Your home should be a getaway and sanctuary where you get to relax after a busy day from work. For your house to be a home, it needs to make you feel at ease and be appealing enough to draw you home every day. For this to happen, you need to decorate it with the right decor items.
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You can easily get caught up in the world of interior design, forgetting that you do not need expensive things to create a cozy home. Sometimes a clean, simple space may be all that you need. If you are looking to add some beauty and comfort to your house, here are some tips you can follow:

Adding Rugs to Your Floors

If you have wooden or tile flooring, you can add some rugs to your house. Rugs add warmth and depth to the space. They not only refresh your space but also make it feel luxurious. You can use large area rugs to create an illusion of a bigger room. When decorating your living room, the rug should be big enough to have all the furniture on it.
Use bright colored carpets as they enhance the appearance of your house, giving it a more significant and spacious look. Dark rugs absorb light making the room appear smaller.
You can use rugs to separate spaces in your house, such as a dining area and living area. Depending on the style you use, rugs can bring a room design together. You can match your carpet color with that of your wall.

Using Blankets and Throws

Try to find some quality throw pillows and blankets that can coordinate with your bedroom and living room décor. You can use them in different ways, depending on your style.
You can add one or two textured pillows to your coach and an extra throw blanket to the side. If you have an armchair, you can place one throw blanket and a throw rug to give the sitting area an excellent finish.

Accentuate the Fireplace

Does your house have a fireplace? You can highlight the area with decorative pieces such as candles, vases, and pots. However, choose your décor materials wisely by finding only materials that match your style and personality.
You can as well create a focal point by placing a painting or any other big décor piece above the fireplace area to help pull the room together.

Adding Texture to Your House

Your house may have the right color scheme, décor, and furniture, but without the right touch, it may lose its liveliness and appear a little flat. When you use rough textures, you can make your home feel grounded and more intimate than smooth surfaces, which give your home a sleeker and more reserved tone. You can use wooden benches, marble tabletops, flowers, baskets, and shadow boxes, amongst other items.

Whether you throw a rug to warm up your house or use a wooden coffee table to add some texture to your living room, you need to have a good plan for a perfect interior design that makes your house look beautiful and cozy. When you have a comfortable home, you will have a place you can unwind, play, and relax. The décor you use will help to create a sense of calmness, allowing you always to want to get back home.


It is always lovely to gravitate towards a warmer and cozy home. It does not matter whether your space is light or dark; the appearance makes it feel lively and welcoming. Many recommendations are focused on easing your way into minimalist seasonal decors and other homes. Below are tips to make your living space warm and very welcoming.
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Go for Warm Colors for the Walls

Using a warm paint color gives your home a friendly feeling. The point here is that you should not have a flat appearance on your walls. Accordingly, do not fear to go for a mix of colors. Colors are great in putting emphasis, and when mixed the right way, they become more attractive and appealing, evoking that cozy feeling in your home.

Incorporate the Use of Wood in Your Home

Wood gives any living space a very cozy or warm feeling. Create a welcoming home by placing wood elements all over your space. Items like hardwood floors, furniture made of wood and shelving are exceptional in adding the feel-good factor to your space. You can place them randomly or go for a whole set in one place. For instance, you can choose the right types of dining chairs for your business.

Add More Texture to the Room

Texture often creates another dimension wherever it is incorporated. There are many ways of creating texture in your house, depending on how you like it. Some of the techniques include getting different pillowcases for your pillows, wall arts, window frames, or contrasting colors with varied intonation.

Get a Blend on Vintage and Modern

Nothing beats the appearance of old and new blended in one space. As much as you would love, give your home a classic contemporary look; do not forget to throw some old school items. Do not go for an entirely modern or entirely vintage look.

Add Organic Items to the Room

Any room will feel more lively and welcoming if there is a sense of nature. Make yours a haven by getting a plant into the room. Flowers are mostly used, but you can also try some fun ways of incorporating plants.

Mix and Match Things within the Room

The best feeling of warmth in a home is brought by furniture that matches the colors on the walls. With that said, you can also get your furniture from different dealers so as not to get the same style and color. Alternatively, you can use multipurpose furniture to give you a cozy feeling. If possible, match one set of furniture with one side of the wall and another set with another side of the wall.

