Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, have been working and at university. Just haven't had anytime to blog really! I'm hoping to get some wish lists etc done and hopefully get some posts done over the weekend.

Had work today which meant dressing up ! I love dressing up for Halloween :) I went as a scary doll/ dead doll - I just wore my black skater skirt and sheer black shirt and did my face like this! I got loads of comments about how good it was and was really happy with the outcome.

I really want to buy things right now - I've been trying to put myself off spending money because I should really be saving for christmas. But I think I might have a little look around the shops tomorrow or maybe next week i'll have to see how busy I am.

I have a couple of deadlines coming up in December so this month blogging may have to come 2nd to my university work :(

my autumn outfit of the day

Leather jacket ; topshop// dress; topshop// scarf; h&m

Just a super quick outfit post before I go to Dans. Been feeling very autumny lately and love the look of the trees when their shedding their leaves. I've been out taking some photos this afternoon as i'm going to start doing some watercolour sketches and doodles and think tress would be a good starting point. 

My Models Own Collection

 indian ocean // top turquoise // beths blue //blue lagoon
  Golden Peach //Peach Sherbert // Soda Pop Pink // Buff Pink // Coral Reef // Red Red wine.
 Lilac Dream // Utopia // Snow White // Base coat x2
Pink Fizz // Mixed Up // Orangeade // Ibiza Mix 

The Latest Blogger Buy!

H&M £7.99

So.. i've seen quite a few tartan scarfs reappear this autumn//winter which i'm happy about because last year I bought myself a cheapish green//purple//blue one off ebay but it was small and short and I wasnt overall impressed but this year I decided to be bold and go for the red one! I'm really not a fan of red - like bright red because it makes my face look red; like I don't know if its just a reflection but I just feel red-er. But I really fell in love with this scarf in h&m; i've seen so many bloggers raving about it and was so gutted when I went to h&m on monday and they didn't have it ! I looked in a different store today and they had LOADS so I quickly picked it up and ran to the till - ignoring dan reminding me of my spending ban (I then went on to buy a dress from topshop; expect an outfit post soon! and we went to the cinema and watched paranormal activity.) The quality is so nice - it's really fluffy and soft and its thick! I love how big it is too - I like to feel like my scarf is actually doing something and this does keep you toasty! I loveeeee it and I can see loads of people buying this scarf this winter so you should go and pick one up soon!

REVIEW; Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Real Techniques Stippling Brush RRP; £11.99

I heard review after review and rave after rave about Real Techniques Brushes! I really wanted to buy a new brush as I recently started using Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I looked at the sets that boots sell of Real Techniques brushes but I knew the one I wanted was the Stippling Brush as it claims to leave high definition results. I knew it would be a perfect brush as I was using a powder foundation so I took advantage of the boots 3 for 2 offer and picked up this and two of the Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks. 

First of all I struggled to use it - My make up just looked patchy. I was applying my make up in circular motions like the box tells you too but I really struggled. After some trial and error I can now use the brush leaving better results and a more natural and smooth finish to my make up. 

I really like that the brush is pink - It just makes it abit more girly and the stand is very efficient. 

I really like how it makes my make up look flawless and natural- it doesn't looks caked on my face it applies a very fair, thin layer. 

I do think that £11.99 is abit pricey but compared to Mac Brushes that retail at like £20 - £30 its nothing. They also sell the sets at £21.99 but I didn't see myself using the different brushes so it worked out more cost effective for me to buy the single brush but I think the Core Collection is a great value for money now I know what a great standard the brushes are. 

Barratts Competition Entry

This is my entry for an amazing chance to win £100 to spend at Barratts which is amazing since they have so many fab shoes and boots to choose from. Here's just 3 pairs of shoes that I absolutely LOVE! First of all these Chelsea boots ! As you will all know I'm a huge fan of Chelsea boots and i've bought pair after pair of them! I really like these as they are suede and I think that they would look lush with a pair of skinny jeans or with a nice skater skirt and a jumper. You can get these for only £35 on the Barratts website. Next up is these Leopard slipper style shoes- I love leopard print and I really cant get enough of how easy it is to wear- I pop a leopard belt on and wear leopard shoes with so many outfits and just love how nice these are. I really like the gold chain that makes them look more glamourous. And last but not least I think everyone should own a pair of loafers - I have a tan pair and i'd love to get my hands on this patent black pair. They would go with everything! They are so versatile and I think they look smart but would dress up a pair of skinny jeans and for £15.30 they are a steal ! 

All these shoes are available on the Barratts website but pop on to Terri's blog and enter her giveaway for the chance to win some vouchers :) 

REVIEW; Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

RRP: £3.99

Following on from last nights #bbloggers chat on twitter I think this is a great drug store buy! My all time favourite skin care product would be Estee Lauder Skin Illuminator but we all know the heafty price tag of that and I just can't spend that about of money. This is a product I haven't really heard much about! I've seen the new nivea advert which mensions this but in the blog world I haven't heard much. 

