It's really funny how fashion goes around on itself, I remember looking at photos of my mom wearing skinny jeans and plimsoles and thinking how cool she looked. New look have put together this really interesting feature on their website which picks out some of the biggest comebacks from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and links you to products available to buy on their website. I've picked out some of my fashion faves from the last few decades and i've picked some of my top picks from the New Look website. 

You can check out the feature on the New Look Website here 

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dress: Boohoo* // Bikini: Freya // Sandals: Zara 

It's summer so that means holidays and summer fashion trends! The bikinis are out and so are the hotpants! I've started to love my body again and i've become so much more confident! I recently started eating more healthily and just making sensible decisions and I've watched the pounds drop off! I'm not being really strict but i'm just more aware of what I eat and drink. I've lost a stone and a half since January and i'm so proud of myself. I picked up a dress in a Medium the other day and it was too big I bought the small and I have dresses in a size 10 again. I know i'm not some stick thin model but im happy being me. Theres always going to be changes i'd like to make, but for now im feeling so positive about myself. We are going to Ibiza in September and i'm really looking forward to wearing Bikinis and little dresses and feeling confident. I had so much fun taking these photos of this gorgeous Boohoo beach dress, it's been really sunny and i've been in my garden this afternoon sunbathing. I added some salt spray to my hair to give it that beach wave effect and applied minimal make up. We had a nice little picnic and had an ice cream whilst just chilling in the sun.

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The sun has finally been out this week! YAY! So finally the playsuits and maxis are out! I've been picking up a few bits and pieces for my holiday to Ibiza , I'm not going away until september but I find alot of the highstreet stores have their sales on now and you can get some really great summer pieces. 
I love this maxi from Dorothy Perkins, I have a really similar one myself. I love the burnt orange shade its such a perfect summer colour! I think kaftans and kimonos are always great for the summer as they are an extra layer but so lightweight. I think this plain black kaftan from Velvet at Trilogy would be perfect for those chilly nights in Ibiza! Wedges are always so popular in the summer, I find they are more comfy than heels so I really need to get a pair for my holiday. These white ones would be so versatile and would go with everything. I own about 243234234 pairs of sunglasses, I always opt for cheap sunglasses off the high street because i'd be gutted if I spent loads of a pair and then I lost them or I sat on them. I love tortoise style shades and these cat eye style ones from Michael Kors are gorgeous. Finally a handy little tan bag for my essentials whilst i'm in Ibiza, I want a bag thats small and cross over so I can keep my bits safe but big enough to fit my purse and phone inside. This one from Asos is perfect, I love the colour it would go with so many things. 

*In collaboration with Trilogy Stores 


I think business cards are great, they are definitely an essential for any blogger or creative. When I first started out my blog I bought some business cards because I went to alot of blog events and found them really handy to pass out to other bloggers. I don't tend to go to many blog events now and most of the ones I do go to I tend to know alot of the bloggers already. I used to be an Art student aswell, I recently graduated but throughout my course I found having business cards crucial. They make you appear professional! You have all of your contact information handy for anyone who may need it. You could meet an investor in your field or someone who just so happens to love your art work, and instead of jotting your number down on a scrap of paper that they might loose you can give them one of your fancy business cards that they can pop in their wallet. My cards are quite plain and clean, but you can use the space to suit you, I had images of my art work on my university business cards which makes they more appealing to people. I had a card holder next to my work at my degree show and so many people took my card, this can open up opportunities with people who like your work or are looking for people to work with.

I'm really happy with the quality of my business cards from,* the card is a decent thickness and they look so clean and professional. I chose a matte finish but they also do a gloss finish. They offer a great selection of prints aswell, the business cards start at 100 - 5000 prints depending on the quantity you need.

Right now are offering 20% off on all orders and already offer free delivery on orders over £50. They have fast delivery, and even offer next day delivery if you order before 11am on some items. Fastprint also print banners, leaflets and many more products.

