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Today I thought i'd share some gift ideas for her! In my family we have alot of birthdays throughout August and September and most of us are women so it gets abit crazy and I have lots of gifts to buy. My birthday was on Monday so I thought it would be fun to put together a few gift ideas for her and include a few bits I actually got for my birthday aswell as some gifts that I would gift to my friends and family.

First up is flowers! I love getting flowers and love having flowers around the apartment. I always buy flowers for my mom and sometimes for my friends and family. If my mom is working I will usually order flowers to get delivered to her work, You can find some really beautiful flowers online at Flying Flowers they have a huge selection of bouquets for any occasion. They offer free standard delivery or you can upgrade to guarantee delivery. I just search for 'lilies' as they are my moms favourite and it brings up lots of amazing bouquets full of gorgeous lilies.

I really want the Naked Heat Palette and think it's such a good gift idea for any beauty lover. You get 12 really decent size shades and they are colour's that would suit most people as there's some gorgeous brown/natural shades. I already own a few of the Urban Decay palettes and they are my favourite eyeshadows. The quality is amazing and worth every penny.

You can't go wrong with a candle. Whether you opt for a cheap supermarket brand one or go for something more luxurious like the Winter candle from The White Company. I love the candles from TkMaxx and would recommend checking them out if your on a budget but want to get a gorgeous designer candle.

I have a charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo which i've had for a few years. They are such a good gift idea as you can buy so many different charms for them. The bracelet wasn't very expensive and the charms vary in price but start at around £20. Clint got me a gorgeous heart charm for my birthday and had it engraved which was so thoughtful and it was my favorite gift. My mom also got me a little pink baby-grow charm which is super cute!

Perfume is also a good gift idea, again whatever budget you have you can find something for everyone. Next do some really good fragrances and you can usually get a good deal if you go to places like Bodycare or Savers. If your after something more expensive then check out YSL Black Opium, it's my all time favourite perfume. I've had a few bottles now and it's just such a gorgeous smell.

I was so excited when I opened up my new stylPro brush cleaner. It's an electric brush cleaner that dramatically speeds up cleaning and drying your brushes. If you've not seen one before then check it out. I've used my sisters before and it's amazing, I can't wait to clean my brushes.

Finally I love getting sweets and chocolate for my birthday and I spotted this retro sweet hamper on Flying Flowers and it's such a cool idea. You might be struggling what to get someone, maybe you have a friend or family member that lives across the country and you don't know what to get them, you can have this sent straight out to them so you don't have to worry about paying extra for delivery and they get to eat lots of yummy retro sweets, they also have lots of other hampers to choose from.

Have you got any birthday's coming up? Is your family like mine and all the birthdays are bunched together or do you have birthdays all through the year? What gifts would you like to recieve for your birthday this year?

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We haven't had a holiday this year so i've been looking back through my photos of our previous holidays. I've been to lots of amazing places over the last few years, Florida, Ibiza and the Canaries. Destination2.co.uk are running a campaign all about Catching and Creating Memories While Travelling so I thought i'd share some of my favourite holiday memories and what I do with my holiday photos.

You can check out one of my recent blog posts all about my favourite holiday moments, we recently went to Ibiza and Florida and had the most amazing time.

I love taking photos on holiday, of places and people. I like to look back at photos and remember the amazing times we've had and I always seem to remember the good times better when i'm looking back through photos.

Most of my photos just end up on my laptop in folders and on memory cards, I sometimes upload them to Facebook so that my family and friends can see them( yes i'm one of those annoying friends that uploads their holiday snaps)

I also have a few photo albums and keep some of my favourite snaps in these to look back on. These are handy to show photos to family that don't really like computers or don't have Facebook.  I also like to just sit and look through them every now and again, I've always liked having actual photos printed out and it's so easy to do now as there's so many app's you can use to print photos and it's really affordable to get them printed now.

As well as my photo albums I have lots of frames dotted around my apartment these are just a few of my favourite frames but we have them in every room, even the hallway. We have had some really amazing times together over the last 4 years and I love having photos around to remind us of all the special times we've spent together.

We are about to have a baby and i'm so excited to go on our first family holiday, i'm going to take photos of absolutely everything and I will be filling up photo albums with our family snaps to keep them safe forever and ever. What do you do with your holiday photos, do they just end up on your laptop or do you get them printed out? Do you have any amazing holidays coming up? If you need some inspiration then check out lots of amazing destinations here on Destination2.co.uk

*Collaboration with Destination2.co.uk, they did not pay for this post however they did gift me a voucher to buy some new albums/ frames for my photos


Today's post is all about my top tips for renting. I've been renting for about a year and a half now and have had a few ups and downs along the way. I found blog posts such as this really helpful when we were looking at renting as if was all new to us and we had only ever lived at home with parents. Below are a few of my top tips for renting, if you have any questions and I haven't covered it below then just send me a comment or email and i'm happy to help or check out the HomeLet website for lots of information about renting for tenants and landlords.

