30 ml and i've used it about 5 times so on average the 100ml should last around 15 uses which is about 2 weeks. I don't think i've noticed a massive improvement to my skin and wouldn't pay £17.50 every two weeks 

No7 Make Up Brush Cleaner

Boots RRP £8 

I picked this up because my brushes were getting all dirty and really needed washing right away and I didn't want to wait for a delivery so just picked this up in boots. It was £8 which I think it rather expensive as i've used a really cheap one from ELF before that did the job! 
This has a pump and you put it on some tissue - I use kitchen roll and its a quick way to clean your brushes and because you don't need to rinse it your brushes dry quicker because your hardly using any liquid. I could see the results straight away and think this is a great product for quick and efficient cleaning. Cleaning my brushes is one of them things I really can't be bothered to do, but now I have this I can do it more often with it only taking a few minutes and hopefully my brushes will last longer. 

How do you clean your brushes?  
Do you know of any products like this ?

Amy x 

B. Pure Micellar Water from Superdrug

B.Pure Micellar Water £3.99 (introductory price) - Superdrug 

I picked this up last weekend when I was buying a few bits and pieces in superdrug, the lady at the till told me it was on offer and so I picked it up and just chucked it in the basket without really knowing what it was. If your not aware B. is superdrugs new own brand of make up and skin care and it's only arrived in stores this january! I had a look at the make up but nothing really caught my eye. This Micellar water is supposed to be very similar to Bioderma. I haven't used Bioderma personally but I have read a few reviews on this product since buying it that say it feels the same. I never jumped on the Bioderma bandwagon just because I thought it was quite expensive but i've heard its coming to the UK so hopefully I will be able to pick it up without much expense.

I really like this product, its light and easily removes make up and impurities. I have found that i'm using loads and loads of cotton wool pads.
This product states to :

Cleanse - removes impurities and make up and its gentle enough for the eyes, I agree with all of this. Its a gentle product and hasn't hurt my eyes like previous eye make up remover products have.

Tone- Restores PH balance whilst keeping skin subtle. I think this is a nice toner and leaves skin soft.

Refreshes- with cucumber juice extract. I agree its refreshing and doesn't have any nasty or chemical smells.

This product is also Cruetly Free again animal testing which is great !

For £3.99 I was glad I picked it up and I really want to try out some other Micellar water from other brands now.

Amy x 

Whats in my make up bag

I've seen a few whats in my make up bag posts and videos recently and decided to do my own. It actually was a lot longer than i expected and I'm only just learning how to use imovie and was struggling to cut areas without it looking all messy so cut made it into two videos in the end. 
If you want to know anymore information about any of the products I mention then just comment here or email me. 
I had alot of fun putting these videos together. I had to keep retrying to film it because I was sneezing, knocking the camera over and Bella decided to jump off my wardrobe onto me so yeah filming this was difficult. 
Also it sounds like I'm dying thats my cold :( I'm full of flu errg and all sneezy ! 
I really hope you guys like this video and I really want to start filming regular videos so give me some ideas of the types of videos you like 

Follow me on Youtube here

Real Techniques

I picked the Real Techniques Powder brush and Travel essentials set up off I've never heard of this website before and was abit dubious because of this but you can pay via paypal so I bought them anyway. Firstly this website sells brands like GHD, Vichy and La Roche Posay and it sells them at bargain prices ! 

I got the powder brush and the travel essentials brushes for £22! thats right £22 for 4 brushes that RRP: would cost you £35  And they offer free delivery! There delivery terms state your order should take about 10 working days! Mine took 2! I was so surprised because I really wasn't expecting anything and then they arrived :) 

I've only used them a couple of times so far but I'm really glad I bought them. I've picked them up so many times in boots but really wanted the travel essentials set and they don't stock it at my boots so i've looked online but just never bought them. When I saw they were so cheap on this website I just jumped at the chance because I don't have many brushes. I have the stippling brush and a brow brush from real techniques already and I love them and now I have all of these brushes too. They are such great quality for the money. Mac brushes retail at between £30 - £40 so these are a bargain!! 

I'm not suposed to be spending any money at the moment because i'm trying to save but I will be placing another order very soon with - go and check them out :) 

What's in My Birchbox ?

 Birchbox february 2013 

This is my 2nd Birchbox, I won a three month subscription from :)

This months box includes :

Nick Chavez - Plump N Thick Leave in Thickening Mist // I wasn't very impressed with this item as I received KMS Add Volume in last months box and they are basically the same.

Korres Guava Shower Gel - I don't really like shower gel's in sample boxes but I was quite excited as I haven't tried any Korres products before and its Guava :) Normally you get rose products and i'm not a fan of rose.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water - Really excited to try this out. I've seen some similar products to this before and really couldn't justify the money but now I get to try it out in this box to see if i'm a fan or not !

Gerda Spillman Cream Foundation. - very excited to try this out but the shades a little too dark.

E-boost Natural energy booster - I won't try this

Birchbox Eyelash curler - I don't use eyelash curlers and wouldn't really class this as a sample

All of the beauty samples are great sizes and i've been very impressed with the sizes of the samples i've received from Birchbox so far !

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

MUA Undress Me Too Palette £4 from Superdrug 

Here's another product that everyone and their aunt has heard about! I saw it in superdrug the other day and had to pick it up and I'm so glad I did! 

I'm not really one for palettes. I don't really wear much eye shadow! I have an Urban Decay palette that I got before christmas and feel obliged to use it because it was a lot of money to just sit un-used, however this palette was £4 so I told myself if I don't like it well oh well it was £4!

This palette has been compared to The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and its because the shades are so similar - nearly the same! I was reading a blog post the other day and the similarities are crazy! Obviously the Urban Decay palette is alot more pigmented and the quality is alot better than this MUA palette but for £4! Its great! It has a lovely range of 12 shades of soft neutrals, cool greys and stunning gold metallic's! 

When I do wear eye makeup I normally go for blacks and whites and creates a smokey eye effect so I think this is another reason why I like this palette because as well as the browns there is about 3 creams and a grey and black so you can do your smokey eye but also create some more natural looks. 

I love this! love love love it ! 
I don't care to much about the pigmentation and quality because I'm not a make up artist and I wear eye-shadow occasionally so why would I spend £38 on the Naked Palette. I've been experimenting with eye-shadow primer and this palette and it does give some fab effects and makes the pigmentation better so I would recommend picking up an eye-shadow primer too. I'm using the Urban Decay one that I got with an old palette but i've tried e.l.f ones before that were amazing for the money. 
I love this for £4 and I can't believe this is my first MUA palette but I will be visiting superdrug soon to pick up the older palettes.