As you may or may not know i've been trying to loose some weight, I was really asked if i'd be interested in reviewing Charlottes 3 Minute Belly Blitz, I was so excited as i'd heard some great things about this DVD and really wanted to try it for myself. 

Charlotte is famous for being part of reality tv show Geordie Shore. She has apparently lost 3 stone from this workout so of course I was really excited to try it. 

I've been going to the gym and started walking more, i've also been eating healthily aswell as doing this fitness dvd a few nights a week. 

First of all I've found the dvd really easy to follow, there's a warm up and a cool down aswell as 12 3 minute workouts. These consist of about 4 moves that you repeat. The first time I did the dvd I did about 3 or 4 of the workouts and I was so hot! I could feel it working and the next day I was aching. 
I can do more of the workouts now and i'm finding it abit easier to do the workouts. 

You can pick to do the whole workout or pick individual workouts to do. This makes its great because you can do a little here and there. You can decide what you want to do. 
There's different levels aswell so there's a beginners level which you can follow if your not feeling the normal level, this makes the moves a little easier. 

It's such an easy to follow step by step dvd, I could feel it working and my abs felt firmer. As I said i'm going to the gym and eating healthy so it's not just the dvd but i've been wearing my polar hear rate monitor and I feel the workouts are good, i'm working out at a good heart rate and burning lots of calories by following the routines. 

I was going to buy this dvd myself, I have recommended it to my friends. I think its really good. 
Its great that you can work out from home, its great to have this handy when you have a little time to pop it on. I like to do it when i've been at work and I don't feel like going to the gym. 

Thanks to Cash Generator for sending me this DVD to try. 


I asked the #bbloggers what concealer should I try and so many people recommended the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer so I went and picked it up straight away.

I was going to pick up my usual collection lasting perfection concealer however no where had it in stock so then I was looking for an alternative drug store option. I didn't really want to spend that much but when so many people mentioned this one, I thought it must be worth the money. It was £22 which is alot more than i'd usually pay but it was a little treat.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and i'm so happy I got it. It's just so effortless and so easy to use. I've been applying my make up as usual and applying the concealer to my undereye and a few blemishes. I apply it using the wand and then using my buffing brush to blend it into my foundation.
It's so creamy and flawless, it really brightens the eye area. The coverage is really good and buildable.

I love it! i'm going to be repurchasing this! I'm hoping I can pick it up in Florida as it might be abit cheaper. I can see this being a new staple in my make up bag! It's so perfect, just what I want from a concealer.


Everyone has heard about this the latest release from Benefit ! Roller Lash masacara will be avaliable from the 1st of March but you can get a very generous sample in this months ELLE magazine.

I've recently resubscribed to ELLE, I love getting the magazine through in the post and it's such a bargain at £18 for 12 issues instead of £4 each.

I've been using Roller Lash for a few weeks and i'm so impressed. I was a hugee fan of They're Real a few years ago but then I decided to try a few different mascaras for a change. I've been loving this, it really opens the eyes. It lifts lashes and makes them appear longer. I find it seperates my lashes aswell so I appear to have more lashes.

I tend to apply another mascara over the top to add abit more volume to my lashes, I don't always do this normally just when i'm going out on an evening.

I have to say i'm so impressed with this mascara, I'm going to pick some up in Duty Free when I go to Florida next month.


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know I stayed in a hotel this week. I stayed in the Radisson Blu in Birmingham. I've walked past the hotel a few times and I have to say from the outside it looks really impressive. I jumped at the chance to stay here! 

It was so exciting, we stayed on Thursday night. I finished work early and we headed straight into Birmingham. The closest car park to the hotel is New Street Car park. We checked in smoothly and were told we had been upgraded to a one bedroom suite. So we headed up to the room. We were on the 11th floor, you had to use your room key for the lift which I thought was a really clever security idea. 

We got to the room and it was huge, there was a small loo as you got in the room and a few little cupboards. There was a living room with a desk, a tv and wardrobes and inside was tea and coffee making facilities, a Tassimo machine and the mini bar. The next room was the bedroom, there was a huge bed, another tv, an ipod dock and a full length mirror and bedside tables and then the bathroom, there was a bath and a shower, another toilet and sink. There was a huge selection of toiletries and essentials like a shaving kit and toothbrush and toothpaste. 
Before we could even take the room in we were greeted by room service who had brought up a plate with fruit and truffles on which I thought was a cute touch.

