My Christmas Gift Guide for her is finally finished! I have been putting it together for a few weeks! There's loads of products to help you pick out the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life!

First up are these butter London nail lacquers, they come in loads of different colours! The packing is gorgeous and it's a lovely gift for anyone who loves freshly painted nails!

Sticking with nails, the Sensationail Gel Starter Kit is such a great gift idea! It's super easy to use so great for beginners! I love how quick and easy it is to get amazing gel nails.

This little travel set from Missguided is such a cute stocking filler.  I love little bottles of perfume like this to pop in my handbag.  It smells really fruity, fresh and floral. I love the Rose Gold packaging.

The Relax Body & Mind Aromatic collection is such a wonderful gift. It comes in a gorgeous gift box and has some really amazing products inside. Theres a foaming bath product, body butter, candle and remedies to roll. This would be perfect for someone who struggles to switch off and needs abit of me time!

How beautiful is this packaging! I noticed this in my local boots recently. It's the Violet Voss 3 piece collection. Inside is an eyeshadow palette, and highlighting palette and lipgloss! It's exclusive to Boots so head over to their website to check it out! I actually picked it up in the Black Friday sales for £30!!

I love abit of Lush, their Christmas Gift Sets are so good! The Sleepy gift is lovely, inside you get the Body lotion and shower gel! It's just £13.50 so really affordable, this would be a great secret santa gift or gift for a friend! The Snowglobe gift is full of really lovely products, you get a really good mixture of bath products, a soap and a knot wrap! They smell so good!

How gorgeous and soft does this Joules dressing gown look, It's so thick and great quality. It's a deep Navy colour with pretty pink flowers. It's a really good length and has a hood! It's on offer over on right now for £32

I love this Cactus mug by Bloomingville, you can get it from, it's a really nice gift for a friend or a cactus lover! It's only £4.80 as it's in the sale!

This gift set by Temple Spa is so luxurious, filled with gorgeous products.  It's perfect for someone struggling to sleep.  Order now for free standard delivery. It includes loads of products including, 
DO NOT DISTURB pillow, QUIETUDE calming mist for me & my space, DRIFT AWAY bathing & massage oil, DUVET comforting body cream, BECALM soothing face mask and REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream. 

Fragrance, I always buy my mom perfume. This Marc Jacobs scent is soo gorgeous, it's really unusual but I love it! Some of my moms faves are Lancome le vie la belle, YSL black opium and Jean Paul Gaultier.

This Bracelet from Daisy London is lovely you can get it from Browns Family Jewellers, they have loads of different designs to choose from. They also do Necklaces, Earrings and more. They have so many designs and lots of different colours so there's something for everyone.
Stila have lots of gorgeous gift sets, perfect for the lady in your life! If your not sure what to buy why not buy an E-Voucher so they can pick themselves. I love the Liquid Eyeshadows! They are really creamy and easy to wear. The Eyeshadow Duo  is a lovely gift idea. They come in some gorgeous shades and are so versatile and easy to use.

I love these Gin Baubles from! They are such a lovely gift idea. The quality is so good!  The Green packaging is just beautiful. You can get a Whisky option too! Drinks by the Dram also do advent calendars and tasting kits!

This Neal and Wolf gift contains a shampoo and conditioner from the Ritual Collection. The Ritual Collection is my favourite, they smell sooo good! This gift set comes in this really nice little bag!

Shavata have a selection of Christmas gift sets which start at £30 Inside is a selection of Shavata products and gift vouchers against Shavata services. These are the products that's inside the Gold Christmas gift, it includes the Brow Enhancer pencil and a mascara, aswell as £55 worth of vouchers. It's a lovely gift idea as you are gifting some amazing products aswell as the treatments.

Have you seen my recent Christmas gift guide? It features loads of really lovely personalisable gift ideas! Head over and check it out. I hope this post has given you some gift inspo!

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It's Christmassss! So i've put together a gift guide for him! I thought i'd share some gift ideas for the men in your life, whether it be your dad, brother or boyfriend. 

First up is this Plug and Play Retro TV Game from  This is a great gift for the gadget lovers. It's got some really old school games on so perfect for all ages! It's only £5.99 at the moment. 

