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Losing a loved one can have a severe impact on your mental health. The sudden loss of someone you expected to be there forever, whether it’s a friend, family member, pet, or even a celebrity, can hit you harder than you think, even if you feel okay at first. While you will always have the memories of who they were, it also helps to have a place or event where you can celebrate them your way. If you want to pay tribute to a loved one, here are some ideas for you to consider. 

Traditional Memorials 

Although many people have embraced non-traditional memorials, there are still plenty of reasons to use cemetery grave markers or plaques to remember loved ones who have passed away. This gives you a designated place to visit and pay your respects, and it allows others, whether relatives, friends, or co-workers, to do the same. 

Even if you opt for cremation rather than burial, you may be able to place markers at the site where you scattered ashes, but this will usually depend on where it is and any laws in the area. 

Plant A Garden 

A memorial garden with their favorite flowers is another great option for remembering loved ones. Although traditional settings are good, there is something about the care and attention you pay to a garden that keeps you coming back. 

Rather than being a place for you to pay respects, you can use the garden as a way to continue their legacy, especially if they loved gardening, and you used to spend time in their garden with them. The more care you put into this garden, the more it will flourish, and gardening itself has numerous mental health benefits that will help you grieve.  

Create a Memory Quilt 

Memory quilts will make sure there is something of them with you at all times. If you’re adept at sewing, you can take t-shirts and other items, including photographs printed on fabric, to create something you can wrap yourself in once the temperature drops. 

You don’t need to be an expert at patchwork, though. You could find someone who will do it for you, especially if you don’t have the skills yourself. While it might feel right to do it yourself, you want professional quality to make sure it will last. 

Celebrate Every Year

There is often no better way to remember someone than to mark a date on the calendar that you celebrate every year. The celebrations are entirely up to you, and you can make them as large or as intimate as you like. 

Whether it’s just a few friends and family members to a full-blown memorial event, perhaps to raise money for charity, there are plenty of options there. Pick one that feels right to you. 


The memories of your loved ones will never fade, and these ideas will help you celebrate their life and legacy whenever and wherever you want. They can help you come to terms with loss and start the healing process, however long you need to take. 



Home comfort

Preparing for storms creates a lot of uncertainty and tension in a family. Storms are scary for everyone, not just the kids. 

As you start to think of covering every eventuality to protect your home, it’s easy to forget about home comforts. From cutting the trees to preparing bags in the case of evacuation; feelings of fear can overwhelm you pretty fast. It’s understandable. However, looking out for each other as a family in storm season makes everything a little easier. 

Start making your comfortable safe space and get everyone involved to find comfort in the fear of storm season.

Start off with these simple yet comforting suggestions: 

Games, Games, Games

When preparing for the storm, think of some family-orientated activities to see you through the worst it. From board games to charades and cards; making a storm into a time for family bonding is a great way to ease the tension. 

To get the kids involved with storm preparation, let them choose the games and put them into a safe space. This is a great way to keep them busy while you prepare the more serious things such as the hurricane shutters. As they are getting ready to, it will help them to understand what is happening. By focusing the attention away from the storm with games, the feelings of fear will not disappear but it will distract everyone with a little fun!

Comfort Foods

Let medicine be food! 

While canned goods are always essential, cooking family favourites and storing them is a great way to find a little peace of mind as the storm begins. Homemade food is one of the greatest comforts! 

To get the kids involved, teach them how to prepare food during storms so that they know what to do. Cooking together is both rewarding and a great family bonding time while you prepare.

When thinking about stock-piling, think of healthy, nutritious foods first. Healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts keep for long periods of time.

Emotional Check-Ins

Storms take an emotional toll on everyone in the family home. 

Before, during, and after storms hit, you can do an emotional check-in with all of the family. This can be in secret where everyone writes their emotions down on paper and puts them in a box or more open in a sharing circle where these emotions are said out loud. You can prepare blankets and pillows as home comforts to make them feel cosier.

If your children are not willing to take part, having some time one-on-one to talk about it is a great way to connect, check-in, and share feelings. Remember to share yours too. 

Storms can bring families closer together. The great home comfort during this season will be looking out for each other, trying to keep spirits high, and getting through the challenge as a family unit. With these simple yet powerful suggestions, you’ll find the next storm season a chance to bond.


 It's not uncommon for money to be tight when you have a young family. However, it is natural if you want to take your kids on vacation to spend quality time together and have fun, and going abroad may not be an option for you due to a limited budget. Fortunately, you don't have to fly abroad or travel very far to have a good time, so we've collected a list of budget-friendly and incredibly entertaining staycation ideas for your family in 2021.


Pretend to be a tourist in your own town

You don't even have to leave your hometown or city to have a staycation, so why not explore it as if it were your first time? Consider the areas you already know are tourist attractions, conduct a fast Google search for activities in your neighbourhood, and spend a few days (or weeks, depending on your schedule) exploring your hometown. You'll be shocked how much of your town you haven't seen yet! You can also keep track of how much money you're spending and only visit sites that are within your budget. Alternatively, if your children are a little older and more daring, look into and book local adventure packages, which frequently include kayak, canoe, tandem cycle, and boat rentals.