We had a shower and got ready for dinner in the Filini restaurant, it was really nice getting to dress up for a posh dinner. The restaurant was really nice, lots of tables. I started off with the Autumno Bellini which was like a peach and Prosecco cocktail. Clint chose a salami Pizza and I had the Paccheri with Shallot puree which was a pasta dish. Clint said he really enjoyed his food, we also shared a portion of parmesan fries which were nice. My pasta was really good, I normally go for a chicken dish but decided to try the pasta. It was so good! The service was great, the staff were really attentive. 

After this we went for a drink in the Lobby Bar, I had a sex on the beach cocktail which was really good, it made me feel like we were on holiday. The bar was chilled and the service was good. 

We really enjoyed our night at the Radisson Blu, I'd stop there again and i'd recommend it to friends, I would say to pay the extra for the one bedroom suite as you wouldn't be disappointed theres great views and the rooms are so big. I think the rooms could maybe do with a freshen up, some of the furniture was scratched and there was some stains on the curtains so I think just a good clean and maybe some new bed sheets and curtains would make the rooms really nice and clean this didn't put me off my stay and I was still really impressed with the room. 

The breakfast is included with the one bedroom suite. Breakfast is a buffet style and theres just so much choice! I had little fry up and then some fruit and a yoghurt, some juice and a cuppa tea. It was all soo good. 

Overall I really enjoyed our stay, the staff were great very attentive, the hotel was clean and tidy. It looked grand and i'd recommend it to friends and family. I think it would be a great place to stay for an occasion. 

Find out more about the Radisson Blu Birmingham here 

*I stayed at the Radisson Blu Birmingham to review the hotel, my room, dinner and breakfast were complimentary. I have not been paid for this review. The opinions above are honest and my own opinions and words.


I thought i'd feature this gorgeous bracelet on the blog today, this review is probably a few days late. I really wanted to review this before Valentines day as it's such a perfect gift idea however it would make a perfect Mothers Day present, or anniversary gift etc. 

Tales From The Earth  have some really lovely products, from jewellery to keepsakes. They are small items that hold big meanings. All of their products are thoughtful and have some kind of message behinds them. 

I love how dainty and cute this bracelet is, it's quite fragile and delicate which I love. The heart charm is cute and would be perfect for any occasion. The bracelet can be fastened on any link so its suitable for everyone. 

Its a really shiny silver, it looks so special when its on your wrist, its such a perfect piece suitable for everyday or just on occasions. 

This item retails at £50* which for such a special and unique piece is a bargain, the silver is so shiny and it looks and feels like a high quality piece. 


Well I haven't done a sunday update for ever!

 I just wanted to give you guys a little heads up, i'm going to be working pretty much full time for a couple of weeks so the blog may be a little quiet.
I've scheduled a few blog posts for this week so there will be new blog posts up a usual throughout the week. I'm hoping to get some posts done and up for the end of the week and next week but if not i'm sorry.

Theres so many blog posts on my blog and I hope you enjoy reading the new reviews that will be up this week.


The lovely people at Roberts Bakery and nutritionist Dr Carina Norris have put together this special romantic valentines sandwich using Roberts Soft & Fluffy White bread.

What you will need 

Roberts Soft and Fluffy White Bread*
Cottage Cheese or soft cheese
Black Pepper

First of all lay the rocket on the bottom slice of bread, then drain the cottage cheese and layer on the cottage cheese and place the strawberries on top. Then season with the black pepper and pop on your top piece of bread. I've used a cookie cutter to make them into hearts to make them more Valentines themed. 

I think this is a really simple quick idea for Valentines Day, perfect if you only have a short time to spend with your partner. Or they have to work, why not make them a packed lunch? 


Here's one of the latest releases from The Body Shop, I thought i'd show you guys these new releases as they are very Valentines themed. Theres a huge variety of products in the range including a massage oil, perfect for Valentines. This really lovely lip and cheek stick and body scrub.

