TOP : Primark // SKIRT: H&M // BAG: Primark // NECKLACE : John Greed* 

 Here's some outfit photos I took today, I loveee this top so much it was only £8 from primark and so was the bag. I think primark have got some really lovely stuff in for the summer. I'm gutted there bikini's don't fit me :(

I'm really loving patterns right now and keep picking up bold prints to wear with my black skirts.

I love this yellow bag, It's so bright and its perfect for the summer.

I'm trying to get some blogging done but i'm getting closer to the end of my last year at uni and need to keep on top of my uni work as well as my blogging.


La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Creme - £19.50* - Escentual

I was recently selected by Escentual to review this CC Cream by La Roche-Posay, this is the first CC cream i've used so I was very excited to try it out. I've been using it for a week now and i'm impressed. Its suitable for redness prone sensitive skin which is perfect for me as I have alot of allergies and my skin gets irritated easily. This gets rid of any redness and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I think this is quite a thick formula and you get good coverage. I've been using a buffing brush to apply it but this leaves a few brush strokes so i've been blending it in with my fingers and then applying a setting powder over the top.

This CC cream has good staying power and has been lasting all day without much movement. I did go in the pool after the gym and it pretty much all came off so it's not waterproof. I think the high SPF is another great thing about this product, I'm considering getting this for my holiday as it's got good coverage and leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh.

I noticed how the CC creme reduced redness of the skin and corrects the impurities on my skin. I've been impressed with this product and have been using it everyday since I got it.

I really want to try more from La Roche-Posay as i'm already very impressed.

Today is the last day to take advantage of Escentual's 1/3 off french skincare offer !!

The Clocks Go Forward On Sunday!

Just a gentle reminder that the clocks go forward on Sunday so remember to change your clocks and watches. I've had loads on with university but I will be doing some blogging over the weekend! 
Here's a really helpful post about how to make the most of the clocks changing and how you can get a better sleep. I have work on sunday boo so I'll be having a good read to find out how I can get a better sleep. 

 Tempur - Shedding light on Daylight Savings Time
Source: Tempur

*In collaboration with Tempur 



I'm a sucker for a blogger buy and bright packaging so it's no surprise that this ended up in my basket. Boots are always doing 3 for 2 so it was inevitable that I would buy this. 

Its a 'pore eraser lightweight primer' 

Honestly i'm not a massive fan, it doesn't do anything for my pores and it isn't a very good primer. In my opinion a primer should prepare the skin for make up application and make your make up last longer and stay longer. I feel when I wear this that my make up seems to go patchy in areas and come off easier. 

As I said above it also doesn't do anything for my pores. It makes my skin feel soft and flawless but it doesn't fill my pores therefore it leaves my skin pretty much the same as if I used no primer. 

I will continue trialing this but honestly it does nothing for me and at £7.99 I think it's not worth the money. 

It might be different for your skin and if you have had different results i'd love to hear but i'm not impressed ! 


AHH Look how beautiful this palette is!! In fact Clarins whole spring range is beautiful. Such luxurious packaging and beautiful colours. This palette is such a lovely size for me as I stay at my boyfriends alot so i'm always moving my make up back and forth. This is the perfect size to fit in my every day make up bag.

I really like lilac eyeshadows and I haven't worn it for awhile. This palette comes with a little card showing you how to create a smokey-eye using this which is really helpful.

This is a wet and dry palette meaning you can add water to a shade for a more creamy eyeshadow effect.

There's alot of pigment in the shadows meaning you don't need alot of product when applying. The colours are really nice. I like the shimmery silver colour of the highlighting shade and the shimmery aspect of the dark grey shade.

This is a really lovely product and I would really consider purchasing this in a different colour maybe a more neutral quartet.

I will be reviewing some more items from the Clarins Spring range.

REVIEW: Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

Bumble and bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil - £31.00 for 100ml - buy here 

I picked this up in Boots a few months ago now, I was very lucky to pick it up for a fraction of the actual price! For some crazy reason it was reduced to £7.25 which is obviously a great price. 
I have quite fly-away hair and it's rather frizzy so I was very intrigued to try this out.

