REVIEW: Macadamia Natural Oil

Macadamia Oil and repair masque - *

I've been using the macadamia Healing oil treatment for some time now. I've used a couple of other brands but always seem to go back to this one. I tryed a few sprays as well but feel the oil works really well on my hair. 

The Macadamia Oil smells gorgeous and its a really nice oil, it's not too think or greasy. You just pour a little bit into your hands and apply to damp hair. You can also use it on dry hair but I like to use it to stop my hair going frizzy after I wash my hair. 

I think the 10ml bottle is a really nice size to try out the product and get to see if its for you because these hair oils are expensive and if you don't like it but you've only bought the 10ml size you havent wasted loads of money. I have seen the Macadamia Oil products in Tkmaxx too so have a look there too! 

The macadamia oil leaves my hair smelling great and feeling really soft. I use this now as part of my hair routine when I wash it. It leaves my hair much more manageable and my hair has started looking so much more healthy and fuller. 

Use this along size the Deep repair mask for a more intense treatment. I love this mask it leaves my hair feeling so soft and clean! I love masks and I like to leave them on my hair for as long as possible to get my hair feeling soft and thick and more bouncier and full. 

This is an amazing hair oil and I have a couple of little 10ml bottles that I will be using up. I'm going to bring this on holiday to see how it works when i'm in the pool or in the sea and try applying it to my hair and letting it dry naturally 

My Summer Topshop Wishlist

I haven't done a wishlist for a while, well not a fashion one! I've recently gone abit mad on neon so this skirt and t-shirt are just a couple of basic pieces that I would love in my wardrobe.
The dress is gorgeous and the zip waist is so unique and unusual.

I'm saving for my holiday spending money so won't be able to buy any pretty things for a while :(

I might have a little look in primark to see if I can get a couple of new bits for my holiday!

KrisXChi Jewellery - Teapot necklace review

KrisXChi  Necklace - Buy here (similiar here ) 

I went along to the Brumbloggermeet some time ago now and I was given this lovely little necklace from the lovely lady behind KrisXChi Jewellery!

I loved that it was a little teapot in my goody bag as I do love a good cuppa tea! The necklace is so cute and I love it and think its just such a lovely little necklace to pop on.

Its a rusty gold colour chain which is quite short but perfect for a little charm like this. The clasp that does the necklace up is adorable its a little heart with a very clever clasp that I would imagine makes it abit safer around your neck so your less likely to lose it.

The painting on the teapot is very cute and I really love this necklace.

Head on over to  She has loads more vintage style jewellery such as necklaces, rings etc and they are so cute!

OUTFIT POST - Floral Bomber

 Jacket - Ribbon at Bank* 
Top - Topshop 
Shorts- Vintage Levi's 
Necklace- Topshop 
Sunglasses- Primark 

I spotted this jacket in Company magazine and fell in love so when I was offered to pick a couple of pieces from the Bank website this was first on my list! It's gorgeous! Its a lovely light chiffon material bomber jacket. It has this lovely floral pattern which I think is really nice and summery. And because its so light it will be great to pop on when its warmer just as a cover up!

I've popped this on today with my vintage levi's and a black top just as a cover up. I think i'm going to get alot of wear out of this jacket because you can wear it with jeans, dresses, leggings just everything really.

This jacket is actually in the sale on the bank website right now and is £15 ! Which is a bargain! I am going to wear this jacket loads and I'm going to bring it on holiday as a little jacket for the evenings.

Buy this jacket here at Bank 

REVIEW: Jurlique Purely Bright Cleanser

 Jurlique Purely Bright Cleanser - £20* Jurlique

I've been using this cleanser for a few weeks and I think its really nice. I have been testing some other cleansers too so i've been using this one along side some others.

I've been using this cleanser as i've been trying to make my skin look brighter and more awake as I feel it looks rather dull. This cleanser aims to brighten and even the skin tone.

'Enriched with VitaBrightKX features Kakadu plum, the worlds richest source of vitamin C, and Rhyolite, a natural mineral exfoliant to gently polish skin and help minimise dullness to restore a youthful glow'

This cleanser really does make the skin look brighter. The exfoliating beads are tiny so they are really gentle on your skin. The actual product is a shiny, smooth product that you apply a small amount using moist hands to massage over face, neck and rinse throughly. Its so gentle that you can use it daily.

I love that this cleanser aims to clean and exfoliate your skin as well as brighten and even your skin tone. Its full of natural ingredients and is dermatologist-tested so suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

My skins been prone to breakouts recently so i've been using this as an alternative to my more harsher cleansers but this is still very effective even though its so gentle.

