Meet Bella. She's the newest member of my family. She's SO CUTE! we've had her about two weeks now, she's so friendly and playful. I have another cat Ollie and they didn't really see eye to eye at first but they play fight now and Ollie's not so spooked out by her now. I also have a doggy Ben, and Bella dislikes Ben and don't we know it! She hisses at him as soon as she hears his footsteps but they tolerate each other.

RIVER ISLAND wish list

I havent been in River Island for a while but I nipped in there when looking for some pumps for Daniel and spotted these gorgeous leopard print studded pumps in the window but because of the holiday therefore having no money I banned myself from looking around, so instead when i got home i had a sneaky peek online. I love flatforms, I don't actually own any yet but I WILL! and THIS BAG OMGGG ! it's gorgeous! I really am a sukka for a tan bag!

( I'm currently on holiday until the 6th september email 



So, i'm off on my holiday today. Right now I should be on my way or even at the airport :) yay!
I'm going to lanzarote for two weeks with my boyfriend Daniel. I'm hoping that i've put together enough scheduled posts that you won't get bored but sorry for the lack of posts and i promise you'll have loads of outfit posts and holiday snaps when i'm back :)

bye bye ;)



Just noticed how black this whole wish list is. I suppose the gloomy weather brings out the black in my wardrobe, just as well i'm jetting off to Lanzarote tomorrow. I really like disco pants I havent quite jumped on the disco pant wagon and spent £70 on a pair, I have my shiny leggings ;) but i'm really loving the look of the river island and topshop dupes for like half the price, I'm definatly buying a pair when i'm home. I love anything with studs and really want a pair of vectra's another bandwagon i'm yet to jump on. I really love topshops burnout tops and love their new grey ones for the autumn/winter line, must stock up on those :)

Sunday update on Monday

001. Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was getting stuff done for my holiday. I went to tesco then ironed some of my clothes, sorted new music out on my phone and changed the fuse in my hairdryer. Then I had a shower and it seemed a little to late to blog.

002. Been working this week, I go on my hols on Thursday so every penny counts.

003.after packing I realised how much money I spent on clothes that I probs won't wear.

004. Made about £30-£40 from my eBay stuff :)

Hope everyones okay and I hope to get some scheduled posts done for when I'm on holiday

What's In My Handbag

For those of you who do not know, What's In my Handbag is a website that sends people samples. What they do is they offer the samples to everyone, you have to sign up and then request the specific sample, so here they were offering a sample of YSL shocking mascara, I requested to try it and I was successful. Your not always going to be successful, This is the first time I have been, and i've requested about 3-4 things but I was really happy to get this mascara as I did really want to try it out. They sent me an email saying I did get the sample and I received it about two days later. For a free service the packaging is really nice and they put 'for amy gamble' (it will be your name not mine) which makes it that extra bit special and personal. I'm yet to try the mascara because I might save it for my holiday but I'll be sure to review it. If you have any more questions just ask me or visit the whats in my handbag website

Dont forget my ebay items end today. My seller name is amydtm.


I've been on twitter this morning listening to everyones results and got me thinking about when I got my results last year. It was the most stressful day ever so I thought i'd share my story and hopefully make some of you that got your required results feel a bit better/grateful. I got to sixth form and as soon as I saw my head of year I knew it was bad news. I couldn't get on to UCAS so I actually had no idea. I opened my results to find I was 10 points short of my 2nd choice so that was it! No university for Amy. But my head of year was like hmmm i'm sure you got a place at coventry but by this time the UCAS website was at a complete stand still! So next we phoned Coventry University to find out what was going on and whether I got in but the person on the other end of didn't know either !!! So by this time I was really worried, If i didn't have a place, would there be any clearing courses left ? My head of year then phoned Coventry to say it wasn't fair for me to be sat on results day not knowing if I had my place and thats when they confirmed I had a place. I was so happy! It was such an emotional day. The hardest part was I was actually going to V Festival that weekend and was actually getting the train to Chelmsford THAT DAY so I couldn't leave for Vfestival until I knew I had my university place. And now 1 year on, I've just passes my first year at Coventry, I love my course and I've made so many friends and the tutors are great, Going to Coventry, not getting points for Birmingham was probably the best outcome for me.


I really loved these boots and these were the first thing I looked at on the house of fraser website so I kind of worked my outfit around the boots. I love how they are just simple black boots but with a cute gold zip, I've incorperated elements of gold into the outfit with the bag and watch. I tryed to create a grungy cute girly rock look, which with spikes and studs being in at the moment I think this is going to be a popular look when autumn/ winter arrives. The leggings are similar to the disco pants from american apparel but these don't have the £70 price tag and are a bargain at £30 I love leggings, They are great when you wanna look nice but be comfy. I really love the rose pink of the top and think that the peplum bottom will sit really nice against the shiny leggings again creating that girly rocky look. 
I think this Vivienne Westwood bag just tops off the whole outfit - pulling it all together and makes it complete. 

