what i bought today #3

lush space girl bath bomb; lush ickle baby bot bath bomb; lush ultrabland cleanser sample; lush ocean salt facial scrub; bourjois magic nail polish remover; essie nail polishes. 

ive wanted to try the bourjois nail polish remover for ages but everywhere has been sold out, but i managed to find a bottle in boots and it was the last one, im really excited to try it out.
i went into lush with no intention of buying anything but then i saw the ocean salt facial scrub and i really wanted to try it after watching a video post about it. the bath bombs were just cute ones that i wanted to try. and the essie polishes are really nice polishes. ive wanted to pick some up for a while but i think they are a little pricey at £7.99 each because i have so many polishes that sometimes theres ones that dont get used but! i found these at a bargain price!! they are full size but my tkmaxx were selling them at £9.99 for 3!! they do them in sets so you cant pick the colours but these three colours are lovely and ill defo use them. im gonna try these out and then i may pick a few up in superdrug, where they are on 3 for 2 atm.

if you wanna know anything about the prices or anything else just ask, ill be reviewing all the products when i use them :)


LoveFayexoxo said...

I have yet to buy any Essie polishes because I can't find them anywhere in my local Boots :( Great shades! and Lush is...heavennn!!



Becky said...

I purchased the Essie polishes online on first release and am loving the new brush that comes with them, my local Boots has them now which is dangerous as I picked up another couple. I did see in my local TK Maxx too that they had them although I am not keen on the older style slimmer brush unfortunately otherwise they are a real bargain!


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