REVIEW; thats well lush!

 ocean salt facial scrub 120g: £6.75. 250g: £12.50.

iv'e seen this product so much in the blog world and i just had to try it. when i was talking to the guy in lush i asked about this product as iv'e heard its very harsh on the skin. he told me to use a cleanser like ultra blend; which he gave me a sample of and then to put water on my face but also mix water into the product and he was right it wasn't harsh at all. it really scrubs your skin but leaves it feeling really soft.
i love the smell of this product, the smell of lime is so distinctive and so fresh, the scrub is really nice and i love how it smells and leaves my skin feeling fresh. the scrub removes dead skin and softens and leaves skin moisturised :) i would only use this product occasionally as it would become quite harsh on your skin. you can use the scrub on your body too so its really well worth the money and its such a lovely product. 

 turkish delight shower smoothie 200g £15.50 

turkish delight is a cocoa butter mixed with rose petals and almond oil. it smells amazing and is really nice and soft on your skin. as you can see above its a thick formula that you rub on the skin, once you have applied your shower or bath and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling lovely. its full of moisture and leaves your skin feeling great, i wouldnt usually try a product like this but i really do love it and have started using it every time i shower :)

light yellow colour supplement 20g £7.95

ive seen the colour supplements a few times but i wear mineral foundation so ive never really been that interested in trying it out. i was reading the lush times and it gives you loads of different ways to use this product which is really good. 
if you wanna use it as a tinted moisturiser you mix it in with your moisturiser,
if you wanna use it as a foundation you moisturise your skin and then whilst the skins wet apply. 
but i found this works best as a concealer on my skin; you just apply to the problem area and blend well. 
its a really nice product, it has hardly any smell. the pot is quite small but ive tried all three methods above and the pot looks untouched. i think because you use it with your moisturiser, it really moistures your skin and the product just feels really nice. its got great coverage and im really happy with it. 
the shade i bought is for a lovely light yellow which is for an ivory complexion. the lush magazine has more info and your lush store will be able to match you up. 

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