I thought i'd share a few tips on how I keep fit on a budget, since having our own flat I had to cancel my gym membership. I wanted to keep fit but had to do it on a budget so here's a few tips and tracks on keeping fit and working out but without breaking the bank.

1. Walk! This is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise. Whether you walk the dog or walk to work. Maybe you get the bus to work, get off a few stops before and walk the rest of the way.

2. You don't have to spend loads on your workout gear. New Look have a huge selection of sportswear. They have some really gorgeous bits and it's so affordable. I have featured some of my favourite picks from the range in the photos in this post. The Dark Grey Space Dye Print leggings are really comfy and look great on. They have breathable technology which resists water. The vest is black with a white marble print. The Vest is really lightweight and so comfy. It has a mesh / breathable racerback. I wore this at the gym today and it was really comfortable and looked great.
I'm so happy with this grey cowl neck sports jumper, it's really comfy and it kept me really warm whilst I was out at the park today and was great when I walked home from the gym. It would be great if you was going to go for a jog outside and didn't want a big coat, they have a great selection of jumpers and sweatshirts to check out.  It's been really cold recently so I picked out this long sleeve workout top as I don't have anything with long sleeves. I only have vests, this is a simple top. It's quite fitted and looks lovely. I like that it has thumb holes too. The material is a good quality. The pattern/ colour is really versatile and easy to wear.

3. Watch some workout videos on youtube or get some fitness DVDS and do some workouts at home

4. Do some housework, run up and down the stairs you don't have to have a gym membership to keep fit.

5. Use fitness apps ! Use Map my run to track your runs/ jogs, they also have a map my walk app to track your walks, I use this for power walks. Seven is a good app too it works on the stomach and abbs and is really quick and easy.

6. You can get free day passes to some gyms so you can use the facilities for the day. This is a great way to use a gym without spending loads on a membership.

7. Go outdoors! I like to go to the park and do some jogging or sprinting. Take a yoga mat with you and enjoy working out at the park. A change of scenery makes working out easier.

I hope you like my tips, i've actually rejoined the gym this week so I want to include more fitness/ healthy lifestyle blog posts on my blog.

Jacket: H&M // Trainers: Nike // Leggings : New Look* // Vest: New Look * // Long Sleeved Top: New Look * // Cowl Neck Jacket : New Look * // Sports Bra : Panache // Water Bottle: Cath Kidston 

* this post contains pr samples.
The clothing was gifted by New Look but I haven't been paid for the post 


Here's a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget, I will include a few fitness tips too on how you can keep fit on a budget too

1. Plan your meals, by planning meals you won't waste as much food. Write a shopping list based on your list and use up any veg/ salad before buying more.

2. Buy frozen veg, I tend to use frozen veg as this is just as good as the fresh stuff but it lasts alot longer so again no waste.

3. Don't go shopping hungry! Shopping is a great workout as you get lots of steps in but if your snacking all the way round then its pointless so have food before heading to the supermarket.

4. We shop at Tesco and always get vouchers and coupons in the post so make sure you have your coupons ready before you get to the till so you don't forget. The self scanners in Tesco are also a great way to keep track on what your spending as you scan as you walk around the supermarket.

5. Drink Plenty of water. Water actually makes you feel full and stops you getting dehydrated. You will be more productive if you are hydrated.

6. Cut out those coffees from the coffee shop and bring your own drinks to work. You can get sugar-free syrups from most supermarket so make your own and see how much you save.

7. Bring your own lunch to work. I always do my own lunch, My favourite lunch is a sweet potato jacket, you can get these in the freezer section of your supermarket. They take about 6 mins in the microwave. I fill my plate with lots of lovely salad and beans, and it keeps me full till dinner time.

Here's a few fitness on a budget tricks.

8. Youtube is a great source for videos, tutorials etc so Check out youtube for workouts don't waste money on fitness DVD's

9. If you'd rather use a fitness DVD buy them 2nd hand from charity shops or CEX

10. Walk the dog, run up and down the stairs, do the vacuuming. You don't need a fancy gym membership to burn those calories.