ORGANISATION - You need to be organised when renting, from looking at properties to moving in. When looking at properties you need to know how much you are willing to spend and how much you can afford, you need to know what you want, how many bedrooms?  a garden? bath or shower?

Write a list of properties you want to enquire about with estate agent information and numbers and make sure you have all your documents ready to go! We found renting was very speedy you need to get your applications in quickly, they usually need to see your financial documents and get you to fill out forms with your passport details so have everything to hand.

When you actually move in it's good to go into the empty house/ flat etc and take photos of everything. That way you have proof of what was in the house when you moved in and what kind of state it was in. This makes it easier when your trying to get your deposit back when moving out. Also write a list of these things too just incase you loose the photos as a backup. We have a folder where we keep all of the bills, documents and I have kept this list safe in here.

PAYING THE BILLS - As well as your rent, you have other bills to pay like council tax, utility bills like water, gas, electric and internet. I set up a joint account with Clint and we use this to pay all of these bills. We each put money in on payday and this covers all of these bills so we don't have to worry. Try and set up your bills so they come out at around the same time, all of our bills come out on the first of the month which makes it easy to remember. Use comparison websites to get the best deals on your utility bills, don't just stick with what the previous tenant had.

INSURANCE - You should get some kind of content insurance should you have any kind of accident, this covers your stuff as most landlords insurance doesn't cover your things. Also appliances should be checked regularly. Our boiler and gas appliances are checked every year to make sure it's safe.

TENANCY AGREEMENT- Make sure you have an up to date tenancy agreement. If you have been living at the same place for a while or you decided to have a short term tenancy agreement then have a look over this and make sure it's up to date. You may have originally agreed on a 6 month tenancy but now a 12 month tenancy would suit you better, get in touch with your landlord or estate agent about updating the agreement if you feel it's now out of date.

Do you have any tips for renting or are you about to rent for the first time? Use the hashtag #RentingRules and share your top tips for renting! 

* This post is in collaboration with HomeLet


I'm now 29 weeks, nearly 30 weeks pregnant and haven't had the most straight-forward of pregnancies. We found out we were expecting very early and so it feels like i've been pregnant forever! I've found my anxiety has been really bad throughout my pregnancy, you can read my post all about my anxiety here. I've found myself worrying about every little niggle, ache and pain. Since 26 weeks we've been having regular scans and check ups as bubba is measuring a little small and this has also given me reason to worry. 

I see my midwife every week, sometimes every two weeks because of my anxiety and this helps as I get to hear bubbas heartbeat every week and I know if i've got a question I can just ask the midwife at my next appointment. For more urgent queries and questions I can give her a call or I can call the hospital but sometimes you can have a question or just want some peace of mind and I don't know but sometimes I feel like a nuisance calling or texting my midwife every 5 seconds. For some ladies their midwife might not answer their phones or they can forget to reply to text messages. Maybe you don't feel that comfortable asking your midwife such a personal question or feel that you can't talk to your midwife? 

I was recently contacted by the lovely ladies at Ask the Midwife to give their service a go and let them know what I thought. Ask the Midwife is the first online health advice service, run by registered midwives.

I have used the Ask the Midwife on a few occasions over the last month or so... as I mentioned above our baby is measuring small which has caused some worry and raised a few questions. I find the chat format of the service really helpful and easy to use. It's so easy to start a chat, and there's different payment options so you can just ask a question or maybe you'd prefer to sign up for a month. I received a reply pretty much straight away and felt that the reply was very informative and friendly. I didn't feel silly and I didn't feel like I was being a nuisance. Rachel was very helpful and put my mind at ease and once she had finished helping me she asked if there was anything else, and I asked another question because I felt very comfortable talking to her and it was lovely to get some advice and answers to a few questions I had.  

I felt really comfortable talking to Rachel and I like the idea of someone always being there to answer any questions I may have. The wait for a response isn't too long and you know that you are getting good advice and knowledge from an actual qualified midwife. I found myself google-ing symptoms and questions very early on in my pregnancy and this can be scary. Some of the responses and answers I found on forums were horrible and made me jump to the worst possible conclusion. 

I would really recommend the Ask the Midwife service, especially if like me you have a lot of questions and don't really want to keep bombarding your midwife. You can feel like your being an annoying first time mum and like your probably annoying your midwife. The Ask the Midwife service lets you ask all of those questions and you know you are getting good valid advice and information. I have found myself going over to the Ask the Midwife page instead of looking on Google if I have a question. I've included some screen shots of some of the questions I asked so you can see the type of reply I got back and to give you an idea of how the service works. 

