So it's Christmas!! That means Christmas parties, work do's and New Years. This is one of those perfect dresses that's a great all rounder! 

Everyone needs a little black dress and with the Cold Shoulder trend still going strong this is just perfect.

The material is lovely, it's a stretchy material but it's not your usual jersey style dress. 

The length is great and would work well on most heights, i'm quite short so it sits on the knee but it's a decent length for most people. 

I teamed the dress with my favourite heels from Zara, I think these look great on a night out. I wore my new Rosefield watch and my Michael Kors bracelet which I wear for special occasions. 
I love my little black bag from Zara, it fits my phone and debit cards perfectly. 

 I curled my hair using my Lee Stafford Long Tong to finish the look and went for a natural smokey eye with a dark nude lipstick, this is Mac Taupe which is a matte finish.

This dress is actually on offer right now on the House of Fraser website and they have stock lots of other dresses from Therapy too so check them out here. 

* this post contains pr samples, these are marked with an asterisk


Today i'm going to share a few tips on how you can save money and manage your money in the new year! I always say i'm going to cut back and save money and never do so but this year I want to start saving money for a deposit on our own place so we need to cut back somewhere.

The main thing when trying to budget has to be organising! Get yourself a notebook so you can write lists or make a plan of your spending. Just writing things down makes it so much easier for me.

We have a seperate bank account which our rent and bills come out of and we both transfer money into this account on payday. This means when our bills and rent is due that the money is in the account and not in our bank accounts for us to spend, I don't even carry my debit card for the joint account out with me. 

Check your statements, I know this sounds obvious but once I had a payment for a subscription coming out of my paypal account and It wasn't mine and I didn't even know what it was but this was money that was coming out of my account! 

Look at your finances, credit cards and bills and research if you could save money by switching? By Switching bank accounts, sometimes you can save money on fee's by doing a bank transfer and you can save yourself paying crazy fee's or you could get a small loan and pay off your credit card but pay back in easy monthly installments instead. 
You can sometimes save money by switching your energy suppliers or comparing your car insurance online before you just renew for another year! There's so many comparison websites out there now that will compare prices for you which makes it so easy to save money.

Get loyalty cards etc, our Tesco clubcard saves us so much money, we tend to do most of our shopping at tesco and Clint occasionally gets fuel from there so our points add up and we get vouchers in the post, a few weeks ago we got £8 off our shopping and last week they sent out vouchers that give you £3/£4 off for the next 6 weeks if you spend over £30 so we can make great savings on our general food shop.
I also have a boots card which I have over £25 worth of points to spend, I sometimes use this when money is a little tight and I need essentials or need to get my eyebrows done etc.
Also use apps like Vouchercloud and Vouchercodes to find the vouchers, if your shopping or going out for food etc theres tons of vouchers which can save you money! Check out moneysupermarket too for great tips for saving money using vouchers.

We also plan our meals so we know what we are eating that week and stick to a shopping list so your not filling the trolley with stuff you don't need. This way we don't throw away food and it makes it easier because if Clint finishes work he can go home and start dinner because he knows what we are having. We spend less time worrying about what we are having for dinner, we have found we have less take-aways aswell because we know what we are having for dinner so this has saved us money here too!

So whether like us you need to save up for a deposit or to move out or you want to go on that holiday you've been talking about or maybe your just looking at saving for next Christmas then these are a few easy tips that we have found work for us. What are your saving tips and tricks? 

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With under a week to go there's not much time left for shopping! I wanted to share my new watch with you, it's this gorgeous leather strap watch from Rosefield* which you can get online from Browns Family Jewellers. They have a huge selection of watches from lots of well known brands not just Rosefield. They also stock earrings, rings necklaces and many more products from lots of popular brands. 

The watch itself is absolutely gorgeous, as you can see it was packaged beautifully and would make such a lovely gift.  The leather strap is really thick and such a great quality strap that would last a long time. The silver face is really pretty and smooth, I love it! I've got the Navy Strap and silver face but you can get this watch in other colours too, like Black or Pink! 

I'm so happy with my new watch and it's perfect for everyday for work but you could also wear it on a night out, it's really versatile and such a classic style that will always be on trend. 

I will feature the watch in an outfit post in the next few weeks, things are just a little crazy right now as i'm working right up till Christmas (oh the joys of working in retail) 

For more gift ideas head over to Browns Family Jewellers and order today for Christmas Delivery! 

*This post contains pr samples, these are marked with an asterisk. The post is honest and my own views


I am so excited for Christmas! It's our christmas party on sunday which should be fun! I still have about 5 shifts before Christmas day, i'm working on Christmas Eve and the back in the day after boxing day! But I still enjoy a few days off and spending time with my family over the holiday.

