little update post

top: hypnotic skirt: topshop 

havent posted for about a week so i feel really bad! i bought loads of things that i need to post about : one being the zara messenger bag, topshop skirt that im wearing here; topshop lipstick; two new necklaces. i had my first university exhibition last night- it was so lovely having daniel, my dad and sister seeing my work, everyone was chatting and it was just a lovely opening night. been invidulating the studio today and will be taking the exhibition down tomorrow- have got an essay to hand it too so its been a rather busy week, from next week i probably wont have much to do so ill have time to blog but! ive put myself on a spending ban from today because i need to pay for my holiday! 


louise said...

this sounds a little mental, but your bed spread is so cute..such a nice pattern. I bought the zara bag the other day, addicted to it now! x

Anonymous said...
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