REVIEW: bourjois magic nail polish remover

bourjois magic nail polish remover: boots and superdrug rrp:£4.99

i looked absolutely everywhere for this so when i saw the last one in my local boots i had to buy it. its a tub full of nail polish remover which soaks into the foam so then you put your nail in the little hole and twist your finger and when you take it out the majority of your nail polish is gone! 
its such a clever idea because you don't need to use any cotton pads.  
i think people may think that £4.99 for nail polish remover is expensive but because your not tipping the nail polish remover your not wasting any, when you take your finger out its not wet so i would imagine it will last quite awhile. 
it smells nice on your fingers, it isn't a harsh chemical smell but more like cherries and almonds which is nice. 
overall i think its a great product and depending on how long it lasts i will defiantly buy it again. 

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