Lets talk about make up! I have a massive selection of make up but like any girl I have those staple items in my collection that I reach for every single day. I thought i'd share my everyday make up so you can see which bits I reach for daily.

Base: Recently i've been reaching for the Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid and i've been using this since I got it. It's a lovely lightweight formula which has great coverage and blends so easily. I've been using this with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for a great everyday base.

Contour, As usual i'm reaching for the Collection Contour kit, i've actually repurchased this recently. The bronzer is the perfect shade, it's a cool toned bronzer so it doesn't make you look orange and blends out really easily for a natural looking contour.

I've been reaching for the Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter since I bought it. I've reached the pan now and I will buy it again because it's gorgeous for everyday or you can build it up too.

Another product that I recently had to repurchase it the Urban Decay Potion Primer, I got the original one because I find this works best with matte eyeshadow. It makes your eyeshadow look better and last all day long, I use this every single day!

This Clarins Supra Volume mascara has recently become my favourite mascara ever, you can build up long lashes that have some amazing volume. I've been using this one it's own when usually I use two mascaras but theres no need with this one.

I've been using my HD Brows kit to define my brows along side my Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil. I really like the Archery range and use the brow pencil every day, I've repurchased this loads.

The NYX soft matte lip creams are lovely, I have a couple of shades that I've been wearing loads recently. I'm still loving Mac Velvet Teddy and have been wearing Whirl a lot too.

Eyeshadow, I've been sticking to my Naked palettes really. I have been wearing Mac expensive pink too as it's a nice all over the lid shade.

I try and mix up my everyday make up but these are the bits I tend to use all the time and always repurchase.


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When I say makeup artist, what pops into your head? The chances are you immediately think of brides, models or films. This is not surprising because most of us would only turn to a makeup artist for something special like our wedding day. Apart from that, most of us never think of using their services. 

That is a real shame, because these skilled artisans can potentially change your lifeThey can help you to overhaul your look, bring it up to date and feel great about yourself again. 

Many people do not realise that they can book a consultation with a makeup artist in Manchester, or in their locality, to seek advice about the best way to get the look you want. You can tap into their years of experience, and quickly establish what works for you. 
Finding a makeup artist that is able to give you a makeover 
Unfortunately, not that many makeup artists advertise this service, but most will happily do it if asked. However, it is not always wise to simply book an appointment with your local MUA. Instead, you need to do a little research, and look for one with the relevant experience. 
The problem is that in some areas makeup artists almost exclusively do makeup for weddings or special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.  
Normally, this type of makeup artist does an excellent job. They know how to transform their clients for their special day or event.  
But, that is not what you are after if you are looking to change your look. The last thing you want is to end up learning how to make yourself look like it is your wedding day. Your aim is to look your best while going about your daily life. Therefore, you what you need is a MUA that has a broader level of experience. 
What to look for? 
The first thing to look for is proper training. A qualified makeup artist will have learnt every technique, and know how to recreate practically any look. You can find out more about the training they will typically undergo, here. 
Try to find someone who has worked with people from the film, theatre and music industries. These are demanding clients that regularly change their look to suit the job they are working on at the time. As a result, they stretch the skillof makeup artists, which means that they need to be very good at their job.  
It is this type of MUA that is going to be able to help you to choose a new look that will work for you, and show you how to recreate it. Sometimes you will be lucky and find one in your local area, but in all likelihood, you will need to look in bigger towns and cities to find one with the relevant experience. 

Once you find a possibility take the time to browse through their website. If you like what you see, ask them if they would be willing to see you for a consolation. Be clear about what you hope to achieve, and make sure that they are happy to do that sort of work. 

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Everyone has their own taste when it comes to fashion, style and interior. It's so interesting to see what people do with their homes and how different one house can look compared to another. You can buy home magazines and keep up to date with the latest home trends and fashions or put your own individual stamp on your home. Today i'm going to talk about kitchens and how kitchens tend to stick to a traditional layout and i'm going to mention some of the key kitchen trends that are popular right now. 

We have a little kitchen but I love how cosy it is and it's a great size for just the two of us. Our Kitchen is very white like the rest of the apartment but I love this because it means you can just buy accessories to add that pop of colour and you can change the colours easily by just buying new accessories. Our kitchen is the only room which has a colour on the wall. We had a pink stripe accent wall which I love, it just adds a nice subtle bit of colour to a very white room. We have white cupboards and the other walls are white. Most of the accessories around the Kitchen are monochrome and we have a few Rose Gold bits like our toaster and kettle and our clock which actually works really well with the pink, most of our other bits are stainless steel.