First of all its the usual Nivea style packaging, it comes in a cardboard box and is this shape container. It's glass which is rather nice but abit heavy if you were carrying it around. The actual product is very soft and velvety. It's white/translucent. You literally use the smallest amount because a little goes such a long long way! The thing I love most about this is because it's by Nivea it's actually like a moisturiser and a primer in one product! It's so hydrating and moistures the skin locking that in and then primes the skin ready for you to apply your make up. I could see a difference in using this. I used my Lush toner water and then applied this, I waited for this to dry into the skin before applying my foundation- I then had a 5 hour shift at work (I work at pizza hut, it was a friday night! I get very hot running about waiting tables ) and my make up looked as perfect as when I applied it when I got home. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and its such a nice product. You use such a little amount that it doesn't even look like i've used any. 

Also for £3.99 you really cannot fault it ! 

As I said I haven't really read many reviews on this or bloggers rave on about it so let me know what you think ?

Sunday Update ; 21 October 2012

jeans, jumper and shirt ; topshop 

Hello, hope everyones having a nice week :) Its felt really 'autumny' this week. I've just been at Uni this week and spending time with Daniel and been working over the weekend! 
Haven't done much today its been dans day off so spent abit of time with him last night and today :) home now and having a bath doing a spot of blogging and bed !

I have university this week as well as some extra shifts at work because of the kids half term- because of where I work we expect to be busy for the next two weeks because solihull is a different education board than Birmingham schools and they have a different week off - thus meaning Amy has more shifts over the next two weeks even though i'm still at uni. 
Oh well! it means a few more pennies in my pocket :) which will be handy since me and daniel have been together 6 years, the end of november so the extra money will go to W13 which is the wrestling game he wants and were going for a curry:) 

I plan to see paranormal activity 4 either this week or next - has anyone been to see it? I've heard mixed reviews ?

A few blog ideas are being compiled in the notes of my phone because I hate forgetting good blog post ideas so hopefully some of those will come to light this week ; I'm thinking totum styler review - maybe a DIY post if my studs ever arrive from hong kong - a post about my new boots? 

I need to stop spending moneyyy! I feel when i'm at uni I spend loads of food and Starbucks I need help - I have an addiction to spending helpppp ! 

I like Khaki

 jumper; topshop// shirt: hypnotic // leggings; glamorous // watch casio

This is what I wore on thursday - i'm trying to get back into photographing my outfits. I wore this to go into university and to do a spot of shopping I also went to the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry.

I love Khaki and have a couple of shirts and my military jacket and I think its a colour that looks good on everyone. I love this jumper; its actually from a charity shop and was like £4 but its in excellent condition and its got the latest Topshop label in so yay for me ;)

When it gets abit colder I seem to live in leggings shirts and jumpers because they are so comfy :)

Models Own Sale Haul

models own polishes rrp: £5 each 
Avaliable at boots or www.modelsownit.com

Like every other beauty blogger I took full advantage of the Models Own SummerSale and bought these polishes! I just wanted to add a few new colours to my collection- I now have 19 Models Own polishes I will be blogging about them soon. 

I love Models Own Polishes because they dry quick and last really well as well as the fact they do amazing colours - I NEED THE WONDERLAND COLLECTION IN MY LIFE!

I've wanted Indian Ocean forever so at £2.50 in the sale I picked up these shades, the swatches are one coat of each polish. 

I would really recommend Models Own I think they are really good value for money :) 

Did you buy anything in the sale ?

Primark and American Sweet Shop Haul

OOTD; Topshop Grey Marl Skirt

t-shirt, skirt, cardigan and belt; topshop // watch; casio // necklace; vintage fair

I bought this cardigan off ebay ! I really love the colour - I think it's a tad summery but because I get buses and trains and walk I get rather hot so little cardigans are nice under my jackets. I have a topshop grey speckled dress and I wear it all the time - it's so versatile and easy to wear so when I saw this skirt I really wanted to buy it. I've had it a few weeks now and this is the first time i've worn it but i've been really comfortable in it all day at university and shopping and can't wait to team it with some little jumpers. I visited Topshop yesterday as we all know it was the first day of their sale! I wasn't impressed - I had a little look online in the morning and added a few bits to my basket mostly jewellery but I really can't bring myself to pay the £4 postage so before I did place an order I looked in the coventry Topshop and picked up a khaki shirt and a stripe top which I love and I got student discount aswell so I was chuffed with those purchases and I'm glad I didn't spend loads as I'm on a spending ban :) 

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick for Rimmel

Kate Moss lipsticks RRP: £5.49
shades 110 and 113

I already own the other kate moss lipsticks but was really really excited to try these matte finish ones! I love nude shades so had to get 113 which is the nude one, its so nice- its has orangey tones but its really nice and they have loads of moisture so your lips don't go dry! one thing I will say is that you have to put a few layers of the nude shade on to cover the lips. 

110 is a red shade, its quite pinky which is nice - I am a fan of red lipsticks but I have a really red/pink face and I think red lipstick makes me look red but I still wanted to try out 110. It's a really nice colour and I think red lipstick is in again this autumn, it looks really nice against PU leather which is really in this autumn and just adds to that rock-chic look! 