You can buy this on the Jurlique website for £20

REVIEW: Jurlique Love Balm Rose

Jurlique Love Balm Rose - £10* 

I've been using this Jurlique lip balm for a few weeks now and I really like it! I used to have some vaseline or lip balm in my bag at all times but now I carry around a lipstick or two. I popped this into my bag and have been using it loads. Espesially with how windy it's been recently you don't want your hair getting stuck to your lipstick/gloss. This is a really nice balm, its dry but moisturising and isn't sticky.

I brought this to work and let the girls have a go! And the responses were 'ooh, ahh,' they defiantly liked it! 

This now lives in my handbag and is defiantly an everyday essential. I love the pot it's a nice metal but its not like a Vaseline tin. The packaging makes it feel expensive. The product is really nice, and the rose isn't overpowering. I'm really not a fan of rosé products but I do love this !! 

My only issue is the price £10 is so much money for a glorified Vaseline I wouldn't repurchase but I would defiantly recommend this and I know people who would happily fork over £10 for this :) 

OUTFIT POST : aztec flower

Floral Crown - DIY (see post here)
Necklace- Market 
Top- Topshop 
Trousers - Ribbon at Bank*  

I absolutely love these trousers from the Ribbon range at Bank! At £25 they are a bargain. They are a  really nice silky material and are so comfy. With the hot weather we have had over the weekend these are great to pop on because they are really light but you don't feel over exposed! I have teamed these trousers with a plain black top because they are a statement pair of trousers so you don't need much more colour or pattern. I've popped on my gold necklace because I think this necklace is a really nice necklace to add that bit of glam to an outfit. I've decided to wear my floral crown aswell because I think aztec patterns create a sense of festival like fashions and I think the floral crown just pulls the whole outfit together and I defiantly look ready for a festival!

I'm off to turkey in a few weeks and these trousers will be coming ! They are so comfy and light and just a really lovely pair of trousers. You can buy these online from Bank! 

outfit post and sunday update

 Jumper : Topshop 
Trousers: H&M 
Sunglasses : Primark 
Necklace : New Look 

Heres some outfit photos I took the other day but forgot to upload. I really liked how the sun left little shadows and speckles in the photos. I love my h&m trousers :)

This week i'm working a couple of shifts at pizza hut and then on friday i'm off to Dawlish in Devon for a well deserved couple of days away! I'm going with my boyfriend daniel, his brother and his girlfriend. I'm very excited as i've never ever been to devon !

I hope to get some posts uploaded and scheduled for this week and over the weekend but I will be a little bit busy with work etc but I really want to get loads of blogging done.

I will be picking up extra shifts at work because i'm saving for my holiday ! were off to turkey yay !! I have like 5 weeks to make some serious money !

I've put some bits and pieces on ebay too so have a look :)

What I bought from Primark

Vintage style sunnies £2.50 

Round Vintage style sunnies- £2.50 
 John Lennon Style round sunnies - £2 
Neon Yellow and gold necklace - £3 

I thought i'd show you guys some of the amazing accessories Primark have in store at the moment because I love having a look at peoples Primark posts and hauls so you don't have to go into primark yourself.

The sunglasses were just too pretty to not buy. I love my vintage style sunnies and at like £2.50 each its a bargain compared to asos and topshop where the sunglasses retail at about £15

I had to get the John Lennon style sunnies because they look fab and I wanted to get them for my outfit posts! 

And the necklace was a bargain in my eyes £3 and its such a lovely neon yellow, they had a pink one too! I only have like one neon necklace and these retail in topshop for like £15 so I just grabbed it!

REVIEW: Nude Perfect cleansing oil face and oil

NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil Face and eyes - £28* - NUDESKINCARE 

I've been using this NUDE cleansing oil in between the Miracle Mask for about a week or so. I have recently started loving oils and balms and came across this NUDE one. 

I like oils because they are light and I think they rub into the pores deeper! The oils exfoliate and deeply clean all impurities. It even removes very tough eye make up but leaves the skin feeling soft and clean.

to use - Rub about 2 or 3 pumps into warm hands and massage onto a dry face and around the eyes
          - Add water to the face to make the oil milky. 
          - Rinse clean 

This cleansing oil doesn't contain any sulphates or mineral oils so its really gentle on your skin. 

I'm loving NUDE skincare ! For £28 you get a 100ml bottle but because its an oil you don't need alot of product and because i'm using some other products like the NUDE Miracle mask I think this bottle should last a couple of months! 

REVIEW: Bumble and bumble Surf Spray

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray - £20.50* 

I've been using the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray for a couple of weeks now and I'm in LOVE !!

I never thought i'd like this kind of product because i'm not a fan of texture or sticky sprays in my hair. My hair is quite greasy anyway so the thought of using more product just always put me off using any kinds or texture products on my hair.