I think simple, clean rooms are on trend right now. White washed walls and pretty simple layouts are very popular and then accessorizing with a mixture of new and old furniture and accessories. Plants are also so on trend right now, you can easily add plants to your Kitchen, whether its on the window-sill and you just grow your own herbs or a artificial plant on top of a cupboard. I tend to have fresh flowers in the Kitchen because we don't have any windows in our kitchen. I have a couple of Aloe Vera and cactus plants too which I sometimes move into the Kitchen as well as I think the Green against the white walls works really well.

I love the idea of exposed brick in the kitchen and think this would give a cottage feel to a kitchen, along with some beams or wood would look gorgeous. Our Kitchen is too modern and clean but if we moved house i'd want to add more character to the Kitchen. I'd love an island with clean Marble worktops like this one from Mayfair Granite  Marble and brass/ copper is very on trend right now and I think it would be amazing to have a Marble worktop. 

What is your kitchen like? Do you live in a rented property like us and can't do much with your traditional kitchen? What would your dream kitchen be like? 

If you'd like to read more about how Traditional Kitchens are still the most popular then check out this article on Housewares Live 

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So you may already know that I joined Slimming World back in March and since then i've lost 2 Stone 5.5lb all together. This has meant my body has changed so much. Today I thought i'd talk about boobs, you may or may not know that I actually work for a company that specialise in bigger boobs and i'm also a bra fitter so I know abit when it comes down to bras/ boobs etc however I'm no expert and everyone is different! I just thought i'd talk about whats happened to my boobs since i've been loosing weight. 

I used to wear a 32GG in most bras I had quite full boobs and never struggled much with styles. I could pretty much try on anything and get it to fit and work with my boobs. I had the same size in my Panache sports bras aswell. 

Since loosing weight i've now gone down to a 30G/GG depending on the style. I have a 30GG in my favourite black bra which is Envy by Panache but I think this is a little big for me now. I have been wearing it so much recently though so it may have stretched abit too. My Freya Deco is a 30GG and this fits me well. It's a plunge style so doesn't sit high in the middle. I love the Freya Deco it's one of my absolute favourite styles and i've had quite a few different colours and sizes. I feel like the GG fits me well at the front so I don't spill out however I have a bit of space in the top of the cup. This is because the Deco is much more of a structured style and i'm not as full at the top of my boobs anymore. This is an issue I see alot as a fitter as when your weight changes/ if you have a baby or you get older your boobs can lose there fullness and you can notice you have a little bit of room in the top of your cups. A way to hide this is by going for a fuller bra. Typically a full cup will work better because of the way it cuts across. A balconette will sometimes go baggy in the top of the cup where your not as full so I wouldn't really recommend this style but as I said above everyone is different. I have the Freya Chameleon bra in a 30GG and this fits lovely around the back but it's very loose in the top of the cup now where i've lost weight so I don't think this style suits me anymore. As I said above I used to be able to wear any bra but my boobs have changed alot since loosing weight. 

Not everyone will loose weight or change bra size when loosing weight because everyone looses weight differently. I would recommend getting a proper fitting done if you are unsure of your size. Usually a bra fitting is recommended every 12 months or so but if you are loosing weight you may need to have your size checked more frequently to make sure your wearing the correct style and fit. 
I really need to get a new black bra because i've been living in my one, I want to pick up a new Freya Deco so I may get this in black but I also love the new Freya Fancies longline but i'm not sure if this style will work for me but I will try them in a 30G first as I feel like my 30GG might be a little big but the styles can vary from one another. 

Have you ever noticed a change in your boobs when you've lost weight? Did they stay the same or change significantly? Everyones different so just because my boobs have changed alot don't mean yours will too! 

* this post contains pr samples, they are marked with an asterisk (*) I have not been paid for this post it's my own views and opinions. 


Bardot Top: Topshop // Cami : Topshop // Hairdryer: Dyson // Sponge: Real Techniques // Choker: Johnny Loves Rosie // Becca Palette: Space NK // Birkenstocks : Jones Bootmaker // Watch: Johnny Loves Rosie

My birthday is fast approaching! I'm going to be turning 24, I don't know where the years are going it's just flying by. This is going to be my first birthday since we've had the flat so I don't think our budget will stretch to anything too expensive. I thought i'd put together a wishlist and share a few bits i'd love to get for my birthday this year. 

