its friday...

shirt: forever 21 jumper: internacionale shorts: topshop necklace:tesco tights:primark

FRIDAY means work :(, for most people it means weekend but I work most friday nights. For those of you that don't know I work at Pizza Hut. It's a nice little job, not the easiest but it funds my shopping addiction and thats all that matters. I've worked for pizza hut for over 2 years now. I love meeting new people and love chatting with the customers. For people out there that are looking for that first job I would really recommend pizza hut because they love students for a start ! and it's a good way to get customer skills experience and cash handling experience. You get to keep your tips too ;) The tips are really handy because I use my change as bus fare/ train fare and to buy treats like food and magazines, this way i'm not taking money out of my wages. Also if theres something in particular that I want, I can save my tips or give myself a goal of how much I want to make. 

Just thought i'd let you guys know what I do with my weekends :) 
where does everyone else work?? 
any other bloggers work at pizza hut? 

what I bought today #6

dress: Topshop purple skirt: Glamorous pink shorts: F&F Tesco top:Urban Outfitters. necklace: Tesco

Had a little look in the Urban Outfitters and Topshop Sale today. There wasn't a great deal in there but I love a good look at the sales.  I posted a few weeks ago about a couple of things I picked up in the Urban Outfitters Sale and had to have another look today as they do update their sale from time to time. 
I didn't see anything new that I really thought WOW until I saw this monochrome top. The pattern is really cut and aztec style, I really love monochrome actec because its a cute pattern and your able to pair it up with EVERYTHING, I tried it on with my turquoise shorts and it looks adorable. It was £14 in the sale so £12.60 with student discount, it's not on their website though. 

The topshop dress was one of those things that I spotted as soon as it hit the shops. I loved it! I tried it on and everything but couldn't spend £30 on a bright neon dress that I'll wear a handful of times so when I saw it on the topshop sale I wanted it immediately and its been sat in my basket for a few days because I really cannot justify £4 postage, I had a quick look over the sale in the Bullring today and couldn't find it :( then when browsing over the petite section (cause im small) I saw it!!! and it had a little pen scribble on so i assumed that it was in the sale, which it was and practically ran to the till with it :) It was £15 

The pink shorts which you cannot really see here are not on the website but a mint pair and lilac pair are and i would really recommend them because they are a nice fit and so comfy. They are very similar to the ones i bought from Topshop a few weeks back and they are £10! The mint and lilac pair are reduced to £4 on the Tesco website and you can even get them delivered to your local store for pick up which is free!!! 

The glamorous skirt is no longer available in lilac but its still online in dark and light blue which is cute. its a light summery skirt and it looks amazing with my black bow back bralet :D the skirt is £13.50 on the website :) 


I found out about Kukee from twitter and other blogs. After browsing over their website numerous times I thought it was about time I bought a few bits.

First of all I loved the look of the bracelet and knew it would be something that I would wear all the time. Spikes are really in at the moment and I love it. The actual quality isn't that great! It feels abit light and plasticy but it was like £3 so you can't really complain, and its one of those things that look really expensive. Also I actually wanted this is gold but it was sold out :( but I do love this silver/ grey colour.

The necklace is really difficult for me to comment on because I don't like the way is sits. I actually thought it would be smaller. It's really big. Its a nice necklace, its a nice shade of gold but its abit too big. however i'm gonna hold on to it because I think it will look really nice as a statement necklace on holiday or when I go out.

The prices on Kukee are really good. They stock some really nice pieces and some are very similar to bits on other website but half the price. This is a really good thing because like me i've picked up a few pieces that I really like and I haven't had to fork out like I would if I got a few bits from topshop.

let me know if you have bought anything from Kukee or it your going to :)

you can also follow Kukee on twitter, She does loads of giveaways :) @ilovekukee

Sunday Update #6

001. Had a pretty boring week. Worked abit over the weekend but apart from that I've not really done much.

002. HACKNEY WEEKEND! Watched jay z last night and been watching the highlights online- It looks amazingg. I would have loved to gone. It makes me wanna go to another festival.

