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Hello, i'm back! I had a couple of weeks away from my laptop to have a baby. Say hello to Baby Amelia, she's now 10 days old. I thought i'd write a post about our first week and tell you abit about her. I'm going to be writing a labour and delivery story so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Amelia was born on the 12th November 2017 at 13:18 weighing just 6lb 5oz, if you have been a reader for a while you may know we were having growth scans as they believed she was going to be a small baby. We had a scan on the 7th November and they believed she would have been 7lb 110z at this time so they had discharged us and she was considered a low risk labour. Little did we know she was going to be a small baby and when she was born she was on the 2nd centile ( ideally she needed to be above the 10th centile) so they needed to test her blood sugars which turned out to be fine. She has loads of hair, it's quite dark. I think her hair will be quite fair though. Her eyes seem to be blue right now but again this could change over the next few weeks. I think she has long legs and her feet and fingers are long too. She has the cutest button nose!

We were kept in hospital for a few days to keep an eye on Amelia's blood sugars and she was having regular obs. We finally came home on the Tuesday 14th November and it's such a surreal feeling to come home and have this baby to look after. It really does change everything. You can't just run to the shop anymore or go and have a long bath because you have this little human that needs you to take care of them. Clint goes back to work on Monday and i'm petrified of having to look after her all by myself, he's been incredible! We have been the ultimate team and I think we've done really well at sharing the responsibilities, we have both done a good amount of dirty nappies and bottle feeds. I Know when he goes back to work I might have to pick up a few more night feeds but for now were working really well together.

Amelia is such a good baby (so far, I know it's early days) Shes sleeping and eating really well. I really wanted to breastfeed but due to her size she really struggled to latch right away, I have tried and tried to get her on the boob but she's not having any of it and gets herself into a right state so for now i've stopped trying to force it on her. We were just formula feeding her whilst in the hospital, I did use a syringe to get some of my colostrum for her as this is the really good milk that you produce when you have a baby, she managed to get a good amount of this which made me happy. I had a lot of support from the midwives in the hospital but we didn't manage to get her to latch. When we were home I decided to try pumping to see if anything happened and I actually managed to get alot of milk so i've been expressing since. We are combination feeding so Amelia has a mixture of breastmilk and formula because I haven't been able to keep up with her demand, i'm trying to increase the amount of bottles I pump but it's hard with the amount of visitors we've had, it's not the same as breastfeeding because your sat there with your boob out and pumping into a pump, not feeding your baby. I will continue to express for as long as I can so at least Amelia is getting some of my milk, i'm just hoping my supply will continue to produce.

She sleeps really well during the day and mostly in the night, she struggles to get to sleep after some of her early night time feeds and sometimes is quite sicky so even though you've just fed her she becomes irritated and wants more milk. But apart from this she either wakes up for her feeds like clockwork or sometimes mummy and daddy actually have to wake her for her feeds. She just eats and sleeps at the moment, I know this will change over the next few weeks.

That's everything there is to know about Amelia so far really, as I said above i'm going to write my labour story so that should be up very soon.


I've been using the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation for a while now, I've actually just repurchased it and realised that i'd never reviewed it on my blog. So I thought i'd share my thoughts with you and finally review it.

I have it in shade 2 which is a light shade, I was actually matched up a while ago but am still happy with this shade. It's a natural shade and I can easily use bronzer to add abit of colour. They have 24 shades to choose from

The packaging is gorgeous and I like that it has a pump and lid as you can easily throw it in your make up bag and you don't need to worry about accidents happening. The pump gives you a good amount of product, I find that one pump pretty much does my whole face. I tend to go for a natural coverage but I know my sister uses a few more pumps and builds up a fuller coverage. I use a buffing brush or sometimes a stippling brush to apply and I love the natural finish this gives. It's really easy to build up and if i'm having a bad skin day or going out I'll put a little more on for a fuller coverage.

The product blends really well and looks so natural. It's not cakey at all and doesn't sit on the skin. It sinks in well and leaves the skin looking flawless. I have quite dry skin with some combination areas and I find this works really well for me. It doesn't go patchy at all. It's so easy to apply and work into the skin. I use this along side my Collection lasting perfection concealer and it's the perfect base. It dries into the skin very fast and then i'll usually apply a setting powder and my contour for everyday.

As I mentioned above I've just repurchased this foundation and I don't do that very often.I quite like trying out different brands and foundations but I found this ticked all of the boxes and is a really good everyday foundation. I find it really easy to apply and it always looks good. I have had so many reviews about looking radiant and healthy since i've started using this foundation.

