Today I thought i'd share the latest release from Rimmel. They have just released their new Super Gel Polishes and have some gorgeous shades. I haven't used them yet so can't fully review them but I just thought i'd share the new release.

It's a two-step process so you paint the colour on first and follow with a top coat for superior colour and shine that lasts for up to 14 days. Easy to apply, it dries like a regular nail polish, no UV lamps needed.

Super Gel has a patented Gel Colour System that uses natural light curing technology to deliver high-shine nails in the comfort of your own home.

No UV lamp is needed so is so easy to use and get gorgeous gel effect nails. 

They have some gorgeous shades, my favourites are Purple splash and Coral queen! I can't wait to give these ago! I love having summery nails! 

 As usual Rimmel products are on 3 for 2 in Boots so head on over and check out these what beautiful shades they have brought out just in time for the summer. So go and check out these gorgeous shades and i'll review them once i've given them a go! 


Ray-Ban Erika Classic Sunglasses - £96* -

', the UK’s leading online watch and jewellery retailer, has added sunglasses to their portfolio. 
 The sunglasses division kicks off with nine brands and more than 390 styles. The online retailer is working with market leaders such as Ray-Ban, sports brands such as Nike and Lacoste as well as hitting the high fashion market with Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein and Versace. '

I have kindly been sent these gorgeous Ray-Bans to feature on my blog. It was so hard to pick a pair from the site as stock some really amazing brands and have so many styles to choose from. have created a simple shopping experience, allowing customers to shop by brand, budget and even shop by shape, defining all sunglasses by the signature shape eg    Aviator, Wayfarer, Cat-eye

This is my first pair of Ray-Bans so I didn't know what to expect. I opened up the cardboard box and inside was this gorgeous glasses case. Inside was the sunglasses and a dust cloth.

The Erika Sunglasses are a really lovely shape. They are a unisex style but I think they are quite petite and feminine. I went for the tortoise shell design and colour. They are of a really good quality and i'm really happy with them. I've been wearing them all week! do offer 30 day hassle free returns so if you order a style and they don't suit you, just send them back. They also offer a price match service and are confident they have the lowest prices around. 
You can order to click and collect from your local Goldsmiths store making it super easy and you don't need to worry about the postman loosing your expensive sunglasses! have a huge range of Sunglasses as well as watches and jewellery so check them out. 

 * This post contains a PR sample. I have not been paid for this post and it is honest and my own opinions/ views.


I attended The Baby Show over the weekend! I thought i'd do a blog post about the event and let you know what I thought.

The Baby Show comes to Birmingham once a year and London a couple of times a year. With us living in Birmingham it was so easy to get to the event. I was kindly gifted tickets but they are available to buy on The Baby Show website or you can buy on the door.

It's good to have any idea of what your looking for as it can be quite over whelming. The exhibition hall is jam packed with stalls and they are all full of baby things from bibs, travel systems, carseats, clothing, bags, nappies and much much more...

We are only 16 weeks pregnant so we were going to browse different brands and products rather than actually buying anything on the day. I knew we wanted to compare and check out prams and travel systems and I found the baby show made this super easy as they had hundreds of prams all in one room. Madebymums had actually installed a track where you could test drive the prams too which was such a good idea! We're looking for a sturdy but lightweight travel system as we live in an apartment building with no lift. I like a chrome chassis and don't mind to much about the colour but right now we don't know the sex of the baby so have been looking at Black or Grey. The show was really good and we tested lots of prams and we got to put them up and down and see how easy they are to assemble etc.

We did buy a few bibs from a brand called Funky Giraffe Bibs and they had so many gorgeous patterns and colours to choose from! These were an absolute bargain at the show aswell!

I was contacted by a lovely brand MAM who were actually giving out free bottles at the show aswell as selling lots of fab products! I headed over to the stall as was shown their 6 in 1 electric steriliser. It is also a bottle and food warmer and also comes with a microwave steriliser. I will be featuring this in a review on my blog once baby is here and i've used it.

As well as checking out lots of fab new brands it was good to check out some that I've already heard of, there was so many amazing brands that were giving away lots of samples and goodies. We've ended up with so many samples of nappies, wipes and creams etc.

