PYT's 150 follower's Christmas Giveaway

I've reached 150 followers and decided I really want to do a giveaway. Theres a shop in Coventry called Muse and its a little jewellery shop that sells such adorable pieces and they have great prices. I always pick a few bits up when i'm in there but this week they had all of these amazing pieces and I decided to buy some bits for a giveaway. I bought these prizes with my own money and this is not a sponsored giveaway. Theres 6 pieces up for grabs so i'm splitting the prizes into two lots so two people will win 3 pieces.

Prize one - * Gold cross bracelet *  Spike Necklace * Gold cross earings 
Prize two- * Silver cross bracelet * Glasses and moustache necklace * Skull bracelet. 

To enter use the rafflecopter form below and leave an email or twitter name in the comments so I can contact you.
This is my first giveaway so I really hope this goes well and I hope you like the prizes - Let me know so I can pick up a few more bits and there could be another giveaway on the way ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enrapture Totem Styler

Enrapture Totem Styler : available at boots, argos and debenhams for about £37.50

I've had my totem stylers since september and I have to say they are one of the best things I ever got. I asked for them for my birthday because they were reduces to £37.50 which is actually half the usual price so have a look around because boots and argos usually have them on offer, they normally retail for £70. So your getting a really good product for just under £40. 

Before I started blogging I had never heard of enrapture but I started to see bloggers mentioning these and really wanted to try them so I asked for them for my birthday. I now use them to curl my hair instead of my GHD stylers which cost £135. Curling my hair with my GHD's was actually ruining them and after replacing my second pair I decided it was time to invest in some curlers. 

I love my enrapture totem styler. They are so easy to use. I use them on the setting '123' you can use them on loads of different setting that create different effects and styles of curl. They make really nice bouncy curls and are really easy to use. you just use the clamp bit and clamp the end of your hair them turn the styler up the length of your hair and hold for a second and them unclamp the hair and this makes the hair curl. It's actually amazing how easy it is. I've never been able to curl my hair with a curler before - as a kid when I had curlers my hair used to just crimp and didn't curl but with these its just so simple and I would really recommend them to everyone because at this price they are seriously such a brilliant professional product.

My sister has the 3 tong ones so if anyones interested in a review on them just let me know and i'll see if she will do a post for me or let me try them out :) 

 ALSO happy anniversary to me and daniel today its been 6 YEARS ! since we started going out 

Batiste Dry Shampoo - WILD

Dry Shampoo : Boots and superdrug £2.99 for 200ml 

Dry shampoo is a product that I totally rely on. I never ever let myself run out of it, I have little mini cans that I carry around in my bag or to use in emergencies if I accidentally let my self run out. 
I usually use the blush one because I like the smell, I tried the tropical one and really didn't like the smell because it smells like malibu and was making me feel sick. But the Wild one smells really nice. I'm quite surprised that this is the first time i've tried the wild' version but I will be buying this one again. I normally buy the big cans but they didn't have any in boots so I picked up the smaller version. 
Dry shampoo does last me a while and I like to use it between washes to freshen up my hair. My hair gets greasy every other day between the days that I wash my hair which is also every other day. 
I don't like to use dry Shampoo if my hair is really greasy but I do if I have to, if for example i'm late for uni or work. Dry Shampoo works well even if your styling your hair, if i straighten my hair I like to use it after i've straightened my hair because it does come off onto my GHDs which I don't like but if I curl my hair I use the dry shampoo and try and brush out as much as I can before using my curlers. 
I think dry shampoo is well worth the money and its such a good efficient idea for people when your in a hurry. I love using it on days when i'm late and need to shove my hair up it just freshens it and makes it look clean. 

Do you love dry shampoo? Have you tried any other brands? 

My Christmas Wish list

Mac blush and studio fix foundation in nw20 and liz earle cleanse and polish 

Heres a few bits I'm asking off dan for christmas. I just want loads of bits and pieces like beauty bits and bobs :) 

Christmas Ideas #1

Everyone knows that men are the hardest to buy for at christmas, so here's a few ideas. The prices range so there's a different present from everyone. A few of these are idea's for some of the men in my life.  Dan actually wants a Nintendo 64 and some games for christmas so that means i'm sitting on ebay all day everyday trying to bid on a gooden.