Use Rugs

Vintage rugs are perfectly friendly. Layering rugs within the room gives your space warmth and charm.

Add More Comfort

Comfort is a factor that draws more people towards or from something. Making your house more comfortable adds coziness instantly. You can make your home more comfortable by throwing pillows on the seats. The cushions will also bring warmth by matching the colors of the furniture as well as delivering different dimensions depending on the pattern you go for.
Additionally, you can also have an art basket within the rooms. Art and pictures are usually attractive and bring a sense of connection.

Hang Your Pictures at Eye Level

Is there any other better way of grabbing attention that having paintings and photographs on the wall? Wall arts change the looks of the room and should be a great way of making it look more attractive. However, some people get it wrong by hanging them so high on the walls. These items should be at a level that your family and guests can quickly notice them and enjoy the attraction. That would bring instant warmth and coziness in your home and, at the same time, invite your guests to know the story of the family.

Use Warm Items Everywhere

The goal is to make your space feel warmer and more welcoming. That means that every detail in the room should be in that same line. If its colors, metals used in the place, or the utensils, make sure that they portray that element of instant warmth. Silver-plated items and antiques and brass coatings are some of the best choices with respect to this factor.

The best way to make your home more appealing and welcoming is to bring purpose to the items in your space. Both function and design should be blended to give your home some serious appeal and authenticity that makes it cozier and thoughtful.


The current state of the world is a bit unnerving. No matter where you live, you’ve probably been affected by COVID-19 somehow. Maybe you know someone who’s had the illness, or maybe your country/state has faced strict rules. Events have been canceled, stores have been shut down, and schools have been closed. 

These are scary times. Depending on when you’re reading this, it’s my hope that we can look back on these times and realize how lucky we are to get through them together, and come out stronger on the other side. 

With that in mind, I’d like to touch on the last point I made above; schools being closed. Nearly 30 million children in the U.S. alone find themselves out of school because of this virus. Many parents are finding themselves at home with their kids all day, and while keeping them engaged is important, it’s equally important to keep teaching them. 

You can use this unique opportunity to be more mindful and boost your confidence at home by working with your kids. Maybe you had a poor work-life balance before you were forced to slow down. Let this be a time where you can be the one your children look to for learning. Not sure where to get started? Keep reading for a few tips. 

1. Have Them Create a Story

Using programs like GoogleSlideshow, your kids can put together a story of their time at home, or they can make up a story and present it to you. It’s a great way to teach them more about how to use technology while inspiring creativity and getting them to use their imagination to create something new. 

2. Make Math Meaningful

You’ve probably heard kids ask when they’ll use certain aspects of math in their daily lives. Maybe you’ve even wondered that a few times in your own life if you weren’t a fan of math growing up. 

So, it’s important to show your children just how much you do use math on a regular basis. Applying it to real-world situations can help your child to see its importance, and they may be more willing to try it if they know it will somehow make a difference in their lives. Ask them to help you with dinner, and use addition and subtraction with certain ingredients, like pieces of fruit. 

Measurements are a great way to introduce fractions to kids, too! They’ll likely be much more interested in learning what ¾ of a cup really means if they’re baking cookies with you. 

3. Plant a Seed Garden

Science truly is everywhere, and when your kids can see it unfolding before their eyes, they’re more likely to be interested by it. One way to keep science alive in your home is to start a seed garden. It’s something you can do indoors on a small scale, and your child can watch the progress. 

Have your child create a chart for each type of seed you plant, and record how they are germinating throughout your time at home. Which ones do better with different conditions? Which ones seem to need more water, sunlight, etc.? Your kids will love seeing how the seeds change each day as they start to grow. 

4. Talk About Wildlife

Thankfully, there’s nothing stopping you from being outside, even if you can’t leave your own backyard. There are still learning opportunities everywhere. If you see an animal, ask your child about it. You might consider questions like: 

  • Do you know where that animal lives?
  • What do they eat?
  • How long do they live?
  • Do they have babies or lay eggs?