We also took part in the Red Cross Baby First Aid course which was really informative and I feel more confident I would know what to do if a baby was choking, burned or swallowed something poisonous.

The next show will be in London in October, tickets will be available closer to the date.

We had an amazing time at the show and would recommend it. If your still early in your pregnancy it might still benefit you to go and check out the brands and compare different products. We have a good idea on the travel system we want to get and have found lots of amazing brands via The Baby Show and although we didn't buy much had a great time. If we were further along in our pregnancy we would have bought a lot more stuff.  It's good to research before you go because we found some prices weren't that great and we found some products online for a lot less.

If any baby brands want to get in touch feel free! My email is

* i was kindly gifted tickets to attend the event. I have not been paid for this review of the show. It's my own views and opinions and is honest. 


With a baby on the way we have had to pull back on our spending and start planning for the future so this means saving! We have a lot of stuff to buy for this baby so will need to save up over the next few months. I thought i'd share a few of my top saving money tips!

1. Budget! By writing lists and sticking to a budget you can save a lot of money! I find planning our meals and writing a shopping list a really effective way to stick to budget! If you go shopping without a list you can end up spending a lot more money than you intended to! I know it's only £1 here and there but they add up! We have now started to use the self scanner at Tesco as you scan as you shop, you can see your total so you know exactly how much you are spending, making it easier to stick to your budget.

2. Use your discount cards / loyalty cards! I work in a shopping center so I have a discount card that gets me extra money of my shopping, coffees etc. I always use my loyalty cards, especially in places like Boots and Tesco. They send you vouchers for money off and personalised discounts so you can easily save money this way.

3. If you need money fast and don't have anyone you could borrow from you may need to get a payday loan. Cash Lady provide a payday loan service so you can borrow money fast. No need to worry if you struggle to get Payday Loans Bad Credit.

4. Cancel those direct debits! Do you really need to pay £50 a month for the latest phone, are you spending £40 a month on a gym membership you don't use. Write down your outgoings and decide if thats a wise way to spend your money. When I found out I was pregnant I cancelled my gym membership and went onto a sim only deal and saved £70 a month.

5. Use money saving apps!! Apps like vouchercloud and sites like Quidcooffer discounts and cashback when you make purchases. If we are going out for food we look on vouchercloud to see what places have offers on so we can save money on eating out! If your going bowling or on a day out its worth checking out their offers. I'm also signed up to get emails from The moneysavingexpert, these emails are great. They tell you all the different deals and ways you can save money. If you shop via Quidco when shopping online or link up your debit card you can earn cashback on your everyday purchases.

I hope these tips help and you can save some money! I have always been a savvy shopper and I shop around to get a good deal! We have already signed up to get discounts at all the baby shops like Mothercare and Mamas and Papas.

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I'm so excited for summer to be here! I love chilling in the garden with a cold drink (this year it will be a soft drink instead of a cider) and an ice cream!
I love relaxing outside, having a BBQ with family.

Today's post is all about getting your garden summer ready! You don't need to spend a lot of money to get your garden looking fab this summer!

First up get yourself some decent seating! How gorgeous is this Rattan Daybed it looks so cosy! It's from and they have a huge range of garden and home furniture to choose from so they have something for every garden.

If you don't fancy a daybed then you could opt for a dining set or something more comfortable like this sofa set from Asda!
As I said I love having family BBQ's, you don't need to invest hundreds in a big fancy BBQ, you can get them from places like Asda and Argos without spending hundreds! You could even opt for a few disposable BBQ's they are just a couple of quid!

I like to sunbathe in the garden so we have a couple of sun loungers that we get out of the garage in the summer! I love this wooden one from Argos.

The last thing your garden needs for the summer is some accessories! Cushion and throws are not very expensive but can make a garden feel really cosy and more luxurious! These cushions are also from Fishpools. Stock up on plastic tumblers and plates to make eating outside safer, you don't want broken glass everywhere. These cool tumblers are from B&M bargains as is the plates set and the ice bucket.

I hope your all as excited as I am for the summer! Why don't you spend your weekend getting the garden looking tidy and invite some friends over for a BBQ?

