My skincare routine.

kleenex facial cloths; T-zone shine control cleansing wipes; tesco sensitive eye make-up remover; No 7 foaming cleanser garnier deep clean foam wash; lush breath of fresh air toner water; clean and clear shine control and monu recovery balm moisturiser;

heres a few products that i use- i have really oily and shiny skin that is prone to breakouts and spots, i use a few shine control products aswell cleansers; i prefer foaming cleansers and i would really reccomend the No 7 foaming cleanser as its really nice to the skin and smells nice. you may be thinking ergg tesco eye make-up remover, this is the first time ive used it but it was 80p and its amazing; its really sensitive, it doesnt hurt your eyes at all and it removes all your make up not just eye make up- so for those on a tight budget get yourself down to tesco- they have a whole range of products too. i really like my monu moisturiser and ill be gutted when ive finished it- ill probably buy the full size product as its for stressed skin and i feel it really works and refreshes my skin.

you can read my lush toner water post here.

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