I'm so happy with my new business cards,  I always have some in my purse and my friends and family have them handy in their wallets incase theres ever a chance someone is looking for a blogger to work with.


*pr sample.


The Lee Stafford WonderBall WaVer is a really unusual looking hair tool. Its like a tong with balls which are used the create a wavy beach look. 

The tong comes with a heat proof mat and a heatproof glove. Its really easy to use once you get used to it. I found it abit tricky to hold. You wrap your hair around the tong and hold it for a couple of seconds and when you let go you have amazing beach tousled hair. It's amazing and so easy ! I have other curlers but they curl my hair whereas the Wonderball Waver gives you amazing beach waves. 

I think it's really easy to use and you can quickly add a few waves to your hair to make it look abit different or you could add waves to all of your hair. Spray in some salt spray for that beach hair effect. 

The Wonderball Waver heats up really fast and the barrel is infused with Argan Oil so your hair is soft and shiny. 

The Wonderball Waver Retails at £30* which I think is a great price, its available here on the Lee Stafford website


Nailbox is a monthly subscription service. Each month they send out a selection of nail polishes which are a variety of brands and shades. They have a few different package selections so you can choose to pay monthly or you can choose to pay for 3,6 or 9 months. 

The box I received included in my opinion a great selection of brands and shades. First up is one of the Rimmel 60 seconds polishes, in the shade Lucky Lilac, going from spring to summer makes lilac a perfect shade, its easy to apply and a great finish. 

Next is Nicole by Opi in Alex by the Books which is a gorgeous mint shade again a perfect spring to summer colour. Opi are a really popular nail polish brand and they usually retail at £7.99 each so £15 a month for 4 polishes is a bargain already. 

Next is an Essie polish in Status Symbol which is a lovely bright pink. A really versatile shade, a great colour for any collection. The essie polishes again are really popular and retail at about £6 or £7 each. 

Finally the Orly Color Blast in fiery orange which is a gorgeous orange glitter shade. Orly is another popular nail polish brand and well know for their great quality. The glitter polish was easy to apply and looked great even after just one coat! I applied it onto a clean nail but I think you could apply it over another colour. 

Overall i'm really impressed with the Nailbox subscription. For just £15* a month you get 4 great nail polishes that are worth well more than £15. They have put alot of thought into the brands and the shades they have picked which is great!

The next box is the July Box which is being despatched the 22nd July and is called Tropical Treats! You can subscribe here at

*this is a pr sample, my review is honest and truthful. I have not been paid for this post.


I like to think my Brows are pretty good! I get compliments about my eyebrows all the time and even the lady at benefit says I have perfect brows! I thought i'd share some of my favourite brow products right now!

I've used brow kits for awhile, I love how everything is all together in a compact and its so simple and easy to use. I'm loving this Soap and Glory one right now! It's really straightforward so anyone can get perfect brows with this. You start with the Gel and apply this to the brow and then apply the powder over the gel for that statement brow. This kit even contains an arch highlighter to define the brow even more. I think this kit is well worth £12* its so easy to use and you create a natural brow for everyday or a more defined brow if you prefer.

I love my Anastasia Brow products! I got these whilst I was in America and I know I will be buying these again! I start by using the Brow Wiz Pencil to get the fine line and draw the shape I desire I then use the brush part of the pencil to brush the hairs upwards and smudge the line in so it looks more natural. I then use the Dipbrow Pomade to fill in the brows. I use my EcoTools Brow brush and start in the middle of the brow, I then apply product to and create my arch and then go back on myself to the start of my brow as this is where I like just a little bit of product.

Another favourite of mine is Eye of Horus brow define* which is really similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Again I use the pencil to define my brow and get the shape right and use the brush to work the product in so my brow appears more natural. The pencil is so easy to use and you get a really good straight line. I use the brush to brush up the hairs which makes it easier to get an idea of the shape you will get when you add your brow product. You can buy Eye of Horus Brow Define at Beauty Bay 

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