I thought i'd put together a wish list, I know everyones pretty much finished shopping but these are a few bits i'd love to receive for Christmas! I didn't really ask for anything either this year but i've managed to compile quite a list!

How cute are these Cath Kidston PJ's? I've always wanted a pair, I think I might ask Clint if we can go to Bicester Village after Christmas and see what goodies they have in the Cath Kidston shop. I love the new Disney for Cath Kidston collection too! I might pick up a phone case.

I think the Soap and Glory set is on every girls wish list this year! It's so big and has so many iconic Soap and Glory goodies inside and it's the Star Buy at boots this week for just £30!

These Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are so so cute! I've never tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks so this would be a nice gift. This set contains 3 mini matte lipsticks!

This Neom Christmas candle has been on my wishlist all winter! I love the scent and I think I did kinda hint to Clint that i'd like a new Neom Candle.

I always get abit of Liz Earle for Christmas, this new orange scent cleanse and polish sounds amazing, I'm running low on Cleanse and Polish so hope I get some for Christmas.

How cute is this little Pandora floral charm, I haven't really been wearing my bracelet so I doubt i'll get any new charms but this is so pretty

I picked up a few new eyeshadow brushes from the Clothes Show, these Spectrum ones are my fave! I can never have too many brushes, and these are the best! I might pick some up with my Christmas money

How gorgeous are the Copper GHD's I saw them when I got my hair done last month and I would love a new pair of Straighteners, I've had mine a fair few years!

I love Lush! And their gift sets are always amazing, I think i've got Lush for Christmas for this last few years so I hope I get some but I will be popping into Lush on Boxing Day to pick up some Christmas Bargains!

Finally my fave perfume right now is Black Opium by YSL. My mom has picked me up a bottle of Bon Bon when we went to the World Duty Free Sale but i'm about to run out of perfume so I could do with another bottle. Something like Black Opium or La Vie Est Belle would be fab!

I hope you enjoyed this wish list and let me know whats on yours this Christmas?
Merry Christmas x


I love Christmas and am well and truly in the festive spirit, i've finished shopping, all the presents are wrapped and under the tree. My Christmas bedding is out and the countdown is on!

I've just sat down to write out our Christmas cards, this year we got them from Choosey, they have a huge selection of cards for all occasions and you can personalise them by writing inside and adding little emojis and you can even upload your own video which the recipient will be able to watch by scanning the QR code.

They are really affordable and they have so many different designs to choose from, they come in different sizes and are designed by lots of different artists. They are a lovely quality and printed onto really decent card and come with an envelope.

You can have them delivered to yourself if you'd rather leave the card blank and hand deliver them to your friends and family or you can have them delivered by Choosey by filling out the card inside online and they will deliver to any address.

You can get 25% off by using my discount code: BGCHRISTMAS16

*I was gifted these christmas cards but have not been paid for this feature. The opinions are honest and my own.

Life gets in the way of beautiful skin – how to fix it

Nothing is a better indicator of your state of health than beautiful, clear skin. You can get away with less make up, and you appear radiant without the help of a blusher brush. However, at certain times of year, and particularly in the run up to Christmas and a cold January, your skin can suffer from both the excesses of the party season, the drying effects of central heating, and being battered by cold winds.  

You don’t have to suffer below-par skin in the winter, however, as there is plenty you can do to fix it. Here are a few tips for making sure your busy life doesn’t mean you don’t have beautiful skin:  

Wear sunscreen  even in dull winter weather. Most skin damage – and wrinkles in particular – is from exposure to the sun’s rays. You can’t fix wrinkles, so preventing them is a smarter idea. Look for a formulation that will offer protection against UVA and UVB rays, and go for an SPF of at least 15.  

Keep it clean – nearly three quarters of women don’t wash their make-up brushes, even though they pick up enough dirt and bacteria to cause spots and other skin infections on a regular basis. Brushes should be washed at least once a fortnight, in a little mild shampoo and water, and left to air dry. Mobile phone users aren’t exempt; we don’t always touch them with clean hands, and yet we hold them up to our faces multiple times a day – invest in some sanitising wipes.  

Get your beauty sleep – if you don’t get enough sleep, your circulation becomes sluggish, which is why you tend to look pale if you get a bad night’s sleep. Your skin also does much of its repair work while you’re asleep, so slather on those night creams and let them go to work overnight. Take your make-up off first too.  

