Saturday, 25 October 2014


I've been loving Primark right now, like seriously there's just so many gorgeous products at affordable prices. The shoes are my favourite, I get through shoes so quickly so Primark is ideal really because they are so cheap. The slip ons were only £12 and they are gorgeous, I really wanted some slip ons and tried them on everywhere! I didn't like any of them but these pointed ones are so much better, the pixie boots are a bargain at £10 I got through 2 or 3 pairs of boots last winter but I don't mind when i'm only paying £10 a pair. The pointed shoes are great, they are good when your out shopping or at work because your feet don't get too hot. I love them I wear them with everything jeans, skirts, dresses. The knitwear is great this year some gorgeous cardigans and jumpers and the coast are the best, i've picked up this gorgeous jacket for £23 what a bargain and then I've also got a cream fluffy coat which was only £25. I tend to shop on the highstreet and I love putting together high street outfits that consist of a few different stores and pop a few primark pieces on. I love this coat and i've had so many compliments about it. I'd say get down to Primark to stock up on a few Autumn/ Winter pieces. 

Friday, 24 October 2014


I've been using TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp* for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to let you know how i've been getting on with it. 

I used to use TRESemme when I was younger, its what my mom would buy because of the massive bottle and affordable price. Me and my sister would wash our hair way to much so this was a great value for money. I found my hair got greasy really fast, however I now know I shouldn't have been washing my hair so much and I was actually making my hair go greasy quicker because I was washing all of the natural oils out. I now wash my hair every other day or couple of days depending on what i'm doing and if I have any dry shampoo. 

When I read about this range I really wanted to test it, I have a dry scalp and use hydrating hair care products aswell as products for damaged hair. 

The shampoo is lovely, it's really easy to apply and makes the hair feel soft and clean, I rinse and repeat as I do with all shampoo because I use so much product. I wash once to get the products out my hair and then again to cleanse.  It smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. I then follow with the conditioner, apply from mid-length to the ends. I've found my hairs feeling really good and easy to manage. My scalp sometimes flakes but it's been fine since I started using this instead of my Bedhead range. 

I've used the conditioning masque a couple of times, it leaves the hair feeling really soft, I sometimes struggle with masks and treatments because they make my hair greasier but this has left it feeling clean and soft. I've been really impressed with this range, i'd be tempted to try some more of TRESemme's products, i'm not sure if it's just this range that i'm really impressed with or if they have changed their formula since I used it before

*I have been gifted the products featured in this blog post, I am not obliged to blog about the products. I have choose to feature these products and the review is truthful and my own opinions.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


I went along to a lovely event yesterday at Topshop in the Bullring, it was a small event with only a few bloggers attending.

First of all we were introduced to the latest range called 'The Face'  which includes foundations, concealers and primers. I'm a big fan of Topshop packaging, it simple but effecting. I love the thin capital letters, ( i'm a font lover )

The foundation is a lovely light texture, it's silicone based which makes it a silk-like finish. It has skin tone  adapting qualities meaning there's a shade for everyone! The foundation has medium coverage but feels so lightweight. It leaves your skin looking luminous but comfortable and not cakey. At only £16 I can see this being a new day to day fave! 

The concealer comes in two shades but again has skin tone adapting qualities so it will work for most skin tones. The dark shade is more for skin with yellow undertones and then the light for pink undertones. I've gone for the darker shade as I felt the light was a little too light. The coverage is amazing! Again it's silicone based so will blend easily into the skin. 

The concealer palette is on my wish list this month! There's a colour corrector for blemishes, two shades so you can mix together the perfect shade and a setting powder. Thats four products for £12, such a bargain. It's a lovely sleek palette, perfect for your handbag, making it easy to fix your makeup throughout the day. 

The Airbrush Primer is gorgeous, it blurs imperfections and erases the appearance of pores and fine lines. The silicone base makes it easy to apply and to blur out those imperfections. I have to say it feels very similar to higher end primers i've used. There's also a colour correcting primer which has a green tone to neutralize any blemishes and redness. Whilst your wearing the primer the anti-inflammatory qualities banish redness and the oil absorbing powders mattify and tighten pores. 

Next up the NEW SEASON COLOUR COLLECTION, omg it's beautiful. Such a gorgeous range. The idea is there's a nail polish and blush to match each lip polish. 

The Lip Polishes are available in a range of colours, my favourite is Twin, which is a gorgeous red/ purple berry shade. It's perfect for this season, the finish is glossy and gel-like. They appear very moisturing on the lips. I've heard good things about Topshop lipsticks in the past and I am very excited to buy one of these. 

Next up a very interesting product, Cheek Jelly. It looks like a lip balm and kind of feels like a lip balm but it's for your cheeks. It's a gel like product that you apply to your face. It's creates a natural finish and is buildable so you can build up the colour. I love my blushers and I don't think this is really for me as I like a bright pop of colour on my cheeks rather than a more natural finish however for work and day to day wear this is really nice. You can apply this product to the lips or other areas of the face if you want to create a rosy look or add some colour to your face. 