11. Most gyms offer free day passes or sometimes week passes. Check out your local gyms websites and see what offers they have. Sometimes they have a bring a friend day so see if your friend who goes the gym would mind bringing you along.

For more ideas and tips on how to stay healthy on a budget check out this video below by My Voucher Codes

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Today i'm sharing some Dining Room inspiration with you, I actually don't have a Dining Room but when we have a house I really want a Dining Room, at my parents we always use it and have family meals and even last night we went round for dinner and my aunt and cousin came too and it was lovely to sit around the table and eat dinner and chat. My parents dining room is open plan with their kitchen so when we have people round for parties etc the Kitchen/ Dining room is where the party happens.

I've got a couple of inspiration boards to share today both feature items from Fishpools, they have a huge selection of Dining Room products  so lots from Dining Tables and sets and Bar Stools. They also have a range of accessories to kit your new dining room out too.

I've gone for a more traditional dining set above, if you live in a more traditional house or your kitchen/ dining room isn't very modern you may want to go for something like this. I love the Wooden top on the table and think white furniture is great to make a room look clean and bright. The dining table has a cottage feel to it which I love. I think this side table would look fab and i'd add some colour to the room using curtains and textiles. This dining set is gorgeous this would be a great way to add colour to the room during a dinner party.

Below is a more modern style dining table and i've added some more modern accessories. Mirrored furniture always looks more modern to me, and i've picked out a monochrome dining set as again I think this would look more modern. The table and chairs set look really modern and clean, I love them and if I moved into a modern house I'd go for something like this. I would decorate with silver / mirrored furniture and accessories like these tealight holders and this gorgeous mirror.

All these items can be found at and they have a huge selection of furniture for your whole house not just your dining room.

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I thought i'd share a few mens fashion tips today. I think mens fashion can be quite hard as not all men want to wear things that on our trend and personal style can influence what a man wears. I've been with Clint for over 3 years now and would say i'm confident that I can buy him clothes that he would like however I still struggle with sizes as he's inbetween sizes sometimes. I thought i'd share a few tips on mens fashion and share a few key essentials that every man should have in his closet.

A good selection of T-shirts is a must, Clint has too many T-shirts for one person but he has a great selection of going out and evening tops and alot of more casual everyday tops. He's really into his NFL right now and I got him lots of Tshirts for Christmas. You can wear a tshirt like this with some jeans and a hoodie for a casual day time outfit.

Every man should have a suit in his closet it doesn't matter if you don't work in an office and wear a suit everyday. It's good to have one handy for an occasion. You never know when you might need one for a wedding, funeral or graduation. It's a must have. you can always buy new shirts or ties and accessories to switch it up abit. I think having a smart, plain black or grey suit that fits well is a staple piece. The Label Suits have a huge selection of different colours and styles to choose from and you can by a full suit or they sell them separately too.

Some comfy but smart/shoes are a great addition. You need your more formal shoes to go with your suit for weddings etc but something like these Timberlands are great and can smarten up an outfit for daytime but can also make an outfit a little bit casual. I would wear these with a smart jumper like this plain Navy jumper, some dark blue skinny jeans and these shoes for an evening at the pub or in a bar for drinks with friends. You can easily wear them for everyday just for shopping or going to the cinema too.

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Quit Smoking Now for Better Looking Skin

The British Skin Foundation suggests that improving one’s skin by stopping smoking should be one major incentive to finally quit. While smoking damages the heart and the lungs, it also has visible effects on the skin. Smoking is a major cause of premature aging and some skin disorders which develop as a person continues to smoke in life.

Stop smoking now and you can enjoy healthier skin. Smoking affects the skin in a number of ways, and women are more susceptible to this than men. For them, it shows up as fine lines around the eyes and the mouth at an age that is younger than normal in non-smoking individuals.

Smokers also exhibit a much slower healing process. Studies have shown they take longer to heal from surgery and they experience a higher rate of infections. Smokers also have decreased wound strength, failures with skin grafts, tissue death and blot clot formations. Smokers also have a greater risk of getting squamous cell carcinoma or SCC, a form of skin cancer.