I've only used the products once or twice so i'm not going to review them fully just yet but I really wanted to share this range with you before Valentines day.

First of all as you can see from my photo the lip and cheek stick* looks abit strange because the product looks black however when you apply it to your lips its a nice natural looking shade, its soft and really easy to apply and the finish is a really nice matte finish.

The Smoky Poppy poppy seed scrub* is sooo lovely. Its really soft and gentle, the poppy seeds gently exfoliate the skin. It smells amazing,and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean.

Finally the massage oil* seems runny but its quite a dry oil which I prefer, it smells really nice. It's slightly more subtle than the scrub making it perfect for special occasions and for every day. It dries into the skin really quickly and easily. It's a lovely product and suitable for all skin types.

So far i'm really impressed with the range, the smells are really natural and smell amazing. I'm so happy with the products, as I mentioned i've only used them a few times so i'll feature these again for a more in depth review.


As you may know for the last month or so i've been trying to eat healthily and i've been going to the gym, so far i've lost 1stone and 2lbs. I still have a long way to go, I've been following some slimming world recipes however I don't go to slimming world or anything. I'm just watching what I eat and I've made some drastic changes to my diet. I think this recipe is so easy and with pancake day around the corner a really good healthier option.
I actually followed VIPXO's recipe which you can see here, she's done really well with Slimming World and she's a real inspiration for me. Theres more recipes on her blog aswell.


Mix together the oats and the yogurt, leave this overnight in the fridge. I've tried leaving it for about an hour and this works aswell.
The next morning mix in the eggs and sweetener, this is your mix. 
Preheat a medium heat pan, spray with fry light. Pour you mixture in the pan, I made two at a time, I prefer these small american style pancakes. 
After a few minutes flip over your pancake, I use a silicone spatula to lift up the edges to check the other side is ready before flipping it over. 
Once the other side is done pop it on a plate with whatever you want, I try to go for a syn free option usually fruit. I've tried it with banana and blueberries mmm, today I went for strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. 

I think these are so good. The consistancy inside is quite fluffy but remember inside is yogurt and oats so the texture is kinda like rice pudding. I love them I think they are a great alternative to naughty pancakes which you can also have on Slimming World but it's gonna cost you 7 syns.  


So today has been pretty uneventful, I had some pretty amazing pancakes for breakfast, i've followed a Slimming world recipe, I'm gonna put the recipe up on the blog later in the week.
This week the blog is very Valentines themed so I thought i'd include this outfit post to break it up abit.
I really like my make up today, i'm gutted i'm not really doing anything. I'm off to the gym in a little while. I'm slightly gutted the post man hasn't been, I need to have some lunch but i'm not too sure what to have.
My outfits recently have all looked very similar i'm just loving black jeans or skirts with grey tops and cardigans. I love this Khaki cardigan from New Look, is so easy to pop on. Today i'm wearing it with my new pleated skirt* from, the skirt has a pleather/ wet look to it. Again it's really easy to wear with so many different things and this grey jersey top from New Look, it has a cut out back which is lovely. And my favourite boots from Public Desire. I seriously wear these too much but they are so comfy and they make me feel tall.

I'm hoping to get a few blog posts done as i'm going to be busy over the next few days with work and then i'm staying in a hotel for a night on Thursday and then shopping in Birmingham on Friday hopefully a cheeky trip to Ikea and then a lovely Saturday off for Valentines Day!



I've been using this brush from Denman this last week or so. I have a few different styles of brushes but nothing like this one. The bristles are firm and hard which helps detangle hair and get through any knots. The anti-static rubber pad controls the hair when blow-drying. 
I love the colour, the pink is really nice and the lips make it cute. I think this would be a really good gift idea for Valentines Day. 
The brush is a really nice size and really easy to hold. I have really bad hair, its knotty and becomes all curly and a big mess through the night but this brush gets through my knots and detangles very easily. I'd try not to whack yourself to hard with it! As I mentioned the bristles are hard so that hurts a little as my sister found out haha. 
You can get this gorgeous brush right now for just £5 and i'd say its so worth the money. It's such a sturdy brush, it's going to last a very long time. 