Chances are, once you start asking questions, your kids will have some of their own, so be prepared with some fun animal facts (Google can be a big help here!). 

5. Re-Focus With a Puzzle

Let’s face it, when everyone is cooped up for long periods of time, there are bound to be some moments of craziness. Your kids might complain that they’re bored, or they might not want to focus on “schoolwork.” 

One great way to get everyone to calm down and re-focus is with a puzzle. Set up a table somewhere in your house and start a challenging jigsaw puzzle that the whole family can do. If your kids start to get distracted or wound up, suggest that they go work on the puzzle for a few minutes to wind down and re-focus. It’s a great way to challenge their minds, and help them to feel accomplished when they find a piece here and there. 

The learning doesn’t have to stop because your kids aren’t in school. Instead, you can take advantage of everyday opportunities that encourage lifelong learning skills. Use this time to be an educational mentor to your child, and they’ll never forget it. 


Moving can end up being one of the most stressful life events you will ever go through. The majority of people don’t have to go through this very often, but it can still be a daunting ordeal having all of your precious belongings being stuffed into boxes and carted around, not to mention, the hours of unpacking them and setting up the new place. Here are some basic tips to help you through all the stages in order to make your move stress free as possible. 

Keep Lists

These days thankfully, there are apps available to help you organize yourself, or if you prefer, you could simply use old-fashioned paper and pen. It’s a good idea to prepare both a to-do list and a checklist before you start moving and keep both of them with you at all times. Make a note of the phone numbers you need and the appointments you have made, there will be a lot of things to memorize otherwise. Take your to-do list everywhere with you so you can keep adding to it, as unfortunately there will be unforeseen problems, and keep your checklist with you as well so that you can get record it immediately when you complete a task. 

Learn to let go

Have a big clear out and try to be realistic about whether you actually need to take each thing in your boxes with you or not. Throw away the things that you haven’t used or worn in over a year, or better yet, donate them to charity. Chuck any items that are worn and broken. There’s no use taking these things as if you haven’t needed any of it recently, why will you need it in the new house? You don’t want to be carrying extra junk. Divide your items into boxes labeled something like, “keep”, “toss”, “store” and “donate”. You can donate anything from clothing, accessories, furniture, and so on, and it is best if these items are in good condition. When you fail to let go, you instinctively strengthen your sentimental attachments to personal items. Donate clothes and other items in as many boxes as you can. Depending on the organisation, you may have to arrange for a delivery, or a representative might come for the items. Subsequently, you will notice a significant reduction in your personal load.


The earlier you can start packing the better. Go through each room one at a time and label all the respective boxes. You could have a labeling system such as “B” for bedroom and “L” for the living room or even however you see fit to organize the boxes. Assign a family member to their own room and try to give everyone their own jobs to do. Use similar shaped boxes so that they can fit together easily in the removals truck. You want to be able to tesselate the boxes on top of each other to keep your belongings safe from breaking and to fit in as many as possible. Unload the boxes into the rooms that they will eventually be unpacked into when you arrive at your new place, as this will also save you time. 


During the removal process, it could be easier to put some things into storage. You can keep these in a safe place until you’ve got the bulk of the move done. If you just need some extra space, or are downsizing, this could also be a more permanent solution. 


Things have been a little quiet around here. I've been finding it really hard to blog as I don't really have much to write about and I also don't really have the time. I think with all of this Coronavirus stuff going on I think i'm going to have even less to talk about. With potential lockdown ahead I don't really know what i'm going to talk about, I guess I could start writing book reviews and rating my fave netflix programmes. I want to try and hopefully get back into blogging more and share more on here. I share quite regularly on instagram, so give me a follow on there.  We headed to Charlecote park which is one of our favourite National Trusts at the weekend which was lovely, we were both back at work today. I'm now going to be working from home due to our office closing for a while and Clint's been temporarily laid off so I think we might struggle for a little while. I hope that we don't have to self-isolate and we can take advantage of our National Trust cards and spend some time outdoors! I hope you all haven't been affected too much by Coronavirus yet? It sucks!


