As i've gotten older my natural hair colour is now more of a dark blonde, so I dye it because I prefer being a lighter blonde. My hair tends to look soo good when I get it coloured because at the salon they always use a toner in my hair to get rid of those yellow brassy tones. I kept seeing blondes rave on about Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes so I was so excited to try it out!

I've been using a combination of the Bleach Blondes shampoo and conditioner and the Everyday Blondes shampoo. The Bleach Blondes Shampoo is a really dark purple colour, the purple neutralises the yellow tones in blonde hair which gets rid of those brassy tones.

I've found when using the Bleach Blondes shampoo 1- 2 times a week and using the Everyday blondes shampoo for the rest of the week my hair is more ashy and less yellow. My hair still feels really clean and soft when I use the shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is a thick creamy texture and leaves the hair feeling soft and tangle free.

I have to say i'm so impressed with the difference to my hair colour since I started using the Bleach Blondes. I think it leaves my hair really nice and clean aswell as managing those brassy tones. It also leaves my hair manageable and easy to style. Right now Lee Stafford products are on 3 for £15 at Boots!

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This cute little travel size palette is available now at Direct Cosmetics, inside there are 4 eye shadows, 2 lip colours and 1 blusher. It's such a handy palette because everything you need is inside.

The eyeshadow's enable you to create so many different looks, and you could easily create the perfect smokey eye using these shades. 

The pinks and purples in this palette make it a very spring/ summer palette so it's perfect and as I mentioned it would be perfect if your going on holiday or traveling.

The pigments of the shadows are really good, they are all quite shimmery. I have swatched the eyeshadows below however this is without a primer, with a primer you get a much better colour payoff.

The lip colours are so versatile and can create different looks. The lighter shade is perfect for everyday and if you use the pinks and purples you can get a light, natural look. The darker pink is less natural but still perfect for both day and night, its a very versatile shade.

The blusher is perfect and would work on all skin types / colourings. I would personally wear a more pink shade but this is a nice light natural pink which just adds a slight bit of colour to my cheeks.

Overall this is a great little palette perfect if your travelling or packing light. I love the packaging, the pink leather is gorgeous and the palette resembles a phone case which is a cute touch.

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I recently got back from America, it's gone so fast! Whilst I was there I did some serious shopping most of which was in Sephora, we don't have a Sephora here in the UK so there was some must have products that I wanted to pick up one of which was Anastasia dipbrow pomade. I now know you can also get on Cult Beauty and they deliver to the UK which is great. Sephora do ship to the UK but I think theres a minimum spend.

Dipbrow Pomade is one of those blogger must haves that everyone seems to rave about but then you read some mehh reviews about. I had heard mixed reviews so I wasn't sure about buying it however I went rather CRAZY whilst in the US and just bought everything on my list haha. 

Dipbrow Pomade is a brow product, It's kind of like a wax. You apply it to your brows for that filled in effect. I use the Ecotools brush to apply it, the brush is from one of the Starter sets, I'm pretty sure its an angled liner brush however its perfect for brow products. You literally need a tidy bit of product, a little goes a long way! I tend to start mid brow because you don't want loads of product at the start of your brow, I then pull the product along the brow to create my arch and then fill in the start of the brow so its not really filled in as much.

It's seriously so so easy to use! I have been using Anastasia Brow Wiz aswell, so I start with Brow Wiz to draw the lines I want to stay within, this creates that neat line under the brow and then use dipbrow to fill. 

I have to say I love both products and I will repurchase! I know there's similar products that are easier to get hold of but now i've found Cult Beauty stock them I know I will be buying both products again. 



With the sun out and summer approaching i'm seeing more and more festival style fashions on the high street. I'm loving this dress, the a-line style is so flattering and it would look gorgeous with these tan sandals from Next. A girl at work has these sandals and they are gorgeous, such a versatile pair of sandals which would work with so many outfits this summer. I've recently bought myself a black tassel bag but I think this tan one from New Look is perfect for those festival outfits! A pair of sunglasses are a festival must have! These Wayfarers by Oliver Peoples are such a perfect pick, they are such a classic style that you will  be able to wear year after year! I love my pandora rings and i've been looking out for a new one to add to my collection, This princess tiara style one is so cute! I think the stackable one would be perfect with the rings I already own. I'm a huge Olivia Burton fan and I spotted this Silver watch over on their instagram. I already have 3 Olivia Burton watches but this one is so perfect, I might have to be naughty and treat myself!


Flamingo Gifts is such a fab website with gifts for everyone, they stock some really amazing brands such as Flamingo Candles, Happy Jackson and Ted Baker. With so much choice there really is something for everyone! 

First up is this Flamingo Candle in Parma Violet, it smells amazing!! I actually bought myself some Flamingo Candles wax melts last year at the clothes show! The scent are so strong and last for ages! The jars are supposed to burn for up to 50 hours which is amazing and at only £12 such a great value for money. The jars are so quirky and lovely to look at and they come in every scent you could think of, there's so many to choose from!

This penguin mug is so cute, there's a couple of different designs by Tyrrell Katz  which are really fun.  I absolutely love penguins so this is perfect for me. The mug is a little bit smaller than I expected, I like a BIG mug of tea! It feels nice to hold and has a nice finish to it! They do an elephant one and a dinosaur one which are so lovely. 

I love Ted Baker so when I spotted these travel bags I thought they may come in handy! You get three different size bags, the zip pouch that you see in the first image and then two bigger drawstring pouches. They have little messages on the bags and a gorgeous Ted Baker pattern. I think i'd use the zip pouch as a travel make up bag as it's such a decent travel size. The the laundry bags are perfect to pack dirty laundry whilst your away or just to keep things seperate.