Rough it up

If you're looking for a low-cost holiday for the family, why not consider camping (roughing it)? It's a terrific way to get away from home for a few days and reconnect with nature. Camping equipment is not expensive, and once you have it, you will be able to jump in the car and spend a weekend away whenever you choose!

If you don't like the notion of camping, or if your children are too little for it right now, why not consider looking at used caravans for sale? Buying a caravan for your family allows you to take use of the amenities nearby as well as those provided by the resort. Many caravan parks feature indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, table tennis courts, clubhouses, children's parks, lakes with pedalos, and other amenities. Signing up for sites like Groupon will help you save even more money on your family vacation.

Go to a gig

Going to a somewhat out-of-town gig is a terrific way to convert something cool into a short staycation. Look for band tickets at your preferred venue online and turn it into a weekend getaway by renting a hotel and exploring this new location. All you have to do now is determine who you're going to see and when! The beautiful thing about this idea is that you can do it at any time of year, as many times as you want, plus you get to see your favourite musicians perform!

Go hiking

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to live in an area with lots of gorgeous landscape, take advantage of it! Pack a picnic, put on some comfy shoes, and go on lengthy treks with your family! It's a great way to burn off energy (especially for the kids) and get some much-needed fresh air.


 Choosing the right furniture for your house is a big deal. It may seem like an easy decision, but there are many factors to consider before making your final choice. Space, quality, and price all play a significant role in the quality of life you experience in your home. In addition, the money you spend on furniture can improve your life at home; so, you should be willing to pay a little more if it means having better furniture that will last longer.

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Quality is another factor to consider when choosing your house furniture. Buying cheap, poorly made items may end up costing you more in the long run if they don't last as long or need replacing sooner than necessary.

This is the most crucial factor to consider when buying furniture because, naturally,  you want your home furnishings to last and be comfortable for years. This will save money in the long run, as well as boost your happiness.

Good quality furniture like these knocker chairs will last longer, be more comfortable to sit on or sleep in and match your current room theme. But, of course, the budget should come second to this factor since budget-friendly prices can often mean lower quality items. 


Before buying any furniture, it is essential to make sure that it will fit in your home. For example, you may love a sofa, but if you have to squeeze past the coffee table every time you get up from it, you won't be able to use it very often.

Are you considering buying a smaller sized couch but still want that extra space for hosting guests? In this case, maybe look into getting an ottoman with storage instead of another full-sized seat. 


When you are trying to save money, the price may be your number one priority. However, there’s a difference between cheap and inexpensive; the former is never good quality, whereas the latter can be. 

When choosing furniture on a budget, make sure to find out what makes something expensive or inexpensive before making any purchases. Also, keep in mind whether buying second-hand is worth it and who will need to use this furniture.

How It Matches Your Room Theme 

This is another crucial thing to consider when purchasing furniture. If you have a home with an interior design theme that is rustic, it may not be the best idea for you to buy contemporary-style furnishings. Instead, choose something that matches your room's needs and design style.


Your preference is an essential factor when choosing your house furniture. Do you like the design? Is it comfortable for you to sit on, and will it fit in with the rest of your decorating theme? What is more important: how good something looks or its functionality?

Ensure you choose something that you like and will use to its full potential.


In conclusion, when choosing your house furniture, consider the factors discussed above. Some of these are very important, while others are less so. No matter what you decide, though, just be sure that all is well with the quality of what you’re purchasing.


 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving To Your New Home

Suppose you are preparing to relocate to your new home. In that case, it's imperative to take specific steps to make your move smooth and stress-free. Improper planning can make the process disorganised, leading to significant stress levels. Moreover, you can end up damaging or losing some of your belongings. That said, here’re some mistakes to avoid when moving to your new home. 

  1. Not choosing the right moving company

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While it’s not wrong to anticipate your move to your new living space, you don’t want to jump at the first moving company you interact with. Moving scams are on the rise, and you may end up a victim if you’re not intentional about selecting your movers. Moreover, uncertified providers can offer you a low quote and refuse to deliver your belongings until you pay extra. Therefore, it's not advisable to go for the cheapest options either. To be on the safer side, seek referrals from friends or families, and ensure that the company is insured and licensed. Also, avoid those who demand cash payment before service or can't answer your questions satisfactorily. 

  1. Packing your items quickly and improperly 

It’s not advisable to pack your items quickly and without proper planning. Quick packing can cause you to pack things you're not supposed to. According to mymove.com, many moving companies indicate that people pack in a disorganised manner, leading to damaged appliances and even property loss. For instance, packing your electronic devices with speakers can be destroyed due to exposure to magnetic fields. Also, computer or TV screens should be placed flat against the carton to prevent damage. Experts also advise that you purge, sort and organise your belongings and sort out. Doing this will help you determine the ones to keep, donate, recycle or throw away. 

