I went to a wedding on monday as you may have seen if you follow me on instagram. Two of my best friends were getting married, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The whole day was perfect! I wore this Navy off the shoulder dress by Debut at Debenhams, I think winter weddings are hard and really wasn't sure what to wear. I tried this dress on and seriously couldn't believe how perfect the fit was. I'm quite short but the dress came just over the knee and was really nice and fitted all my curves. The material is quite stretchy meaning I didn't struggle with my boobs or hips. This dress fits me like a glove, it was so comfortable and I just knew it would be a perfect day to night wedding guest outfit. I paired it with this Fur shawl from Asos which I borrowed from a friend. I love this grey suede bag from Pretty Lavish and managed to get some really nice grey suede effect sandals from Primark. I think the floral necklace from Cherry Diva pulls the outfit together, it's the perfect length and size and sits perfectly with the sweetheart neckline of the dress.  

I had the most perfect day at the wedding, it was amazing! I felt comfortable all day in my outfit and got so many compliments. The dress is really versatile and I will be able to wear it for more occasions. 

*this post contains pr samples. 


I  had a good read through this infographic this morning and found it really interesting. It's crazy how shopping has changed and how quickly it has developed over the last decade or so. 

With most shops having their own websites and apps it's so easy to shop online from the comfort of your own home. You don't even have to get dressed or pay for parking, it's really that simple. This article by Retail Technology Review explains how they expect shopping will change over the next 10 years and how Brits want the future of shopping to be easier and quicker. 

'The team at  My Voucher Codes  polled 3,486 UK adults aged over 18 as part of their study, equally split between men and women. Those polled were initially asked how much time they spent shopping for clothes each month. The majority of female respondents (26%) stated that they spend about 3-6 hours shopping in stores, whilst the majority of male respondents 46% said they spent 1-2 hrs clothes shopping per month in store.

The participants were then asked to reveal how important technological changes in the way we shop were to them.  The majority, 43% agreed that they are ‘very important’.

“One thing for sure is that we know that mobile technology will have a huge impact, it already is doing. The way we use newer technologies will no doubt change the way we shop. It might seem scary at first but eventually, like all new technologies, it will soon become the norm quicker than we think. Many of the ideas and concepts are already available in some form or another and others will no doubt be available within the next decade if not the next five years.” - Mark Pearson - Founder of MyVoucherCodes '

I already think that technology plays a big role when I go shopping, First of all I use my phone to check my bank with my internet banking app and then I browse though my voucher apps such as My Voucher Codes and Unidays to see if theres any good offers. Usually there are some great vouchers from The Body Shop. You can even use the My Voucher Codes app to get some money off your lunch when you stop for a break after all that Autumn/ Winter shopping. 


OFFICE - One of the most exciting things about moving out is going to be having my own office space. I will either have a desk area in my living room but hopefully we will have a spare room that I can us as my office / overflow wardrobe space. 

I really want the house or flat to be clean and white washed. I want lots of art / prints around the place and lots of mint and grey theme running thoughout. 

LIVING ROOM - Again the living room is going to follow the white, grey and black trend which will hopefully run throughout. I do want to have some pops of colour in the living room but I think I will use cushions, accessories and prints to incorporate some colour. I really want a grey sofa. 

BATHROOM - You can't really do much to your bathroom when your renting but I want to add some nice touches to make it feel more luxurious. Were going to need some decent storage for the bathroom so send over any ideas. 

BEDROOM- For me the bedroom needs to be clean and cosy. I want a nice warm bedroom where I can go to relax. I want a nice white bed frame. I want lots of monochrome and cushions and blankets everywhere. I will have my dressing table and a big mirror - two things every beauty and fashion blogger needs in their bedroom. 



Another autumn wishlist! I'm loving the autumn trends right now. I love big chunky jumpers and boots. I haven't bought any clothes for a few weeks as were saving up to move out and have been buying bits for the new place. I have been window shopping and i've been browsing online and thought i'd but together this wishlist. 

I love this jumper from River Island, its a lovely grey and black knit and such a unique shape, I don't have anything like this in my wardrobe. I love this PU leather skirt from Topshop, its a gorgeous biker style with the silver buckle. I recently bought a PU leather skirt from Primark and I think it's a must have this A/W it just goes with so many things. I love this back pack, isn't it gorgeous, it's Vivienne Westwood from Garment Quarter they have some really lovely designer pieces. I love the tan colour, I think tan is a perfect autumn colour, like the leaves. I alway wear tan in the autumn, I picked out these gorgeous boots from Daisy Street at Asos. They are a lovely suede style, they have a cowboy vibe about them. I love them and think they would go really well with the backpack. Finally another hat, I've bought myself a couple of hats this month, I always wear big hats in the Autumn . They keep the chill from your ears and are so on trend right now. I love this Burgundy colour, Its my favourite colour for the Autumn. 