People who smoke just a few cigarettes a day will face this risk because tobacco has the ability to suppress one’s immune system. This allows cancer cells to evade recognition. Squamous cell carcinoma can be treated if it is found early but it can metastasize to other body parts and become a serious, life-threatening disease.

Smokers also have the risk of getting a skin disorder called psoriasis a condition that causes dry, itchy scaly patches on the skin. Nicotine is believed to have an impact on the immune system and is thought to trigger psoriasis in those who have the tendency for this condition.

Other diseases and conditions found more frequently in smokers than in non-smokers include lupus and hidradenitis suppurativa. Smokers tend to respond less effectively to treatments than the non-smokers do. If that is not enough, smoking can increase the chances of an individual developing genital warts which is thought to also be due to the immunosuppression caused by nicotine.

Quit smoking this New Year and you will feel the health benefits not just within your heart and lungs but also in your skin. Can you quit with the help of e-cigarettes? Quitting using e-cigarettes is easy, as it offers you the ability to wean yourself from the nicotine which has caused your addiction in the first place.

Quitting With E Cigarettes
There has been many articles I have read recently that does advise that electronic cigarettes are now the best way to quit smoking, that is because you are only taking in the nicotine and not the tar. So a good tip would be if you cant quit then do try quitting with e cigarettes.

Both my Mom and my Nan have quit smoking with the help of E Cigarettes. My Nan has smoked forever and would smoke 20+ Cigarettes a day but after having a health scare last year she quit and finds is easy because she has an E Cigarette. I'm so proud of her for quitting and she seems much better and happier.

          Visit the website at and get additional information

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As we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment we don't really have room for me to have a whole office space however we have utilized our spare room into a dressing room/ office space. We have our big sliding wardrobes and a chest of drawers along with my desk space.

We picked up this desk from Ikea, it's small but it's the perfect size for the room and it has plenty of room for my laptop and a few note books.  I have a little stool which isn't ideal, really I could do with a more comfortable chair with a bit more support. Office Furniture For Work Online - Furniture At Work™ have a lot of choice when it comes to office chairs.

This peg board was from Primark and it was really cheap, it's handy for any notes or meetings. I sometimes stick blog post ideas onto it! I think a board like this is really handy to pop notes on but it also can be really motivating. I like to stick motivational quotes onto mine so if I'm struggling I can have a read through some of the quotes. I've also stuck a few cute snaps of Clint and myself on here too. I always have a good selection of note books and pens nearby as I love writing lists. I write down blog post ideas as well as listing things I need to complete such as emails and admin stuff.  I got this 'To Do list' book for Christmas off my mom, I love it! It's so handy.

I also have my Yoga book and my Mindfulness journal close by in case I need a break from my work or if I get a bit stressed out I can take a step back and have a read through my journal or do a little bit of desk yoga, check out this video from Furniture at Work about Office Yoga at your desk.

I love my little workspace, sometimes I work in the living room or from bed but I always find i'm much more productive when i'm working from my desk space. I tend to get more done and feel more comfortable.

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So it's January, you know what that means along with everyone!! I'm getting back on Slimming World and want to start exercising again. My workout DVD is coming back out and i'm gonna start jogging again. I really want a Fitbit and have been researching them today I think the Flex 2 or the Alta would be perfect for me. I have my polar HR watch when i'm working out but the fitbit would be great for everyday and when i'm at work. I just came across Fabletics fitness clothing, they have some great outfits and some lovely colours and patterns. I could do with new trainers, I prefer nike trainers, these Thea's have been catching my eye for a while. I'd probably get the black and white ones as they are versatile, I wish the grey were still available. The Panache sports bra is my favourite, i'm loving this new pattern. I've had a few Panache sports bras now and I find them so comfortable. I wear panache Envy bra everyday and find it really comfortable. The sports bras have a moulded cup which gives such a great shape for a sports bra and they come in so many colours.

Are you jumping on the fitness bandwagon this month, lets do this!!