REVIEW: LUSH breath of fresh air toner water.

100g = £3.75

I've never really used lush before as i never really know what i'm looking for and i think a few things are overpriced.
I heard about this product on a video (cant remember who's :/) and i decided i would give it ago! ive been using it for about a week now and i really do love it.

I've started a new cleansing regime- Ive been using T- zone wipes and then a clean and clear shiny skin cleanser followed by a few spritz' of this and then followed by my monu moisturiser. my skin feels great and its glowy too

the toner smells really nice and makes your face feel really fresh - its nice to put on in the morning to wake you up but also when you are just sitting on your computer or doing work etc its a nice fresh spritz on your face.

I dont know how i feel about the price - its  not alot of product for £4 but then again whats £4?

have you used this or considered trying it? 

Instagram #8

ribena; river island shirt; ollie; lace dress; new jumper; eds' bullring; 2 phone cases for the price of one; me and dan in the apple shop; primark polish.

REVIEW; Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heros Range,

most have you have probably heard about these- its the new skin heros range from montagne jeunesse, its specifically for spot prone/ bad pores etc.
as i feel my skins not the best; i have break outs and my skins really oily i decided that i would try them out.

i tried the nose strips first;
they are really easy to use; have alot of stick in them; they smell nice and fruity not chemically.
they didnt irritate my nose. 3x so should last a few weeks; i would imagine they will retail at just over £1 or £2 so a good value for money.
I used superdrugs own brand nose strips and my nose was irritated and i broke out in spots; really happy this didnt happen- will defonatly use again and would reccomend.

Shine Control;
The consistency was really nice - there was plenty of product and it applied to my skin; i put a thick layer on and it dried really fast! after i used this product i was really happy with how bright my skin was and after using the moisturiser my skin was really soft and moisturised- however i didnt really notice any difference in the shine to my skin; its still a nice product

T-zone Peel Off:
Again alot of product; smelled nice - tea tree; which is popular in t-zone/ spot products. the mask peeled off really easily- i liked this because some peel off masks are abit tricky and messy but not this one. dried fast too;
the moisturiser was rather greasy but i used it before i went to bed so i didnt mind.- the moisturiser again had a tea tree scent which i think was a good mood because people do associate tea tree with spot treatments.

Dry Skin Mask;
Abbie (my sister) tried this one out for me;she suffers from eczema and has really dry skin.
It didnt seem to cover her face as thickly as the previous ones did on myself; i dont know if we had didnt applying methods. She kept it on the specified time - it didnt really go as hard as the others either; however her forhead was so soft and smoothe and she said it did releave some of the dry areas of her face.

*havent tried the Breakout mask yet.

Overall the products are nice; they have lovely packaging- the idea of including a moisuriser is clever to lock in the moisture to the skin so the treatment actually works- they smell nice; fruit not chemically. They are nice products to use if you do use spot treatments; however its hard to tell whether they do actually help prevent spots; dirty pores.

I know quite a few people were sent these too so let me know what you thought - link blogs below !

river island shirts.

i bought both of these shirts from river island in the sale, the white one was £12 and the black £10. i really like the material and length of the white one; its so comfy and goes really nice with leggings.

the black one is shorter; i wore it with jeans and it was abit annoying/ uncomfortable because of the length but tucked into a skirt it will look really nice :)

did any one buy anything in the end of season sales from riverisland?

what i bought today #2

kleenes facial cloths; primark jeans; primark leggings; primark nail polishes; internationale jumper; breath of fresh air toner spray- lush.

went for a little shop today in birmingham, if you follow me on instagram you will know this already because ive posted loads of photos today follow amydtm :)
firstly i haven't blogged for like 2 weeks because ive been doing uni work and been thorp park and just doing bits and bobs, working etc. the student loans gone in and that meant i had a little shop :)

got another shopping post and a couple of reviews to pop up aswell :) maybe schedule them for this week :)

okay; the kleenex facial cloths- im a sucker for advertising so i saw the advert and instantly wanted to try them; they are £1.49 in superdrug atm instead of £1.99, they are so soft and i cant wait to use them properly :)

i saw the lush toner spray in a recent video blog and i really wanted to buy something in lush today so i thought id try it; its like £3.75 for the small bottle which i think is pretty resonable as some of the prices in lush are abit expensive, ill do a review when i use it properly.

