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Amelia is now 7 months old and shes had a few coughs and colds. It's such a horrible feeling when your baby isn't well and you feel like there's nothing you can do. I thought i'd feature a few products we've used when Amelia has been poorly and a few tips on how to make them a little more comfortable. 

I found that Amelia is most uncomfortable during the night so when she has a cold or cough I would use the Calpol Vapour plug in her room. You just plug it in and you replace a cartridge each night which releases vapours into the air, this eases breathing during the night, we've found it works well for Amelia.

We've been using a few products from Snufflebabe to help relieve Amelia when shes been poorly, I really like the Nasal Spray and find this works really well at clearing her blocked nose. I find it's a bit easier to use that the nasal drops. 

We have also been using the Snufflebabe nasal drops, it's a saline solution which you can use along side the nasal aspirator or on it's own to clear blocked noses. This just makes baby more comfortable as you can't really get a baby to blow their nose which is usually all they need to do. 

I feel like the Nasal drops and nasal spray really clear the nose and throat of mucus and help Amelia to breathe much easier and stops her nose from irritating her. 

Honestly she's not a huge fan of having the saline put in her nose and usually kicks off but she feels much better afterwards. My favourite thing about the Snufflebabe products is they are suitable from birth ( apart from the vapour rub which is 3 months) as some products have weight restrictions and some are from a certain age and when your baby is sick you just want a product on hand that you can use right away without worrying about whether shes old enough or big enough to use it. 

Similar to the Snufflebabe vapour rub is the Mustela Chest Rub, we were sent this a while ago and have recently been using as Amelias had a few colds, I like this because it's a cream not a balm and it rubs into the skin really easily. Again it's suitable from birth which is great. The pine scent promotes comfort and relaxes the baby. I love that it comes in a tube as usually vapour rubs come in a pot that you have to stick your finger in and I prefer a tube that you can squeeze product out. 

These are a few of the products we have been using with Amelia, alongside Calpol if shes really uncomfortable but I think these products are great at helping move mucus and relieving her and making her more comfortable. Another thing we do when shes snuffly is bring her into the bathroom and either run and hot shower or bath and this helps them breathe easier too. I usually put some relaxing music on my phone and light some candles and we will chill out. We have also tried some baby massage as this can help them breathe and unblock any mucus that is stuck. 

* this post contains pr samples. 


We were kindly invited along to The Head of Steam in Birmingham on Wednesday night for their press launch night. Located on Temple Street it's in a fab central location, just up the road from the local transport links and around the corner from The Bullring, Selfridges and Grand Central.

The Head of Steam has a very impressive drinks menu, there's pages and pages of beers from all around the world, cask ales, cocktails, ciders, spirits and soft drinks. I worked my way through the cocktails, they were lovely. I had the Cherry Lollipop which is a mix of Disaronno, Midori, Lime and Cranberry, it was super sweet and fruity, it was amazing. I've never had Disaronno in a cocktail before but it's one of my favourite spirits. I also had a Louisiana Rum Punch which is a mix of Old J Cherry rum, blue curacao, passionfruit puree, pineapple and lemon juice, it was so fresh and summery, it reminded me of holiday. I think the cocktail prices are really reasonable and I think they were quite strong which is always good in cocktails. As I mentioned above they had a huge book of drinks so if cocktails are not for you they have a huge range of other drinks. Clint was actually spoilt for choice and didn't know what to go for so he just asked for an American beer, he was given Motorhead Road Crew which is a pale ale and he said it was good, and tasted a bit like a light beer and he really enjoyed it.

They have a really good variety on the food menu, as well as the main food menu they do Breakfast and Brunch which is served till 3pm, I don't know of many places that serve breakfast that late, it's usually around 12pm but I love breakfast food and loveee brunch so i'm always drawn to places that serve a late brunch. They also offer a selection of sandwiches, wraps and light bites, perfect for lunchtime or early dinner. They also do Pizza's, burgers, hot dogs, pies and much more. I had the BBQ pulled pork stone baked artisan pizza which was gorgeous, i'd say Pizza is up there as one of my favourite foods. The pulled pork was really tasty and the base was lovely, the sauce was very tomato-ey and fresh. The pizza was a really good size, we shared some onion rings and could'nt finish it, I left a slice of pizza as I was stuffed!! Clint had the 12" Chilli Dog which was topped with a 3 bean chilli, it was a really good size and it looked great and came with fries so again was a really good portion size.

