H&M 'Nudes' Eyeshadows - £3.99 - H&M

I picked this lovely eyeshadow palette a while ago now from h&m, I was after a decent, small palette that I could easily fit into my everyday make up bag. As I stay at Clints house and my house I find I have to carry my make up bag back and forth, I have two Urban Decay Naked Palettes so I have one at each house however sometimes I do my make up at work so I just wanted something that I would be able to use on a daily basis.

I think the h&m range has improved alot recently, I have my eye on a few blushers that are beautiful. The packaging is so simple but effective. The packaging is of a good standard and looks visibly pleasing.

The eyeshadows are a good quality, they are good pigmented shades that you can use everyday to create a wide variety of looks. I like how theres a light white/beige shade that you can use to highlight and then a darker shade which is perfect for creating a smokey eye. I love the middle colour, its a very similar colour to 'trick' which is a shade from the Naked 3 Palette. The actual formula is nice abit powdery/chalky however it's easy to apply and for the money I think its a really good value product. I will be picking up a few bits when I get back from my holiday from the H&M cosmetics range.



As i've been packing for my holiday this week I thought i'd share some of my holiday travel size essentials. I tend to overpack when I go on holiday so these little travel sizes are great! I get to overpack however I'm not using to much of my luggage allowance.

It's essential that you bring along your favourite bits and pieces on holiday. I love this Happy Buddha shower gel by Rituals and it comes in this cute travel size making it great. Baby lips come in a really handy size, i've packed about 3 or 4 of these as they will be nice to pop on throughout the day. I have to bring a mini Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish along as it's my favourite cleanser.

I'm also bringing along these little Mark Hill holiday hair shampoo and conditioner's to test out whilst i'm away.

I love travel sizes and I think they are a great idea, I hate bringing nearly empty tubes of product home so this way I should use up most of the product and won't be coming home with any drips and draps. The small sizes are also giving me a chance to try out a fair few products over the fortnight.


As you may know i'm off on my holiday this weekend, i've already been away to Wales last month and I have had my eye on a few more trips towards the end of the year. Clint and myself have been together a year in August so are planning a trip away for our anniversary, I really want to go somewhere romantic like Paris or Edinburgh.  I haven't been to Edinburgh before and i'd love to try somewhere new!

The Scottish capital has plenty of tourist-pleasing sights and tartan-buying opportunities on offer, but these days it’s also home to a thriving bar and restaurant scene. So if you feel like spoiling yourself on a weekend away, Edinburgh is the perfect place for you and someone special to eat, drink and be merry in style. A Travelodge hotel in Edinburgh is the perfect place to stay in cost conscious comfort, so that you can use the money you save on accommodation to treat yourself to a slap up dinner.

What could be more decadent than indulging in a leisurely breakfast or brunch as the world rushes past you? Edinburgh’s thriving café culture means that when it comes to places to feast on waffles, granola or bacon and eggs, you’re spoiled for choice. Urban Angel in Hanover Street (in between the two main shopping areas of George Street and Princes Street) is a real locals’ favourite and when you taste their eggs benedict and French toast, you’ll know why. Alternatively, check out Falko Konditormeister for an authentic taste of gourmet German baking on Edinburgh’s Southside.

Whether you’re after a Michelin-starred experience in a chic restaurant or a nice deli to grab some picnic bits from, Edinburgh’s got all that and everything in between covered. Try stylish, modern Italian Centotre on Edinburgh’s George Street for scrumptious food in the grand setting of a former bank, or take a detour down picturesque Victoria Street for a fantastic array of lovely restaurants, many of which do great lunch deals. If you’re too busy sightseeing to stop, drop in at Oink which does one thing – hog roasts – mouthwateringly well.