Sunday Update

really sorry about my lack of blogging - I have loads of deadlines coming up at university and have loads of work building up and building up that I have been contending with and to be honest my Uni work has to come first but this week I have booked the weekend off work and I'm going to a blogger meet in Birmingham on Saturday which I really am excited about. And i'm hoping to get some posts up :)

I've been trying a Bumble and Bumble conditioner so expect a review soon and i've been trying a new batiste dry shampoo so I might review that as I really do not know what I would do without Dry shampoo.

Also i've made a website for my art work if you wanna have a look its.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation- RRP £20.50
Read my previous review here.

I recently re-purchased this foundation. I find it really hard to buy foundation because my skin is really oily and sensitive. I really liked this Mac foundation when I bought it from duty free. It lasted me about 10 weeks so I think its worth the money. Its a really nice foundation and I glad i've re-purchased it. This time I've picked it up in NW20 which is a shade down from the NW25 that I bought previously. I was going on holiday so I knew I would have a tan and considered than when I bought the shade and it was just right. This one is a bit lighter and its just right for my skin tone. 

what do you think about MAC - is it too expensive or would you spend the extra pennies on a good foundation. 

Autumn Floral

dress: River Island from ASOS// Cardigan: Internacionale // watch: Casio

Wore this outfit last week and completely forgot to post these pictures. I bought this dress from River Island after seeing Lily Melrose in the Blazer - It has the same pattern but it is more tapestry-like.
I love florals but they haven't been about as much this year with the aztec patterns floating about. I decided at £16 in the sale I had to get it. Its very versatile and goes with black or brown accessories. I got a 12 because I wasn't sure what the fit would be like but its abit big but comfy. I like the length -its quite long but the other day I wore this with a slouchy jumper over it and it looked really cute and it was the ideal length. The pattern in quite vintag-y which I lovee! I wore it with a chunky cardigan as I was going out for a family meal and wanted to look nice but casual. 

What do we think ? 

Snow Fairy & Grease Lightning

Here's a couple of products I picked up in Lush last week, I really have a soft spot for Lush. I spend far too much money in there but all of their products are so cute that it's really hard to leave without buying something. So I picked up this spot treatment that i've used a couple of times- It prevents spots which I think it has done :) I've recently fell in love with Costa Mint Hot Chocolate which has been causing the spots to pop up but this has been doing a good job :) I have really bad dry/combination skin so have to be careful with the products I use on my skin because sometimes products can trigger outbreaks.
I bought snow fairy because the man told me too - you know what they are like in Lush they basically hand you things and you just put it in your basket :) I don't really use shower gel because I have baths more than showers but I do have showers when i'm in a hurry anyway this was like £3 so I got it. It smells like candyfloss or sweets which I love :) and it makes you glittery.

What would you recommend from Lush have you bought anything recently?

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice

Vivienne Westwood - Naughty Alice. 
I bought this in TKMAXX for £25

I love the smell of this perfume. Its rather like baby talc, which is abit silly because you can buy talc for like a pound, but this is the 2nd bottle i've bought. I really love the girly, sweet scent. The packaging is gorgeous its so pretty and cute. I seriously fell in love with the packaging and demanded Dan bought me this before I had even smelled the perfume. 
The body lotion is lovely because its such a nice smell and its like a talc smell I love to use it after my bath because it makes your skin soft and you smell lovely and clean and bathy :) 
 All in all I love this perfume and if your a fan of sweet pretty scents then this is one to try, go and look in Tk Maxx maybe they have this set near you - it's an absolute bargain. 

(the perfume is 50ml and the lotion 150ml) 

update on the cats :)

The black one is Ollie and the Black and white one is Bella. 