I have a sweet tooth and there was a few things on the dessert menu that tickled my taste-buds so we got the Trio Sharing board and picked the Salted Caramel and Chocolate Torte, Strawberry and Rhubarb cheesecake and the Profiteroles with Butterscotch Syrup. We expected them to be smaller portions of the puddings but they were full size, it was huge so it's such a good value for money, you basically get a dessert free. The Torte was a little bit rich for me so I only had a little bit but it was really good, my favourite pudding was the cheesecake, it was really light and fluffy. I wasn't too sure about the Rhubarb but it was lovely very fresh and not overpowering at all. The Profiteroles were soo good, the cream was really fresh and light, they were lovely and it was unusual to have them with butterscotch but it was really nice.

Overall we had a lovely time, the venue is gorgeous very clean and looks really impressive! There's lots of different areas so you can go for just drinks or go along for a whole meal. It would be a great place to go as a group. You order at the bar and this works well when there's a group as you can just go and order and pay for your own. The staff were incredible, we had the best time! Every member of staff were lovely and couldn't have done more for us, they made sure we always had drinks and even when we asked for a little break before we ordered puddings they were happy to leave us to it. It's dog friendly and child-friendly so don't let that put you off. It had a really good vibe and atmosphere and we will definitely go back and we will bring Amelia along with us. They had baby changing facilities and highchairs so it's baby friendly. We both had a lovely night and it was nice to have a night off, have a drink and a catch up and it was such a lovely launch event, we had a fab time. Thank you to Head of Steam for having us.

* All of our food and drinks were complementary, I have not been paid for this review and it's honest and my opinions. 


A few weeks ago we were invited along to a blogger event to learn all about Bambo Nature UK and their brand and products. 

We were invited along to Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens in Northampton for a wonderful afternoon of activities. The day included learning all about the brand and their products and how the brand is really eco-friendly. We also got to learn some Reflexology and baby massage with Tiny Toes. We had a wonderful buffet lunch which was really tasty and they also had a photographer there throughout the day taking photos not just of the event but also of the babies and families which was lovely. You can see from my blog post that we got some absolutely gorgeous photos of Amelia.  The event was really well organised with the kids in mind so there was really good facilities and lots to keep the kids entertained. 

Bambo Nature is a Danish Brand of eco-friendly disposable nappies and gentle baby skincare. The Bambo Nature range is accredited by several certification organisations that guarantee the safe use and environmental friendliness of the products. The Nordic Eco-label on the Bambo Nature range is your guarantee that the products are certified to be environment-friendly. 

The brand are not just accredited by the Nordic-Eco Label but also Asthma and Allergy Denmark and Dermatology tested. This means these products are less likely to cause any irritation, eczema or allergy on babies skin. Unfortunately for us we have found that Amelia does seem to be allergic to the nappies and wipes but she has very sensitive skin and i'm actually allergic to a lot of more natural products so I wouldn't let that put you off. We have tried some of their skincare range which so far so good... no allergies. The brand have actually won loads of awards for their products which you can check out  here on their website.

At the event we got to take part in a little taster session of some Reflexology and Massage with Tiny Toes, they are a based in Northampton and offer lots of services aswell as baby reflexology. We got to learn about massage and ways in which you can use this to relieve baby and comfort them when they feel unsettled. It's also a good way to bond with baby and soothing simulation through massage is scientifically show to aid childhood development. 

The brand also have a range of skincare products which includes their brand new Splish Splash Bath Oil, a Snuggle time body lotion, Love Balm Soothing Cream and Bath Buddy hair and body wash. We are so excited to try the range and I will be featuring the products in a full review once we've given them a proper try for a few weeks. The range is all suitable for sensitive skin and full of natural and organic ingredients. They are free of perfumes, dyes and parabens and certified eco-friendly, vegan and dermatologist tested. So far we've only tried the bath oil and we love this so far but we are super excited to give the other products a try. I love the packaging and the products are really affordable. 