This TX-40 Gioteck Stereo gaming headset is the perfect gift for the gamer in your life. They are gorgeous with the copper detailing. Great price and look fab! They have really good reviews, clear sound, comfortable to wear and not too big and bulky! These will be perfect for my brother-in-law

This Name a Star gift is a lovely gift. It comes in this really nice tin and is super easy for your loved one to register and name their star. 

You can't really go wrong with smellies, Davidoff Cool Water smells so good and is such a versatile scent. Perfect for any man in your life. It's quite affordable too, you can get it from Fragrance Direct for less that £25 for a 125ml bottle

I mentioned this wallet in my recent personalised gifts, gift guide.  It's from Etsy and was only £16, its leather and you can personalise it inside and out. It's such a lovely gift, I've bought it for my dad from Amelia and my niece.

What do you buy the men in your life?  This year i've bought Clint a Tassimo machine, it was on a really good offer on Black Friday. I'm buying my dad clothes, as he's just had new trainers for his birthday and is all stocked up on fragrances. 

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This year I've found myself leaning towards personalised gifts. I think there's just so many lovely gifts out there now that can be personalised and it just makes that gift really special.

It's our second Christmas with Amelia so i've bought some personalised photo gifts for our families.
First up i've got this gorgeous wooden frame for Clint, it's from Tesco Photo. It's such a lovely quality and the engraving is lovely. You can personalise it to say whatever you like, and you can even pick your font.

These keyrings are also lovely gifts ideas, I've got one for Clints mom and my dad as little extras to go along side their main gifts. Tesco Photo have a few different keyrings that you can choose from, I went for the metallic keyring for Clints mom and the metallic bottle opener for my dad. I'm really happy with the quality of these, they look really good.

Do you know someone who loves a glass of Prosecco? Why not get them their own personalised bottle of Prosecco, it would be such a lovely gift for a newly married couple? You can personalised your own bottle of Prosecco over at  it's actually on offer right now for £19.99 and it comes in a nice gold gift box and is wrapped in tissue so you just need to pop a bow on and your good to go!!

We normally buy Clints Mom and Dad a calendar for their kitchen so this year we've made them an Amelia calendar haha! It's so cute I might order myself one! This is the Slim Grid Photo Calendar  from Tesco Photo,  They have loads of different styles to choose from.

I picked out this cute rose gold glitter frame  it's soo cute and only £6 so a lovely stocking filler! They have a heart version too which is super cute.

Tesco Photo also have personalisable football mugs, they stock loads of teams so your sure to find something for the football fans in your life! I have a friend who's a Newcastle fan and he's going to love this mug that has his name on!

I've ordered this lovely wallet for my dad, it's from Amelia and my niece. He's is desperate need of  a new wallet. This is a leather wallet that i've had personalised with Grandad on the outside and inside it says love Amelia and Ivy-Grace, it's from Etsy. It was only £16 and is such lovely quality. I chose Silver engraving but they do Gold too!

This Name a Star Gift Tin is from it's a lovely gift idea, i'm super excited to give this to a member of my family so she can name a star!

I have also ordered a few personalised dressing gowns for my friends kids and my niece. They are such a cute gift idea. My niece has an unusual name so I love getting her personal gifts.

 Do you like Personalised gifts? Have you ordered any Personalised gifts for your loved ones?

* some of the products in this post have been gifted 


It's basically December so it's okay to talk about Christmas! I'm a super festive person and love the Christmas season, basically as soon as Halloween is over I go into full on Christmas mode!

I thought i'd share a few tips on how to get ready for Christmas and how to get into the festive spirit.

Putting the Christmas tree up is a really lovely way to get into the Christmas Spirit, we put a Christmas film on, have hot chocolates and put the tree up. We usually do it either the last weekend of Nov or first week of December. This photo is of my tree from last year, were putting ours up this weekend. Check out my blog post from last year all about my favourite baubles on my tree.

Listening to Christmas songs is a good way to get into the Christmas Spirit, why not download some Christmassy playlists on Spotify?

