Today I thought i'd share this amazing new Launch from Nip + Fab! I've used Nip + Fab products for years and have always really liked the brand. I am forever hearing rave reviews about their incredible skincare range but that's not what I'm sharing with you today. 

Today i'm talking about the BRAND NEW make up collection by Nip + Fab!! They have launched a massive collection of make up products including foundation, concealer, correctors, contour palettes, lip products, eyeshadow and much more! 

They have kindly sent me a selection of products which I will be reviewing and featuring on my blog in the new few weeks! I just wanted to share the range with you and introduce you to Nip + Fab make up and I know it's going to be great!

I haven't used any of the products yet as I've only just taken these photos but I have swatched a couple of bits and i'm already impressed. I had to swatch the Liquid Lipsticks as the shades they've sent over are gorgeous! They dried quite fast and are a really good consistency. They were a nightmare to remove which is exactly what you want from a Liquid lipstick so i'm impressed with these already. I also gave the colour correctors a swatch and they are such lovely colours, they are easy to blend and again a good consistency, not too thin/ runny. 

Overall i'm sooo excited to give the range a try, I will be writing reviews in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that but in the mean time head over to the Nip+Fab website to check out 
the whole make up range and let me know what your favourite things are! 


When you work from home you tend to spend a lot of time wearing comfy clothing, I practically live in Pj's when i'm home. I work part time and blog part time so I spend about 4 days a week at home working on my blog etc. Obviously I don't always work in my pj's but I tend to opt for a more comfy casual outfit like leggings and a tshirt when i'm working from home. I was going through my Pj's and I have so many fluffy/ wintery sets and not alot of lighter spring/ summer bits so I thought i'd share some of my Spring loungewear picks with you.

 First up is this cute Jack Wills Cami and Short set from Asos which looks so comfy and cosy you could easily pop on a pair of joggers if it's abit nippy but these are perfect for the warmer summery months. I love grey nightwear!

If it's abit nippy you can always pop on a dressing gown or you can even get cardigans like this one from New Look which would be perfect to keep you a bit warmer. I've picked out a few dressing gowns and wraps as i've only got a big fluffy one and I really want to get myself a cooler/ lighter one for Spring/ Summer. How cute is this Pink Unicorn Dressing Gown from Boohoo or this pink paisley print kimono from David Neiper is cute and it's cotton so again super lightweight.

I usually opt for some kind of legging and tshirt option when i'm picking out pj's just like this Pug set from Boohoo! I find them so comfy when i'm in bed and working from home. They are light so I don't get too hot. Primark do loads of different designs in this kind of style.

Slippers! I thought i'd pick out a few pairs of slippers again as mine are huge fluffy ones so i'll need to pick up a more summery pair. I thought these Pug ones from New Look were really nice, they look so comfy and not too hot! These Cactus ones from Asos look abit warmer and maybe abit too fluffy for spring but I love anything with a Cactus on, I love these!!

So they are my Spring Loungewear picks! What do you wear on your day off when your chilling at home? Or do you work from home too and spend all day in comfy clothes like me?

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Mothers Day 2017 - Sunday 26th March 

With Mothers Day just around the corner I thought today i'd share some Mothers Day gift ideas!

I don't know about you but my mom is pretty amazing, and I always go a little over the top when Mothers Day arrives. Here's some really cool gift ideas that you can get your mom this year. 

How gorgeous are these Ted Baker Rose Gold Earrings *from Amara. I think they are stunning and would make the perfect gift for Mothers Day, They come with a little pouch and a Ted Baker Gift box which makes it look really special and they are only £25 which I think is a great price. This Scarf from Joules * also available at Amara is just gorgeous, it's so so soft and the colours are lovely. It's a really lovely scarf, my mom loves a good scarf and these are perfect for this transitional period between winter and spring where its a bit chilly outside so you want a thin scarf just to keep the cold out. You really can't go wrong with flowers, whether you pick some up from the local supermarket or have them delivered from a florist they can make a wonderful gift. My mom loves Lillies they are her favourite and purple is her favourite colour so these are perfect. 

My mom has recently started using make up brushes and has been quizzing myself and my sister on how we apply our make up so some new make up brushes would be the perfect gift this mothers day. These Body Shop* ones are so lovely. The bristles are so lovely and soft and they are so easy to use. They look great and are really affordable too. I've also included a couple of other brushes below. I really like the Look Good Feel Better Brushes and this blusher brush* looks amazing. The bristles are so soft and fluffy!! I also thought i'd mention this Soeco stippling brush* as I really like the Soeco brushes they look fab, i've recently spotted them in my local Bodycare and they are really good value for money. 

