Cloud Cloth - £8 for pack of 3 *

I have been using the Cloud Cloths for a couple of weeks now and wanted to give them a mention on my blog.

I have always used the Liz Earle Muslin Cloths as I use the Hot Cloth Cleanser most of the time and i've never really had any issues with them or any need to try something new.

When I heard about Cloud Cloth they sounded dreamy but I wasn't sure that I would be that impressed with them, I mean they are just a face cloth right?

WRONG! they are amazing. One side is like a muslin cloth, it exfoliates and scrubs away dead cells, the other side is super soft and gentle. It's perfect for sensitive skin, and sensitive areas like around the eyes.

I've been using the DHC cleansing oil to melt away my make up and following up with the Kiehls Centella Skin-Calming facial cleanser. I use the soft side first to remove my eye make-up and then use the other side to remove my cleanser and this scrubs away any dead cells and exfoliates the skin.
It leaves the skin feeling beautifully clean and soft.

I'm using the Kiehls Midnight Recovery concentrate and Vichy night moisturiser  for my nighttime routine right now. My skins feeling really good right now, very hydrated and smooth.

I'm really happy with the Cloud Cloths, you can chuck them in the wash so they last really well. You get a pack of 3 for £8 which I think is very reasonable and I will be buying more once mine give up. 


Today i'm talking about body confidence, well really my lack of body confidence. Since having Amelia my body has changed alot and honestly I don't feel very confident in myself anymore. I have never really been happy with my body, like everyone I have those bits that i'm not happy with. I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago! I did Slimming World and lost about 2 stone! I was the happiest i've ever been with my body. I felt slim and toned and felt proud of myself. I found out I was pregnant this time last year and during my pregnancy I did put on a lot of weight. I had a lot of morning sickness and a lot of food aversions. I just felt like I was going to get big anyway so I stopped doing Slimming World and just ate what I wanted too.

After I had Amelia I felt like the weight would just drop off me and I'd start going back down to my pre-pregnancy weight but that hasn't happened. I want to start eating well again and doing some exercise but I need to ease myself in as I haven't done much for about a year. I am very active, I walk a lot as I don't drive so I walk into town. We go to Gymboree on a Monday and we get a lift with my friend but we can't fit my pram in her car so I carry Amelia in her car seat from the car to Gymboree and back to the car which is a good walk, my arms are always killing. We also live on the fourth floor with no lift so i'm always carrying the pram, car seat, Amelia, changing bag, shopping etc up all of those stairs. I would consider myself quiet active but I just eat too much chocolate and cake.

It's not just my weight that is now an issue. There's a couple of other things that have affected my confidence. My periods have been very sporadic since having Amelia so I always feel on edge and unprepared in case I come on. This underwear from Knixteen has a built in pantyliner, so I wouldn't have to worry about leaking. It also has odour-crushing technology, it's designed to soak up moisture and dry fast and is seamless so no VPL. I really think something like this would stop me from stressing out. 

I also have really bad stretchmarks! I used so much moisturer and oils to prevent stretchmarks. I didn't have any at all for most of my pregnancy and then in the last month or so they just came out of nowhere. I'm going on a spa day this week and I will be wearing a costume, I have always wore bikini's and even when I was bigger, before I lost weight I would still happily wear a bikini but now I'm not sure if i'll ever be able to wear a bikini as I feel like everyone will be looking at my stretchmarks. I know most women have them from childbirth and even some women have scars from c-sections and I should be proud that I carried Amelia but it's hard. I was fairly confident before but now i'm really struggling to be proud of my body.

Have any of you struggled with body confidence, do you still struggle or did you find coping mechanisms? Is there any way that I can over come this issue with the way I look? I know I can diet and loose weight but can I be happy with the way I look without always being on a diet? My weight and my appearance really stresses me out and upsets me and I feel good talking about it. I know i'm not alone and that I'm not the only woman who's lost weight and had a baby.

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Today's post is all about my favourite trends from the past and what trends i'd love to make a comeback. I've picked out some of my top timeless trends and picked out some products that you can buy right now that fit well with the trends. Chums have put together this lovely infographic below all about the trends from the last few decades.

I've picked a few of my favourite trends from the list, first up is Flares from the 80's. When I think of Flares I picture the Beegee's and Abba in their platforms. Flares are actually on trend again right now, these cute Cropped Flare Jeans look lovely paired with a nice floaty blouse.

This little tea dress is lovely and screams 50's. I love that it's polka dot, and the colour makes it look vintage. It has soft shoulders and the front is floaty and fun.

How cute are these culottes from Chums, I love culottes and they are a trend i'm so happy made a comeback! They look so cute with a little t-shirt tucked in, you can wear them with a pair of pumps or some sandals in the summer. I'm quite short and I think they suit me really well. I have so many different pairs. I have been on the look out for a nice polka dot pair like these!

I think everyone loves the Little Black Dress trend! I always wear black, it's probably the colour I wear most. I love a little black dress and think they are a must have in every wardrobe. A LBD is the perfect going out outfit and will always be on trend. This little black dress is gorgeous, I love the a-Line shape and the lace detailing looks smart but feminine.

Double Denim! I think denim is one of those materials that will never go off trend and abit of double denim never hurt anyone. I love a classic shirt like this one and a darker denim jean. I usually wear a really dark blue denim jean or even a black jean which I think works really well.

What are you favourite trends from the infographic? Do you buy classic pieces and timeless trends that will never go out of season. 

