OUTFIT POST: Primark Palm Skirt

 Jacket : Topshop // T-shirt: Topshop // Skirt: Primark // Necklace: Primark // 
Bag: La Moda // Shoes : Topshop

We went to Birmingham today so I could have a skin test as i'm having my hair done on Friday. I popped into Primark and bought loads again! Everytime I've been to primark recently i've bought loads and loads. This skirt is from one of my previous visits. It was only £9 and I think it's perfect for the summer. I think it looks so much more expensive that it actually is.

I got a new job this week. I'm now a sales associate at Bravissimo. I'm still on the payrole at Pizza Hut but I won't really be picking up shifts unless I really need them. I'm so excited to start the new role.


 Clarimatte T-zone Control Cleansing Gel (Previously called Mayblossom) - £15 

I've been using REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel for a while now. I've been very keen to try out some REN products so I went into Space NK and left with this in my hands.

I have quite an oily T-Zone and chin and try to combat this using control products however i've found nothing really works. I still end up very oily and the end of the day.

This cleansing gel is a nice light formula that you rub gently into your hands and apply to the face then rinse. I've found it's very gentle on my skin and doesn't irritate it or leave it feeling dry.

I like to use this after Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I use first to remove my make up and then follow with this cleansing gel. I've found the cleansing gel isn't great for removing eye make-up as it stings. So I use this as a second cleanse and try to concentrate on areas that are more oily.

I haven't found that this product has made any difference to the oilyness of my skin and it hasn't combatted any oily areas. I still have a very oily T-zone and i'm still on the lookout for products that could help.

I did however like the smell and formula of this cleanser and have still continued to use it as part of my regime. I would like to try more REN products and see if i'm still happy with REN as a brand.

REVIEW: My Stationary Problem featuring Viking Direct

 Post-it notes // Note book - Ikea // Note book - Home Bargains // Pens - Home Bargains // Love heart Post-it notes* - Viking Direct // Cat highlighters - Paperchase // Pencil Case - H&M // Stabilo Pens* - Viking Direct 

I've recently gone a little bit stationary mad. I keep buying notebooks and pens. I do Fine Art so I always need pens and notebooks etc. These cute pens from home bargains were like £1 and they are so cute, I wish I bought more now. I really like plain brown notebooks and excersise books too, right now i'm using this one to keep on top of my blogging and my to do lists.

I got sent these Stabilo pens and heart shaped post it's from Viking Direct, I've just finished my dissertation so i've been using lots and lots of post it's to keep pages in text books and to write quotes on. I think these heart shaped ones are really cute and I'm gonna be writing loads of notes and doodles on them and using them in blog posts or just stick them around my room. The Stabilo pens are really good, i've wanted to try them out for awhile but always thought they were really expensive. This set of 19 is only £5.99 on Viking Direct. They are really nice to write with, i've been using them in my sketchbooks for my annotations.

I've always been a big fan of stationary, here's a few bits and pieces i've got my eye on over at http://www.viking-direct.co.uk

Moleskine Notebook // Cat Post-it dispenser // Bic Cristal for her 


Kimono : Primark // Jeans : New Look // Vest: New Look // Jellies : Primark // Bag : Peacocks

I'm at home today trying to get some blogging down and maybe some uni work. I go back to uni tomorrow which i'm really not happy about. I seriously can't wait for it to be over. I have a few things to look forward to which are keeping me going. I've booked a weekend away with clint for his birthday, were staying in a cottage in wales which i'm very excited about. Then we have our holiday at the end of June, we are going to Tenerife.

I wasn't going to do an outfit post today, I had every intention of staying in my pj's all day but never mind. I did my hair in this cute festival style braid so then I decided to go for this chic festival look. I love my kimono but i've only worn it a handful of times. I'm hoping to bring it on holiday with me and maybe wear it by the pool etc. I picked this bag up a couple of weeks for my holiday, its such a lovely zig-zag pattern. It's a really nice size so i'll be able to fit my essentials in it. It was only £10 from Peacocks. I had to pick up these jellies from Primark the other day. I've been looking for a pair for awhile, I actually picked these up in Primark in Selfridges Birmingham as they sold out really fast! I had been looking at the JuJu ones but wasn't sure if I would wear them enough to justify spending £20+ I'm not normally one for heels but these are so comfy. I might get a flat pair still but don't know what colour to go for.

REVIEW: Instantprint Business cards

So I ordered some new blog business cards last week because I've had a blog make over and completely changed my header so decided some new cards were in order.

I've been following instantprint on twitter for awhile and have been impressed with the quality of their cards that i'd seen other people buy. I was tempted to order one of their free samples but I decided to just go ahead and order the cards.

You can make your own design or pick one of their templates. I made my own little design using some features from my blog design. I added the blue border to make them less boring. I loved my last lot of cards so I wanted to make these ones cute and I'm really happy with them.

I payed £12 for 100 cards which I though was really good, they had a free delivery offer on at the time. I payed alot more for my last lot of business cards for half the amount so I was very happy with my order. I think they are a great value for money.

I would really recommend Instantprint, the postage was very quick and the quality is very very good. I'm so so happy and I think they are a really good value for money.

I need to order some Artist ones for my degree show so I will be placing another order with Instantprint.co.uk

FOOD REVIEW: The Lost And Found

On tuesday night I went along to The Lost & Found in Birmingham with Clint, we were invited to try their new menu and a couple of cocktails. On arrivial we were shown to our table which had this lovely glass jar which I must admit made me feel really special.

