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LIFESTYLE: How to Stay Healthy While Working a Full-time Job

 How to Stay Healthy While Working a Full-time Job

Staying fit and healthy can feel like a burden when you have a full-time job. After a stressful day in the office, you probably don't feel like lighting your stove to put together dinner, let alone hit the treadmill or gym. According to statistics, physical inactivity is responsible for one in every six deaths in the UK, with an estimated cost of £7.4 billion every year. With the current lockdown and restrictions due to the pandemic, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. Here are four proven ways to stay on top of your health while working full-time.

  1. Start your day early

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As the famous saying goes, the early bird gets the best worms; you can apply this in your daily routine as well. Several pieces of research have proven that the most successful people are those who get up early. Waking up early to start your day plays a key role in how fulfilling your day is. However, starting right begins from the previous night. Ensure to get enough sleep, at least eight hours; to rise early, odds are you'll have to take an early bed to get a decent night's sleep

  1. Skip the gym 

Hitting the gym every morning can feel like too much work. While an early morning exercise has great physical and mental benefits, there are other exciting ways to keep fit without having to deal with frequently putting off your gym time. You can consider biking to work, a weekend hike, or join the recreational football team with your friends. It's harder to stay away from practice when it's planned with others. Furthermore, you’re almost certain to engage in something you enjoy doing and most likely not realize the work that comes with it. 

  1. Share responsibilities with your partner 

It’s fundamental to establish clear jobs, duties, and expectations in your home. You may take up some jobs in the home while your spouse also takes responsibility for others. One may cook on certain days while the other does the cleaning after dinner. However, there are days when your spouse may not be available, which can prove a headache, particularly when you’re remote working. Combining home and work duties have proven difficult for several people, especially when there are kids involved. Fortunately, companies such as Shiply can help with easing some tasks such as searching for a budget-friendly courier, so you can focus on other jobs. 

  1. Plan your weekday meals 

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Planning your meals reduces pressure and anxiety when having to prepare meals. It’s common to find yourself contemplating what to have for dinner during lunchtime. It’s, therefore, advisable to make plans to reduce the extra pressure associated with preparing your meals. Planning your weekday meals during the weekend means you can complete your grocery shopping before the weekday pressure sets in. If you live with a spouse, you can get tech-savvy by creating a Google drive to share your grocery lists, meaning either of you two can take up the responsibility of shopping without necessarily having to call the other during working hours.




Who doesn’t dream of owning a Porsche, right? Hello, luxury! However, do you know about the history of Porsche, especially in the world of racing?

If there is one brand that has an undeniable reputation in the world of cars, it is Porsche. Not only are they known for creating stylish and reliable sports cars but impressive race cars as well. In fact, they even have their own race league, which is called the Porsche GT3 Cup. With that being said, below we are going to take a look at their incredible GT3 race cars in further detail, revealing everything you need to know about them and why they lead the way in the world of racing.

There is only one place to begin when it comes to reviewing any race car and this is, of course, with the performance of it. There is something very impressive and special about the GT3’s engine. To begin with, it is a flat-six. This is something that is completely unique to Porsche. However, unlike the rest of the range of 911 engines, this one is aspirated naturally, rather than being turbocharged. Because of this, you get an instant response whenever you put your foot on the accelerator pedal. To say this car is fast would be nothing short of an understatement. It is super, super fast - the short of speed that pushes your torso back into the seat. Just what you want from a race car!

The interior is exceptionally plush. It is about as perfect as you can get. There is so much height and reach adjustment to the steering wheel, which means that you can pretty much guarantee you will find the position spot-on. By modern standards, the dash has an unusual number of buttons. This is great, meaning there are so many different options. Plus, while you may think that it is going to make it confusing to use your car, these buttons are easy to recognise and easy to use.

Finally, there is a surprising amount of room in this vehicle considering it is a Porsche Cup Car. It is roomier than its rivals. So, even if you are six-foot-plus, you are going to have both legroom and headroom to spare. Plenty of space is something a lot of people are looking for when they head to used car brokers. You will struggle to find another supercar that combines practicality with speed and performance like Porsche has managed to do with their race cars and cup cars. 

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the Porsche Cup Car! Their reputation in the world of racing is no fluke. When you consider all of the different features and characteristics that have been discussed, it is not hard to see why Porsche cars are held in such high regard. They deliver on every front; from style to reliability to power and performance. If you get the opportunity to experience one of these vehicles, you certainly will not be disappointed.

LIFESTYLE: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tips



If you’re looking to give your home an update this spring, why not consider some eco-friendly additions to freshen up the place? Include some natural touches and bring the outside in. Create more space and let the clean air ventilate your home. You could also look into using sustainable materials for renovation projects, such as beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood. If you’re mindful about your choices, you can minimise the environmental impact they have. Here are five quick eco-friendly interior design tips.