Hit the bottle – here’s the good news; in modest quantities, red wine is good for your skin. This is because it contains a powerful antioxidant which actually prevents wrinkles and skin sagging. Better still, especially in party season, chase your glass of red wine with a snack of some mixed nuts – walnuts in particular are rich in omega-3, which helps to prevent spots, and all nuts are rich in the kind of oils which are beneficial to your skin. 

Don’t ignore moles and marks – if you have a skin blemish which refuses to disappear, or a mole changes shape or starts bleeding or itching, seek the advice of a specialist as soon as possible. You may even wish to go private, and visit a Chelsea outpatients department where a dermatologist will be able to set your mind at rest or recommend treatment.  

It’s easy to neglect your skin when you’re very busy, but lay in short-cuts for busy times, such as cleansing wipes to clean both skin and brushes, and drinking enough water – then all you have to do is enjoy the party! 

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Today I have some gift ideas for him! I think shopping for men can be really difficult for alot of people. I know my dad would love me to buy him gadget/ fun gifts and I know Clint prefers some practical gifts like clothes and aftershave. These are just a few ideas of gifts for him

DVD's - I think DVDs are a good gift idea. Clint normally has a list of Dvds that he'd be happy to receive on Christmas day. You could buy someone a series or some films. Hmv always have some really good offers on this time of year.

Aftershave - There's so many different scents to choose from. This aftershave from Gant* smells lovely and would make a great gift for that special man in your life.

Clothing, whether it's socks, tshirts or jackets you can't really go wrong with clothing. This year i've bought Clint some new tshirts and some socks!

Check out this VW Camper Van speaker* from Find me a gift My grandad actually had a camper van so I thought this would make quite a cool gift. He has an iphone, I might have to show him how to use youtube but i'm sure he will enjoy listening to music through the speaker.

Rituals *do some lovely skincare for him. They smell so good! They also have some cool gifts sets aswell.

The Bluebeards Revenge stock lots of lovely gift ideas and also have a huge selection of products including moisturisers*, shaving products and fragrances.

What are you buying for him this year?

* products marked with an asterisk are pr samples, I have not been paid for this feature.


Shopping for someone who's moved into their new home or maybe they just love homewear? 
Then you've come to the right place. Today's Gift Guide is lots of Homewear Gift Ideas!! 
There's lots of lovely Christmassy Candles and other cool gift ideas in today's post. 

The Body Shop have lots of Christmas Scented Candles, I love this Frosted Berries *Scent, It's really fruity and only £10 and right now there's lots off great offers floating around for The Body Shop so it's a great time to pick up some Christmas presents. 

I finally picked up some Zoella Lifestyle Candles, they are on 3 for 2 in Boots so would be silly not to get some. There's lots of scents to pick up and your sister or girlfriend will love these this season. I picked up the scents seaside strolls and daisy picking. 

This Candle from Gant *is a more Luxurious gift for that special someone this Christmas. It comes in a lovely gift box and is a really cool fresh scent, this would be a nice gift for your parents or even grandparents or again for a friend who's just moved into their first home. 

How cute is this mug? I love it!!! ' Your my cup of tea' It's a bargain at just £6! Chickidee have these really cute mugs with lovely little quotes on. They also have a selection of travel mugs and pillows. They also have one that says Drop it like its hot haha

I love this Kate Spade travel mug from Amara*, i've wanted one for ages. They are a great gift idea for someone who walks to work and would enjoy a hot drink on their journey. If you know someone who grabs a takeaway coffee each morning they would love a gorgeous travel mug like this one. 

Yep, that's a big copper pineapple and guess what?! It's also a money box, check it out here at Red Bubble 

This Kate Spade notebook is from Amara *and it's gorgeous. It's a pale blue with gold leaf writing, the quality is amazing. It would make such a lovely gift to a special friend or relative. As you can see it looks great in photos, it's very instagram.

I love Happy Jackson and have quite a few bits from their range, this Girly Crap wash bag* is such a lovely gift. Perfect for your little sister or a best friend. It's such a decent size, perfect for travelling. It will fit all of your make up inside. 

I picked up this Prosecco candle from Home Bargains,  i think it was like £1.50-£2 I thought this would be a cute secret santa gift or a nice stocking filler for your prosecco drinking friends.

I had to get the Zoella Lifestyle pots, I got them on 3 for 2 from Boots and I've been using mine to store my make up brushes. A great gift idea for any Zoella fan. 

This is my Favourite Candle, it's by Neom and you can pick it up from Amara, it's the Tranquility scent which such a relaxing scent perfect for bedtime. It's a mix of English Lavender, Basil and Jasmine. 

  I hope you have got some good gift ideas from my gift guide. 
Do you like getting homewear for Christmas? 

*products marked with an asterisk have been gifted. 
this post is honest my my own opinions and words