shake it out

dress: ebay £12.99 shoes: topshop £18 nail polish: £5 each models own

i havent posted for a while just due to not being on my computer alot and im not comfortable blogging on my phone. heres a few items that ive had my eye on. i love velvet dresses. i like this one which at £12.99 is a bargain, i might just buy it later. theres also a red sleeveless one on topshop that i like too... its £30.

Im going to thee clothes show in birmingham on saturday so im really excited. i dont actually have any money which is gutting. ive put abit aside incase i see anything tho. ive been the past 3 years and its okay even if you have no money. im really interested in what models own will be doing as they have been posting on facebook about special cosmetic bags with free stuff in so looking forward to that :D i might pick up the beetle juice collection if they have it too.
i would reccomend the clothes show as you can pick up some bargains and you get little free extras aswell, the magazines are my favourites they give you goodie bags if you buy a magazinee :D

should hopefully be blogging more, just trying to concentrate on university atm,

november glossy box

Hello everyone... can’t believe it’s been a week since i last posted. Anyway it’s been one long week. My deadline was Monday so I was getting ready for that. I went to Liverpool yesterday. Didn’t take any photos as it was freezing. Went to the Alice in wonderland exhibition at the Liverpool Tate. Also visited the walker gallery and the bluecoat gallery. The bluecoat was really interesting and on at the walker was Henri Matisse :D its such a rare occasion to actually see some of Matisse’s work so i was well chuffed lol. The Alice exhibition is amazing and I would defiantly recommend people to see it.
glossy box arrived :S i wasnt impressed and after reading posts alot of people are talking about unsubscribing. i think im going to wait and see what they do for december and then maybe unsub. the hand creme and skin creme are really nice... abit gutted with the HORRIBLE perfumes i got, the bath salts and the ugly patterned nail foils i got.

My blog seems to be getting more and more page views so id appreciate it if people followed my blog thanks.

where does time go.

heres a few pictures of my week. havent had much time to blog much
1. me 2.scarf: £3 primark 3. nails inc. 4.5.6. paperchase

look at my paperchase goodies.
my boyfriends moms birthday is coming  up and she LOVES russian dolls so i bought this stationary AGES ago so it didnt run out hehe. as far as i know its still in store but its well cute :D

got my deadline coming up  :( been doing alot of work from home so ive been keeping myself away from my laptop as i get sidetracked.

been spending lots of time with the boyfriend because our anniversary is coming up and we have been really good lately- ive preordered his wrestling game and hes got me jimmy choo perfumeeee I LOVE PRESENTS

the time it took us...

 1. my cakes 2. lost in lace exhibition 3&4 magnetic nail polish.
 leopard print skirt; urban outfitters. was £28 NOW £14

 internationale top; £12.99
 internationale: £8.99

just a little mention of my cakes. i may have missed out a KEY ingredient whilst baking these i knew something was wrong with the consistansty.. it was flour. so after adding the flour they cooked and they were amazinggg -the best ive ever made!

visited the lost in lace exhibition in birminghams museum and art gallery today. for anyone visiting birmingham for art purposes i would reccomend it- i really like lace and i thought it was quite interesting. ive taken more photos so if anyone would like me to send them over just let me know.

bought this leopard skirt today. i really wanted it previous to the sale and i think its one of them items i would have payed full price for but i knew it would go in the sale as do most things in urban outfitters.. i also got student discount on this so it was like £12 something.

internationale today were doing a buy one get the other half price promo so i jumped at the chance to buy these tops - they are like copies of topshop tops- i was quite suprised with how good the quality is for the money- cant wait to wear them

also thought id try the boots 17 magetic nail polish as i just couldnt pay £13 for the nails inc version. ive had a little play and im seriously impressed for £6 and on the 3 for 2 you cant complain.
ill do a post when i try it properly.

i like sundays

jumper :primark jeans: topshop lipstick: kate by rimmel (03 rosset to rouge)

this weeks gone so fast.
ive actually done no work for uni until today.
ive been feeling quite ill this week tho, its defonatly the weather.
had work this weekend aswell so that meant i had to do some painting today.. i did enjoy it however this week i still have loads of work to do therefore will be chilling at the library.
i bought this jumper from primark i lovee it! i love the colours and for primark its a really nice soft material... ive bought a size 20. 1. because that was the only size left and 2. i wanted it to be baggy 3. this material is prone to shrinking.
been thinking about holidays loadsss. ive been given the chance to go to paris with uni which i think will be an amazing experience but i also need a proper holidayy too lol.

i really wanna buy something