Get in touch with nature

Decorating your home with plants will create a calming atmosphere. Bring nature inside this spring with some lush green plants and fresh flowers. Be careful to make environmentally-conscious choices about the plants you buy to keep your "plant miles" down. Go for local indigenous plants that haven’t been imported. These will also be more likely to thrive in this climate. Speak to someone at your local garden centre for help and advice. 

Sustainable materials

If you’re planning on making big changes to your home such as a full renovation, use sustainable materials. For example, reclaimed wood is incredibly versatile and can be used for both your interior and exterior. It’s very durable and practical, but stunningly attractive. Each piece could tell a story. There are plenty of websites which will tell you to source reclaimed wood near you. If you can, find out where the wood you’re using originated from.

Upcycled creations

Perhaps you’re the creative type and would like to add a personal touch to your renovations. Upcycling is a fun and eco-friendly way to do this. If you have old furniture in the attic you can revamp it yourself and find it a new use. You could also buy cheap second-hand furniture and other materials in charity shops to upcycle. Upcycling is the most eco-friendly yet stylish way to furnish your home because you’re recycling used items and turning them into statement pieces. 

Keep it clean

In order to maintain an eco-friendly home, you need to keep it aerated and clean. Rearrange your furniture and consider changing your window coverings to let in as much natural light as possible. Open windows and ventilate naturally to help rid your home of dust, bacteria and allergens. You could even hire Green cleaning service if it’s in need of a big job. There are green cleaning businesses that only use organic cleaning products and environmentally-friendly methods to deep clean your home. 

Minimise VOC content

What’s VOC you ask? VOC stands for volatile organic compounds which are found in many interior design products including paint, adhesives, and even synthetic carpets and cheap furniture. Make sure you avoid decorating products with VOC content and look for Green-seal certified products instead. This won’t give off chemicals that are to the environment, and that can even be toxic overtime. With a few quick updates you can turn your home into a green oasis. Eco-friendly interior design doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. It’s actually a more minimalist, cleaner approach.

LIFESTYLE: Could These Renovations Bring Your Home Back To Life?'

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It’s shocking how easy it can be to find that your home just doesn’t excite you in the way that it used to. When your first move into a new home, it’s one of the most exciting things in the world and every morning you wake up feeling excited to spend your time there. However, as time goes one, it’s not all that uncommon for a lot of people’s homes to lose a little bit of their lustre. A common response to this is to find somewhere new and move home but that may well not be the best option. After all, moving home can be a stressful and expensive process and you can’t even be sure it will solve your problem. Instead, here are some areas of your home that you might well be better off renovating instead.


There are a lot of people who believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home and there’s a good reason for that. Not only is it the place where family meals are made but it’s a part of the house that should always be buzzing with energy and excitement. People chat while cooking, kids and parents make treats together, it really is the beating heart of any home. Of course, that’s not the case if your kitchen is feeling drab, dark, dated, and ugly. If that’s the case, it can drag the whole tone of your home down. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to fix that issue. Even something as simple as new tiles on the walls or new countertops can make your kitchen feel brighter, newer, and more alive in an instant.


If your bathroom feels dark and unappealing, that’s going to be a whole lot worse than it would be for any other room. The reason for this is that an ugly bathroom often ends up feeling like an unclean bathroom, no matter how much care you take over it. Bathroom renovations can help to take what could be the most depressing room in your home and make it a place you would actually want to spend your time. That way, you can actually start to enjoy taking a hot soak in the bath again.


So much of the time attics become entirely wasted space, used as little more than a dumping ground. Why not instead turn your attic into a liveable space? You could use it as a spare room, an office, a game room, or anything else you can think of. It’s a space in your home that’s just completely going to waste right now.

Of course, it's important to make sure that you're always planning any renovations carefully. The last thing you want is for the budget or schedule to end up flying out of control! When that happens, you can end up in a position where your home is not only not living up to what you had hoped, but you may even have to go through a period where your home is barely even a liveable space.


It's safe to say Valentines Day is going to be very different this year, especially with the restaurants and bars being closed but that doesn't mean Valentines is cancelled. Jack's have everything you need for a cosy night in and even better, you can do it without breaking the bank. 

Jack's have everything you need for the most romantic at-home date night and best of all you can get everything whilst doing your weekly shop. They currently have a Valentines Day Dine In deal which is perfect and an absolute bargain! For just £10 you can get a starter, main and desert! The deal includes;
Le Rustique Camembert
Jack's Bake at home Baguettes
Jack's Tender 100% British Beef Steaks
Jack's Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Jack's Green Vegetable Medley 
Jack's Melting middle Chocolate Sponge Pudding

All for just £10! They also have some great offers on drinks too, Bosford Rose Gin is just £14 or Canti Proseccco Spumante is currently on offer for £6.50 or Prospero Leggero Secco Rosato is just £5.50

They also have a beautiful range of bouquets to meet all budgets starting at just £1 for a single rose or you can opt for a dozen Luxury roses for just £8,!! Jack's have a great range of different flowers and they all have a 7-day freshness guarantee!  You can also grab a box of Chocolates to go with the roses, there's loads to choose from. I grabbed a box of my favourites whilst I was in store. They also have a middle aisle which is full of seasonal gifts so there really is something for everyone. 