I thought i'd put together a few blog posts over the next week or so to give you some ideas for Valentines day! I've never really made a huge deal out of Valentines Day but last year Clint cooked me dinner and spoilt me with a gorgeous Pandora ring and some flowers. I thought i'd put together a few gift ideas. I'm not sure if were getting each other presents this year as were both saving up for our holiday to Florida.

I spotted this gorgeous framed print on I love quotes and think its perfect for valentines, but would be perfect for anytime of the year. I actually have this lingerie set from Freya already, It's so nice. I love how its really pretty and sexy but it's also a really practical bra. The bottoms are cute aswell, I think women sometimes can't find the time to buy themselves underwear and it's a gift that's associated with Valentines Day. My Voucher Codes have put together this really handy Subscription Box Finder which you can find here I think this is such a great gift idea. There's different options for men and women. There's so many options to choose from, they have beauty boxes, food boxes and many more to choose from. There's a range of prices and it takes you through to the website where you can go ahead and order the subscription, the subscription box finder makes it really easy to compare different options. Finally I love this cute Pandora ring set it's £150 so abit of a pricey gift but you do get two gorgeous silver stackable rings.

I think I'll be having a nice quiet night in with Clint, watch a film and have some dinner. We're staying at a hotel on the Thursday before Valentines day so I'm looking forward to that, i'm looking forward to chilling in the spa.


I was kindly invited to have a cut and blow dry last week at the Francesco group salon in Birmingham. I was really excited to get my hair done, it actually ended up being a pamper day, I got my hair, eyebrows and my make up done.

I hadn't had my hair cut for a few months, probably about 4 months ago. I had it cut into a long bob as I wanted it to look fresh and healthy, I decided to have the same done this time because it felt like it was due a good chop.

We started by discussing what I wanted and got started. The lovely Grace was really cool and I felt very comfortable with her. She decided to go for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner as I use alot of heat on my hair and because of the cold weather. She also used a lotion on my scalp as i've had some dry skin from the cold. I love having my hair washed at the salon it always feels so clean.

Next she started cutting, she made it slightly shorter at the back so the length fell really nice at the front. She was really quick when cutting my hair but it looks so good! She used Luxe Oil on my hair and I had my hair blow dried straight. I like to have abit of texture in the ends so she used a texturising spray and some hairspray.

and tah dah...

i'm so happy with the outcome, my hair looks so much more healthier and thick again. It actually looks a different colour aswell which was weird, I think its because my hair is so clean. I was so happy with the service and i'd recommend the salon to my friends and family. I know i'll return again.

If you want to find out more about the Salon, opening times and prices visit the Francesco Group website here. 

* I was kindly offered a complimentary hair cut and blow dry at Francesco Group Salon, I have been honest in my review. I have not been offered any additional compensation for this post. 


It's February ! Soo many people book their holidays around this time of year, we normally book our holiday about now but because we're going to Florida this year we booked back in November. It's hard to decide where to go on holiday because there's so many places to go! Normally when were looking at places to go I want to go somewhere hot, I go on holiday to relax and get a tan. This year we've gone for the opposite, Florida is going to be 2 weeks of non stop theme parks and shopping, but it's an experience. For a normal 2 weeks in the sun I don't really mind how long the flight is because I like flying, I want somewhere I can relax and get a nice tan, I go on holiday with my boyfriend and we like to have a shop and a little party so need to be in a good location!

Holiday Gems have made this really handy quiz to help you decide where to go on your holiday. There's a few simple questions to answer such as who you go on holiday with and what you like to do on holiday, once you've answered the questions it gives you a destination based on your answers and tells you why they have picked this destination. They also give you some alternative destinations aswell so if you've already been somewhere you have other options.

I thought it would be funny to put in my dates as March, which is when i'm going to Florida, warm weather, going on holiday with family and older kids and want to go on holiday to shop and for the pool and my answer was Orlando! Crazy!! haha.

You don't have to book whatever destination comes out, it's just a bit of fun and you never know somewhere you never would have thought of might come out. I had another go and picked a summer date, hot weather to chill out with Clint and Morrocco came out! I've looked at Morrocco before and I think it would be a great holiday destination for us.

If you want to have a go of the quiz you can do so here at