Kids are often active compared to adults. They play a lot and chase after each other around the yard. Some even make you a compound of activity farm. The constant motion keeps children healthier and happy. However, it is the role of a parent to ensure that children are more engaged than just playing around the house. There is a beehive of activities that you can use to get your children engaged. The benefits of these activities are far-reaching than often thought.
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Activities That Can Keep Your Kids Engaged


Swimming is a great way to engage the kids. Apart from the pure physical structure formation, swimming also helps in improving memory and both verbal and non-verbal intelligence in kids.

Outdoor stroll and fun activities

It is crucial to take your kids out to have fun away from the house. They will develop more understanding of the environment and expand their thinking.


Adventures offer the best opportunity to interact with nature. You can also bring some toys if you are planning to spend your entire holiday camping.

Treasure hunting

You can hide objects and have your kids engaged in searching for them. It is an excellent way to improve hard motor skills.
In whatever you do, always ensure that you get time to have your children engaged in different activities. Staying active is an essential aspect of improving the health of a child, and there is no better way than giving them tasks to do, whether it is for fun or exercise.

The Benefits of Keeping Children Engaged in Activities

Exercise is a very healthy routine. The benefits of staying active are immense and are even more in children. Here are some ways in which your child benefits from staying engaged:

Building muscles

Children that are more engaged in different physical activities have well-built muscles and are more energetic and healthier. Walking, running, or any forms of movement are some of the events that help in the growth and development of proper body structures. 

Reduced risks of obesity

Activities are a great way of burning calories in children. Kids that are not physically active have higher chances of getting obese. Other benefits include:
  • Lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  • Creating the right balance of blood sugar.
  • Building strong bones and developing the ability to move freely and become more active
  • Brain development
When children are engaged in more physical activities, they grow better and become self-efficient and independent. The benefits are endless, and it takes the right types of activities to get your kids reaping them all. It goes beyond mere physical health. Scientists have shown that mental health is mostly affected by the level of physical engagement.

A super parent knows what to do and at what time. It is upon you to know that your family may need a pet or a different setting to uplift their spirits. To become the best parent, you must be aware of the things that improve the health of your kids.


Summer is a time of letting your hair down. We go to the gym and improve our bodies to show them off in the summer, for the ‘summer body’. So, why not our house? It is called a ‘spring clean’ either way, so why not. This article will show some great ways to try and improve your house just in time for the summer.


A big part of a house is the decor that goes with it. The colors, the type of decor, all add to the overall feeling of the house. What do you want the house to feel like when you walk through the front door. Are you looking for minimalism? Then maybe abstract art and sculptures here and there set against a base color (further in the article), will help the house maintain a minimal feel yet maintaining warmth and personality. 


Another thing to consider when looking to revamp your house is the furniture. There may be furniture that is sentimental and you want to keep which is amazing, but changing it every now and then adds a different vibe to the atmosphere inside. From the color to the materials that cover it. Also, the amazing thing with furniture, if that you can do a lot to change it without exerting much effort. With a couch, for example, just changing the cushions and the throws that are on it, can make it look new again, and add a new look to the room it is in.


Something that can accompany the colors of the new cushions or potentially the new furniture that you can get for your redesign, is new colors. This connects to the first point as well, with colors being used alongside different decor and furniture choices to create one cohesive look within your home. What colors are present in your house today? Do you want to change them? What colors gravitate to you today, or present themselves as good choices for the new vision of your house? There are hundreds of more questions, but the best solution to cutting out all those questions is to pick the color that you like. There are no rules when it comes to your home, if you want to paint your house head to toe hot pink, then go for it! Let the house be your canvas, and you as the artist need to add your touch of sparkle to it. 

Don’t Forget the Outside

Lastly, something often forgotten in the winter months is the outside. We want the outside of our homes to sparkle in the summertime just as much as the inside. When it comes to the garden, maybe a patio from Lifestyle Patios is the best, or a trellis to encourage those plants to grow during the spring. Whatever you decide to you, just like the inside your home is your canvas. It should speak of you, and represent what you represent, make it stand out this summer! 

That concludes this article. Good luck on your spring clean and spring redesign, and whatever you do, enjoy the summer in your new home!