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With summer just around the corner you may be thinking of jumping in the car and getting away for the weekend? Or maybe you've booked to stay in a cottage for a week in Wales or going camping with the kids! What ever your plans are if you are going on any long journey you should make sure your car is safe and that you have taken extra precautions before getting on the road. 

-Checking your tyres, if your tyres are not safe they can cause some very serious accidents or issues. Blow outs or a puncture on the motorway can be so dangerous so just checking your tyres before you leave is so important. 

-Lights? This can be a real hazard whether your driving during the day or night. If your lights are not working you can cause an accident as the driver behind won't know what you are doing. Light bulbs are very inexpensive so replace any broken ones before you go. In the dark a lack of lights can be so so dangerous, especially on little country roads that have no street lights.

-Checking you have enough water in your car. Even if the weather is lovely and you wont be using your windscreen wipers the water in your car the water also keeps the car cool and your engine temperature maintained. Your car could overheat or you could break your engine if you don't have enough water in your car.  

-Engine Oil, again this can cause all kinds of problems including your engine could completely seize up and stop working which would leave you pretty much stranded. So make sure this is topped up before you go on your journey. You check the oil using the dipstick. 

-Have your car serviced? Have you got an MOT coming up? You can check your MOT expiry date here on the MOT checker. If your due to get your car serviced or MOT get this done before you head away for the weekend. There could be a serious problem with your car that you know nothing about. Having your car checked out before you go away could prevent you braking down so it's worth doing. If you live in Fife you can book your car for an MOT in Kirkcaldy at Fife Autocentre  Getting your car checked out before you get on the road could prevent your car braking down or being involved in an accident, if your car did break down you could end up paying out for recovery trucks and spending alot of money getting your car fixed away from home. 

- Plan your journey, do you have enough petrol? Do you know where your going? The nearest service station? Do you have tools in the boot should you need them. Have you got water and food should you break down. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

Once you have had your car MOT and it's all ready for the journey get the car filled up with petrol, food (lots of sweets and chocolate for the journey) and on your way, have a great time!!!

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With a baby on the way we are going to be making some changes to our home to make way for the baby and all their things. We live in a two bedroom apartment (top floor, no lift -not ideal during pregnancy haha) We have a living room, kitchen , main bathroom and en-suite. The second bedroom is of a decent size but we have built in ikea wardrobes which will be fine for now, and we will fit a cot in there but we won't fit a bed in there so will need to move house by the time baby is in a proper bed. 

Over the next couple of months we plan to get rid of any old bits and pieces that we don't need so we can optimise the space we have. We are going to do a carboot sale and i'll be selling bits online, we can make a little bit of money and make room for all the baby bits. We have already started planning how we will turn the spare room into a baby room, we will keep the wardrobes as this is where all of our clothes are and we don't really have room for wardrobes, we have bought extra rails and shelving to go in the wardrobe and will be organising it so there will be plenty of room for all the babies clothes and bits. 

In our bedroom we will have a little move around, so we can fit a co-sleeper next to our bed. We will have the baby in our room for the first 6 months. We currently have our bed in the middle of the room so we may have to move this more over towards the window so theres plenty of room.

We have planned to decorate the whole flat over the next few months, baby isn't due till November but if we paint during the summer we can have the windows and balcony doors open to ventilate. Our flat is big and it would take a good few days to get it all painted so we've been looking at getting it done professionally. I'd rather somebody who knows what they are doing come in and do the job. We have been looking for a Birmingham interior painter on Bidvine which is a website where you can search and hire trusted local service professionals. You just search your area and type in whatever service you need and it gives you a list of all the professionals in your area. You can read their reviews from others, see work they have done and how many times they've been hired via the Bidvine site.

We want to give the whole apartment a fresh lick of paint and tidy up. We will give it a good clean before the baby arrives so it's all ready and fresh. There's no really big jobs that need doing, I think once it's been painted it will look brand new and will make a huge difference. The only other job i've been thinking about getting done would be to get our carpets cleaned so I might have a look on Bidvine for someone to come along and do that too!

I know that the next few months are going to fly by as we have alot of organising and planning to do before the baby arrives in November which is why i'm getting started now and plan to have the flat ready throughout the summer incase baby makes an early appearance.  

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