I popped into my local store and was amazed at the great quality products they have on offer! They stock Britain's favourite brands at amazing prices as well as their own brand products which looked great! I decided to go for the Valentines day dine in deal as £10 is just outstanding value for money! I made a couple of tweaks and got some Jack's Parmentier Potatoes instead of mash and I went for mushrooms and a Jack's Peppercorn sauce to go along side our steaks! 100% of Jack's fresh Chicken, Beef and Lamb is British, so is their Milk. So you know you are getting great quality for your money. 

I picked up the bake at home bread and Camembert for starter as it was part of the Valentines Day deal so amazing value for money I also picked up the Melting middle chocolate sponge cake and a tin of custard Mmm 

I couldn't resist the roses so grabbed a couple of bunches as they were such a great price and some yummy chocolates too! I'm not drinking right now so I picked up a bottle of Jack's Sparkling Apple and Elderflower Presse and a bottle of beer for Clint.

Whilst I was in store I grabbed a few bits for the week such as milk, cheese, chicken and beef mince and a few cupboard essentials too. I was super impressed with the layout of the store, they have a number of measures in store to keep customers and staff safe at this time. They are following social distancing guidelines and limiting numbers into the store. The aisles are wider than other supermarkets to allow an easier shopping experience. I also noticed plenty of hand sanitizer in the store and markings on the floor to ensure social distancing. 

So we popped on the fireplace youtube video and lit some candles and had the most wonderful night in, it was so nice sitting at the table and actually talking and enjoying each others company as we ate our delicious food! I was so impressed with the quality and value for money. You will be amazed by how much you can get at Jack's for £30! 

[AD]  Paid partnership with Jack's Supermarket and I was kindly gifted a voucher for the products.

LIFESTYLE: Home Automation Options That Are Worth Your Time & Money

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There are loads of home automation products on the market at the moment. Countless companies have put their hats into the ring, providing products that are able to take the work out of living in your home. Of course, though, many of the options you find are very costly, and this can make it hard to justify having them for your place. To help you to decide which home automation tools will be worth it for you, this post will be exploring a range of options that provide genuine benefits to your home on a daily basis.


The lighting inside your home is very important, giving you security and making it possible for you to see when its dark. Of course, though, lighting can also use a huge amount of power when left on unnecessarily, and this can end up costing a small fortune over time. Smart lighting options have been getting better and better in recent years, making it possible for you to control your lights from the phone you carry all the time. Movement sensors can also help with this, with many modern buildings being fitted with lights that can turn themselves on and off to save some money.

Gates & Doors

If you have a gate that separates your home from the outside world, you will probably have a good idea of the pain that can come with having to open it each day to let yourself in and out. Automatic gate openers can be a great solution to this problem, providing you with the means to have your gates opened for you, all at the click of a button. This sort of option can be found for doors too, with modern smart locks being able to lock your door behind you based on how far you get from it. This is excellent for people who often find themselves worrying that doors are locked after they’ve set off for a big trip.


Finally, as the last idea to consider, it’s time to think about doorbells. While this isn’t strictly an automation option, smart doorbells have come a long way in recent times and can provide huge benefits to your home. Products like this will usually come with HD cameras that will give you a good view of the person on your doorstep, while also acting as CCTV in case anything goes wrong. You can also talk through bells like this, giving you the power to make it sound like someone is home when you are actually far away. This sort of option is great for those who want to improve the security of their home.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of taking on home automation options that are worth the time and money that go into them. Of course, as time goes on, more and more options like this will be hitting the market, giving you access to a wealth of home automation products.



Freya Viva Lingerie set* Bra -£29 Short £14

I thought i'd write up a review on this lingerie set that I was kindly sent over by Freya. I haven't done any lingerie reviews in a while as I've been living in my same old bra but thought it would be nice to try something new and i'm so glad I did. I really like Freya when it comes to lingerie and swimwear as they have soo much choice. They have a great range of styles for all sizes! I'm wearing a 32H/34GG right now but this isn't an issue with Freya as most of their bras are available in this size. 

This is the Viva bra and short set, it comes in plain Black but they also do it in a couple of patterns. It's a good bra for all shapes and sizes as it offers so much support, this also makes it the perfect everyday bra. The Viva starts in a D cup and goes up to a K cup and the four piece cup gives a great uplift and forward projection. 

It's really comfortable and the material is really soft. It's really smooth under clothes so you can wear it with everything. The straps are fully adjustable too, this is something I struggle with as I'm quite short. The detailing on the cup is really pretty and just adds a little something. It's quite a practical bra so this just adds a little decoration. 

The shorts are super comfy, they come up nice and high which I like. They are the same, a super soft material. I really like Freya bottoms, they are always super comfy and such nice material. 

The bra is £29 and the shorts £14 which I think are both great value for such a staple everyday 

If you are not sure on your bra size or you've never worn Freya before they have a whole advice page with loads of information about fitting and how to know if your bra fits correctly.