We also got to learn massage on their feet and how this can also comfort baby, we got to learn a shorter routine just for their feet which you can perform anywhere. I really liked the baby massage and reflexology and have been looking into local groups as it's something i'd love to do with Amelia. She seemed to really enjoy it and i've actually had a look online at some other reflexology and massage videos as Amelia's been a little unsettled this week as she has a cold and I really feel that this is helping her to relax and actually helping her to wind down to relieve her congestion.

Also throughout there was a lovely photographer Natalie from Imaging Eye Photography who took some amazing photos and we were lucky enough to get some really nice shots of the three of us and some lovely ones of Amelia. 

We had such a lovely day, lunch was amazing. We got to learn loads about the brand, the PR girls were so lovely and everyone really loved Amelia and it was so nice to bring her along to an event and mingle with other mums. There was crafts going on for the older kids and lots of tea and biscuits for the mums, it was fab. Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens are beautiful and we will be returning as the grounds were amazing and i'd love to go back and have a good look around. 

Thank you to Bambo Nature UK for the invite, we had such a lovely day! 



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We were invited along to the event and have been gifted products to feature. I have not been paid for this post


We have been having some seriously gorgeous weather so I wanted to share a few of my favourite summer trends and picks from the highstreet right now!

I've always been a lover of a good summery dress and I tend to wear a lot of dresses throughout the summer, I have actually found myself reaching for comfy tshirts and jeans or culottes right now so I need to buy a few nice dresses for the summer months.

I love this Khaki shirt dress, I think this would look fab with some tan sandals and a pretty round straw bag. I love midi length dresses and think they really suit me, they are also perfect for the UK as sometimes it's warm enough for a dress but I don't necessarily want to get my legs out. 

Here's another lovely midi length dress, this one is a little more casual. I'm loving the whole buttons down the front trend this summer. There's some really gorgeous tops and dresses with pretty button detailing on which is such a nice addition to a casual top or dress. I love this rust colour as it really suits me and is a nice transitional colour from summer into autumn,

I love this plunge tie detailing on these dresses and tops right now, I think the bow detailing is so lovely and again add's a little subtle detail so a nice simple dress or top. Head over to www.upbra.com to check out their line of Upbra® Cleavage Enhancing bras, they use the new patented ActiveLift® technology to give more cleavage to smaller cup sizes and more lift to women with larger cup sizes, better than any other bra. These dresses will look so much better with a well fitted plunge style bra that gives a great cleavage.

I love this pink /blush culotte jumpsuit and think it would be gorgeous dressed up with some high sandals or dressed down with a pair of flat sandals for the days time.

I love sandals and I always buy a few new pairs of sandals each summer. I work in retail and wear sandals every single day of the summer even if it's raining as they look good with my work dresses and my feet get too hot in anything else. I love these Rose gold sandals, they would look soo good with any of these outfits, I really like these little black western sandals too and would pair these with something like white polka dot tie dress.

I don't know what it is about dungaree dresses but every year I want to get one. I think they look super cute with a little stripe tee and a pair of converse, the perfect summer/ festival trend. 

So yeah i'm loving these summer trends and these are so bits that i'm loving right now, I really want to buy the Rust midi dress and I love the mustard top with the white button down midi skirt. What are your favourite summer trends?

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We are hoping to buy our own place in the next few years, at the moment we are renting so I am restricted when it comes to decorating so I tend to buy new accessories to refresh our home.

I'm always looking for ideas and inspiration for our future home and I thought i'd share a few products and ideas I have for our living room. I actually really want to buy a few new bits and pieces for our current living room to brighten the place up a little.

Right now alot of our accessories are black and white as the sofa is black, when we buy our own sofa  I want to go for a grey sofa and will most likely have alot of grey accessories. I think grey is really classy and clean. Right now I plan on buying some grey cushions and maybe a grey rug to incorporate it into our current living room and then we can bring these items with us when we move. By using accessories to add colour to a room it makes it really easy to change a colour theme and is more affordable than replacing all of your furniture.