I love my cats - I'm actually allergic to them but I love them so much. I'll probably actually be a cat lady when i'm older. Ollie is getting big now and old - I can't think how old he is, Bella is our kitten - she's actually like a baby, she crys when people leave the house. She's so naughty but we love her, she's ruined my moms leather bed and the leather chairs in the dining room oops. 
Ollie and bella didn't really see eye to eye in the beginning but now they play and run around its really cute :)


Picked up a couple of bath products in Lush the other day, I always try to get new things because I like trying them out, spacegirl is a bath ballistic that i've used a few times.

The melting snowman is a massager but I didn't really know what I was supposed to do with it but it was fun the brown bits melt and their like chocolate and the rest fizzles away.

The Party Popper is a bath ballistic and it makes your bath all pinky which is cool.

The butterball (which i forgot to photograph) is really weird its like oaty and buttery and its like slippery like when you touch butter when your cooking cakes and then you clean the mixing bowl and its oily like butter its like that. I liked the smell but didn't really like the greasyness of this product.

overall I really love LUSH bath products - I think they just add abit of fun :)

I've bought another couple of things in LUSH so look out for those later in the week x

REVIEW; Clinique face powder and brush

Clinique face powder and brush RRP £20 (boots) 
02 Transparency 2(VF)

I desperately needed a new face powder and wanted to try something new, I've never really used clinique before and was really interested in what their products would be like. I have really oily skin and I only use loose powder so was recommended this. The lady at the counter was really nice and wasn't trying to make me buy things I didn't want so I was really comfortable when trying this out in store, I tried it on my hand and loved it. I bought it and I really love it, I don't use the brush that came with it because its abit on the small side, I apply it with a retractable kabuki brush. 

The product is really nice its not heavy on the skin and it rubs in really easily. I love the smell, its so clean and fresh. The shade is perfect for me because i'm quite pink but like a translucent powder and thats what this is. The pot is huge and I can see this lasting ages, I also feel like i'm not using loads of the product like I do with other loose powders because its not very blow-away. (if you know what i mean) I like the packaging its really simple and looks expensive which I love. 

I think £20 is reasonable because the pot is very big and I think it will last me a while. Has anyone else tried this product, if so what do you think, worth the money? 

REVIEW; NEOM Luxury Organics- Happiness 3 Wick Candle

Neom Luxury Organics- Happiness 3 Wick Candle *
Buy here on for £39.50 

I was sent out this Neom Candle which I've been so excited about trying. I actually lit it last night and was sitting doing a spot of blogging and honestly it made me feel so relaxed. It smells gorgeous. It's a mix of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon and it's just so lovely and sweet. Scented Candles instantly make me feel Christmasy and I love Christmas :) The candle is huge and weighs 380g which is CRAZY heavy but it adds that luxurious feel to the candle. The three wicks are designed so that the candle burns evenly which is really clever because this should make the candle last longer. 
The candle is made of 100% vegetable wax and pure aromatherapy oils unlike normal paraffin wax candles, this is to make the candle burn cleaner and evenly. The smell is gorgeous and its a very spa-like smell. I can really see myself with my face mask on and my Neom Happiness Candle burning in the background whilst I relax. 

I love this Candle and I can't wait to add some more and maybe even start a collection - I know a few of these are going to be on my christmas list (Maybe even the Christmas 3 Wick Candle.) 

Studded curls

hat; tesco // jumper: internacionale // jeans: topshop // necklace: topshop.

I don't curl my hair much because it takes forever but I really love my hair curly - I've curled my hair about 4 times this week :) I've been using my enrapture totum styler and it makes curling my hair so easy - I'm thinking about doing a review or tutorial or maybe a video about them so let me know if you'd like that. 

I've got a few new products this week that I've been trying and will be posting some reviews this week :) Im thinking lush review, perfume reviews, NEOM candle review, and more. 

This is me showing off my new hat :) I'm really not a hat person - I think certain people get away with hats and I don't think i'm one of those people but its freezing and I wanted a hat :) 
I really love the jumper i'm wearing above, it's from Internacionale. Its like the ones in Topshop but without the heafty price tag - I've mentioned it here.