I was recently sent a few bits from http://www.thecoffeemate.co.uk, if you haven't heard of them then be sure to check them out for all of you coffee related needs! They stock everything you need from Coffee to Coffee Machines, cups and much more...

I thought i'd share the bits i've been sent and my first impressions!

First up we have been sent The Ground Coffee Set Café Liégeois, this is a fab little set as you get three different types of coffee so you can try it and choose your favourites. The set includes a good variety of strengths so there is something to suit every coffee lover. If your looking to purchase ground coffee and your not sure what to go for then i'd recommend this set. 

Next up is the Thermo Cup Asobu Diva V600, I got it in this gorgeous pink colour! I'm in love with it. I've used it quite a few times now. It's perfect for on the go! It fits into any bag with ease as its a great size! It's not too big, I fit a big cath kidston mug of tea/coffee into it. It keeps your drink super hot all day long!! I've used it when i've been at events for the day and i've used it when i've taken Amelia to the park it's just super handy if you want to bring a drink out with you from home. It fits in all cup holders! The flip open neck is a lovely feature and the design of the lip makes it super easy to drink from on the go! I really can't fault this cup it's fab!! 

Next is the Thermo cup Asobu 'Le Baton Copper' which is another beautiful travel mug. This is more your normal flask design. The copper lid lovely and very on trend. It's spill proof and will keep your drinks at temperature for up to 8 hours which is perfect for everyday. 

Finally if the water bottle Asobu 'Flavour U See Gold' This is a really stunning water bottle. I get soooo many compliments on it at work! I love that you can add fruit to your water without getting all the bitty/pulpy bits in your drink. The separate section for your fruit is a great design feature. You don't have to add fruit if you don't want to, it works great without! The gold design is gorgeous and really eye-catching with the glass window in the middle. This is also spill proof so perfect for everyday! It keeps your water cool for 12 hours!! 

I'm super happy with my new bottles, they are all fab! We are going away in a couple of weeks and these will be perfect for the long drive!! We can keep our drinks nice and hot and water nice and cold for the journey! 


If you want to give your home some serious appeal, whether you’re looking to sell it or you just want to feel comfortable in your space, the 12 ideas below will help you. Everybody has different tastes, but the ideas below will suit just about any homeowner or buyer. Take a look and you’ll find 12 things that will give your home some serious appeal! 
  1. A Tidy, Pretty Garden
Every home should have a tidy, pretty garden. You don’t have to do anything overly complicated to your garden; keeping it tidy and simple is fine. Keep your lawn a nice length, add some color using flowers, get rid of weeds, and keep your shrubs at bay. Your garden is the first thing most people see when they visit your home, and it can have a huge impact on how they feel about the rest of the visit. If your garden looks like it hasn’t been looked after, this could put a potential buyer off. 

2. A Nice Entryway
A nice entryway is essential if you want your home to look appealing to guests or potential buyers. You can use potted plants, a nice matt, and pretty much anything else you want to spruce it up. 

3. Attractive Windows And Doors 
Attractive windows and doors aren't exactly cheap, but they can make a huge difference to your home. Sliding doors, for example, can allow you to see out into your garden, let a lot of natural light into your home, and make it much easier to enjoy your garden if you keep them open. Windows and doors should be replaced after a certain amount of time anyway, so if it has been a while since you replaced yours (or you have never done it), then investing in new ones is likely a good idea. They can instantly lift the look of your home, and could really swing somebody’s decision if they are thinking of buying it. 

4. The Right Lighting
You need the right lighting if you want your home to look more appealing. You’ll need outdoor lighting for safety purposes, and potentially for atmospheric purposes too. Then, you’ll need to make sure you have the right lighting inside of your home. You’ll need task lighting in the kitchen, for instance, as well as lighting for both task and relaxation purposes in the lounge area. The right lighting can make a massive difference to not only how great your home looks, but how functional it is too. 

5. Plenty Of Texture
Your home should have a number of different textures if it’s going to look stylish and professionally put together. You can take a look at decor pictures on pinterest for a good idea of how to make this work for your own home. For example, some people like having a faux leather sofa, hardwood floors, fluffy rugs, throws, cushions, and more to add texture. This will make your home feel so much cosier, and if you’re trying to sell, it can help to give your home some character and make it more appealing to potential buyers. 

6. Artwork 
Artwork is another must in any beautiful home. It will bring color and personality to your decor, so make sure you select something that is to your tastes. It could be from a local artist, or even something you paint yourself! 

7. Useful Storage
Every home needs the right storage to remain functional. As soon as you get a house, it’s entirely normal to begin accumulating rubbish that you don’t really need but takes up a lot of space. By making sure you have useful storage, you can ensure your home remains organized and looking great. Shelves can help you to make the most of your floor space, and stacking storage can be great for places like the garage. 

8. Declutter Your Home
Declutter your home and do your best to keep it that way. Try to go paperless, and if you do get mail, deal with it as soon as you can rather than putting it down and telling yourself that you’ll deal with it later. Get rid of doubles you own, for instance, double food scales, and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in a while. It can be tough to do this if you consider yourself a bit of a ‘hoarder’, so see if you can watch Marie Kondo and become inspired, or get a trusted friend to help you look at things objectively. 