I'm loving window shutters right now and think they look so clean and stylish, much nicer than fabric blinds. Thomas Sanderson stock window shutters for any window, I think these Bay Window shutters look so nice, I like traditional bay windows and think the shutters make them look gorgeous.

I really want to buy some new furniture and accessories, alot of our furniture is quite cheap, it's pretty much all from Ikea and i'd like to add some new pieces to our living room. This nest of tables would be perfect, they are white with a little wooden top and would look fab in our living room. We have a coffee table right now but I think I'm going to get rid of this to make more room.

I'm on the lookout for some nice new bits like a new lamp and some new cushions and a throw. I want to make our living room look cleaner and more modern. We have a lot of black and white and patterns going on and I think I want the room to look more grown up with crisp clean furniture and accessories.

I'm always looking out for new bits and accessories to refresh my home and always looking for new stylish ways to keep my home looking trendy, clean and new.

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We recently went along to Cafe Rouge in The Mailbox Birmingham to try out their iconic Croque Monsieurs and Gin Blooms. 

The Croques are a regular on the Cafe Rouge menu but not something that you really hear much about! A Croque is a classic grilled Emmental Cheese Sandwhich on sourdough with Bechamel sauce. 

They have 5 Croques to choose from, the have the original Monsieur and Madame and the NEW Chicken Club, Hot Smoked Salmon and Portobello Mushroom. 

We were lucky enough to try 4 out of the 5 Croques and we had lots of Champagne and Gin and frites too! 

The Croques were sooo good, it was lovely to try all of the different flavours. It's just a sandwich but it's grilled and covered in cheese and creamy bechamel sauce (SO GOOD!) My favourite had to be the Chicken Club, it was really lovely tender chicken. The Portobello Mushroom one comes with Goats Cheese, Baby Spinach and a drizzle of Truffle Oil, it was really good! It's not something I would order usually for myself but I would order that again it was so tasty! 

We got to try a few different Champagnes with the food which tasted really good and really complemented the food. We also got to try their new Pink Gin Blooms which were lovely, i'm not really a big Gin drinker, it's not something I would usually order but it was really nice and refreshing and it was a nice sunny day so went down very well. 

Overall it was such a lovely event, we got to try some lovely food and met lots of lovely people. 

Thanks to Cafe Rouge for the invite and for having us. 

* we were invited along to the event to try the new croques, our food and drink was complementary. I have not been paid for this feature.  


I've been subscribed to Freddie's Flowers for a few months now and I thought i'd share some of the gorgeous bunches of flowers that I have received.  

Freddie's Flowers is a subscription service, you can sign up to receive a regular delivery of flowers, you can choose the dates you would like to recieve a box. I have them set to weekly deliveries but you can change this so you get them fortnightly or monthly it's completely up to you. 

It's £22 a box which is such a good price for a bunch of flowers delivered to your door. As you can see from my photos the bunch of flowers that you see are not your usual roses or carnations. You get a beautiful bunch of unique flowers. They arrive beautifully fresh and are packaged up really well. They come in a cardboard box and the flowers are protected in brown paper and arrive in a great condition. The flowers last really well, I had one bunch for about 3 weeks but they usually last on average for about 2 weeks. 

Inside your box with your flowers you also get a piece of paper that shows you exactly how to arrange your flowers so they look amazing! I love following the instructions and find it really therapeutic. There's also loads of information of their website about different vases and how to arrange your flowers. 

I'm loving the flowers and it's just lovely having a regular delivery of flowers. I've actually given a couple of the bunches away to my family, I brought a bunch round for my nan and there's a bunch on my mom's dining table. I love knowing that I have a delivery of beautiful fresh flowers waiting for me when I get home. 

I have loved every single bunch that have arrived so far, they have all lasted so well and I think £22 is such a great price for such a gorgeous bunch of flowers. 

Use my code AmyG4686  for a free box 

* this post contains a pr sample 
- if you use my code to recieve a free box, I will also recieve a free box.