I recently realised that I haven't reviewed my spectrum make up brushes on my blog so I thought i'd let you guys know what I think of them. I picked these up at the Clothes Show in Birmingham back in December so I have been using them for a while and have washed them loads aswell.

Spectrum Collections are a Vegan and Crulety free brand who specialise in make up brushes such as these! Obviously the first thing you notice is the colour. They are amazing! Such a cute pink handle with bright blue/purple bristles. They stand out against all of my other make up brushes and they are so unique.

First up is the Flat Top Buffer Brush which is a great brush for any base. The buffer brush allows you to apply a product and work it into the skin, you can buff it creating a really good even finish. I like to use this brush for contouring aswell. The bristles are really soft and gentle and don't irritate my skin. At only £8.99* this brush is a bargain.

Next is the oval concealer brush which I actually use for eyeshadow. The bristles allow flawless application of concealer and the rounded shape of the brush makes it really easy to apply and blend concealer. I actually use a the Spectrum concealer buffing brush and this Real Techniques brush for my concealer. I find the oval concealer brush works well at applying eyeshadow into the crease of my eyelid and then I use a buffing brush to blend in the product. The Oval concealer brush is also really good with cream eyeshadows or with my Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadow when I add water for a more stronger colour payoff.

I love the buffing concealer brush. It's create for blending in concealer under the eye. It blurs the product creating a flawless look. Its really easy to use and the soft bristles are really sensitive around the eye area. I think £4.99 is such an amazing price for such a good brush.

Finally the Large Fluffy Shader is one of my favourite brushes, I use it everyday ! I use it to blend in my eyeshadow. It makes applying your eyeshadow base really easy but I prefer to use it to blend. I tend to use it clean and use it to work into my base colour and then using the Oval concealer brush I apply my darker shade into the crease and then use the fluffy shader to blend the colours together.

*I bought the 3 eye brushes at the Clothes Show. I was Gifted the Buffer brush by the Spectrum Collections team at the Clothes Show. The above review is truthful and my own words and opinions. I have not been paid for this post


I've been using Urban Decay's potion primer for over a year now, I love it and I use it every single day. It wasn't until I attended a blog event at the Urban Decay counter in Selfridges that I found out about it came in different shades.

Urban Decay's Potion Primer is a eye shadow primer, you apply it to your eye's before you apply your eyeshadow. The Potion Primer creates a smooth base to apply your eyeshadow and makes your eyeshadow last longer.

Potion Primer in Sin is a really nice shimmery golden pinky shade. Its such a lovely base for your eyeshadow and you can even wear it on it's own for a quick eye look.

The potion primer lasts all day and stops your eye make up from creasing and smudging. It makes your eyeshadow look better and enhances the colour of your eyeshadow.

I usually use the Potion Primer in the Original shade however from now on I will be buying it in Sin, it's such an amazing colour and gives such good colour payoff, it works with so many eye looks and is such a great product for any make up bag.

Potion Primer in Sin retails at £16.00 and is available from the Urban Decay Counter


Trousers : George at Asda*
Jacket: F&F at Tesco
Vest : Primark 
Bag: New Look
Sandals: Primark
Necklace: Charmed Ivy

I've been after a pair of trousers for awhile so it was kinda spooky when these came in the post last week. They are just what i've been looking for,  I wanted a nice smart/ casual pair of trousers that are comfy and easy to wear. 
They are a nice stretchy material and they are quite thick. They have a nice textured feel to them and the pattern is really nice and modern.
They are part of the Limoncello range from George and they look fab with a bright yellow cami or top. I decided to pop on a black vest and my favourite bright pink jacket today. 
I think it works really well and would be perfect for a day out shopping or at the office or if you were going out for dinner, such a great day to night outfit. 

You can buy the trousers here for just £14 and check out the rest of the Limoncello range here  

*this post features a pr sample. I have not been paid any compensation for this post and all the opinions above have been honest. 


Above: All New Look 

Right now New Look have a gorgeous selection of prom dresses to choose from. I really struggled to find a prom dress and ended up trying loads on. I wanted my dress to be perfect, I had an idea of what I wanted but I just couldn't find it. 
New Look have a huge range and they have many different styles, shapes and colours to choose from. I thought i'd pick out a few styles and some accessories to match. First I picked the long turquoise strapless style. This is a gorgeous prom style and is such a lovely spring/summer shade. The embellishment is really nice on the trim and the waist is really flattering. 
Next I picked a shorter style, this is more of a skater dress. The lace detailing makes the dress elegant and smart. This would be so easy to get accessories for, I'd pick a colour to brighten the outfit, I love the red/ orange sandals I picked out. They would brighten the dress up. 
Next I picked this long black dress, again a more elegant style. Lots of people like to wear maxi dresses because they are comfy, This one has a split in the leg to make it more luxe. Again you could add colour to this outfit or maybe try silver accessories to dress it up. 
Finally another shorter more casual style. You could dress this up with accessories or if your after a more subtle prom dress this would be perfect and you could wear it again. I love the Jacquard style I think it's really flattering. 