Why not get your mom some new skincare bits. I love Liz Earle and use their skincare everyday and I know my mom would love to add some Liz Earle bits to her routine. This is the Liz Earle Glow Getters collection.* For £29 you get the Hot Cloth Cleanser ( MY FAVE) and a gentle face exfoliator and a deep cleansing mask along with 2 Pure Cotton cloths. It's such a good price and comes in this gorgeous gift box which is designed by Jessica Tibbits.

How cute is this Mothers Day soap from The English Soap Company*, it's a really lovely gift. It smells so so good!! How cute is this gift set from The Pretty Little Treat Company. This is their Pretty Little Treasures Gift set *which contains really cute little products such as an Eye Gel, a Lip Balm, a Hand Cream and bath milk. The gift box is so pretty and the packging on the products has angels on and Clints mom loves Angels so she's going to be so excited to recieve this on Mothers Day. 

If your looking for something a little more on the pricey side you could treat your mom to a bottle of perfume, this Tiziana Terenzi Fragrance * is avaliable at Harvey Nichols and is a woody, spicy oriental scent. It's really strong and has top notes of Bergamot and Red Currant. The bottle and the packaging is gorgeous and so luxurious and would make a lovely addition to any moms dressing table. 

You really can't go wrong with a scented candle and my favourites are the Neom Travel Size candles. I love Tranquility and Happiness, they are my favourite scents. They retail for about £16 and smell amazing! 

How cool is this Scrabble Light from Red Candy*! You use the stickers to spell out different words, they would be so much fun especially to personalise for different occasions. They light up from the mains and the stickers are reusable so you can change them all the time to say different things. I think these would be amazing in a nursery or kids room aswell as in a main room. 

I hope you enjoyed my Gift Guide and I gave you some inspiration for Mothers Day. Even if you can't afford to buy your mom something get her a card and show her that you are thankful for everything she does for you. 

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I've been using the Pebble Grey Elko Vanity Mirror for a few months now and never got round to featuring it on my blog. I thought i'd share my thoughts with you. 

Pebble Grey stock a huge selection of different Bathroom mirrors in all shapes and sizes. They have loads of illuminated mirrors to choose from as well as a selection of Towel Rails, Cabinets and other bathroom accessories. The mirrors are really affordable and a really good finish and quality. They have so many different styles so there's something for everyone and any bathroom. 

I've already got a small mirror and a big mirror in my bathroom so I have popped my Pebble Grey Vanity Mirror on my dressing table. It plugs right into the mains so is super easy to use. The light is really bright and perfect for those dark winter mornings. The mirror is double sided with a magnifying mirror and moves up and down so you can position it where you like. Its not too heavy so really easy to move around and its great for checking the back of your hair. 

I think it makes doing my make up so much easier, I use it every single day and even if I don't need the light I like have it close to me when i'm doing my make up. As you can see when the light is on you get a really good light on your face making applying make up so easy, you can see if you've missed any patches etc. 

The Elko Vanity mirror is no longer on the Pebble Grey site but they have just release the Lima Led Magnifying Vanity Mirror which is exactly the same however you can affix it straight to the wall. 

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Is your home in need of a little TLC and a fresh lick of paint but you just don't have the time or money to do it right now. I have the perfect thing for you! Wall Murals are a quick and easy way to quickly transform a room.

Pixers have a huge selection of designs to choose from and there's something for every room. They also have canvas prints, posters and stickers so they have something for everyone. I have picked out a few of my favourite wall murals to include in this blog post. My absolute favourite has to be the Banana leaf mural above. It completely transforms the room and makes it feel so fresh and bright. I love it!!

You can choose from a selection of sizes to suit your needs so if you'd prefer something smaller that's perfectly fine or if you want to cover a whole wall you can do this aswell. The Vinyl Wall Murals are perfect for any room, they are matte and durable and if you should need any extra protection you can add on a laminate protection so you can clean with a damp cloth, this is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and even the kids rooms!

I love that there are so many designs to choose from. I think the white tree design is great and would amazing in so many different rooms. It looks cool in a living room space but I think it would be such a good design for an office space or even in the kitchen. It gives a sense of nature and the outdoors being inside which I love. It's white aswell so it will really brighten the room up and it will look clean and fresh.

I just had to include a before and after photo too as you can see below the Wall Vinyl makes such a huge difference to the dark, boring kitchen! It looks fresh and clean and the walls look whiter which is amazing. I really like this Polka Dot design and think it would look so cute in a Nursery and its really cute and pretty.

Would you ever use a Wall Vinyl to freshen up your home and revamp that dark, cold boring room into a new clean, bright and exciting space?  The Vinyls are really affordable and the website is so so easy to use but if you need any help they have a customer service team waiting to help you with your order.