I've tried Topshop nail polishes before and i'm a fan, They are decent quality, cheap and they come in 49274246247 different colours!! They have some gorgeous new colours this season. I'm loving the gel effect! I love the colours. They are all fab and perfect for this season. I'm exciting to see what people think of these, still a bargain at £6! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



I popped into Birmingham today for a little event for Topshop Beauty! My blog post about the event will be live tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that!

It was a small event as we were told about it last minute but it was great, we got to have a play with the latest beauty products from Topshop including the new 'The Face' range which is amazingg! 

I put together a pretty casual outfit for today. I love my black skinny jeans, they are so comfy and look great with everything. A simple stripe top from topshop, I love this one its a batwing /oversized style. I wore this with with my new Primark coat and tartan scarf for a cosy autumn look. 

I'm still not ready for boots just yet, i've wore them a few times but I still keep choosing these shoes from Primark, they are pointed and cover your toes but have a cut out section. I have to say these keep my feet very warm but not too hot. They are so comfy! I might pick up another pair, they were a bargain at £10!! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in Revenge - rrp £3.00

This was bargain and a half, priced up at £3.00 in Tesco. I had a voucher for £2.50 and when it scanned through it was only £1.50. So it was basically free I love it when that happens. 

I browsed through the make up for a Autumn berry shade, I bought one last year but i'm not really keen on the formula. This ones a lovely dark red, berry kind of shade. It's such a nice easy to apply formula. I applied it with the Real Techniques detailer brush from the core collection for a precise application. It's very easy to build up and a nice smooth finish. 

I'm not sure how long it lasts as i've only used it once so far but I can see this being my favourite lipstick this season. 

It's such a bargain and a great product if you want to try something different, I normally go for pinks and more neutral shades so I wouldn't go out and spend £14 on a lipstick that I might not wear however I would happily spend £3 on this lovely lipstick from Collection. 

Monday, 20 October 2014


Coat: Primark *// Scarf: H&M // Jumper: The Ragged Priest // Skirt: Topshop // Slip ons: Primark* // Bag: Folli Follie* // Necklace: Primark 

I was so happy that the rain stayed away long enough for me to get some outfit photos done. I'm loving my bargain Primark jacket right now, it was only £23! I think its perfect for Autumn, I tend to go out in the so don't really want a huge big coat but this is perfect and keeps me warm enough. I've got my tartan scarf out! I love it. I am wearing so much black right now and so much monochrome but I love it. My scarf is just the right amount of colour. I finally have a pair of slip on's aswell, I got this pair from Primark. I tried on the Topshop ones that everyone has but I didn't think they suited me, they were just a little too sporty however these pointed ones from Primark are a bit more chic, and seem to suit me so much better! 

*Disclosure, I was gifted a gift card from Intu Merry Hill and used this to purchase my coat and shoes, I haven't been asked to blog about my purchases and all opinions above are my own.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


This week is Cycle with Style, the idea is to get the fashion conscious on their bikes. The idea has been put together by Birmingham Cycle Revolution to encourage cycling around the city.

I don't have a bike but I have been looking at them a lot recently. I love the Victoria Pendleton range at Halfords. I've put together an outfit that I would wear cycling around the city.

I love a fluffy jumper! This one from River Island is perfect, its 3/4 sleeve so your arms will be warm enough won't get in the way! My fluffy jumper is so warm but quite airy so you won't get too hot on your bike

I love this cream leather backpack from Accessorize, its stylish when your not on your bike, big enough for your stuff and very practical, just pop it on your back so it doesn't get in the way.

Leggings; I think leggings are the best for cycling as they are so comfy and you can move your legs easy. But don't opt for boring black sporty leggings. Pop into Forvever 21 where they having a massive selection of floral / autumn / aztec pattern leggings. I saw some gorgeous maroon floral ones perfect for this season.

Finally to match the maroon leggings i've picked out these New Balance trainers that will make it easy to ride your bike, you can swap these for a pair of flats that you have in your backpack however i'm in love with New Balance trainers right now so i'd wear mine around town!

You need to think about the products your using when your cycling too. Origins GinZing moisturizer is one of my favorites. It keeps the skin looking refreshed and hydrated so it's perfect for battling those cold mornings. To keep chapped lips at bay, make sure your using a good lip balm! Say hello to your new best friend, hairspray! Using a decent hairspray will stop your hair from looking so static and flyaway, this Alterna hairspray is designed for winter weather so it's perfect again for those chilly days. Loccitane shower oil is great at locking in moisture into the skin and Soap and Glory Hand Food is such a good hand cream and a great size to pop in your bag, keep your hands moisturized so they don't go dry and blistered. 

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