Stylist are giving one of their lucky readers the chance to win £500 at Garmet Quarter, read more about it here and find out how to enter. 

*this post is in collaboration with Garment Quarter . 



 Kiehl's is proud to announce MTV Staying Alive Foundation as our official charity partner for 2015. 
To celebrate the partnership, Tinie Tempah, the ambassador of MTV Staying Alive has designed this Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream, 125ml.  

• Kiehl’s UK will be donating £2 for each purchase of this limited edition to MTV Staying Alive Foundation*.  

• Kiehl’s has a longstanding heritage of working to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic with our work beginning in the 1980’s, when it was taboo to even mention. Just in the past 10 years, Kiehl’s worldwide has raised more than $2,500,000 for the cause.   

• MTV Staying Alive Foundation provides funding and training to youth-led HIV prevention projects around the world. Their work helps these projects and their young leaders to develop vital skills to build innovative, culturally relevant and sustainable organisations that lead the fight against HIV on the ground.    

• Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is our iconic light-textured, up to 24-hour moisturizer that helps to retain moisture within the skin, leaving skin feeling comfortable and well-balanced." - KIEHLS.CO.UK


#TINIExKIEHLS +KiehlsUK +Tinie Tempah  @mtvstayingalive

I will review the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream in full once I have used it properly, I just wanted to feature the collaboration so you know about the MTV Staying Alive foundation and this project with Kiehls to raise awareness about HIV/ AIDS



I picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation at the Selfridges Beauty event in Birmingham about two weeks ago! I've been using it pretty much everyday since so I thought i'd share my thoughts. I have also spotted it on loads of beauty bloggers videos and instagrams so thought i'd try and get in there a post a little review. 

I love love love the packaging. Charlotte Tilbury packaging is gorgeous! This bottle of foundation is seriously so photogenic. 

I have really oily/combination skin right now and i'm finding I'm getting so so oily through the day. I am using the Laura Mercier Primer to try and combat my oilyness but it's not really working. I think with the sudden change in the weather my skins just all over the place. 

The consistency of this foundation is lovely it's so easy to apply and it sinks into the skin really well, it does feel a little tacky like its wet but its fine after a little while and I usually set this with powder aswell. It's really workable and you can easily build up layers. I'm finding I have to put abit extra on my chin and on some of my blemishes as they don't cover with just one layer but this means you can add to your problem areas without having to cake on loads of product all over. 

The colour I have is perfect, I have shade 4.5, I would really reccommend getting matched up with this foundation or at least trying some sample shades first as there is so many shades to choose from that you would be able to get a really decent match. 

I don't think this is really that long lasting. I don't know whether this is just my skin right now. I might give it a break for a week or so and come back to it but my skin is just so oily right now that it does seem to be sliding off and it's sinking into some of my pores by the end of the day. As I said my skin is being really mean right now with stress but when I initially put the foundation on it's flawless, it's just through the day it seems to slide off. It might be more suitable for someone with normal skin rather than my horrible oily skin. 

I do really like this foundation I really hope its just my skin right now which is making it slide off so I will give this another go in a week or so and let my skin settle. I know people that have raved about this foundation so I think it does depend on your skin type. 


Short Let London is a holiday accommodation website which you can use to find short term accommodation in London. They offer a range of properties that you can rent for from a week to 6 months. This is a great cheaper way to stay in London as they state to beat London hotel prices and save you between 50-70 % The properties are clean, fully furnished and comfortable, they are all self contained, so they have their own bathroom and kitchen meaning you don't have to share with anyone else. They also have good transport links and are close to shops. They have properties all over london and you can search properties by Location.

The website is actually really easy to use, they have a super easy to use search section and you can search by, number of people, price, size and length of stay. There's also a really handy help section incase you have any questions or issues with your let. The website answers any questions you should have but if you can't find your answer there you can call one of their offices, even if your international and coming to London on holiday. They also have social media links on their website and an email address so it's really easy to contact someone. 

Each apartment/property has its own page and there's so much information and photos of every single let. you can have a look though and they have a great table that breaks down the price for you so you can work out how much you will be paying. It also tells you what amenities are included and what isn't included. They also give you lots of useful information like whats local and theres also a map and guestbook for each listing.