If sipping cocktails in a stylish setting is your thing, then Edinburgh won’t disappoint. Upmarket shopping street George Street also has the best bars and if you’re visiting in August, they all spill outside onto the temporarily pedestrianised road to create one long, buzzing party street. Or try Bramble on Queen Street for fantastic alcoholic concoctions in romantic dimly lit surroundings. Fans of traditional pubs will find gems on every corner but head to Rose Street or the Grassmarket for the best choice.

If you want dinner to be a grand affair then Edinburgh has its fair share of fine dining experiences, like celebrity chef Tom Kitchin’s critically acclaimed restaurant Castle Terrace. For old-fashioned romance, it’s hard to beat the candlelit ambience of Café St Honoré, a hidden gem down a cobbled lane in the city centre. Big groups who want to be able to let their hair down in style should head to the Indigo Yard in the West End where you can eat first and party at the bar afterwards.

Whether you take the approach of booking months in advance to secure the hottest table in town or just wander out of the hotel in the evening until you come across something that takes your fancy, your taste buds are in for a treat in Edinburgh. 

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Dress : Zara* // Sandals : Primark // Necklace: River Island // Sunglasses: Primark 

I wore this dress on Tuesday when I went to get my hair done, I went to the Francesco Group Academy in Birmingham. I took these photos before I got my hair done, i'll put some pictures of my new hair up soon. I love this dress is a lovely colour and style. I'm going to bring it on holiday and think i'll be wearing it to work aswell. It's such a comfy dress, it has an open back aswell which is lovely.

I'll be working alot now for the rest of the week but I hope to get together some blog posts for whilst i'm away on holiday, i'm also on the lookout for bloggers who would like to guest post on my blog.


Lancome Hypnose doll eyes waterproof // Rimmel Exaggerate eyes liner // Rimmel Exaggerate eyes liquid eyeliner // Collection Eyebrow kit // Urban Decay Potion Primer // Bourjois CC cream // Rimmel BB cream // Maybelline BB cream // Rimmel Stay Matte // Collection Bronze Glow // Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy // Urban Decay Naked Palette.

So heres another Holiday series post, i'm off to tenerife next week so I have been picking up a few bits and pieces to take away with me. I have picked up a few drug store products recently. Even though they are for my holiday I have given them a go I can share my intial thoughts with you.

The Boujois CC cream is a lovely product, it's designed to cover and correct areas like dark circles and blemishes. I think this works really well but I couldn't wear it on its own as a foundation, I don't think it blends very well and it tends to come off when your applying it with a brush. I've been using this more as a concealer, I have been using it to correct my dark circles and blemishes and then using my every day foundation or bb cream over the top.

I used the maybelline bb cream last year and I have picked it up again, its designed for oily/combination skin. It gives great coverage and its very easy to apply and its long lasting. It gives a nice natural finish.

I also picked up this Rimmel bb cream, again it gives great coverage and leaves the skin looking very natural, it's easy to apply and works well on top of the bourjois cc cream.

I always use Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I've used other powders and they just don't seem to compare. I do tend to get abit shiny towards the end of the day however I have the most oily skin and no matter what I do I still end up shiny, I use blotting paper which does the job.

Illamasqua is such a fabulous brand, i like to use bright blushers especially in the summer so I will be bringing my powder blush along with me. Its got great staying power so i know it will last all day and night.

The collection brow kit is a new addition to my make up bag, theres 3 different shades of powder a brush and a clear mascara. You apply the powder to the brow and then lock it in using the mascara. I'm really happy with this cute little kit, I think my brows look great and its a bargain it was like £4.

What products do you bring on holiday?


Piz Buin Ultra Light spf 15 // Nivea Protect and Bronze spf 20

So as some of you may know i'm off on holiday on Sunday so I will be featuring a little holiday series on my blog to share some products with you guys.

This post is about the suncare I will be bringing. I haven't included any foundations or day creams as I may feature them in a seperate post.

