ive had so much on recently.

my lifes been non-stop recently. the heaps of coursework and the 96435434 hours at pizza hut.
SATURDAY: i hadd no work <3 it was lovely; went shopping
got my new blackberry torch <3 <3
went to the pub
it was lovelyy
then back at work todayy.

ooff. need to post more

hello. what happened to blogging every day ;)

1//oh my. ive been working an awful lot this weekend, and its not over yet... another shift tomorrow.
ive done 25 hours at work in just 3 days, thats alot for me tbh
it means money which i can pay my part of the holiday and buy myself some new bits
seriously want a car right now! walking and getting lifts suckss
my camera is still broke.. if anyone knows any good deals on atm on cameras let me know. i might have a splurge on a new camera :D
gonna go clothes shopping on saturdayy i thinkk

2//been on ebay alot recentlyy

3//i need to sort my camera out

4//only 4 days left to do my coursework ¬_¬

hmm managed to accidently post that ¬_¬

college was boring today.. i was so tired after yesterday so really didnt wanna go in
my camera isnt working so i need a new one.
my phone seems to be unfixable so im getting the blackberry torch - rather excited ;D i want the iphone 4 but its rather expensive and i would break it
bath time :D
saw daniel today :D
got work all weeekend :'( so probably wont blog muchhh

camera is broken :'(

may have to settle with the awful quality of the blackberry for now.


i would upload some photos from Auschwitz but my camera wouldnt work.
im buying a new one this week!
i cant deal with this failing technology that i own... my camera and phonee ruin my life lol.

its hard to explain.. it was weird, eary!
it was so big, empty and silent.

its hard to think of all the people that were there and what conditions they were in. honestly its not too bad, but i went in gas chambers where people were killed, and to the cremetorium where people were turned to ashes then scattered in the man lakes

it was so surreal; anyway ill write more when miss baker gives me the photos, it will be easier.

technology :'(

shirt; new look skirt;h&m bag; matalann ;) shoes;matalan necklace; newlook belt;primark

seriously, i know it may sound like i exaggerate everything butt my life atmm seems to be going downhill. everything is wrongggg... well my internet didnt wanna work so no bloggingg. i used my ipod (with its cracked screen :@)

i spent my free today doing nothing ¬_¬ got loadsss of work to do.
i need to concentrate on doing my courseworkk now. theres so much to doo.
poland tomorroww... im not ready. its 9.43 i still need to have a bath and sort my stuff outt.

lmaoo at ryan today being knocked over by jadee, then we watched it on the cctv numerous times ;)

actually wasnt late todayy... only because i wasnt in till 9.45
tomorrow is gonna be such a long dayy, 5am at birmingham airport :'( flight to poland is at 7.

ohhh mann.. i am thinking about bringing some coursework to do on the planee. hehe 8) geek i know but im so far behindd
oh yeah; history exam, got a D but i was 2 MARKS of a C thats gutttinggg :'( its getting remarked i need those 2 markss
my life depends on it lool

bathtime then bedtime

oh whats that..

Well, the ladder in my tights all day made my day that little bit more annoyinggg!
Got the bus to college since I was running latee as usual.
Dropped my ipodd, cracked the screeen :'(
Phone diedd... Didn't wanna come back on. Need to sort it outt. Its seriously stressing me outt ! A certain someone drove me crazyyy today.. I cannot wait to leave collegee. I need the grades and that doesn't seeem very simple.
So stressed.
Got work at 6, uniforms in the dryere soaked. Hopefully it drys in timeee!
Ill put a picture on later maybee. The internets broke right now !!! :@
seriously. Cba x


my blackberry takes awful photos

yesterday ..

didnt post yesterday :|
due to the fact that it wassss sooo stressful...
i had college.. personal tutoring on a friday so 8.45 start :'(
i was nearly late as usual
didnt even have time to photograph what i wore
black and white lace dress; topshop and green grandpa cardigan from birmingham clothes show <3
i wish i would have took a picture since i experimented with a middle parting
it got some mixed reviews, some people at work loved//hated it. my middle parting had marmite reations lol
anyway.. so college wernt too bad. went to art did some wax barbie figures
jade went to hospital.. she got bit by a dog lool
had to get the bus to workk :'( was longggggg nearly missed the 66, had to go buy shoes due to the malfunction of my wardrobee (i must take a photo)

7 hour shift.. honestly it wasnt bad. sunday is gonna kill me :'(
close was pretty straight forward :D we were quite dead tbh, got paid to talk hehe
couldnt wait to get into beddd

right now im sat with a cuppa just had some toast (my giving up bread for lent failed when i ate a baguette yesterday :'( ))



i have a slight tendency to buy the same things in different colours

things don't always go to plan.

necklace top and skirt; topshop cardigan; new look
as usual; rushing for college.
college as a whole wasnt too bad, double english and history so my day pretty much consisted with doing coursework. then in my double free i continued my coursework.
we had pancakes today because i was at work last night :) had 3 abit greedy i knoww
then went to the cinema with daniel and abbie (sister)
we watched paul its not too bad... i thought some parts were funny.
went nando's they do neww chickennn and its not on the boneee. loveee it !
taxi journey home wasss funny ;)