jeans and leggings from primark - just basics that i always wear; i like shiny, elastic leggings and this is what these are so for £4 they are great; im sure you'll see them soon in some outfit posts.

the nail polishes are also from primark; they are from the angelic range- the name makes them look abit childish but the colours are nice- they do glitter polishes too so they are very on trend with the pastels and glitter :) they are £2.50 each which i think isnt bad but i nearly bought all the pastels which was getting a little expensive so i put a few back a decided to try them out first before i go crazy lol.

the jumper was £14.99 from internationale. ive picked it up so many times and i always put it back but student loans in i went straight to the till with this today:) im so glad i did aswell and i cant wait to team it up with the pinky/coral shirt i bought from forever 21 in my last post

if you have any questions about anything ive bought just comment below and ill reply; also look out for reviews on some of these items that should be up soon

i went shopping

dress; primark top; forever 21 earings; forever 21 notebook; paris purse; paris. key necklace; topman

sorry these arnt bigger photos; if you read my blog/ twitter feed you will know ive been having difficulty uploading photos because ive used my allowance; if anyone knows a way around this- ive been using photobucket to upload the url but its only uploading small pictures / help!

paris 2012

i havent posted much recently since being back from paris, apparently ive used all the memory im aloud on blogger for uploading images so ive being trying to use flickr and photobucket and they seem to be not working too :(


instagram #7

the sun is out.

dress; ax paris (newlook) top (underneathe) internationale. caridgan; topshop, belt and watch urban outfitters

everyones noticed the sun this week :) its been really lovely to leave the house without a jacket; but being britain the weather will take a turn for the worst :( sooner or later- im off to paris tomorrow and the weather forcast looks pretty good :D

i really love this outfit. i wear the dress alot anyway but i decided to wear this top underneathe and i just love love love it:) i think it looks really really cute :).

had a really nice weekend off with daniel as im going to paris with uni so that means 5 days without him :'( sob

i am looking forward to it now though :)

REVIEW; Revlon Lip butters.

strawberry shortcake

sugar frosting.

everyone in the blogger world has seen or heard of these revlon lip butters; and just like everyone else i HAD to try them... boots were doing 3 for 2 across their make up range so i snapped up two as well as the scandel eyes mascara by rimmel.

the packaging for the lip butters is beautiful, they are really pretty and look really expensive.
theres so many colours that i would love to try so again i think revlon have done well by introducing the lip butters in such a wide variety of colours. i got two colours and i like both alot! i looked online originally and i was going to order some online - boots had a buy 2 for £10 offer and tbh im rather glad i waited; the two lipbutters that i added to my basket online were not the colours i expectedd they were alot darker and so i picked the strawberry shortcake and sugar frosting shades.

the strawberry shortcake shade - as you can see above is a girly barbie pink shade, i was really looking for a colour like this to add to my lipsticks. the lipbutters are really like balms/ glosses and are rather shiny for a lipstick; i prefer matte lipsticks so you have to put rather alot on to see the colour- and the outcome is far from the colour on the packaging; but they are really mostuising and make your lips feel nice and shiny and they do leave nice colours on your lips eventually after a few layers.

the sugar frosting again a very similar lipstick - the colours alot lighter so would be great for a neutral lipstick for work or everyday use. they smell really nice too and dont taste nasty.

overall. i think these lipsticks are great for everyday wear but if you want a bright shade i would stay away from these and stick with a more matte lipstick. the smell is lovely and they keep your lips moisturised for ages. they have long lasting colour and i would really reccomend them however i think personally £7.99 is abit steap for me as i dont really wear lipstick everyday but i know alot of people who do.