While your home should be free from clutter if you’re trying to sell, it shouldn’t be free from personality. This can help people to imagine themselves in the space if they were to buy. 

9. See To Repairs As Soon As You Possibly Can
If there’s a repair that needs to be done, make sure it’s done as soon as possible. The longer its left, the more difficult it can be to fix. Call somebody in if you’re unsure of what to do. If you are selling, a repair can give the potential buyer a reason to negotiate the price down. 

10. Use Mirrors To Reflect Light And Space
Mirrors can be used in a really clever way to reflect light and space around the home. If you buy the right size and put it in the right spot, you can make a room look so much bigger. This is especially effective in the bathroom, which tends to be the smallest room. 

11. Make It Smell Nice
You should incorporate all of the senses if you’re trying to make your home more appealing - and that means making it smell nice. Use aromatherapy, candles, or even incense if you want to do this. If you’re having a viewing, it might be a good idea to bake some bread or a cake to make it smell homely! 

12. Hire Pros To Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

If you want to give your home a little extra oomph, hire professionals to help you. For instance, have them do the guttering, decking, and even deep clean your carpet. It’ll make a huge difference!

*Collaborative post


How cute is Pepe the pull along puppy by Hape toys? We were kindly sent this lovely little guy for Amelia and I thought i'd do a little review to let you guys know what I think.

Amelia is 21 months old so will be 2 in November. It's a funny age because they are just starting to have abit of imagination. She has outgrown her baby toys, shes into trains and her cuddly toys at the moment. When I saw this pull along dog I wasn't sure if it was a little young for her but it is suitable for 12+ months so I thought we could give it a try!

When we passed her the dog in the box she was super excited and wanted it out right away! I think it looks great, the simple design is lovely and appealing to little ones with the bright reds and orange colours. It's made of a really nice sturdy wood, which has a lovely smooth finish. His little head, ears and tail all move which is super cute! The wheels are oval so when you pull him along he woddles along behind you! The wheels also have a rubber tread making it perfect for all floor types. He's also super lightweight so really easy for even the little ones to pick up and carry like Amelia does. 

We recently took him on a day out to Stratford-Upon-Avon with us, he is small and light enough to throw in the bottom of the pram. As I mentioned above Amelia can easily carry him but he's really easy to pull along too! 

I think this is a lovely little toy and it's only £12.99 which is really reasonable for such a well made toy. It's unisex too so a perfect little gift for a newborn or baby shower present. 


With summer underway I thought i'd share a few ways you can update your garden on a budget. We don't have a garden right now as we live in an apartment but we love to chill in our parents gardens. Sometimes it's nice to add a few little bits to your garden to spruce it up a little and bring it back to life after the cold winter months. I thought i'd find some affordable but effective ways to update your outdoor space. 

First up look at updating your garden furniture! This doesn't have to mean buying new, you could paint your existing furniture. A fresh lick of paint will make it look brand new, you can buy so many different colours of garden paint too! If you are in the market for a new garden set then why not look at building your own Pallet garden furniture. It's super simple and easy to do and so effective. Pop a few throws and cushions on and your good to go.. 

That brings me onto my next thing, Cushions! Cushions are a super easy and cheap way to add a pop of colour to your garden. You can get proper outdoor cushions but I find normal cushions are just as effective and cheaper too! Just remember to take them inside or pop them away incase it rains. 

Lighting is another super easy way to update your garden. These outdoor LED decking lights from lightsupplier.co.uk are fab. They can update drab decking in the flick of a switch and much cheaper than replacing all of your decking. 

I also think a few hanging lights around your patio area can brighten up a garden, especially on those warm summer nights when you spend more evenings outside. 

Colour! Adding pops of colour can be super easy but effective. Like I mentioned above using cushions, throws and other soft furnishings can really stand out. Try painting your plant pots or buy some new ornaments. These are really affordable ways to freshen up the garden this summer. 

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I go through phases with jewellery, I either wear it all the time or I don't wear it at all. At the moment I have a few pieces that I literally wear ever single day! I have a gorgeous bracelet that was handmade by a close friend of mine, which is a pretty little charm bracelet. I also have two necklaces from the new Daisy London Estee Lalonde range. They are perfect for everyday but are great for night time too! They are super simple and pretty so you can wear them with everything! 

I have the Estee Lalonde T-bar necklace which is really on trend right now. The T-bar has a really pretty detail on it which is lovely. I have this in Gold but it also comes in Silver. It also comes in a bracelet and earrings! I love this and wear it on it's own or sometimes I like to layer it with my Estee Lalonde Sunburst chain necklace, this is a short necklace and again it looks fab on it's own. I've been wearing them both layered together pretty much all day everyday! 

I recently wore them both on a night out with a pretty little black dress and also to a wedding with a smart Navy dress. They are so pretty and delicate but just add that little something to an outfit without being too much! But they are pretty and simple enough to wear everyday with any outfit! I've had loads of compliments and people asking wear my necklaces are from. 

Do you wear alot of jewellery and do you have pieces that you wear every single day? Or like me do you wear them from Day to Night? 

The Estee Lalonde range is over on the Daisy London website, check it out! I love the whole collection it's right up my street!! 

* These necklaces were gifted as part of a collaboration with Daisy London. I have not been paid for this blog post.