003. Just been putting together a post about Kukee ( a jewellery website) should be up later.

004. I'm gonna be really busy this week so I will post but I doubt I'll be posting much over the next 3 weeks.

005. You probably saw in my last post i've been selling a few bits on ebay! It went rather well. I've made abit of money which will come in handy! A couple of things didn't sell. The urban outfitters leopard skirt and orange skirt and the internacionale top if you wanna make me an offer on these items. just email me.

what i'm selling on ebay

summer find.

top: topshop necklace : topshop skirt: charity shop belt: new look 

I love a rumage through the charity shops, but it's very rare that I find something. A few weeks ago I picked up a shirt and I planned to cut the arms and I haven't got round to it yet. I found this skirt in my local heart foundation. I love polka dot so it instantly jumped out at me. I thought I could shorten the length abit but I also like this midi length. I think the outfit i'm wearing here will look lovely on holiday. What do you guys recon should I leave the length or cut into a cute summer skirt ? 

(ignore my hair) 

how to make blueberry muffins

what you will need 

375g self raising flour - (sifted )
1tsp baking powder 
200g caster sugar
125ml vegetable oil 
1 egg
125ml milk 
1tsp vanilla extract
300g fresh or frozen blueberries 
granulated sugar (for sprinkling) 


sift the flour sugar and baking powder into a bowl 
In a separate bowl place the oil, egg milk and vanilla extract and whisk, i just used a hand whisk. 

then pour the liquid mix into the dry mix, and mix together, again i used a spatula to mix, my mix was rather thick not sure if this was because i wasn't precise with my measurements. 
Add blueberries to the mix. 

Spoon your mixture between 12 baking cases. I would really recommend using a metal tin with the holes in and placing your paper cases in that for support. I didn't do this so some of mine were fat. 

 Bake muffins for 30-35 minutes
mine are abit overcooked because i cooked them at the wrong temperature lol

they looked really nice and didnt taste too bad hehe .

instagram #10

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What I bought today #5

 lush: Geo Phyzz , Space Girl and Ultrabland.
The Body Shop Aloe gentle face wash rrp: £7

Sunday Update #5

top; topshop skirt : primark. tights: primark necklace:topshop.

Happy fathers day, hope you all remembered! I bought my daddy a top and some shorts as he's off to Egypt in 2 weeks and my mom said thats what he needed. I've been into Birmingham City Centre today because dan had to go into Uni so I went along with him :) I sneaked away to do a spot of shopping too. I picked up some foundation with my No7 voucher that expired today- make sure you have checked the dates on your vouchers!! 

i really liked these photos that my sister took for me today :) 

DIY Ombre T-shirt tutorial

leggings: Gladrags  Tshirt: DIY


A t-shirt - I used a primark mens tshirt £2.50 
Dye- Ive used Dylon Antique grey 
3 containers 
250g salt (dylon measurement)
6LTRS hot water (dylon measurement) 
Container for your mix - Ive Used a bucket 
Rubber Gloves.

Don't do this DIY task on your white carpet, do it outside or in an area that you dont mind damaging the floor like a garage etc. Dye may drip onto the floor and may stain. 

Next distribute your dye into your three containers, this doesnt have to be perfect just make sure you have a similar about in each one. 

Next pour your water into a bucket and then add salt. 

Add one container of dye and stir. 

Now this is the fun bit. 


I would recommend using a coat hanger for the next step. 

Put your T-shirt into the dye about half way up the T-shirt.
I would recommend under the arms of the T-shirt- I used the arms of the T-shirt as a guide. 

Hold the T-shirt in the mixture for a few minutes so the dye can soak into the T-shirt.

Take the T-shirt out of the mixture and add in the 2nd container of dye and stir. 

Hold the shirt in the mixture again but this time only have about 2/3 of the area that you want to be dyed in the mix. so you should have less than half the T-shirt in the mix now. 
Again dangle it in for a couple of minutes.

Do it all again with the third and final container of dye. 
This time you only want a small section of T-shirt in the bucket as this will be the Darkest part. 

soak for about 2 minutes and remove.

Now rinse your T-shirt in the sink making sure you don't let any dye drip onto the white areas of the shirt. I would recommend keeping the shirt on the coat hanger and rinsing it with the tap. This will ensure the dye only runs down and not onto any white areas.

make sure you have rinsed all of the dye out of the shirt, 

now wash and dry the t-shirt as normal- i would recommend washing it separately just incase you haven't rinsed out all of the dye. 

You should now have a DIY Ombre top :) 

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you need anymore help or don't think my steps are clear enough then just let me know :) 

What i bought today #4

Reworked Levi shorts: urban outfitters

Skirt; Primark.