They have different subscription services so you can pay to ask just one question or you can pay to have a chat or you can even opt for a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription gives you the freedom to ask questions at any time and there's always a registered midwife on hand to answer your questions. 

Right now a new version of the Ask the Midwife App is being created to bring the best service to you but right now you can head on over to their website to ask questions using the chat feature but also read through their advice articles and check out their blog. I've recently been featured on the Ask the Midwife site so head on over to their post to check out the best pregnancy and baby bloggers 

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My skin has been looking a little dull recently so i've been using The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask once a week for a few weeks. I have the Facial mask brush which I use to apply the mask to my face. The brush makes applying the mask super easy but you could use your fingers or even a super old make up brush would do the same job.

This mask is 100% Vegan and infused with bamboo charcoal, Green tea leaves and Organic tea tree oil. The mask revives skin leaving it looking fresh and youthful.

The mask dries really quick and tingles on your skin, I have very sensitive skin but haven't had any problems with this mask, it hasn't irritated my skin whatsoever. I have been using warm water and a muslin to remove the mask. The mask exfoliates the skin and removes any dead skin so the skin feels really smooth and soft.

I've really enjoyed using this mask, as I said i've incorporated it into my weekly skincare routine and have been using it once a week or as I need it. I feel that it leaves my skin feeling much clearer.

The Body Shop have a huge selection of different masks so head over to their website and check them out.

* This post contains pr samples, I have not been paid for this post. The post is honest and my own opinions.


My baby shower is next month so I thought i'd share a few baby shower gift ideas. I tried to think of a few things that we still need to get or things that would be useful to be gifted at our baby shower.

I think everyone tends to go for clothing as buying baby clothes is so addictive and you can't really go wrong. I have included this pack of 3 sleepsuits from Next. I love the baby clothes from Next, they are so soft and very affordable and they have some really on trend pieces.

We have been looking at Ollie the Owl since it came out a few months ago! I think it's such a good product that any parent would be happy to recieve for their newborn. Ollie the Owl is a light and sound sleep aid. With a built in cry sensor it's such a good gift idea for any expectant parent. It's suitable from birth and you can use on a cot, pushchair or carseat using the Velcro attachment.

Also from the lovely people at The Gro Company are grobags, I think alot more parents are using sleeping bags now as they are really safe. They have lots of patterns, prints and togs to choose from.
I know one of my friends is getting us a grobag for my baby shower and I think it's such a good gift idea.

How cute is this Emma Bridgewater mug, i've wanted one for ages but I have so many mugs, i'd love someone to get me the Mummy one, it's so cute. They also do personalised ones, and I think i'll have to buy bubba one with her name on as a little keepsake.

Finally, this changing mat is so gorgeous, it's from a brand called Mama Shack. I'm going to order it on payday as I love it and i'm gonna have it personalised with bubbas name, i'm super excited. It would be a lovely baby shower present. You don't have to have the babys name you can have it personalised with a quote or even the surname if you are keeping the name a secret or haven't picked one yet.

There's so much you could buy, don't just go from clothing as everyone buys clothes. Ask the momma if there's anything they need, incase they haven't bought something and you can get that for them, when your having a baby you have lots of random stuff you need to buy, i'm getting my sister her sterilizer as we're both having girls and she will more than likely get lots of clothes once my baby has grown out of them. You can get lots of personal gifts now too online like prints and blankets etc.

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The summer is nearly over but we've had a few nice sunny days here in the West Midlands so don't put those shorts and t-shirts away just yet. Jacamo have a huge selection of products ready for the summer and specialise in a wide range of sizes from S to 5XL 

We've had some decent weather this Bank Holiday weekend so far so Clint went for a shorts and polo shirt combo. We had a pretty chilled day yesterday and spent the day in the garden and making the most of the sun. 

The Navy polo is the Tog24 Beckett Mens Deluxe polo shirt, I love the Navy, Red and White combo! It's also very affordable at £20, It looks and feels a lot more expensive. It's 100% heavy cotton so washes well. Clint's teamed this with a pair of ripped denim shorts  which I feel dresses the outfit down and creates a more casual look for the daytime. This top would look great with a nice pair of dark blue denim jeans and some smart shoes for a night out.

The next outfit is another Polo shirt, this Jaquard pattern polo from Black Label at Jacamo stands out with the contrasting trims, again very easy to dress up or down. A smart pair of jeans would be perfect for an evening at the pub with the lads. I think it works well with these Chino style shorts. They are a really nice smart shorts and would be perfect for the summer, they are a really good style for a holiday as they are very versatile and would go with lots of different tops and shirts. 

What are you wearing this summer? Do you like Polo shirts, I think they are very easy to wear and a great smart-casual piece to add to your wardrobe? 

 * this post contains pr samples, this post is honest and my own opinions. I have not been paid for this post.