The Bumble and bumble Surf spray is part of the surf range and it's designed to give your hair that beach hair look. The wavy, salty look!

Anyone can use this on their hair, it works great on fine hair to add body or you can use it to add lift to your roots. I use it in the ends of my hair to add abit of texture and to try and recreate a messy, beach texture to my hair.

I've been applying this product to dry hair because and here i've applied it to my hair after straightening it and think the ends of my hair look abit tousled and windswept. This is the effect I was going for because my hair is a bit crazy after blowdrying. I want to experiment applying this to my hair when it's curly and seeing what effects I get.

The product is quite wet! I expected it to be like a spritz but its not it's a spray so just beware when you are applying.

You apply to the hair and then stand in the wind or use a diffuser to create the style you want. I stood in the wind and used my hand in a claw type way to tousle my hair into the style I wanted.

I love this spray and will defiantly be taking this on holiday and will be using it after being in the pool and sea to create gorgeous beach hair.

OUTFIT POST: Flowers In Your Hair

 Floral Crown - DIY 
Dungaree's - Primark 
Jumper - Primark 
Necklace- Topshop 
Shoes- Converse 

Here's what I wore yesterday. I didn't really do anything. I got ready made my floral crowns,  you can see my tutorial here and then took these outfit photos. I made some rubbish cakes and then did nothing really. It's so strange doing nothing - i've basically finished uni now so i'm chilling till october ! by chilling i mean trying to get extra shifts at work because i'm going on holiday very soon! 

DIY : Floral Crowns

We have all seen these gorgeous floral crowns from crown and glory or rock n rose so when I spotted the lovely Danielle's tutorial I straight away bought the headbands and roses to make my own and I thought i'd do a post to show my followers how they could save some money by doing some DIY!
The crown and glory and rock n rose crowns retail between £18 - £28 so think about the money you could save by making your own !!
- Wire flowers - these are from hobby craft
- headbands - pack of 5 here from primark £1 

 My roses were attached together so carefully remove anything like this so each flower is singular 

 Then really tightly attach the rose to the head band so its secure. Its best to do this off centre if your using an even number of roses like me or in the centre for an odd number of roses. 
 Just attach it like so.. wrapping the wire around the headband! 
 Do this with the rest of the roses all around the headband
 Tah Dahhh ! 
 You can use different colours of mix and match :) 

 If you already have some wire flowers you can use them. experiment with different types of flowers! And if you have an old headband use it! don't bother buying some you can use a metal, fabric or plastic headband they will all work. I think these make lovely little accessories and would look great at a wedding or party! I'm going to be wearing mine on holiday and also in my outfit posts !!

Barry M Gelly Hi- Shine in Passionfruit

Barry M Gelly Hi - Shine in Passionfruit 

I love the Barry M Gelly polishes and I saw loads of bloggers reviewing their latest summer shades and this was the ONE that I needed!

So I had a little look in boots and grabbed this! Its passionfruit and its a really nice bright barbie pink shade.

If you have used the gelly polishes before you will know that they apply really nice and don't take as long as normal Barry M polishes to dry leaving a really nice gel effect colour.

I had this polish on for about a week and it did start to chip but it wasn't too bad and I picked at it abit too!

for like £3- £4 these polishes are fab and I have quite a few of the Gelly polishes in my collection now.

Have you picked up any of the new summer shades ?

OUTFIT POST : Summer summer summer time!!

Bag : Zara
Sunglasses : Primark  

The sunglasses and dresses are out ! I had a little sort out and got all my summer stuff out and put the winter stuff away just keeping aside some jumpers and jeans for those wet days!

I was kindly sent this dress from Ark and I LOVE IT ! I'm so excited to wear it on my holiday which I've now booked ! we go on the 3rd July so its super soon!! I'm off to Turkey YAY!

This dress is a gorgeous silky type material and its really light and will be great for those warm evenings! The cut out at the back and the sides is very in this season and I think when i've got a nice tan it's going to look fabulous through those little holes.

The aztec pattern is something that always makes me think of summer so this is going to be perfect for the summer. I've popped some tights on with this dress because we're still in may but in the summer I will defiantly be wearing it without tights with my tan sandals!

I have worn this jumper with a creamy/ white jumper over the top as well to make it less dressy! The jumper covered up the holes and I popped on my leather jacket and boots and it made a cute little aztec skirt and jumper outfit look rather summery ! I love popping jumpers over my dresses when we have colder days.

If you like the look of the dress then check out - They have loads!!! They have free delivery when you spend over £20, free returns and if you order before 4pm its same day dispatch so that means super speedy delivery !!