i wish my photos would upload.

sorry for my recent lack of blogging, my blogger for some reason just completly stopped letting me upload photos, i just changed the size of this and it now lets me upload - dont really get it as i've been using images straight from my camera to my blog previously and its only recently that its stopped uploading them

ive also been helping my boyfriend daniel with his pitch for uni and i've had a few deadlines at uni, things seem to be getting on track - got a nice weekend off work before i head off to paris on monday with university:) - ill be planning some posts whilst im away.


001. handed in one of my module essays this week so kinda glad to have that off my back - only thing is i now have to produce work for my end of year exhibtion :'( so i probably won't be doing much blogging
002. the first week of april im off to paris so i'm sure i'll have time to pop some photos up of my time there and what products i take along with me ( heard i might get some cheap estee lauder products over there too hopefully)
003. trying some new products this week ; loreal elvive full restore shampoo and condition and vo5 hairspray reviews up soon.

What would you buy with 25% off asos

a few bits that i like in asos atm
the shoes and watch wouldnt be eligable for the 25% off and the beauty items are 20% off

the code doesnt work for sale items - full price items only
if you have your eye on something its well worth it
just sign up to unidays and get your 25% off now:)

what are you going to buy

instagram #6

nandos, mothering sunday,topshop jumper; missguided shirt combo, new skull top, ben asleep, collar dress combo, ollie, kinder suprise, abbies nails.

keep somethings to myself


 jumper; topshop, shirt: missguided leggins: ebay. loafers: tesco.

ive seriously been trying to post these photos for about a week; bloggers isnt letting me upload photos the big meany !

really liked this outfit thought it was dead cute :)

loadssss and loadssss of uni work to be getting on with :)

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OOTD Pastels

this is what i wore on tuesday; i had university and then i went to see florence and the machine at the LG arena. She was amazing- shes one of them artists that i said when she tours - IM GOING! and im so glad i did because it was SO GOOD. Her set was amazingg and her outfit was really nice :)
On the music subject - the line up for reading and leeds was announced and i wanna go! so does my boyfriend!

Lace top; new look Bodycon skirt: h&m nails; barry m, (mintcolour) opi glitter, modelsown nail art pen.

I really like the pastel colour clothing thats about atm- it makes you feel all summery which i love because i love summer and holidays :) I got this top rather cheap as its from the new look clearance shop in birmingham- but its so in!
I really love this mint blue/ green colour and i'm so happy i bought it as i was trying to pick between two tops and i nearly put this one down- now the other top needs to go back because its too small - ( i hate trying stuff on in shops)

Topshop grey speckled tea dress

topshop £30.

had a long day, really like this new dress ive got so thought id let you all see :)

what i bought today #1

foaming cleanser £9

mousse foundation £12.50
if you read my blog you will know i struggle to find foundations that take to my oily skin; i came across this No7 foundation last time i had a No7 voucher its ususally £12.50 so this makes it £7.50 which is fair enough for a foudation. i really like the way it applied but it started to go abit funny around my eyebrows. anyway after trying loads of foundations i am back to this because i have another voucher. i also bought some primer and this foam cleanser because boots are doing 3 for 2 on alot of things. so i payed £18.50 for these three items which i dont think is bad at all!
the cleanser and the primer smell sooo nice - i will review when i use themm.
what are you spending your No7 vouchers on? 

OOTD; having a jeans day

cardigan: clothes show shirt: internationale (both old)

im sure you all know what i mean when i say im having a jeans day; im feeling abit sluggish i had to go into university really early today so i could finish my screenprinting. ive just been feeling really achy and tired.  im home now :)  just had a cuppa and food and feeling better.

Instagram #5

i do love instagram , last week i broke my iphone which mean NO INSTAGRAM ;(

well i have a nice new iphone AND INSTAGRAM IS BACK!!! 

REVIEW; Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

rrp: boots £6.99 superdrug £4.99

i bought this the other day after seeing a women apply it on the train and it seemed to apply so nice and natural. I went straight to boots and picked it up and then as i walked pass superdrug noticed the price difference!

you shake the tin and the foam comes out and expands on your hand, i didnt really like the way it rubbed into my skin but i do have problems with liquid foundations - (when i apply to my skin it just looks blotchy because i have such oily skin) when i put it on my hand it rubbed in so nice and also when i tried it on my sister it rubbed in much better - i guess if you usually use liquid base foundation you would be fine

for £5 its a nice foundation - its a great idea it does make the skin look quite natural. once i put my blusher and powder on i was really happy with the look- it lasted all day and i still have good coverage now.

overall ; i use mineral foundations so this might not be for me but whilst i continue my hunt for a new foundation i will use it and see if my applying liquid foundation skills improve.

have you used this foundation what do you think?

I have lost my foundation brush and am considering getting some real techniques anyone used them/ would reccommend?