Glamglow Mud Mask* BUY HERE AT SPACE.NK

I've seen this product so many times and love the packaging but at a whopping £50 for a 50ml tub its one of those products I would have to dream about owning but I was lucky enough to get sent a little sample so heres what I thought. 
It's actually really weird because it actually feels expensive - I could feel it tingling on my skin and it starts to get hard and tight straight away. It left my face feeling really soft and clean but the sample is abit small to have any long term noticeable difference to my skin. 
I think this is a very good product but for £50 its not for me - I would much rather find a more affordable mud mask; but for anyone who would spend £50 on a mud mask I would defiantly reccomend this because its such a lovely luxury product which I wish I could own but I would rather buy a new handbag or dress than a very expensive mud mask. 

have you used Glamglow what do you think - is it overpriced or is it just me? 

instagram 2012

heres a few pictures of my 2012 :)


Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope you are all well and have enjoyed your christmas day.
I've spent my day with my family and its been lovely. I got some amazing presents and I'm really grateful. Me and Dan celebrated Christmas over the weekend so I'll show you what he got me too. If you follow me on instagram you'll already know!
I want to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year.
Thank you for following PYT

 These are my presents off daniel; No 7 Set, Sanctuary set; twinings teapot; tea caddie; olay cream; mac foundation & blush and cath kidston diary.

 Heres my presents off my family, I got the Ipad mini and Vera wang perfume off my parents, the lush products and bath bombs off my sister; The Miss patisserie bath bomb off daniels little brother and pj's off my aunt.

merry christmas and happy new year from PYT 

Bathing Belles

I was introduced to this shop by a friend at university. I was telling her about my blog and how I sometimes get sent products to review and she mentioned her mom owns a shop in Barrow in Cumbria and got me some products to play with. They sell loads of bath products like bath bombs, soaps, hair products and face masks. The website is affordable and if you live near the store you should defiantly pop in and get some of these lovely products. Its a family business and why spend your money in big companies like Lush when you have these little shops selling just as good products.
I've been using these heart bath bombs and love them. I really love bath bombs I think they just add some fun to the bath. They may look small but they turned my bath water pink and I could smell the fragrance in my bath. I've also been using the soaps, They are lovely and I would really recommend this soap sample bag its £2 and allows you to try out the different soaps, and I love to try out the soaps to see what ones I like better this is a good idea if you intend on buying some of the soaps but don't know what ones to try. I think they are good as presents or just a treat for yourself. I love how the Bathing Belles products are less in your face than the Lush products, I think some Lush products are too overpowering, whereas these are more subtle. I just love the products I was sent and I really love the look of the face masks and really want to give these ago :)

Please visit the Bathing Belles Website and look at their other products. I really hope you chose to buy your soaps and bath products from Bathing Belles and give them ago other the big bath companies.

Soap and Glory Best Of All Set

(You also get a 4 in 1 cleanser but this was in my bathroom and I forgot about it ) 

This set retails at £60 but as you all know its this weeks star gift at Boots for £27, The set is worth over £70 because you get vouchers and stuff in it. I think this is such a good price and I know my local boots has LOADS left so get down to your Boots before the deals over. You get some lovely products in this set including the shower gel and the the 4 in 1 cleanser. The mascara alone is worth £10 so £27 for this whole set is an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! I've used this mascara before and its lovely and I would recommend it to anyone who wants thick and full lashes. The body scrub smells gorgeous- I haven't used it and will be reviewing all the products once i've used them all properly. The lipgloss is so weird it makes your lips really tingly and its so strange lol I had to wipe it off . I've never really used any of the soap and glory skin products before so I'm really looking forward to trying all these products out and I think its just such a great value for money. 

Buy this now at your local boots store as its sold out online. 

Monday Update

our christmas tree is up!
my plan for today was to get some outfit posts done and sort out all my blog posts for this week but instead I took up the offer to work at Pizza Hut, I'm glad I did because I need the money and also made £36 in tips.

I've done all my christmas shopping so I just need the shifts at work so i'm not poor.

This is just a little update post but look out for some reviews coming up this week.

I'm going for lunch with my friend tomorrow and my manager from work whos leaving on wednesday and working the weekend :( i'll be working over christmas too buy i'll be scheduling posts.

My Christmas List

Liz Earle No 15 Fragrance ; Naked Basics Palette; Ipad mini; Mac snob; benefit make up remover. 

The Clothes Show Live Suzuki Fashion Theatre

Review; Sleek Rose Gold Blush

I've been using this blush for a few days now and I really like it. I usually use very pink blushes because I have rather pale/pink skin and I think that the pink looks cute and works well on my skin. I've read on blog's and Gemma mentioned that this blush is a good dupe for Nars Orgasm. I've never tried a Nars blush but I have read some really good things about them but I think they are very overpriced. For £4.49 I would buy this Sleek blush over a Nars one anyday. I do love to buy high end brands but just before christmas the last thing I need is an overpriced blush. I couldn't believe how pigmented this blush is. It's gorgeous. It's actually alot pinker on the skin than it looks. The gold is really nice and it shimmers in different lights. To apply i've been using my angled elf brush and its a good brush to use because it applies a thin layer of powder thus enabling you to apply however much you want, I like my blush quite thick because I put my translucent powder on top. I honestly cannot believe that before now I haven't tried any sleek products. I can defiantly see me buying some more products in the future so look out for some reviews. 

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Review : Sleek Brow Kit
Sleek Brow Kit : Light 817 £8.50 

This is the first thing from Sleek that I've ever tried - It's also the first brow kit I've tried! I picked this up from the clothes show. I like to get my eyebrows threaded and I keep on top of them with the tweezers but i've never been one for using eyebrow pencils or other products. I really wanted to try the HD brows palette but have never got round to buying it. Anyway at the clothes show on friday Gemma told me about this and I bought it because I really wanted to try a brow kit. First of all the packaging !!! I love matte black make up packaging! Read any of my MAC reviews I always mention black matte packaging :) so this was a yay for me. I really love how you get the brushes and the mini tweezers making this an essential in your make up bag. I got my eyebrows done at the Clothes Show - They use the powder and the stencils and I really can't believe how much better they look because I do have really light eyebrows. My eyebrow lady is always trying to make me get them tinted but now I have this kit I really don't think its nessecary. I'll take some pictures of my brows before and after :) 
It lasts all day which is really good because you don't want your eyebrows wearing away. Overall I'm so happy I bought this and Thank you Gemma because your gorgeous brows made me want to do something with mine :) 

If you have a Brow kit and don't know what to do or you might buy this one but think it looks difficult this kit gives you a couple of easy tips and steps. 

1. Use the pigmented wax to define and shape the brow using the angled brush - this just keeps the hairs in place and makes the powder stick easier 
2. Use the blending brush to set the brow with powder
3. Use the tweezers to do any tidying up.

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