This is the first post in my Christmas gift guide series, I'm going to be putting together a gift guide for her, for him and a sister/ friend gift guide. These will be a mixture of beauty and non beauty products. There's also a few products I want to mention more in depth so I will feature these in individual posts. So first of all here's a few ideas and gifts I think will be great for the kids! There's a range of prices so theres a gift for any child. First of all I picked up these Go Create kits from Tesco, I picked up a Snack Tube Princess Desk Tidy one which you Recycle Tubes into Princess Turits and another one where you can turn bottles into pets, they were in the bargain corner for about £1 but you can pick them up at Tesco, they have Christmas ones and more expensive ones where you can make a bangle or a bag, perfect for any creative child.  Despicable ME is so popular with both boys and girls and is making a come back with their very own Minion film. This is a super cute squirty bath toy, you submirge the minion into water and squeeze him and water comes out of his mouth, I picked this up in Primark for £3, it will make a great little stocking filler. The personalised Nutella is great! It's perfect for all ages, even adults love abit of personalised Nutella. At £3.99 I think it's a really thoughtful gift for someone who likes Nutella and again at only £3.99 a great stocking filler for the kids, its avaliable in store at Selfridges You may have seen my blog post about the Smiggle event I went to recently, we were kindly gifted a few items and I've included a couple in this blog post. First of all the pin art star which is a great gift for all ages, its great for those creative and curious kids! At £10*it's again very affordable!



Clint bought me my first charm bracelet last Christmas and since then I've fell in love with them. I currently own a black leather Pandora bracelet and a Pink Thomas Sabo bracelet, I now have this gorgeous Thomas Sabo bracelet which is great because it holds loads of charms so i'll be able to buy loads and fill it up. 

The Charm Carrier bracelet comes in different sizes so you can choose a thinner chain or a thicker chain. This is the middle one which is priced at £55. It's perfect, not too heavy and not too flimsy. It's such good quality, I wear it everyday even at work ! The Carrier Bracelet even comes with a charm to start you off! Its the clover leaf charm which is a lovely charm to start with. It retails at £39.95 but you get it free with the bracelet. 

There's so many gorgeous charms to choose from and seriously it's so hard to choose but this is great because it means friends and family can buy you charms for occasions like birthdays etc. They are really afforable aswell with some charms starting as low as £19.95 I love this feather one 

I went for this Skull charm to go with my bracelet because I chose it around Halloween and I really love skulls. I have alot of pretty charms on my Pandora bracelet so I wanted to go for something different. 

It's such a lovely gift for someone or yourself! At only £55 for the bracelet and the Clover Leaf included it's a great value for money and a keepsake you will keep forever. 

*This post contains a pr sample, see disclosure for more information.


I went along to the Smiggle event at the Bullring yesterday. Smiggle is an Australian based stationary brand. I've never heard of Smiggle before but the store opened last week in Solihull so I have had a little look as I walk past to work. It's a really bright store and it's full with amazing colours! The product range is amazing, they stock everything from pens, pencil cases, gadgets, notebooks, diarys, literally everything. They do different things in different designs and colours. The store are always developing products and they have such a fast turnaround so they always have new products and designs coming out. My favourite products were the milkshake pencil cases ( picture below), the keyrings and the Advent Calender . The Advent Calender is such a good buy! Its £20 or 2 for £30 which is great if you have more than one child, inside is 25 stationary gifts! It's so much fun and so different. I think it would be great for teachers to have in their classrooms, you could let one child open a window and get a present throughout the month or buy if for your child /friends children.

The event was great, we got introduced to Smiggle and the chance to have a look around the new store. The staff were all really friendly and knew loads about the products and the brand.
The products are amazing, I love how much effort has gone into each product and how unique everything is. They have lots of unisex colour / styles which is great so there really is something for everyone! They have so many pens and gorgeous notebooks, ( i'm a stationary freak btw) which I think would be great for all ages! THEY HAVE SMELLY GEL PENS honestly I felt 12 again! I used to love using smelly gel pens in my school books because they smelled so good when you would open it! They have snake puzzles, basketball games and more gifts and gadgets that would be great for all age groups!