Accessories are so important for a prom, a clutch bag is the perfect prom bag, big enough for your lipstick and your phone so you can take loads of selfies. Jewerllery is another great way to dress up your outfit, I went for simple silver jewellery as I had alot of embellishments on my dress. 

My prom was amazing and i'd say to anyone who isn't sure about going that its such an amazing experience. We went all out for our prom, I had a big circle of friends so we hired a limo and all got really big prom dresses. We met up at school and took loads of photos together. It was so lovely, when we got to the venue we had more photos outside and then went inside. Everyone was dancing and it was just so much fun. You all go your separate ways after prom and it's such a great night to say goodbye to friends and to have a good time. Exams are over you can just party! We had such a great night dancing to old cheesy songs but it was brilliant and I wouldn't change a thing. 

*Featured Post 


So incase I haven't mentioned it enough haha i'm going to Florida in a few days! I've started packing because i've got work pretty much every day until we go. I've picked out my outfits, i've tried not to pack too much because I want to buy a few things whilst i'm in the US.
I thought i'd show you a few of my holiday essentials. Most of the clothing/ accessories are from Primark as I didn't wanna spend loads on new things.

First up my Bikinis, normally i don't care about my bikinis I tend to pick up cheap ones in primark but since finding out I was wearing the wrong bra size I decided to get a couple of decent bikini's that actually fit and support me. Were going to be visiting the waterparks in florida so that support is going to be really important. First up I picked this blue plunge style from Cleo by Panache, its gorgeous!  I love the colour and it looks great on! I also picked out the watermelon bikini by Freya. I think this is such a cute holiday pattern!

I love these sliders from Primark, they look so comfy. I like the shimmery gold/ silver effect and they were only £4! I also picked up the black sandals from primark. They are just a nice classy pair of sandals that I'll be able to wear with any outfit, making them a really good pair of shoes to bring along.

I picked up a few pairs of shorts from Primark, including this blue and white patterned pair. I normally wear alot of skirts and dresses on holiday but because were going to the theme parks I think i'm gonna need shorts so i'm comfy on the rides and not flashing anyone.

I love stripes and when I was taking photos for this post I noticed theres so many stripes in my case. I love this stripe toiletries bag from Primark it was such a great buy! I have a few stripey tops that I will be able to wear on the days and the nights and of course a pair of £1 flip flops from primark

I've got the 50+ suncream packed so heres a couple of products i'm taking along. I'm going to bring along my Lee Stafford Beach Blondes* shampoo and conditioner to stop those brassy tones coming though whilst i'm away. I find the sun tends to lighten my hair and turn it slightly yellow. I've packed my Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray, to reduce redness and to reduce pores and oil. I picked up this Dr Organic Aloe Gel from Holland and Barrett aswell, I usually just pick up a cheap After Sun but I really want to keep my skin hydrated and this Aloe Gel should cool the skin down after a long day in the sun.


I'm loving this brush so much right now. I've been using this brush for a few weeks now, it's a really good size and easy to hold. The brush is infused with Moroccan Argan oil to protect the hair during blow drying. The shorter bristles are designed to pick up more hair to make it easier to style. 

The brush is so easy to use and creates a really big hair, it leaves your hair feeling soft and full of volume. 

I also use this brush to separate my hair whilst i'm straightening it because as I said its so easy to hold and control.  

I really like this brush and its the first round brush that i've found creates big volume and thats really easy to use. I would definatly recommend if you were after a round brush which would create big voluminous hair when you blow dry. 

* This is a pr sample, I have reviewed it honestly and I have not been paid any compensation in return for this blog post.


I'm such a huge fan of Charmed Ivy and their jewellery! I really wanted a few new necklaces so I placed a cheeky order. I went for the Bohemian coin necklace which is so gorgeous, it's really easy to wear. It dresses up a plain tshirt and is a lovely size. I also picked out the moonlit galaxy necklace which is really lovely, the chain is a nice length and the blue galaxy print charm and the silver moon charm work really well together, and for £3.50 is a bargain. The gold dipped amethyst necklace is so nice, again the chain is a lovely length and quality. The amethyst stone is such a great colour and again really good quality. The healing crystal pendant is a shorter chain but again a lovely quality, It's a lovely dainty piece and has a festival/ boho likeness to it. I also bought the chevron midi ring which is so pretty, its such a lovely ring and again for only £3 its such a bargain.

Have you shopped with Charmed Ivy before, what are you favourite products ?

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