sunday update #1

okay so alot of blogs do updates on a sunday; it seems kinda logical to let people know whats been going on and whatever... i dont really blog on certain days but now ive finished uni until september/october i should have abit more time on my hands to blog, read and work.

001. this week ive been helping out at university set up for the third year fine art exhibtion. ive been painting walls, sanding, painting floors, painting work, painting plinths soo alot of paint - hense the lack of outfit posts this week - old tees and jeans :)

002. me and daniel have booked our holiday so we both need to save up however ive FAILED at saving and spend loads of money this week- i bought blur tickets for daddy, daniel and me! and i put up a post of the other bits i bought- and picked up a few more lush items today (woops)

003. ive been reading the hunger games books; if you follow me on twitter @amylovesdaniel or instagram @amydtm you will know this. if you wanna know anything about them just ask, ive really enjoyed them so far, im nearly finished book 2 catching fire.

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