First of all I have been sent a few things from Hawaiian Tropic including their suncream, aftersun and dry spray oil. I have used their products before and they are a brand I tend to pick up when buying suncream. Hawaiian Tropic is a well know suncare brand and are known for their affordable range. I've had a little play with the Silk Hydration suncream and aftersun as I haven't used these before, they smell amazing and leave the skin feeling hydrated and full of moisture. I would normally pick up a spf 15/20 as I tend to reapply generously. The face is spf 30 because the face is abit more sensitive.

I picked up Piz Buin Ultra Light sunspray in spf 15, this is a suncream that I use year after year. It smells great and really works. It dries into the skin really fast. I think its very hydrating and keeps moisture in the skin. I always pick this up for my holidays.

I also thought i'd give the Nivea bronze and protect a go this year. It doesn't contain any fake tan, it contains a tan accelerator which will enhance your tan. I wanted to give this ago last year but I forgot to pick it up. Its very afforable so i'm looking forward to giving this ago. I know i've used Nivea before and think its a very good suncare brand.

Are you going on holiday, have you picked up your suncare for the summer?


I'm not going to sit here and pretend I have the best blog in the world and talk like i'm an expert. I'm not! however I have been blogging for a while and have a few tips and tricks I would like to share with you.

Starting a blog 
1. Using a host like blogger or wordpress is the easy way to start a blog, you can use templates when making posts and a layout.

2. Keep it simple - try and keep your layout simple. You want it to be easy to read. Keep your content simple aswell - you want your blog to be recognisable for its content and not too confusing.

3. Use social media to advertise your blog posts, it's a great way to get your blog out there.

Keeping up with your blog

1. Start a series or feature on your blog for example on a sunday do a weekly update, this way your viewers know they can expect a post from you on this day etc.

2. Use twitter and facebook to update your followers if your away from your blog, on holiday for example.

3.Get your own style, writing, photography and layout. Originality is something readers and brands for for.

Who to know ?

Theres loads of people who can impact the quality of your blog. If you have any questions or queries about blogging the first person you ask is another blogger. Via twitter or facebook using a blogger hashtag is a easy way to get your queries answered.

SEO - Companies like Total Media and other Media buying agencies in London  work with big brands and companies and work with bloggers on campaigns that can be very worthwhile for bloggers. They have an extensive knowledge in media and can develop relationships.

Theres loads of people in blogging who know about google ad words and how to get your google page rank up etc.. I'm not very good at these things, but this is stuff you can research and google yourself.

Why you should blog? 

1. You should blog because you want to!

2. If you just blog to get freebies people will notice! You need to be genuine and blog because you want to work with brands and grow as a person. If companies do want to work with you just remember that you should work with brands because its relevant to your blog and readers.

3. Don't blog because you feel you have to! If your struggling to blog or fall out of love just have a break, most of your readers will understand.

What are the Rules ?

1. There are rules when blogging.
- Don't steal content - always ask permission before using someone elses words and photos !
- If you are sent a product or given money for a post you must disclose this information
- Be careful, try not to be too opinionated or judge others etc because as a blogger you are representing yourself. Employers will look at your blog if you mension it.

Theres loads and loads of things to be aware of when blogging I didn't really know anything before I started and I just learnt things as I went along. I started my blog and it was more of a personal diary and then it grew and I started doing outfit posts and reviews. I now get sent alot of products to feature and I have worked with huge brands. Just be unique and remember its very competitive and some people have had their blogs for years, it's not going to be huge over night, don't expect to be blogger of the year however just be yourself and blog because you want to!

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 Dress- River Island // Necklace- Primark // Bag- F&F at Tesco // Sandals- Primark

Went into Birmingham today, I had to take a pair of shorts back to Primark and get a skin test. I'm getting my hair done next week yay! I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some outfit photos. The weather has been great today, which is crazy since it's my day off. We then went over to Clints brothers to see his baby nephew (he's so cute)

I love this dress from River Island it's just so easy to wear. I've been wearing this cute red belt with loads of outfits recently.