It's £29 for the bottle which I think is really reasonable and is much cheaper that foundations I was using before and the pump is already attached so you don't have to spend extra money buying this. I've used the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray before and really like this for nights out, i'd love to try out a few more bits and see what I think.

I have seen mixed reviews on this foundation so it's worth checking out a few reviews. As I mentioned above I have dry skin and I find it doesn't cling to any dry patches but I've seen reviews saying people don't get on well with it. Maybe try a sample first and see how your skin reacts. I took a risk and just picked it up in store and I love it.


I've been using the Eye Of Horus Brow Fibre extend for awhile now and thought i'd feature it on my blog in a review as I've not done any beauty reviews in a while.

I love my brows and I look really weird if I don't use product on my brows. I get them waxed every few months at Benefit and always wear product on them. I love trying new products and when I . received the Eye of Horus Brow product I was very excited to give it a try.

It's kind of a tint for your brows, it has a tiny little brush. Similar to a mascara brush but smaller and you use this to apply the product. I have the shade Dynasty which is the medium shade, it also comes in a light and darker shade. As you can see the product is a medium brown colour. It's not very thick and it applies quite thin but is very easy to build up so you can add more definition to your brows if you prefer.

What I tend to do is use a brow pencil to draw the outline of my brow and if i'm having a natural brow day I will just use the Brow Fibre and pencil to create a light natural definition. If i'm going out or I want a stronger brow I might use my NYX Tame & Frame Brow pomade as this makes my brows appear really thick and then I use the Brow Fibre over the top to bring out the hairs and make my brow look more natural and it also sets the brow.

I've been using the Brow Fibre Extend every day and I really do love it, it's lasted me ages and I think it's such a good product. It's avaliable now over on Beautybay.com

* This post contains pr samples. I have not been paid for this post. The post is honest and my own views.


I love Autumn, I like wrapping up warm in cosy jumpers and boots. I like wearing big chunky scarves and gloves and I love sitting in front of the TV, heating on with a big cup of Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows. 

I also love Autumnal make up, I love getting out those browns, reds and oranges and playing around with some new looks. Today i'm gonna share a few products i've been loving this season. 

First up, i'm sticking with the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, I've really been loving it, (read my full review here) I have found my skins been a little dry due to the weather and it's been a little patchy on my dry areas but with a decent moisturiser i've been able to combat this. To apply i'm using the Blank Canvas cosmetics F08 Dome buffing brush to get a really flawless and natural finish. It's a gorgeous brush and works really well with the All Nighter foundation. It blends really well and doesn't leave your skin looking cakey.

I loved using the Nip+Fab Highlight palette all summer and love love love it! I thought i'd switch it up and try the contour palette for the autumn months as I don't need to look so bronzed and shimmery. The Contour palette is a lovely matte powder contour kit, it's super easy to use. The powders blend really easily and the shades are really good. I've been using the F15 small tapered brush with this palette as it's great for contouring, I actually use it for under the eye and highlighting as I prefer to use a bigger brush for my bronzer. 

I've heard such good things about the Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner and have no idea why i've never tried it before! OMG it's so good. It's super easy to use, It's only £6.50 so super affordable. It's suck a dark black colour and just applies so easily. One sweep and your done, it's just so good. I'm going to be repurchasing this over and over. It lasts really well, whatever the weather. 

I'm still loving the NYX Tame and Frame brow pomade, another one I'm going to need to repurchase. Again it's super affordable and easy to get hold of. Mines maybe a little dried up now but i've had it for ages!! I've been using the Eye of Horus Brow Fibre extend too alongside the pomade for a few months and i'm seriously loving it, I actually have a full review coming up later in the week.

For my eyes i've been using the Morphe 35T palette, it just screams Autumn! I love the mixture of matte and shimmer shades. There's so many amazing shades and they are amazing quality, so easy to apply and blend! I'm also loving my Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette as this has some lovely shades that are just perfect for Autumn, again really good quality shadows that are easy to blend and work with. This has some really good shades for when you don't have time to do a whole smokey eye but just want a sweep of colour. I'm loving the shade Commando for everyday, Just a sweep over the eyelid and i'm ready to go, it's a lovely shade for the Autumn season. 

That's my favourite Autumn make up for this season, i've been loving trying out the Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes as they are just amazing brushes and are actually really affordable. I'd really recommend checking them out if you are in the market for some new brushes. They have a huge selection and lots of colours to choose from. 