The Dyson hairdryer is out of our price range at just under £300 but would be such an amazing gift but very unrealistic. I love getting new clothes for my birthday, there's a couple of tops in Topshop that have caught my eye. I've wanted the stripe cami for a while now. I might go on a little shopping spree with my birthday money and pick up some new clothes. It would be nice to get some new clothes that actually fit, my wardrobe is full of clothes that are too big for me now. I watched a video about this new Real Techniques Diamond sponge today and it looks amazing. I've been thinking about picking up a make up sponge for a little while now so I might get one with my birthday money and give it ago. I already own a pair of Birkenstocks, i've been wearing them so much at work recently but I want to get a white pair, this pair from the Jones Bootmaker website would be perfect. As you know I went along to the Johnny Loves Rosie blogger event last week, you can read my blog post here. Since then i've been browsing their website as i'm loving their products. In particular  I love this watch, I spotted it at the event it's gorgeous and I really want a choker, I love how dainty this one is and it would be perfect with lots of outfits. The Becca Palette is gorgeous and I love how pretty this is. I use my Becca Champagne Pop highlighter every single day so I think this palette would be such a great addition to my collection. 

I love putting together wishlists and I know Clint always checks out my wishlists for some inspiration which I think is so cute. I always book a week off for my birthday and we usually go away on holiday but this year I think we are just going to chill together and do a few day trips etc maybe a weekend away so send over some ideas and whats on your wishlists right now? 

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Last week I headed into birmingham bright and early to meet lots of lovely bloggers and the lovely ladies at Johnny Loves Rosie. We headed to Cote Brasserie at the Mailbox to enjoy an amazing breakfast and the sun was out which was amazing.

I've never been to Cote Brasserie before but it was a gorgeous place to have our bloggers breakfast! All of the food looked and tasted amazing and the staff were great too! It's actually on the canal side too and they have seating outside. The breakfast menu looked amazing and everything sounded great I went for the Smoked Salmon and scrambled egg on toast which was sooo good!!

The table was beautifully decorated with flowers and there was a lovely box of goodies for each of us which was so gorgeous. There was lots of lovely bloggers at the event so it was great getting to meet new people and catch up with bloggers i've met before. I had a really great morning.

The lovely ladies from Johnny Loves Rosie had brought over lots of products from the brand for us to try on and have a look at which was great. They stock an amazing selection of clutch bags, watches, chokers and other jewellery too. I loved the chokers, they were all so unique. The watches are gorgeous too!  They had these fun ears out too which would be perfect for Halloween. I really liked the clutch bags too. Everything was really good quality and you can see that alot of effort has gone into each piece.

I had such an amazing morning and i'd love to thank Johnny Loves Rosie for inviting me. The brand is so lovely and I love that they are based in Birmingham too which is amazing.

Johnny Loves Rosie   

Johnny Loves Rosie is also stocked on


I haven't done a monthly favourites for a little while and i've been giving a few new products ago so thought i'd share some of my faves!

I've been giving the new BB cream from Clarins a try and it's amazing. It's a nice lightweight product but has really good coverage. It's so easy to blend and a really lovely finish.

I haven't wore blusher for soo long but i've been wearing my Nars Deep Throat blusher loads recently just to add that little pop of colour to my cheeks.

The Two Faced Chocolate palette is one of my favourites, i've been reaching for it alot recently. There's just so many different colours inside to choose from. There's a mixture of mattes and shimmers making it a great palette. Inside theres some gorgeous bronze shades and there's an amazing reddy/purple shade.

I really like the Rosie for Autograph range from M&S i've been using the Cream Eyeshadow sticks alot recently. They are so handy for a quick sweep of colour. They blend out easily and are so pigmented and available is lots of different shades.

The Urban Decay Primer Potion is an everyday staple for me. I tend to switch between the original and it in Sin. They are amazing, it makes your eyeshadow look better and last longer.

I've been using the New Clarins Surpa Volume mascara it gives amazing volume aswell as length. You don't need to add loads and loads of layers it's such an amazing mascara, i'm so impressed with this.

The NYX Micro brow pencil has been my go to brow product this month, its so easy to use and great for an everyday natural brow. I've also been using the Benefit Goof Proof pencil which I got in Elle magazine.

The Becca highlighter in Champagne Pop is my go to highlighter, I literally use it every single day, it's the best highlighter i've ever owned. It's so easy to apply and i've only just hit the pan, i've had it for awhile so it's lasted really well.

I've been trying to use some of my other lipsticks as i've been using Velvet Teddy like every single day. I've been loving my latest Mac Lipstick which is Whirl. It's another matte finish but it's darker than my usual nude shades. I love it though, it's a more sexy colour.

Finally the NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm which is a lovely pink/ nude shade. It applies easily and again I have been trying to use some of my other lip colours. The NYX soft matte lip creams are a really lovely formula and I think I might need to get a few more shades.

These have been my favourites this month, I've pretty much reached for these products since i've been back from Turkey. What are your monthly favourites?

* this post contains pr samples, I have not been paid for this blog post and the above comments are my own and honest.