faux suede loafers.

£12.98 ebay

I really like these loafers that are in at the moment, my previous ones were from Tesco which you can read about here. Tesco only have like a size 3 so i've had to look else where to find some new loafers. Since the tesco ones were so good and only cost me £10 I was struggling to find any! I helped dan do some painting at university the other day and they got abit covered in paint so I decided I needed to buy some more. These ones are 'no doubt' which is a cheap shoe shop brand but I'm so impressed with the quality. As you can see above they are a faux suede material and have a plastic bit that goes all around the shoe. They have a tiny heel that I was abit worried about as I like my flat shoes FLAT but they are a nice little heel and don't make any noise. They are very true to their size so if your interested just buy your regular size. I'm so happy with them for £13!!! Thats nothing for a pair of shoes.

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