* this post contains pr samples, I have not been paid for this post. The post is honest and my own opinions and views


I'm a big fan of The Body Shop body butters and this one does not disappoint! I wasn't too sure when I saw Vanilla Pumpkin scent as i'm actually not a huge fan of the Pumpkin scent, however when I first smelt this I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is really sweet and i'd say more on the Vanilla side. It's not overpowering at all, it's sweet but not sickly. The actual product is great, if you've used The Body Shop's body butters before then you know they absorb into the skin quickly and don't leave your skin feeling sticky, it leaves your skin soft and subtle and feeling hydrated. Great for dry skin and I have quite sensitive skin but don't have any problems with products from The Body Shop.

The body butter is actually showing as out of stock right now but there's a shower gel and hand cream from this range which sound amazing. I'd love to have the hand cream in my bag for the Autumn months

If you haven't tried the body butters from The Body Shop they are well worth checking out, they have so many different scents to choose from, they actually have a few in the sale right now as well.

* this post contains pr samples. I have not been paid for this post. This post is honest and my own views.


I never expected for my skin to change so much during pregnancy but it has actually gone really dry. Dry skin was one of the first things I noticed during early pregnancy. My scalp and hands went so dry, I couldn't believe that this tiny little thing inside me was causing so many changes to my body.

I've been keeping my skin well moisturised throughout the pregnancy. I've been using a few different products but today i'm talking about the Burts Bees Mama Bee body oil.

I've been using the oil since very early on in the pregnancy. I've been loving this and their Leg and Foot cream ( which is amazing!! ) The oil smells incredible, it's a lemony smell which I love, however I get a craving for Lemon Drizzle cake everytime I use it.

I've only just started to get a few stretch marks and i'm now 38 weeks pregnant and my skin is stretching alot so I think thats pretty good going. I think if I hadn't moisturised that the stretch marks would be so bad.

The oil rubs in really quickly and leaves your skin feeling so soft. My skin is left feeling nourished and hydrated, it is oily when you apply but dries into the skin right away.

I'm really happy with the Mama Bee range and have also been using the Foot and Leg cream which is lovely, it cools your legs and feet right now and smells very minty which is gorgeous. I have a few products from their baby range so once bubba is here I will give them a go and let you know how we get on.

*This post contains pr samples. I have not been paid for this post. The post is honest and my own views.


Our baby girl is due anytime now, my due date is just under 2 weeks away but I have a feeling that she's going to make an early arrival. We have started to get her nursery together but she won't actually be sleeping in there for a few months yet as they have to sleep in your room for the first 6 months. Her room so far has a cot and a few toys and her clothes but its very neutral and plain and I just want to add a few pretty girly bits to make it look pretty and girly. I'm not planning on spending loads of money on her room as we rent so won't be living here forever.

I thought i'd just do a post featuring a few room ideas and products that i've spotted that I want to get or have got already for bubba's room. I will be doing a nursery tour once i've got a few more bits and once her room is finished.

I want her room to be pretty but not over the top, I just want a few nice simple prints and patterns. I'm thinking a pink, white and grey colour scheme. I will be keeping the walls white, as I mentioned above we are renting right now so I don't fancy spending lots of money painting. I have seen little reusable wall decals online so might get something to add a little bit of colour/ pattern to the walls. I was thinking maybe some polka dots in pink or rose gold to add a little something. I am planning on putting up a couple of picture shelves so I can have a few nice prints on the walls. I've picked out a couple here, the prints will be quite simple and I will get some plain white or black frames from Ikea.

We do need to get a blind for the nursery too as we only have a little curtain up at the moment and I want to get a blackout blind so that the room is really dark during the day so it's easier for the baby to sleep. Ambition Blinds have a huge selection of blinds including a selection of blackout roller blinds and vertical blinds. Around the window area I want to hang some bunting or fairy lights too to make it pretty and girly.

I've actually got this rug from Amara ready to pop in the nursery, It's a nice grey and white rug with stars on so it's neutral and could easily be used in any room, not just a nursery. I think the grey and white will pull everything together and it's a really decent size.

I want to get some nice monochrome bedding, i'm loving this half moon pattern and have managed to find some fitted sheets for the cot in this print which i'm really excited about. I will get a few pink sheets too but I was thinking of keeping the bedding monochrome and then getting a few pretty cushions and toys to make her cot prettier. I love this cloud cushion from Sass and Belle and think its perfect for a nursery.

I want to make a DIY mobile for bubbas cot, I've been thinking about making one with clouds on or wool pom poms on. I will be sticking to the pink, grey and white theme. I really need to make a start on this as shes going to be here soon.

That's it really so I think the room is going to be pretty clean and white with little pops of pink splashed around. I want to keep things pretty simple and just add little bits of pattern here and there. I think once she starts playing with toys and reading books that there will be plenty of colour around but for now I just want it to look pretty and be somewhere she can get a good nights sleep.

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