lets waste time...

top; topshop shorts; primark
did go to the carboot today but stupidly left my camera at home.
im going again next week anyway so hopefully get some nice scenic pictures.
i got a footpump, for my vfest airbed;D £1 absolute bargain
also i got a leopard print topshop purse for 50p BARGAINNN its sooo nice
had work omg! it was longgg!
just chilledd :D
i have work again tomorrow and i need sleep
toodleloo. x

day out; solihull

dress: topshop cardigan: new look ring:primark (£2.50) :o
first of all this ring was a BARGAINN! its so cute on. they are in store noww.
today i went to solihull which is like a shopping center in birmingham but it more posh than the city centre.
i bought an aztec pattern bag in the new look sale.. its really big so im gonna bring it along to v fest but i will also probs use it for uni.
i also bought some make up because i seem to run out of everything at the samee time!
got a snazzy little gift set from max factorr. (must do a post)
also went into the pizza hut in solihull as thats where MY MEL has moved to. ahh i miss her loadsss <3
should be going to a car boot tomorrow. i might take my camera ;D


top; new look skirt: topshop cardi: peacocks
so ive been shopping today... pay day ;) best day of the week.
obvzzz i havent been spending loads as i need to save for VFEST ;D which is just 21days away :D
i bought a jacket from primark. i will do a post. i was torn between the cheap version and the £20 one. i bought the £20 one lol. its just much nicer lol.
i just got some socks and slippers.
ive ordered my wellies lol... so im going through a leopard phase ;)
i have to go work :(

barry m.

being at work so much is depressing as all my barry m polishes go unused.
ive been in the house looking like a slob for the past week lol
i cant wait to start uni.. maybe.

sippin pimms

had a nice evening with abb, laura, jane and momma.
was in the garden this afternoon sippinpimms lol
then continued onto the malibu with the log burner on...
it seems to be work work work ¬_¬ atm. got work tomorrow tues, fri and sunday.
i need the money for v fest!
plan: go chelmsford on the 18th... stay at the travellodge then taxi to v fest.
i seriously cant wait... i still need wellies... i want some nice shorts. sleeping bagg...any recomendations?
anyway... off to bedd.
long day
goodnightt xx x


this is my 2nd mac purchase. i got this foundation from the airport at birmingham i bought it because i wanted a foundation with spf and found out about the new mac stalll at birmingham airport so when i was going on holiday i bought this ...£19 which i think was quite good and its really nice and light on the skin. it worked great onn holiday as it does here. would really reccomeend it

the cupboards were bare.

do you ever have days when you just run out of everything
today we had nothing to eat. not even bread.
so ive just threw some clothes on to goto the shop.
got a chicken, stuffin and red onion sandwhich... it was yummy.
and ive gone lime diet coke crazy ...again.
  1. top h&m
  2. jeggins newlook
  3. cardigan new look.

i used to hate wearing brown and black together. now i seem to do it all the time. but the fashions change and i think now days you can wear any colours together (maybe not red and green, except at christmas)got work later ...reaallly not in the mood.
having two weeks off probs wasnt a good idea lollive been looking at holidays again todayy
im definatly going oct/nov timee, i hope to go with either my family or dans fam. aspretty much everyone i know needs a holiday lol
could do with some more followers lol

29 days till v festival

day off

wednesday; day off
i went to town today with my boyfriend to get my sister a present for her birthday on saturday. we will be going to drayton manor theme park. shes 16 :o
i got an absolute steal... from next.
i never go into next but yesterday a girl from work was wearing a leopard print top and i managed to get it in the sale,last one and my size
thats all i got for myself today.
as im skiint. i never usually have money worries
oh im booking a holiday too.. im thinking oct/nov ;)

need some more followers :/

i hope to increase my followers... i really want to become more committed to the blog as i start uni in september (hopefully) and for my projects i might keep a blog.
i got a sony vaio... so defo skiint now
working 4 shifts this week...ahh pizza hut lol.
it was nice going back cause everyone was welcoming me back, it was nice to know theyy noticed i wasnt there for 2 weeks lol.
ill be doing outfit posts... im having a pj day today so probs not the best day to do one lol.

gran canaria

okay so hiatus over ...

ive been on holiday and college is now over so i have the whole summer to blog away.
i will hopefully be going to university in the summer to study art and design, i will let you know after i get my results on the 18th august if that looks likely. i have some new things to brag about hehe ;) flora- gucci perfume. new aztec top from urban outfitters. french connection suede clutch mac foundation... need to post pictures but my laptops on a go slow.. ¬_¬

my holiday was so good really got to relax :) and wear loads of really nice shorts
gran canaria is a gay capital and therefore there are so many cute little gay bars, i love going to these, cheap cocktails ;)
mini golf, pool, sun, martina cole's books ;), cheesy spanish songs.... all in all it was an amazing holiday

went to town for the first time since ive been home... tbh theres nothing out there. i have loads of summer clothes so im really trying to resist the sales... the a/w lines are appearing i see chinos making a comeback and i saw a few burghandy items which is good since i stocked up on those last year.

im skint atm, holiday has drained me of my funds but im back at work on saturday so i should be earning again woohoo. but... v festival is in about 4 weeks and i have nothing!

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