I like going into Town and visiting the Christmas markets, check out the Christmas lights, maybe do a spot of Christmas shopping. I love buying gifts for my friends and family and this really gets me in the mood for the festive season. Christmas can be a really expensive time of year and we don't always have spare money for buying presents but you could always get a loan from CashLady and then pay it back in monthly installments.

Wrapping the presents is my favourite thing to do throughout December, I love sitting with a pile of presents, my paper, tags and bows! I go a little over the top but I just love it! I usually pop a Christmas film on or listen to some Christmassy songs.

This year is our second Christmas with Amelia, but it feels like our first proper one. She was only a few weeks old last year so she wasn't aware of anything but this year I feel like shes a little more aware. I was looking at the decorations in Tesco the other day and she got so excited! I'm super excited to pop our tree up. We have been looking at different Grotto's and Santa experiences. We took her to a little Grotto last year and she got to meet Santa which was lovely, it's such a nice experience to take the little ones to see Father Christmas, it's something I loved doing during my childhood.

Going food shopping! This makes me soo excited for Christmas, Pigs in Blankets, Turkey and Stuffing!!! We don't even go food shopping because we have Christmas dinner at my moms but I get so excited when the shops start doing their Christmas foods, and the Christmas aisles! I love it!

What gets you in the Christmas mood? Do you enjoy Christmas and getting festive? How do you spend your Christmas?

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 It's Amelia's first Halloween so I thought i'd do a little blog post about some of the bits we've been up to! I can't believe she's nearly one! This time last year I remember thinking she could come any day now, little did I know she would hang on in there till the 12th Nov!!!

We went to Pumpkins R Us in Kenilworth, we had such a lovely time. We went my sister and her partner and my niece Ivy-Grace and my mom. It was such a great day, the weather was good and it was really nice to see how excited the girls got about all the Pumpkins.

We didn't buy any Pumpkins as we visited a couple of weekends ago but Clint and I picked up some Pumpkins this weekend and spent our Sunday evening calving them whilst watching a horror film!

I haven't even got Amelia a Halloween outfit, I might have to see if I can grab a last minute outfit tomorrow!!

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When it comes to creating your dream house, there will always be that one room that you want to work on. Everyone will have a favourite. Some will always want a dream bedroom, others will want a living space that is perfect to relax in. But then there are those of us that just dream about having a gorgeous kitchen. After all, it is considered to be the heart of a home and it’s the one room that you will often be able to really spend a lot of time in. And, the best part is, when it comes to transforming a space, you will often find that you get to work wonders with the change that you make. Whether your kitchen is just a little outdated or you find that you need to completely renovate it, these are the steps to take to make it happen.


The first step in the process is working out what kind of style you want to go with. Do you have an image of your mind of how you want it to look? Do you want to go modern with stunning toughened glass splashbacks on show? Or maybe you want to go farmhouse chic with lots of wood? If you’re really not sure, it may help you to look through interiors magazines, go on different websites, and just really get a feel for the kind of styles you can choose from.

Colour Palette

From here, you’re then going to want to decide on the colours you will work with. When it comes to getting a stunning space, sticking to a few shades is the best way to make it look incredible. So don’t be tempted to just add in random colours as you go along. Decide upon the perfect colour scheme before you get started so that you can keep everything looking great.


To start thinking about the room itself, consider how you want the fittings to look. Because your kitchen sides are often the most statement of all aspects of the kitchen. Do you know what kind of counters you want? Do you want to invest here or would you rather spend a little more on your cabinets? Or both?

Extra Features

As you’re planning the space, you may want to consider the extra features you can add in. Maybe you want a pantry or to add a utility room to the side? Do you want to have an eating area so that you can enjoy breakfast in this space? Just make sure you’re working in all of the elements you need.

Finishing Touches

But then, you’re also going to want to think about the key finishing touches that will bring the space alive for you. If it will help, go back to the drawing board. Think about the design ideas you can use to really make your kitchen look great. Sometimes this will be nice things decorated on the sides and on the walls. Or maybe it will be spices and herbs and cooking equipment. Play around with different looks until you find a finish that you love.