I'm so happy with the bits I picked out from Flamingo Gifts, check them out here to find out what brands they stock!

*This post contains PR samples, I have not been paid for this review, the opinions above are honest and truthful. 


All Images from Pinterest 

I'm trying to do a few more personal, lifestyle posts on the blog. I feel my blog is kind of lacking the originality that it once had. Recently Clint and I have been looking at moving out and getting a place together. I think we are just looking at renting for now so we can start our own lives together. The thing with renting is you are quite limited to the changes you can make so finding somewhere thats clean and modern enough is proving difficult. I have been spending alot of time on Pinterest looking at white beautiful bathrooms and vintage style kitchens planning what our home will look like. 
For my dream bathroom so money is no object i'd love a simple white suite, so that if I redecorate I could keep the same suite, i'd love a bath and a separate shower. There's some really gorgeous showers nowadays, they are sleek and fashionable. UK Bathrooms have some really lovely suites and furniture to create that dream bathroom. I would need quite alot of storage space as I think we would be looking at a small house or a flat for our first home as it's just the two of us but I want the bathroom to be tidy and not cluttered so drawers and units would give us that extra storage that we need. Now for my dream bathroom i'd want a jacuzzi bath and a massaging shower, there's an interesting article here on Showhome about how the demand in recreating a home spa experience has increased. For our first bathroom its going to be all about how we accessorize, i've spotted a gorgeous chevron shower curtain in Asda and will probably stick to white and silver accessories so if we move house we can bring them with us. I want it to look clean and not cluttered so I'm not going to go overboard with accessories just the essentials. 



Yesterday Clint and I had a day off work together which was lovely, I had a driving lesson in the morning but we decided to drive down to Weston to go to the beach. We realised that Brean wasn't much further so carried on to Brean. The beach in Brean was really quiet and quite windy so we had a little walk up and decided to drive round to weston. We had some food in a little pub and then headed for the Great Pier. The Pier was burnt down a few years ago but they have rebuilt it now. We went and got an ice cream and found a nice spot on the beach. We spent a lovely afternoon off together on the beach which was lovely! I had such an amazing day, were planning a weekend away in May for Clint's birthday, were going to Dublin, i'm so excited to get it all booked. 


Dress:  New Look* // jacket: Topshop // Necklace: Charmed Ivy // Trainers : Converse // Bag: Deb & Dave (from Florida) 

Wow, today has been such a lovely day. I have been working quite alot recently so it's so nice to get a Monday off! The weather has been gorgeous all day so me and Clint got up and ready and went to take these outfit photos. A guy actually stopped and was chatting to me about being more confident whilst being photographed and gave me a few tips which was lovely. We then nipped to tesco and got some sandwiches and peach iced tea and sat in the park and had a little picnic. Now i'm quickly putting together this blog post and then i'm going to sit in the garden for the rest of the afternoon. 
I really want to concentrate on blogging again so if you know of any blogging events or opportunities let me know. 


* I was gifted some New Look vouchers for a blog post and used them to buy this dress, I haven't been asked to feature the dress and I haven't been paid for this post.


Sorry the blog has been so quiet over the last month or so...  You may already know that I recently went to Florida. I've been back for just over a week now so i'm still getting back to normality. I've been working loads since I got back so I haven't really had time to blog, I've also had a bit of writers block so i haven't been sure what to blog about.
I've decided to write a little post about some of the things we did in Florida. I'm hoping to do some more chatty / personal blog posts aswell as my beauty reviews and outfit posts.

We got the Flex park ticket which you can use across 5 parks over the two weeks we were there. This ticket includes both Universal parks, Seaworld , wet n wild and Aquatica. This cost us £209 each and we got this online before we travelled to the US. I haven't done Disney World so I did really want to go, but this was another £250 and I wasn't sure if we would have time to do everything so we decided to we would get Disney tickets whilst we were there. We didn't go to the Disney parks in the end because there wasn't enough time but we are planning to visit Florida again. Whilst we were there it was Spring Break so the parks were busy, we has fast track for the rides which is well worth it as the main queues did get very long. I loved both of the Universal Parks, the Harry Potter rides were great and Diagon Alley and Hogsmede are amazing. I bought myself a wand and a chocolate frog!

I'm not really going to rave on about the food because I wasn't that impressed with the food. It was quite greasy and I was ill quite a few times. I really enjoyed breakfast at Dennys and iHop, I think I had pancakes every single day.

We went to the water parks but I  only went on a few of the rides because I wasn't feeling great on the days we visited the parks. These were good days to have a chill on the sun lounger and a break from the shopping and rides.

Shopping! We actually travelled with Clints sister and her family and the main reason for their visit to the US was to go shopping so we went to a few different outlets and also to Florida Mall.
I had wrote a list which I brought along and I pretty much stuck to the list. Theres some photos below of my shopping, I went a bit crazy in Sephora and got some bits and pieces. I did go a little crazy but it's really cheap in comparison to here in the UK.

We also went to Daytona for the day. We spent the day at the beach which was lovely. The weather was great, we stopped by Daytona Speedway aswell. It was such a lovely end to the holiday to go to the beach and relax.

I had such an amazing time it went soo fast! I really want to go back maybe in a few years and want to go to the Universal Parks again! It was such a busy two weeks and you don't really feel like you've been on holiday because theres just so much to do there. I would really recommend it to everyone it was such an amazing thing to do and i'm so glad I got to go!