I had a great time at the event and love the brand, I know my teacher friends will love it! And my little cousins will love the goodies we were given at the event. I am putting together a Christmas Gift Guide and think there's so many amazing things at Smiggle that you could buy kids as gifts for christmas or birthdays! so I'll be sure to include those.

Find your nearest Smiggle store online here Smiggle UK Stores



I started my Christmas Shopping today! Had a look around boots and picked up some exciting bits and pieces. I'm not going crazy this year because were saving for Florida in March. I've only got a few more bits and pieces to get. I also went to the Smiggle  opening in the Bullring which was so fun! I've been abit quiet on the blog this week, with graduation and work i've not found the time to blog. I'm also struggling with topics so if theres anything you want to see on amypyt just let me know! 


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may already know but I graduated yesterday. I had such a lovely day with my family. I thought i'd share what make up I wore, here's a few photos from the day. I wore my YSL Fusion Ink Foundation as my base, it's my favourite foundation right now. It's so easy to apply and is a flawless finish. I used a mixture of Collection Lasting perfection concealer, Clarins Instant Light radiance boosting complexion base* and the Mememe Arch Angel* Highlighter, I used this to highlight areas and to conceal my dark circles. I'm wearing the NYX Blush I reviewed the other day . Rimmel Exaggerate eyes liquid eyeliner and kohl liner, i'm so happy with my liner, I did it first time and it was perfect so that made getting ready stress free! I used Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara* which is great at multiplying lashes but also adding volume to lashes. I added Topshop highlighter in Crescent Moon to my cupid bow.  I used my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for my eyes, first of all I used my potion primer to prep and then the shade 'Buzz' All over, strange in the corner to brighten and Factory for a smokey eye. I used the Hi Impact Brows* palette for my brows and The Rimmel Brow This Way styling gel to set my brows. Finally I used Guerlian Lingerie De Peau* which is a powder foundation to set and Collection Gothic Glam lipstick to finish my look, my nails and shoes were Burgundy so this tied everything together. 



The AirMotion Hairbrush is a revolutionary multi-use hairbrush. Invented and designed in the UK. I won mine at the #FabbBirmingham event, they are avaliable on the AirMotion website for £11.95

The brush is designed to smooth and straighten your hair as you brush it. It removes frizz and easily distributes product throughout the hair. 

It's detangles the hair and doesn't hurt, its so gentle and easily brushes through all lengths.

It has a non-slip grip and is easy for both left and right handed people. 

My favourite thing about the AirMotion Pro is how easily it detangles my hair, i'm so lazy and hate brushing my hair. It's dry and hurts so bad when I brush through it. Not anymore, the AirMotion Pro is so easy to use. It's kind to my hair, I think they would be perfect for kids. 

I have a Tangle Teezer and they are similar, Tangle Teezers don't have the straightening or frizz free technology that the AirMotion has, also they long handle makes it easier and more precise when using. 


NYX BLUSH - £6.00 -

I spotted an amazing shop within the custard factory a couple of weeks ago when I attended the #Fabbevents it was closed because it was sunday so whilst I was in town last week I made sure I popped in. The shop is called cocktail cosmetics and sells some amazing brands such as Lime Crime and Sigma.

They have a website which you can visit here COCKTAILCOSMETICS.CO.UK

This is my first NYX purchase and I also picked up a concealer. The colour is gorgeous a pink blusher which a gold shimmer to it. It's really pigmented you only need a small amount for a natural colour. I have been building it up a little but I love blusher so always go a little over the top.

I have to say I'm so impressed for £6 this is such a good product, it lasts all day and is so pigmented. It's a great product and i'm going to have to buy more shades. This particular shade is perfect for me! The packaging is sleek and simple great for the price. I'll be visiting Cocktail Cosmetics again and again!

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