Everything we do is a part of our character. You may think that booking a flight to go on holiday is just the done-thing which everybody does, but actually, you’re seeing travel and holidays differently. The flight is the journey, and to those that want to just experience a destination, this really doesn’t matter how. It's the speed of travel that gets people booking flights, not necessarily the quality of them. People who go on road trips want to experience destinations too but they’re taking on a totally different attitude and mindset. They’re doing so off their own steam, their own control and really planting their feet on the ground. They want firsthand experiences on the way to destinations. Those that go on cruises enjoy the travel itself more than the actual destination. That again is a totally different way of looking at travelling and going on holiday; for one thing, your hotel is actually moving!

One for the road

Are you someone who wants to go on road trips more than any other way of travel? The reasons why road trips are still so popular despite trains, coaches, planes, boats, ships, and even limos is that you are in full control. Not to mention this kind of travel is very cheap in comparison and you get to go at your own pace. No doubt, you will become closer with the people who you take road trips with so friends might just become like family at the end of one such excursion. You pack light and travel without a care in the world, all that matters is the things you see and do, meet new people and experience different cultures for however long you want to. You can drive around your own country visiting every corner or leap around an entire continent. It's a very down to earth way of travelling.

Luxury and comfort

Titanic the movie gave us a glimpse of what it would be like to go on a cruise. The entire mode of transport is designed for luxury and comfort. You’re literally travelling thousands of miles in the same of a week and you’re eating Michelin quality restaurant food while 50 feet waves crash into the side of your vessel. Looking at the modern way of cruising on Bolsover cruise club holidays, you can see that the ships have changed since the time of the Titanic. Each passenger is given their own space and the quality of care and comfort is taken very seriously. They want you to enjoy the journey, be at one with the ocean and enter into a state of relaxation and calmness.

Fast and hard

If you just want speed, take to the skies. Aircrafts have become larger and larger as well as more powerful. However, they can still travel at around 550 mph which considering modern airliners can hold over 300 passengers is quite amazing. If you don’t mind turbulence and being packed in tightly, this is the fastest way to travel.

The destination of a holiday isn’t always the best thing. It merely gives us a reason to find a way in which we can make the journey a valued part of our experience. Some like the journey more than others, depending on what you want in terms of comfort or control.


If you’re not happy with how you dress and how you approach fashion right now, it could be because you haven’t taken the time to find your own style. That’s not the way it should be, so now is a good time to start looking for ways to find your own style without simply doing what others tell you you should. There are lots of things you can do to get your style right, so read on to find out more.

Get Inspiration

First of all, you should try to get inspired. Of course, it’s entirely up to you how you go about doing this. You can’t find inspiration from all kinds of different places so it really is up to you. Maybe there’s a particular fashion blog that you feel fits your ideal style or maybe a celebrity or two whose style you like. It’s not about imitation; it’s about inspiration.

Know Your Body Shape

It’s important to have a good understanding of your body shape because the shape of your body will determine what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You can look stylish no matter what your body shape is, but it’ll certainly impact which style choices are the right ones for you. So don’t ignore this important point when you’re trying to pin down your personal style.

Be Daring

Sometimes, you need to try things that are completely new or at least consider them. Some people find that nose studs or other piercings really work form them and help them bring their style together. That’s just one idea but there that plenty of ways for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something different with your style. A daring attitude will take you a long way.

Invest in Signature Pieces

Everyone should have a few signature pieces in their wardrobe that they can turn to time and time again when you want to put an outfit together. These signature items can be anything from a handbag that’s both striking and versatile to a pair of sunglasses that you rely on for practicality and style throughout summer, as well as a million other options. So be sure to invest in some of these items.

Be Honest About What You Dislike, Even if it’s Popular With Others

There are some things that we all simply don’t like, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if every fashion outlet and every blogger is telling you how great a certain new trend is, that doesn’t mean that you have to fall in line and start dressing that way too. Be honest with yourself about what you don’t like because this is an important part of finding your own personal style.

Your style should always be unique to you because following other people blindly and not really thinking about what works best for you in terms of fashion never works out very well in the end. Make the most of the advice above to ensure you find your style sooner rather than later.