REVIEW: YSL singulier mascara

rrp: £23.50

this mascara is my first purchase from if you dont know what buyapower is then.. its a co-buy website so the more people that buy a product the lower the price goes, i got this at £13.50 which is saving £10 off the rrp. buyapower has loads of great brands- ive heard a few rumours about some of their products being fake but more and more people are joining them which leads me to believe the products are not fake however this is for you to determine. 

i have used a YSL mascara before, not this particular one and i would say the quality is the same and i wouldnt say its a fake- its defo real. 

the packaging as with all YSL make-up is beautiful, such a good quality packaging, reflective gold- it just makes your mascara look really expensive.

the product itself is really nice- it really defines every single lash with absolutely no clumps; its amazing how dramatic it makes your lashes. 

im not really one for spending silly money on make up- especially on mascaras because some of my favourite mascaras are cheap £5 ones. atm im using scandale eyes by rimmel and i love it, its nothing like this mascara though its clumpy and is designed to volumise lashes, i think ill wear this mascara when i want to define each and every lash- 

for £23.50 i wouldnt say this is the best mascara, but thats just my personal opinion because i would prefer the brush to apply more mascara to the lashes, it has lasted all day and my lashes still look lovely and honestly  i didnt realise i had so many lashes, it is a really nice mascara but i just cannot justify £23.30 for it but saying that i payed £13.50 and i would definitely buy it again at this price. 

any questions just ask, have you used this mascara and what do you think? 

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