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I know Mothers Day has been and gone but I thought i'd share a few of the Mothers Day products that I was kindly sent over, they unfortunately didn't arrive until after Mothers Day but a few of the items are still available on the Lush website but they will be gone very soon.

The first product is Mum in a Spin, OMG i'm super excited to try this. It has a lavender and Ylang Ylang scent so is perfect to help you drift off. It makes the water pink. I love the reusable bubble bars and think this is very similar.

The Antiope Naked Shower Gel is a orange scented product, which refreshed and rejuvenates the skin.

The Honey Bear massage bar has alot of really good reviews over on the lush website. It has a gorgeous caramel/vanilla scent. With cocoa butter and shea butter to leave the skin feeling super soft.

The Purple Loosestrife soap looks beautiful and would make a wonderful gift. It has a floral scent, a trio of Rose, Hibiscus and Lavender to create a lovely parma-violet scent. It's such a pretty soap that I almost don't want to use it.

The Madame President is a bath bomb, it has a grapefruit scent and antiseptic properties. It turns the water a gorgeous purple colour and the stars seperate and fizz too!

Citrus are doing it for themselves!  is a new marbled bubbleroon. It has a citrus scent of grapefruit and lemon oil.

As I metioned above the Mothers Day products won't be around for much longer, so if anything takes your fancy then check them out now! They also have some of the Mothers Day gift sets too so check them out.

* this post contains pr samples. 


With Easter coming up next week I thought i'd share a few products from the Easter collection at LUSH, I haven't used any of these products yet as I've only just had chance to photograph them but i'm super excited to try them out and thought i'd share a few bits from the collection.

First up is the Which Came First? bath bomb. It's a really big bath bomb and a gorgeous pink and yellow colour. It has a citrus scent from the lemon and grapefruit. This smells gorgeous and i'm a big fan of citrussy scents so i'm sure i'll love this one.

Next is the Here comes the sun Naked Shower Cream. I'm a big fan of the Naked shower gels, I got my first one for Christmas and I love it. They lather up really well and are just lovely and creamy. This sounds amazing, I'm a big fan of bergamont and orange scents so this sounds right up my street. Avocado oil moisturises and tangerine and sicillian oils lift the mood.

The cream egg Bubbleroon is another new product for Easter. It has a mint chocolate scent!!! I imagine the mint scent will be so refreshing.

The Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt is SUPER GLITTERY so don't buy it if you're not a fan of glitter. It has an orange and honey scent and cocoa butter and almond oils moisturise and soften the skin.

The Bunch of Carrots is one of my favourites from the Easter collection. I'm a big fan of the reusable bubble bars,I just keep them on the side of my bath and use them time after time, i'm still using a snow fairy wand from Christmas. They last ages and just a little goes a long way, you get loads of bubbles. The carrots have a citrussy scent perfect for spring.

The Carrot soap looks lovely. it has an orange scent and the fresh carrot and carrot powder refresh and brighten the skin.

I love the whole Lush Easter range, it's the perfect gift for somebody who doesn't eat Chocolate or why not treat yourself to some new refreshing and fruity products perfect for spring. I have some of the Mothers Day range to feature, It didn't arrive in time for Mothers Day but is still avaliable over on the Lush website so this will be live over the next few days.

 * This post contains pr samples.


I recently went along to a blogger event at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham and got to check out all of latest products in the new Stila Spring collection. The collection is called Bohemian Beauty. The range has a boho, gypsy vibe to it and concentrates on colours and textures.

There's lots of new products in the range and lots of amazing new shades to choose from. The collection is huge.

I have been given a few bits from the new collection and thought i'd feature them on my blog. I have been using them and thought i'd share my first impressions.

I'm loving the Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Jezabel, it's a gorgeous Rose Gold Shade. I fell in love with this at the event and it was in my goody bag which was amazing. I've used it everyday this week and it's just such a lovely product. The Shimmer & Glow contains the same translucent adhesive base formula as the original Glitter & Glow but with a smaller particle pearl for high impact shimmering colour minus the Glitter. I haven't used the Glitter & Glow shadows before but have heard really good things. The Shimmer & Glow shadow is basically the same but without the glitter so it's a little more subtle for everyday. Jezebel is a gorgeous Rose Gold shade, it's a pink/ gold shade and has a beautiful shimmer finish. It's so easy to blend out or you can just sweep it across the lid for a more pigmented finish. I've been blending it out and working a darker shade into the corner.

I've also been loving the Stila smudge Kajal Eye liner in Sapphire, it's this beautiful dark navy blue shade. I have never worn a blue eyeliner before as I felt it would look dated but this shade is gorgeous. I've been wearing it all week and I think it brings out the blue in my eyes. It makes my eyes stand out more and i've been wearing it along side the Jezebel eyeshadow and it works really well. I've applied the liner to my lid and under my eye and blended it out. They also have an Intense Black, Nude and Espresso shade too.

I haven't tried the liquid lipstick just yet but the Stila Matte Liquid lipsticks are so good. They are a really creamy formula and not drying on the lips at all. Stila have released some beautiful new shades for the spring collection, I love the look of Dolce Vita. As well as the original Stay all day liquid lipstick they have released a shimmer formula and and sheer finish. They have the same staying power and same amazing feel but without the matte finish. The Sheer liquid lipstick is a matte finish but with a more translucent finish so it's more of a wash of colour and the shimmer liquid lipstick has a metallic shimmering finish.

I will be putting up a post about the Stila blogger event that I attended with more images of the whole range so be sure to check that out.

Selfie from my instagram @amypytblogger - using the Stila Kajal Liner in Sapphire and Liquid Eyeshadow in Jezebel