It's a really nice light oil and it isn't greasy which I often find with oil's. I like to use it to make my hair more managable and less fly-away. It's a good finishing product as it leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny.

I've used this product on straight hair and curly hair and it works great on both to finish the style and create a sleek shiny straight look or to make curls shiny and less fly-away.

I'd really reccomend this product however I think the price tag is abit steep but you only need to use a teeny-tiny amount so the bottle will last you a while.


1. Bracelet from Rings and Tings  2. Thomas Sabo bracelet 3. Infinity bracelet from Rings and Tings

The first Bracelet is this Black Knitted one from Rings and Tings that you can see on their website here at £4.50 I think its a bargain. Its such a good quality bracelet and is really nice and casual, I wear mine every single day. I have the silver one so as you can see in the photo above it goes really nice with my other silver jewellery.

The second item from Rings and Tings I want to mention is this beautiful infinity bracelet which you can see here     this one is £4 and could easily be bought as a present for that special someone. It's such lovely quality and looks great on. I like to wear mine with my Thomas Sabo bracelet and I like how the silver matches. I think this is such a lovely product.

I love the products on Rings and Tings and they are such good quality products and they are very good value for money

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 Illamasqua Pure Pigment - £16.50 

This is one of the two items I picked up from the Illamasqua Sale. I haven't bought anything from Illamasqua before so I was really excited when I heard about their sale. I didn't know what to expect when I added this to my basket but i'm so glad I did.

Furore is a nice golden colour with pinkish tones. Its a little off orange in shade. It's a nice neutral colour. Theres alot of shimmer in this shade. I love it. I think its such a lovely colour. I like to wear it alone and I like to build up a smokey-eye with it.

It's so pigmented ! You really don't need to use alot of product, So I think it's well worth the money, i'd really like to add a few more of these to my collection. I got this in the Sale so it was like half price.

I like the packaging, i'm a real fan of simple packaging and I think Illamasqua do this really well.

Its full price online now but I really do love this... I will be looking at other colours and hope I can pick a few up.

REVIEW: Revlon Highlighting Palette

I saw this little beauty on instagram and twitter and knew I had to have it. I must say it looks very familiar to Bobby Brown's Shimmer Brick which at £32 is like 4 times the price of the Revlon one. I've not used the Bobby Brown one so I have no idea whether this one even compares but he's a little review of this one.

First of all it looks beautiful! I instantly fell in love for it. The colours are so me, this is the shade I go for when buying blushers. This is rose glow but theres a bronze alternative for more golden tones.

The pigments are good and easy to build up a nice colour. I think this is very simple to use and creates a nice natural look. I love the way it adds colour and highlights my skin in a simple stroke.

The packaging is simple which I like and it doesn't seem to get to dirty.

For £8.99 I'm so happy I bought this, its a really nice easy to use palette. I would recommend it!  I might pick up the bronze glow one for the summer.

REVIEW: ecoTOOLS Six Piece Starter Set

ecoTOOLS Six Piece Starter Set - £15.99 - Boots 

I've been basically living at my boyfriends and I really needed to wash my make up brushes so I picked up this amazing starter set from ecoTOOLS (he kindly paid ;))
The brushes are a decent size - this is not the mini  starter set.
The quality of the brushes are very good for the money, I really like the ecoTOOLS bamboo collection as I have already tried a couple of their brushes. I would normally go for the Real Techniques but I wanted to try something different and i'm very glad I did.

The blusher brush is my absolute favourite! The bristles are sooo soft and make putting your blusher on feel so good! It is a good brush if you like to build up your blusher and it makes the finish very natural.

I really needed some new eye shadow brushes. I'm a big fan of my eye shadows since my boyfriend bought me another Naked palette and Naked 3. I use them every single day so I have quite a few eye shadow brushes. These are a really nice quality and make application very easy.

I've been using the eyeliner brush as more of a brow brush as I think the arched-bristles follow the brow really easily.

Overall i'm so so happy with these brushes and I'm super glad I got them. I have been looking at more ecoTOOLS brushes because they are such a good value for money, and you get your boots points when buying them from boots.