i start uni tomorrow...

which should mean i get my student loann too :D

today i went shopping with my momma bought a cardigan and a coat from primark. i dont really like buying coats  from primark as they become very popular however for £18 i couldnt just leave it in the shop so... i bought it but i also want to invest in a blazer and a leather jacket so i wont be wearing it alll the time. (illpostaphototomorrow)

very excited about tommorrow but also very nervous as i actually dont know ANYONE.
have no idea what to wearr so better sort something out as im not sure how long its going to take me to get there ecttt...

heres a dress and top i might buy this week


obv... its not a real one. but i still love it hehe.

and abbies feet haha

Jumper new look.

topshop spree

this is what i wore shopping today...
top: topshop. skirt: hypnotic belt and cardigan: new look. necklace: carboot

and... this is what i bought today... (excuse my messy room)
jumper £40 topshop.
jeans £38 topshop.

i really love this jumper its so cosy :) the material is so soft... i know £40 is abit much for a jumper ill probs only wear a few times but i dont know i just really wanted it... i think ill try my hardest to get my moneys worth out of this one... and were in september and its already very chilly so ive got until like february to get lotss of wear out of thiss :D
ive also really wanted some topshop for some time. i dont really wear jeans much but i tried these on and fell in love, they are so comfy and they are like a soft denim material so they stretch... my trusty h&m £9.99 jeans have sadly been disguarded as the zip broke :( sad times but i plan on purchasing another couple of pairs with my student loan.... roll on MONDAY :D:D
after my £78 spurge in topshop i went to pizza hut to see mel ;D me and my boyfriend had food and then went to watch friends with benefits...omg its hilarious i love a good romcom. the people on our row were abit tooo much like full on laughing and it was only when we were leaving the cinema we realised they had drunk sours and vodka throughout thefilm lol (classy)

its been a busy week

 top: new look. skirt:motel cardi: carboot boots: topshop necklace: aspire
 this is what i wore today to go shopping... and heres what i bought. i did want to wait and do a proper post of my new clothes but i was so excitedd at my bargains.

In birmingham theres a shop called hypnotic im not sure if they are a chain store, anyway theres two in birmingham they sell like copy's of the high streets fashions so sometimes you can get some deals and sometimes theres nothingg at all in there. anyway everything in there is like £6.99 but check out these deals.
1. rust skirt - hypnotic £6.99
2. blue t-shirt - hypnotic and black skirt - hypnotic 2 items for £5
3. blue dress £6.99 (BARGAIN) 
i also bought a yellow fishermans jumper from new look £6 saleeee;D
and a cath kidston makeup bagg
i love everything that i bought todayy and i didnt really spend much
went weatherspoons with the boyfriendd and then krispy kreme.... all together its been a lovely shopping day :)

first E.L.F order done...

001. after reading loadssss of blogs about e.l.f cosmetics i jumped on the bandwagon... ive literally just processed my order ... taking full advantage of their 50% off code so when my products arrive ill let you all know what i think..i was amazed ive spend £16.70 thats including postage and i have purchased 9 items !!

002. i bought the chelsea boots from topshop hehe ;)

003. going shopping tomorrow so im sure ill do some posts on the clothes i buy

i really wanted to buy a designer bag with my student loan... so i actually had something to show for the money... however i couldn't spend £800 on a bag soooo i've just purchased this badboy ;) off ebay. £30 is not bad as it does look like a good quality bag. i will take pictures obvvv when it arrives ;) 

erm... im poor again :'(

atm it seriously seems like i have NO MONEY.
i have about £100 in the bank but i know ive only got one shift at work this week and i dont get my student loan until the 26th however it is my birthdayy on sunday so im kinda waiting for the money to roll in ;)  theres a few bits i might buy...

lazy day...

River Island: £17.oo

At work yesterday a woman wipped out this purse and at that moment...i fell head over heels. I am going to add this to the never ending birthday list that i will be handing over to daniel and he will pick his fave's:) i really like this idea of ours because that way i get stuff i want for my birthday but still a suprise of what things he picks. my list basically consists of things that i post in my wish lists. really excited to be going to frankie and bennys with work tomorrow <3

this week in photos 002.

 i want this camera so bad <3
 top and cardigan- dorothy perkins
 cardigan and top: topshop.  shorts: internacional. 
 jumper: primarkk shorts new look.

a few bits and bobs that i want soooo badd !

new make up

for those of you that read my previous blog post you will know that i had some problems buying make up the other day well my luck suddenly changed lol. yesterday i went to a bigger boots store that i knew would have my minerals foundation and that they did... so i was on my way to the till when i heard they were giving away a free eyeshadow with the new no7 lash effect mascara so i bought that tooo when i got to the till the lady reminded me about the 3 for 2 offer so i bought another mascara as you can never have too much mascara and got another free eye shadow lol ;) good times. i will review these products soon. :) 

No #7 loose powder

okay so today i actually planned to do nothing... instead at 12:38 i am now doing a post which is iin fact meant to be topshop tuesday however i got abducted and cannot be bothered right now to 'faf' about copying and pasteing so i'll do it tomorrow maybe. anywayy back to being abducted... i went to my nans out of bordem today as i dont see much of her and she gets so happy when i go to see her so i did lol and i went there and have just returned. at about 11 oclock i returned home. i left at about 2:30 this afternoon lol. so yeah i ended up watching so much daytime tv, then eastenders, then the great british bake off(which btw is amazing) and this film, daddys little secret (such a gooden,old film... watch it) 

i bought a concealer and a loose powder yesterday which i used today.
didnt do an outfit post as i looked like a tramp today.

the concealer is really good, it does create a smoothe outcome, hides spots and blemishes and dark circlesh gowever i got quite an orange shade :( i bought the 'fair' shade so maybe opt for the other option.

the loose powder is very thin, i use mineral foundation so i was hoping for somthing along them lines but found myself empty handed then i saw this powder and thought it would maybe work as some kind of coverage for my face, how ever the shades are too pale, and the consistancy is too thin. it does work well on top of a foundation i think it would work bettter on top of a liquid foundation...

its sunday 001.

dress worn as a top: motel. skirt: motel. belt: new look

today was such a chilled out day... i woke up at like half eleven and then watched some baking competition programme then got ready to go to the boyfriends.
there we just chilled, bought some brownies... watched a film had a yummmy pie dinner,
im home now, ive just watched that programme about the west murders- im going to have to record next weeks since im working on sunday :(
001: this week i plan to go the cinema
002:i really want to make a missguided order since i have money
003:im going to coventry on saturday after my staff meeting... im going to plan my walking route to uni and hopefullly sort out my rail card ect.

topshop liner.

okay so just a quick post since i should really be getting ready to go out for a curry with my boyfriend lol. the other day i bought a new eye liner from topshop.. i really needed a new one so i wanted to buy the gel one but i was kinda in a hurry and desperate for eyeliner so since ive got payed today i might go and buy one next week. anyway back to the eye liner i boughtt. i really like the bottle, its white like most of the topshop make up so i think its quite unique. the actual eye liner is really dark and a thick liquid which is obv really important in a liner because you want it to last all day... and it does. i put in on yesterday and i started work at 12.20 and finished at 11.oo and it lasted perfectly all day.