Friday, 19 September 2014



I recently got myself another Olivia Burton watch, I love my pink one its plain and classy. I wear it everyday for work and just in general. Its a really lovely watch, its comfy and very versatile. I kept browsing the website and Olivia Burton instagram because her watches are beautiful and I knew I had to get myself another. This gorgeous floral face is perfect, I really like the animal motif ones aswell. I hadn't actually seen this one on the website but as soon as I spotted it in the glass case I knew it was the one! The gold face makes it look so expensive and I love the gorgeous flowers. I like the white strap and I think it would go with everything. I'm so happy to have another Olivia Burton watch in my collection, i've already been oooing at another one on their instagram but I think i'm happy with just two for now but I can't wait for new designs!

*I was gifted some love to shop vouchers and used these to buy my watch. I have not been asked to review my purchase and all views and opinions are my own!

Thursday, 18 September 2014



I know so many people that rave on about the Deco so I had to try it for myself, I actually got the new leopard print one which is also avaliable on Bras Galore you can read my review here. Freya Deco Rebel i'm now addicted I love the deco its such a great bra! You get the best shape and a great cleavage. 

The Deco charm is this gorgeous bright pink colour with a purple lace trim. It's available in sizes up to a GG and has the clip on the back so you can turn it into a racer back. The deco is a great bra, it gives a great cleavage and is perfect for younger girls with big boobs. 

The Deco is a plunge bra so its lower at the front making it perfect for low cut tops / vests/ cami's and it gives a great rounded shape. I love it, its one of my favourite bras. I always get compliments on my boobs when i'm wearing my Deco. 

The Deco comes in so many different colours and patterns that there is one for everyone, they come in your everyday colours aswell, I really need to pick up a nude one.

The Deco Charm is such an amazing colour, i've gone a little crazy about pink recently so I had to have it. The bottoms are soo comfy! 

The bra is £36.00 which I think is reasonable, it's a very good quality bra, the material is of a nice quality and the bra feels sturdy. I always hand wash my bras as instructed and I feel this makes them last longer.  

Wednesday, 17 September 2014



I recently came across Personal Planner recently via Instagram and thought it was a brilliant idea. It's a personal diary which you can edit and make completely personal to yourself. Being a blogger I use my diary to remind myself about things I need to do, I constantly make lists! So my current diary actually has alot of note space which is perfect. With my personal planner I have been able to make it a little more me by editing colours, space. I added little boxes on each page to add notes and to do lists.  

I created this collage of special photos but it's up to you, theres loads of different designs on the website or you can use a special photo of your kids, wedding day etc. 

 You can edit the colour scheme so I've gone a little mint mad atm so have chosen a pastel theme. I love the little birds at the top but theres so many different pictures and patterns to choose from. I decided to have the time for each day and a little space to write my hours from work. As I said before my little to do list and idea of the week makes the pages personal to me.

 I use an overview alot as I have a cut off day for my pay and find it easy to work out how many hours i've done at work each month this way. So I decided to include the overview into my diary!

 As I said I love writing notes and doodles so I included some plain note pages for my scribbles.

The lovely people are actually giving one of my readers the chance to win their very own Personal Planner so just fill out the form below to enter !!

Terms and conditions:

You may only enter once, any fake accounts will be dismissed.
The prize is a digital gift voucher which can be used for any size planner or notebook on the Personal Planner website. 
You must follow @amypyt on twitter and like the Personal Planner Facebook page to enter. 
I will pick a winner and their details will be passed onto Personal Planner who will then arrange the digital gift voucher with the winner. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014



I have used La Roche-Posay products before, I tried Effaclar Duo when it was first released and honestly I wasn't impressed, I didn't really notice any difference to my skin however I tried Duo+ when the formula was improved and I noticed more visible results. My skin felt more hydrated and my pores were less visible. 

This is the New Effaclar Anti- Blemish System, it's a selection of products from the Effaclar range designed to work together to leave skin looking visibly clearer.

First you cleanse using the Effaclar purifying gel cleanser this targets excess sebum and leaves skin feeling clean. If you have ever used effaclar duo+ before the smell is very similar. It's a fresh scent that smells clean but not too clinical. You work the product into a lather and massage into the face and neck, it doesn't taste great so stay away from your mouth and eyes. Rinse with water, use morning and night.

Second, the Effaclar Clarifying toner. Use a cotton pad to swipe the product all over the face and neck. The toner helps to reduce pores. It's a very gentle toner and leaves the skin feeling soft. Again use morning and night for the best effect.