  1. Not working with storage services 

Small relocations within the city may not require storage. However, you will need storage services if you are moving to a new city or country. These professionals can provide greater security and safety for your belongings. What's more, professional self-storage companies own facilities that can withstand weather conditions, so you can rest assured knowing that your properties are safe and not at risk of damage. Therefore, you should work with these experts when you're planning your big move. 

However, it's essential to research various companies and look for reviews to determine the best option. Fortunately, you can partner with credible storage providers like Rosebud Mini Warehousing for the best experience. That said, you can visit https://www.rmselfstorage.com.au/ for more details. 

  1. Not having insurance

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Although everyone seeks a damage-free move, life can be pretty unpredictable. Unfortunately, most people don't see the need for insurance, thinking their moving companies will be liable for damage costs during a move. Although your removal package may offer liability terms, they don’t cover extensive damages. Therefore, it’s prudent to acquire removals insurance, as it covers damages or losses to your properties. Moreover, it offers peace of mind while preventing additional expenses. However, it's best to work with professionals to be eligible for this insurance policy when packing. 



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After children your garden and even your home change. That living room makeover you did now has a few additions in the form of children’s toys, however, gardens tend to be transformed even more. Once a tranquil space for sitting, relaxing, and entertaining, it has now become a space for sports, making dens, riding bikes, and making mud pies. However, just because you have children does not mean that your garden has to be less enjoyable for you. Here are some transformative ideas where you too, can have the best of both worlds.

Let Nature Entertain

You don’t have to stock your garden up with all of the latest garden toys to encourage your children to play outside and clutter your outdoor space. Your children will be able to create fun and use their imagination to make even a wide-open space entertaining and enjoyable. Examples of this could be by keeping tree trunk stumps and can be used for obstacle courses or climbing. You could place stepping stones across the gardens and watch them play the floor is lava as they hop from one stone to another. The options are endless, if they can imagine it, they can play it. 

Keep It Bright

As the seasons change so can the level of light. This does not mean that the garden is still not a place to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. By considering your space you can add lighting such as Totallux Outdoor to add an ambiance the adults will enjoy and the light needed to keep the magic and games alive for the children. 

Have A Lawn

For children, nothing beats having a patch of grass to play on. Not only does it provide a soft landing for those tumbles that all children have, but it also provides a soft surface when practicing their forward rolls, cartwheels, and for all ball games. Surrounded by high planters and borders you can create a border that you enjoy that is safely protected from being trampled from little feet. 

Have Sections

To create an aesthetically pleasing garden you will want to separate the garden into sections. This is a genius way to ensure that a section of the garden is designed to still give you that adult space and tranquility, whilst still giving a lovely outlook onto the more child-focused parts of the garden. 

Incorporate A Blackboard Wall

Instead of having artistic masterpieces dotted all over your tiled flooring that can leave a trail of chalk footprints and mess, try using a spare wall or attaching a chalkboard to an area of your garden. With a few scatter cushions underneath or a seating area, you can keep the children entertained for hours on end and still keep the garden looking its best with this designated drawing area. 

Make A Garden Tent

When you have children there are never enough shaded retreats. By constructing a tent in the garden with poles, you can plant climbers to cover the area. Not only have you made the perfect den by making it with plants you have also kept you garden tasteful.


I've been using the Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better aroma spa diffuser for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to share my first impressions as i'm loving it!

I really struggle to get to sleep, I find my mind wanders and I stay up for hours just thinking and struggling to switch off. So when Tisserand got in touch to see if I wanted to try their Aroma Spa Diffuser and Sleep Better Oil I jumped at the opportunity and I'm so glad I did. 

I noticed a big difference straight away with my sleep. I put the diffuser on a couple of hours before bed. It has two mist settings so you can either have it set to go off in 30 sec bursts or on constant. I have it set to 30 sec bursts and this is plenty and fills the whole room quickly. The diffuser also lights up which is really relaxing. I like to read my book in bed for a little bit before I go to sleep and this really sets the mood and gets me all ready for bed. 

The diffuser is really easy to use. You fill it with water (ill to max water line) and then add 6-8 drops of oil. I have the Sleep Better oil but they do a huge range of other oils and they are all great for different things. I want to try Peppermint Essential Oil and their Total De-stress diffuser oil. They actually have a sale on at the moment so it's a great time to check them out if you've been thinking about trying essential oils. 

Overall I've found the diffuser really easy to use. I love the light settings and think they really create a nice ambiance. The mist is nice and fine and smells lovely and really helps me relax and get ready for bed. I've found that by getting myself ready for bed and more relaxed I tend to not think and worry about things as much. 

Tisserand Aromatherapy have a huge range of products as well as their essential oils and diffusers, they stock bath products, natural deodorants and skincare so be sure to head over to their website and check them out :) 

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