These retail at £5.49 which isn't very expensive they are usually on the 3 for 2 offers at boots and superdrug!  I would really reccomend matte lipsticks I think they look so nice - they are more subtle compared to shiny lipsticks 

sunday update

bella is more photogenic than me today - im still in my dressing gown  haha 

001. Lots of uni work to do today :( had loads of uni this week - I even went into uni to go to the library on a day off ! So i'm gonna get some uni work done and then hopefully do some scheduled posts for the week later.

002. Trying to save because I've spent loads of my loan already and christmas isn't too far away! It's mine and daniels 6th year anniversary in november too and we usually get eachother good presents.

003. Got loads of stuff to review on here so expect loads of reviews - coming soon! 

004. Just wasted £12 on a pair of topshop jeans from ebay - I thought they were navy so bidded and then the item specifics said lilac ! so i'll probs be selling them on. They are a 30w and 28leg and are lilac/purple according to the seller if anyones interested- im gonna tweet the picture from her ebay because they do not look lilac - ive payed anyway to see what they are like and because she refused to cancel. 

005. busy busy week ahead so loads of scheduled posts this week : )



I really love vintage clothing so when I stumbled across REDROCK I was really happy because they sell really nice vintage clothes but also reworked clothing which is great if your looking for something different. This Autumn / Winter studs are everywhere and that includes the REDROCK website. I especially love this skirt and t-shirt! They would be so easy to wear. Just think of the amazing things you could pick from the website with £65 worth of vouchers. 

1) Follow my blog via GFC or BLOGLOVIN
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4) Then leave your twitter, instagram name and email in the comments below the post so I am able to to pick a winner. 

For more information visit the REDROCK website here 

Please note: You must follow REDROCK on instagram and twitter along with leaving your account names and email address in the comment box below for there entry to be valid
You must have valid twitter and instagram accounts to enter the competition. You must leave your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and GFC name along with your Email in the comments below the post so we are able to to pick and contact a winner.The competition will close on the 17th November 12pm and winner will be picked on 18/11/2012 - Competition is open world wide

My Bedroom

I've seen loads of these posts where bloggers do a post about where they blog from and decided that I wanted to do one too!
I do love my room (when its tidy) Its abit on the small side! but its cosy and warm and I get blog from here lol. The most important parts of my room are my bed and my wardrobe. My wardrobe isn't very big but i'm getting a build in wardrobe fitted soon so hopefully that will enable some storage.
My bed is very important because my rooms small so alot of things for example blogging or uni work gets done on my bed.
I Love Cath Kidston so my bedroom is very floral. My bedding is from Tesco! It was a bargain! I think every blogger actually owns this bedding. My wallpaper is off the internet my momma bought it for me! I just had to have it and I love it so much. I have alot of shabby chic style furniture and accessories in my room which I feel just tie my whole room together.
I love my mirror on my dresser it was from a carboot - I think it was like £5, i've seen similar ones on ebay for like £60 !
My big mirror on my wall was a present from my mom and i love it!
My dressing table was from a vintage furniture shop and my mom painted it white its really nice and i have a basket underneath which has loads of my beauty products in. Thought id include my in drawer organisation which I did the other day its just jewellery and hair bobbles and stuff.
I have loads of junk and storage boxes under my bed because I need all the room I can get haha

hope you like my room :)

ORLY Mani Mini Lacquer Trio

cool romance - rrp £13.00

The other day I was doing a spot of shopping a decided on a little trip to TK Maxx! Now I picked up loads of things but had also bought a few bits and pieces from boots so didn't want to go overboard! 
I saw these and couldn't believe it because I really like Orly nail polishes but these colours are seriously perfect for me! 

Orly nail polishes are of a really high quality! The packaging of the bottles is really sleek and easy to hold. I love how just one coat is enough but I normally use two coats anyway. The swatches are just one coat! The finish is shiny but not really shiny which is nice for a cute subtle colour. They also dry super quick so you don't have to worry about smudging them. I got these for £6 they were in the clearance section ! £6 thats amazing :) 

I am defiantly going to keep my eyes open for more orly polishes in TK Maxx- I've seen loads of people buying cheap models own and OPI polishes from there too have you guys been into TK Maxx recently? Keep checking the blog to see what else I bought at TK Maxx. 

sunday update 7/10/2012

001. This week I had pink dip-dye hair :) I really liked it. It's faded now but i'm going to do it again :)

002. I've been staying at daniels this week, I scheduled blog posts but havent done any outfit posts for awhile and I really want to start doing them again :)

003. Back to uni! which is going to affect my blogging schedule but hopefully not too much and I will definatly be blogging about what I'm going to do for my new project

004. Things to expect on the blog ; models own haul ; topshop haul; pearl drops review; nail polish reviews because i bought some nail wheels :)

zara vs missguided

I love finding finds like this bag from Missguided which is SO SIMILAR to the zara bucket bag! I do love the Zara one but I think £40 is abit overpriced! I know the Zara one is probably a better quality but the Missguided version is a really cute dupe and its a lighter colour - I actually think the Zara bag it abit too TAN/ORANGE for me personally. 

What do you think ? I've also seen amazing versions on ebay if you wanna buy a more identical version.