'ask him his salary - collage by Amy Gamble'

There's been some massive changes to my life recently. Suddenly everythings becoming so real! About 4 years ago now was when I found out I would be going to Coventry University. I had applied to University to study Fine Art. I really wanted to go to Birmingham City University however come results day that didn't go as planned and I ended up getting in to Coventry. I was still happy because I was going to uni! 

Now my three years is over... I've just finished my course and I got my grade yesterday. I have a 2:1 degree in Fine Art. I'm now a Bachelor of Arts with Honours! 

Going to university was something I always knew I wanted to do, getting into Coventry wasn't straight forward, but I didn't let it stop me. I've now finished with the grade I needed and I'm so happy but the last year or so I have been feeling really down about uni and have been struggling with my work. Honestly I think I started to fall out of love with making art however I was so close to the end that I didn't let myself give up. 

So I managed to get everything finished, hung up and exhibited. I was so so glad it was all over but then I had to await my results. I didn't do very well in my last module which was expected but I managed to get my 2:1 overall which is amazing! I want to be a teacher and to get on the teacher training course you need a minimum 2:1.

My decision to go to university has changed my life in so many ways. I've learnt so much about the real world and deadlines. I have a title after my name now which will hopefully open up many doors for me. I want to make something of myself and now i'm a graduate I will hopefully be able to get a decent job and start my living my life.

Find out more about giffgaff's we're all the boss campaign here where you can share your stories about how you made an important decision in your life.


Before I go on holiday I get my ipod out and put some new music on there. I sometimes get abit bored with whatever i'm listening to and want to update it abit. I love listening to old music aswell as the latest releases. On holiday I tend to listen to my music alot! I read my kindle aswell.

I've been listening to alot of Rihanna and JLO recently but I really do listen to everything. I went to see New Kids on The Block a couple of weeks ago with Clint, i've never really listened to their music until recently and I actually really like some of their songs, so I may be popping a few tracks onto my ipod. I also have a few old guilty pleasures, I love Britney Spears and her old hits so I have her greatest hits on my ipod. I also love abit of Kylie I know she's playing The O2 in September/October which I think would be amazing to attend!!

I love Calvin Harris - He was amazingggg at VFestival. Ellie Golding and Nicki Minaj these are some of my favourite artists who are already on my ipod and I don't ever get bored of their music.

I love going to see bands and artists live, i've been to so many different gigs and I went to V Festival a few years ago. It was the year when Rihanna and Eminem headlined so that was amazing!! I also saw Katy Perry a few years ago on her Teenage Dream Tour and it was actually briliant! I had so much fun and I really want to see her perform again.

Who do you like to see live and what are your favourite artists and bands ?

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 ecoTOOLS collector's brush roll with multi-tasking face brush - £11.99* - Boots 

I'm a huge fan of ecoTOOLS make up brushes and have quite a few in my collection. Heres a couple of reviews Six Piece Starter Set and Bamboo Buffing and Concealer Brush.

I think they are such an amazing value for money. I tend to buy real techniques or ecoTOOLS.

The actual brush roll is really nice, its lightweight and rolls up really easily, I havent used a brush roll before but its so nice to have all of my brushes in one place. These are the ones I use the most.
The roll has words which you can use to pop particular brushes away so they are easy to find. This is a great idea if you use say a buffing brush for foundation and then another brush for blusher but you use the same brush this way you wont accidently pick up the wrong one.

I've been popping this in my bag when I stop at clints and it's not bulky at all, its a great way to store my favourites.

The brush that comes with the roll is a multi-tasking face brush which you could use to build up coverage or just for a light base. Its such a lovely brush. The bristles are so soft and nice on the skin.

The brushes vary in price but are about £8 so here your getting the brush and brush roll for only £12 which is a bargain. It's such a great value for money. I'd say its great for people starting out as mua's who don't really want to spend alot on a brush roll or if your doing someones make up for a wedding or an occasion, its a great way to store all your brushes and they are easy to get to.

You can buy ecoTOOLS brushes in store at Boots and Superdrug.