After having a look over the long list of cocktails I picked the Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Belini. Clint had a coke as he was driving hehe. The peach belini was a subtle peach taste mixed with prosecco which was nice and the Raspberry Lemonade was amazing, It was so fresh and refreshing. It was really sweet and just tasted so good, I actually ordered another one.

Our starters came I ordered the Toasted mushroom Fricassee which was soo nice, it was like sauted mushrooms with potato and spinach. It was amazing, I could have eaten it again as my main. Clint ordered the Corned beef which really reminded me of a pate, it came with soda bread.

Then for mains I ordered the Pot roast corn fed chicken. It was abit like a stew/ caserole with dumplings and veg on the side. The chicken was nice and the dumplings were really tasty. Clint ordered The Lost and Found burger which looked so good, the burger was huge and came with colslaw and chips. Next time we go I will be trying the burger out!

After food we had a little rest before desert as I was feeling rather full, we ordered some more drinks, I had another cheeky Raspberry Lemonade. We ordered the glazed lemon pot and the Vanilla cheesecake and shared them. I enjoyed both deserts, the lemon pot had raspberrys in the bottom and came in a really cute little jar. It was sour but tasted really nice. The Vanilla cheesecake was plated really nice, it looked very fancy. The cream cheese was thick and rich and the base was really oaty which was unusual but good.

I had a really lovely time, the atmosphere was so lovely it's a great place to go after work for a few drinks or for a meal on the weekend. There was lovely little glass jars everywhere, cute shabby chic chandeliers and lovely chesterfield-like seating.  Check out Hettie's found cocktails during the week between 5pm-8pm for only £5 each. I had such a lovely time and Clint and I have already discussed going back for another meal and night out. With it's central location it's a great place to go for food and have a few drinks.

I'd like to thank The lovely staff and managers at The Lost & Found for inviting us and for the opportunity. The food and atmosphere was great and so were the cocktails! I will definitely be returning very soon.

Book a table or view their menu's here http://www.the-lostandfound.co.uk/

 Raspberry Lemonade 

 Peach Bellini 

 Salted Corned Beef 
 Toasted Mushroom Fricassee

 Pot Roast Corn Fed Chicken
The Lost and Found Burger  

 Glazed Lemon Pot 


Preparing your skin for Summer!

 Jelly Sandals : Primark // Sunglasses : Primark // Purse : H&M // Bikini : Primark // Dove Silk Glow Body Wash  // Elemis Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum* and Firming Cream* // ST Moriz // Ted Baker Lotion // Louis Marcel Hair removal Cream* // Nair Facial Brazillian Spa Clay wax Strips* 

I've put together this post in preparation for the summer. I've included some products that I use all the time and some products I don't actually use but some people do when they are preparing for the summer.

The Dove Silk Glow Body wash is one of my summer must haves. I really like Dove products, I always have. The Silk Glow range adds a glow and a bit of shimmer to the skin making it a lovely product for the summer. In the Silk Glow range you can also get a lotion which is very similar. Dove products always leave my skin feeling really soft and smelling clean and fresh. This product is so afforable its usually a few pounds so its a good value product.

The Elemis Body Sculpting Range is a must have for me in the summer. If i'm having my legs out I want them to look firm. Using this range makes my legs look more firm and less saggy. You have to massage the lotion and serum onto the body and this allows the formula to work into your skin. I'm a massive fan of Elemis and think very highly of all of their products.

ST Moriz Tanning Mist is one of those talked about products but I rarely use Fake Tan. I know loads of people like to use tan in the run up to their holidays. I've used a St Moriz tan before and found it was a very good tan for the price. I have been sent loads of different higher end fake tans to try but I don't ever use them. I like to go on holiday to get a tan. To apply fake tan its reccommended that you shave and exfoliate before applying and also use a tanning mit to get a streak free tan.

Hair removal is another biggy when your off on holiday, the last thing you want to do is be shaving on holiday. I find that my hairs grow so fast when i'm away, and no one wants hairy legs by the pool. There's loads of different hair removal options, shaving is one which I think is very common. Hair removal creams are another cheap alternative and waxing is another method however I'm not a massive fan of waxing. A more long term hair removal method is laser hair removal. Theres loads of reasons why laser  hair removal is so popular. It's kinder to your skin that waxing and is suitable to most skin types and even on sensitive areas. It also lasts longer so you shouldn't have to worry about those hairs appearing whilst your away.

Theres loads more about hair removal here on the www.sknclinics.co.uk website as well as other treatments including milia removal and skin tightening treatments. Milia removal is not something i'd really heard of before. Milia is those little white spots that most people call 'milk spots'. Treatment is available from £50 at sknclinics. A short term way to lessen the appearance of milia is to use hot wet towels or facial scrubs, but this isn't a permanent solution. These are There's loads of great articles to read on sknclinics. Theres tips on how to look after your skin including this post about how to avoid sun damage.

Lotions, it's very important to keep your skin hydrating before, whilst and after your holiday. I go away to get a nice tan so the last thing I want is for my skin to peel. I like to use after sun whilst i'm on holiday to moisturise my skin. I have so many lotions and body creams to choose from but i've included this Ted Baker lotion because it smells lovely and is a really nice formula. My skin goes very dry when i'm on holiday so I always bring plenty of moisturisers to keep my skin hydrated. Last year I brought along Liz Earle Skin Repair mosturiser which was very hydrating and I actually ended up using it on different areas that had started to peel as well as my face.

So there we go, theres a few products and different ways to prepare your skin for the summer. Are any of you off on your holidays and which products will you be taking along with you?

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