REVIEW: No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

Boots: 200ml £10

When I heard the no 7 vouchers were making a reappearance i knew i would be purchasing this. So I picked up a few bits and bobs and the lady gave me my no 7 voucher so I ran over to the counter and picked this up :). I tried it a couple of times last week without the cloth and its a lovely cleanser and washes off nicely in the shower leaving your face all fresh. 

I used it properly aswell, followed the instructions :) I got in my bath put it on and put the muslim cloth on my face :) it was lush! I felt really relaxed and I could feel it working into my pores. 
I then used the cloth to wipe the cream away and used cold water to wash my skin and dabbed my face with a towel to dry.

The product is quite thick but it rubs in well and you don't need to use a lot, so I can see this huge 200ml bottle lasting ages! It smells really nice, its not chemically at all but its a nice natural sensitive smell. Its suitable for all skin types and didn't irritate me at all.

This product left my skin feeling really clean and soft and I was really impressed with it. For £5 (after using your voucher)  it's an absolute BARGAIN so if your sitting there with your no 7 voucher and you don't know what to buy BUY THIS!!!!! 


Unknown said...

I've never tried the hot cleansers but this is intriguing :)
I've got 2 no7 vouchers, i think i may purchase this with one of them :)

Thank you

Unknown said...

I use the Liz Earle version of this which is amazing and probably about the same price. The muslin cloth acts like an exfoliator which doesn't scratch the skin at all.
I've done a blog review of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish - check it out and follow back if you like what you read :)