A little update: my next step

Over on apart from a few quiet spells the I have continued to post regularly, I have fell in love with blogging again and i'm really enjoying it. Now I have finished university I feel like I actually have time to blog again. 

I've just finished my degree in Fine Art at Coventry University, I have mentioned my course in posts before and I've shared my work on my blog and via instagram so some of you may be aware of my work. I have been very stressed and my course did become full on towards the end, I have a part time job aswell and managed to juggle univeristy and my job.

I've recently got a new job, this again made things harder aswell as finishing university I had to attend my interview, fill out forms etc. It's all very new to me as I was at my previous job for about 4 years. Now university is over i'm loving my new job and i'm much happier than I was before. I am still working at my previous job aswell because i'm going on holiday soon and could do with the money and hours. I'd recommend a change if your feeling stuck in a rut or just fancy a change with your career. Theres so many ways to apply for jobs now, using a UK job search website like City Calling is a great way to find new opportunities on the move. You can even use City Calling if your an employer to find matches, so you can find that perfect candidate.

I wanted to get on the PGCE teacher training course this year however so far I haven't been accepted. I now intend to continue working part time throughout the summer and then come september I want to get some classroom experience in schools and maybe volunteer at youth groups. 

I just wanted to let you know what is going on with me in real life so you know whats happening behind my blog.

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I'm a very big fan of Neal and Wolf. I have a few of their products, I also have one of their candles which smells devine. I love the smell of Neal and Wolf products, its a very unique smell that lingers.

I always use heat protection when i'm doing my hair, I use this when I blow dry my hair and as I straighten my hair.

This smells amazing ! It has a lovely scent which i'm in love with and a really lovely thing about the scent is it lingers. I can always smell it throughout the day which I think is a rare quality in a heat protection smell.

This heat protection spray works for heats up to 220°c and can be used on wet or dry hair. The spray leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. It also locks in moisture in the hair. With only the best ingredients this is a great formula. 

I will be repurchasing this spray, it protects my hair from heat and stops any flyaway hair and frizzyness  it also leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling amazing ! 


I'm always seeing bloggers feature nakd bars on their instagrams and blogs, I've tried a few flavours myself and i'm really looking forward to trying out some more flavours. I think these are a fab treat for vegans and vegetarians. Each bar is made completly from wholefoods and they also count as one of your five a day. Theres so much choice on the Natural Balance Foods website, theres lots of different flavours and products from nakd. I found it hard to find a wide range of flavours in my local supermarket so i'm very tempted to try one of the mixed boxes where you get a variety of flavours.
I just wanted to share the Natural Balance Foods website with you, you can get lots of different products from nakd and I know some people are finding it difficult to track down nakd bars and really want to give them ago! The website also has some great offers on and also the twitter page here  for some giveaways.

On the website you will also find recipes and healthy breakfast ideas

  *Disclosure: I haven't been paid money for this post however nakd are reinbursing me by sending me some free products. I hope to review these on my blog. 


some photos from the Birmingham City vs Wigan game we went to. 

With the World Cup just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to tell you about 888 Sports latest challenge. All you have to do is send in a video of yourself completing 14 keepy-ups in 20 seconds. You could win £3000 sponsorship for your local team, or donate to a friends team.

I'm actually a big football fan and I will be watching the World Cup :) I'm very excited as I'm going on holiday for the last part of the tournament and will get to watch the games abroad. We will actually be on the plane when the final match is on so when we get back into the UK we will get to find out who won the World Cup!

This is a great challenge for those of you who have kids in a local team or your partner is part of a team and also on a nice sunny day like today it's an excuse to get in the garden and have a laugh. You have to be 18 to enter the competition however that shouldn't stop everyone having a go.

Below is some good tips on how to do keepy-ups so have a quick read through that way you will be better than everyone else haha!

Click here to watch other peoples videos and enter yourself

You can see the full size infographic here

*In collaboration with 888sport