Finally, follow with Effaclar Duo+ all over the face, you only need a thin layer. Use this before you apply your make up in the morning and at night. Duo+ corrects and hydrates the skin. It leaves my face smelling fresh and feeling soft and ready to apply make up. I feel my pores are less visible.

I have noticed my skin is looking clearer since I started using the anti-blemish system. I really like the gel cleanser and the toner so I would probably buy the system kit again, for £32.50 I think its a good value for money.

Monday, 15 September 2014


  • I received an Aerie gift card as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Until recently I didn't have a clue about different bras, I actually work in a bra shop now so I know all of the different types of bras, I know how a bra should fit you and what bras will work for certain shapes but I speak to so many ladies that don't have a clue about the different styles or shapes of bras so this mini infographic by Aerie is very helpful. This infographic tells you what bras are good if you have a fuller bust or if you don't know what bra you should pick for a low cut top. Theres alot of usefull information to help women pick the right bra. I have alot of plunge bras because I wear alot of low cut tops and I find they work well with my shape, I have big full boobs so a plunge bra is great at creating a clevage. The infographic is great because its there for women who need help deciding what bra to pick if they are unsure. Before I worked in a bra shop I didn't know anything about bras so I would have loved to have this information about bras to hand as its very helpful. 
You can find the full infographic here 

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Clarins True Radiance Foundation - £27.00*- Clarins 

I've been using this Clarins foundation alot recently, I have kindly been sent a few pieces from the A/W14 collection to try including this True Radiance Foundation which was launched a few weeks ago!

I don't tend to use the same foundation every single day so i've been using this in between the latest YSL Fusion Ink Foundation ( read my review here YSL FUSION INK)

First of all the packaging - I love love love Clarins packaging, its so fancy! The iconic red box, the gold detailing. You can see where your money goes with Clarins. I love that the foundation has a pump which makes it easy to use. I pop a few pumps onto my hand and apply with a buffing brush.

I find I only need about 3 or 4 pumps depending on how i'm building up my coverage. As I said I use my buffing brush to apply and base and then apply more to my problem areas, (chin, cheeks and nose) for more coverage. Its easy to build up. I do find the formula is quite wet so I leave it to soak in before applying blusher or powder, I usually apply my eye make up now and go back to the rest of my base.

Once it's soaked in,  this doesn't take long maybe 5 minutes I apply my blusher, bronzer and powder. I find a setting powder works well to create a more matte finish. The foundation leaves the skin looking radiant and fresh. The foundation leaves the skin feeling full of hydration, this lasts all day. Even when i'm taking my make up off before bed my skin is still full of hydration and radiance.

For a more dewy, radiant finish I don't apply a setting powder all over just to my problem areas to stop it looking shiny.

I think you get a decent size bottle for £27.00 and a very good quality product. The coverage is light but build-able and easy to apply and it lasts all day leaving the skin full of moisture. With spf 15 its perfect for everyday wear!

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Image Source:

Fashion World are know for their 'Clever Clothing' so they have put together a guide to help people be clever with their outfits! 

Stylist Zoe Pennick and Model Lucy Moore have come up with some fabulous solutions for the issues that we face when picking what we are going to wear. 

Zoe and Lucy have picked picked some statement pieces that can be worn from day to night just by changing a couple of things for example shoes and bag or just adding a belt can make such a difference. 

You can view the full guide right here on the Fashion World website - 

The guide is great as it gives you tips about what to wear pieces to wear for example how to wear a dress to the beach and then how to transform the same dress to wear to a bar, or an outfit you can wear to work and then for drinks with friends later on. It's very simple and easy to understand and some of the clothes and combinations are gorgeous!!! 

I love the purple embellished top from the work to drinks look, this is something I could wear to work and then just pop a pair of heels and a clutch bag and i'm ready to go for drinks.  

There's videos to go alongside the looks so you can see what changes Zoe and Lucy have made to the outfits and why. The videos are also on the Fashion World Youtube channel  so follow the link if you'd like to leave any comments on these videos. 

Zoe has popped some useful and very handy tips for a more successful transformation here's some of my favourites! 

- A clutch bag inside your regular bag is the simplest and fastest trick there is! This would transform any outfit in a matter of seconds!! Such a great little trick.

- Adding a bold lip colour can be as strong as any accessory. I don't really wear lipstick during the day or to work so this could transform my look easily! 

Head on over to the Fashion World website for more 'Clever Clothing' looks and find yourself those statement pieces that you can wear from day to night using Zoe and Lucy's tips and tricks! 

*Sponsored post 
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