I think Short Let London is a really great afforable way to stay in London, it's ideal if you are just commuting there for a few weeks with work or just a couple of days. Maybe you are decorating your house and need somewhere to stay whilst the builders are in. I will consider booking through London Short Let next time we visit London for a few days as they only charge about £50 a night. The idea of a short term let is fab and with renting and buying prices in London at a all time high this is a great way to save abit of money, you know your paying for the period of time you need and not having to pay loads of bills on top or silly booking fees. 

photos courtesy of LONDON SHORT LET 

This post is sponsored by London Short Let 


I went along to Debenhams in Bullring Birmingham last week, HIGH DEFINITION Brows have revealed their new collaboration with Benito Brows. I didn't realise how personal getting your eyebrows done could be. I've been getting my eyebrows done for as long as I can remember, I used to get them threaded but recently started getting them waxed and tinted. 

At the event I took a seat, along with a glass of Prosecco and the lovely High Definition Brow Stylist started by tinting my brows, the tint only takes a few minutes and gives the stylist so many more brow hairs to play with. She discussed my brow and what she was going to do. She mentioned leaving some hairs and growing my one side out slightly so they appear more even. She then waxed the brow to get the right shape. Waxing gives a nice straight finish and I think the arch looks better when you have your brows waxed. She then worked into the brow with threading, this blended the brow and made it look more natural. She then tidied up the brow using tweezers and filled the brow using the HD Brow Browtec pencil  . This created a defined shape and the stylist was able to fill in areas that I need to grow out.

I was actually so impressed with the outcome, I didn't know that getting your brows done could be such a personal treatment.  Whenever i've had my eyebrows done before i've never been overly impressed. My one brow is so different to the other one and never really arches and it's shorter than the other. However I left after my HD Brow treatment feeling really happy and I couldn't believe how amazing both of my eyebrows looked. I've found it much easier to apply my brow pencil and love my new brows! I'm going to grow my thinner side out like I was recommended and then I will be going back to HD Brows at Benito brows in Debenhams as I was so happy with the service and i'm scared someone else might ruin my new beautiful eyebrows.   



I was so excited to attend Style Birmingham Live this year, I went last year and had such a great time! I usually work weekends but managed to get the day off so I could go along. We were invited to a VIP catwalk show, we were given a token for a free glass of bubbly and headed to the VIP area. The DJ was amazing, I felt like I was still in Ibiza ( I came home a few days earlier)

We then headed into the main room for the show. It's a lovely intimate show with only a few rows of seats. The lovely Mark Wright and Stylist Mark Heyes were great hosts!

I'm loved the catwalk and there was some great must have autumn/ winter trends. The music was fab and the models looked gorgeous, Hair by Francesco Group and Make up by Make Up Forever.

John Lewis opened the show, with our brand new John Lewis just opening in Birmingham Grand Central. They had some amazing tailored pieces including capes, brogues and a classic white shirt.

It's all about fringing! Fringe is so on trend and will be going forward into Spring/ Summer. I love fringe bags and detailing on boots and jackets. Faux Fur is another huge trend. I spotted some fab Faux fur waistcosts and sleeveless jackets from Debenhams and New Look during the show.

There was alot of red and burgundy, dark florals and vintage prints. It's all about being clever and picking out the key pieces to add to your wardrobe. I'd say everyone needs a tailored style jacket / coat, some boots, some fringe and some winter florals.

I had such an amazing time at the event and it was lovely to catch up with some amazing bloggers. Style Birmingham is always in September and tickets start at around £16.50 You get loads of discounts throughout the city during the weekend with your ticket and VIP ticket holders get a goody bag.  Birmingham is growing so this is an event not to be missed, keep your eyes and ears open for Style Birmingham 2016

*these photos were taken by Ryan Phillips, my photos were so blurry. I have been given permission to use these photos.


If you haven't heard about Grand Central opening in Birmingham yet, where have you been? A couple of weeks ago Grand Central opened in Birmingham. There is some amazing brands and stores that have taken over the old New Street Station.

I'm so excited about the Cath Kidston store, another Mac store and John Lewis. It's exactly what Birmingham needs. Grand Central is so hustle and bustle its great for the City. There's some really amazing restaurants aswell!

I was a little bit crazy but headed into Birmingham for the Opening night of Grand Central. It was really busy but I think the day had been worse. I headed to T.H Baker for their launch and had such an amazing night.

T.H Baker is such a great addition for Birmingham. They have some amazing brands and stock some great designer brands including Links, Swarovski, DKNY and Nomination.

I had a great night chatting to other bloggers at the event and had a great catch up, T.H Baker put on a fab night!

Check out the T.H Baker website here, the Grand Central station is located right by the escalators which is a great spot opposite the New John Lewis store.

We were also gifted a lovely gift bag full of goodies which I will be featuring and reviewing on the blog soon.