The Black Pearl

Bracelet £5.00

I recently won Sandra from The Black Pearl's twitter giveaway and I chose this really cute bracelet from her Etsy shop as my prize. I really like skull's right now and I just love turquoise bracelets. Visit Sandra's Etsy shop, she has loads of different styles and colours. Theres pinks, turquoise, spikes, flowers, crosses! So many to choose from! And the quality is lovely! I really love the little diamond style beads either side of the skull because I think it just makes it look that little bit more expensive. Also you can't see it that well in my photo but theres a cute little flowery bead which she's used to hide where the bracelet ties together which is lovely. 

I was so chuffed with my prize and seriously couldn't wait to tell you guys about her Etsy store. 
Her blog is super cute too and remember to follow her on twitter. 

Tesco Clothing

both tesco 

I posted the other day about what I should buy with my club card exchange vouchers and a few of you said I should defiantly go for this jumper which obviously I did. I also picked up this cute trilby hat with the little floral chain on it. Both came to the total of £20 which meant I didn't pay a penny :) Because I had £20 worth of vouchers. The jumper is such a lovely style and colour, I cant wait to wear it! I'm off on holiday next thursday and really needed to get a hat so when I saw this one I knew I had to get it :) 
What do you think ? 


I do like to let you guys know what i'm selling on ebay so just follow the link above. 

Sunday Update #13

001. Went to see blur on monday. I'm not the biggest Blur fan but it was amazing !! We had amazing seats and had a great night!

002. Been working loads again. 10 DAYS untill my holiday so every penny counts.

003. I really want to buy the Topshop Paisley dress which recently got put into the sale but its gone back to full price online!!

Help me spend my clubcard vouchers

So everyone must know about the tesco clubcard exchange. Basically you spend money in tesco and collect clubcard points. Then they send you vouchers so 1000 points = £10 worth of vouchers :) then when the clubcard exchange comes about you swap your clubcard vouchers for tokens which are double the value of your vouchers £5 = £10 but you are limited to what departments you can spend these in, however you can pretty much buy what you like from the tesco clothing website (except watches and jewelery from other brands I think!) So this is where you help me out! I need to find something quick to spend my vouchers on because you have to exchange them before the 29th august and I go on holiday on the 23rd :)

comment below if you like any of my picks or send me your own at

leopard ombre nails

You can find lots of tutorials on youtube and on the internet on how to do this just search ombre nails.

what i'm gonna buy in duty free

Army Style jacket

Army style jacket : Ebay

If you know me at all you will know i'm one for a bargain! I really love these army style jackets, who doesnt? So that means they have a rather heafty price tag! I looked in my local vintage shops and all the charity shops, I looked online and even got into some bidding wars! Thats when I found this one! with a buy it now price of £9.99 who would resist, I was abit cautious about the sizing but I think it looks lovely on. 

How can urban outfitters charge £48 for a near exact jacket? 

What do you think ?? 

Sunday Update #12

(oh wow look how messy my room is, i've tidied it now tho :) )

001.  Posted quite a few reviews and blog posts this week, I've been working but scheduled some posts because I felt like a bad blogger.

002. Have been quite ill over the weekend. I had really head cold like symptoms, had to phone in sick on friday and was sent home from work on Saturday. Feeling alot better today though :)

003.  Just finished tidying my room, so sorry for the late sunday update!

004. Off to see Blur tomorrow with Daniel and Daddy and working loads as per so sorry if I don't post much this week!

005. Been thinking about a 150 follower giveaway! What would you guys like as prizes?

DIXI Warrior collection Preview

twitter @shopdixi

I  really love the studs and skulls that have appeared everywhere! From the high street to Alexander Mcqueen these punky accessories add edge to a sheer blouse or a cute t-shirt. 
I've seen these spiky bracelets in Topshop and online and I really love them! This ones different it has different size spikes and I think it appears to be of a lovely quality and I really cannot wait to order it. 
I've seen collar accessories in all the major high street stores so i'm really excited to see this silver collar necklace, it's a cute but subtle pattern and its a nice rustic silver colour. I think this summer with a black playsuit and this autumn to add some chic to a army jacket, this is the perfect accessory to add to your collection. I'm normally a gold jewellery fan, so I've chose to mention this cute bone bracelet, I'm really into teaming gold and turquoise so I really consider wearing this bracelet with a couple of small cotton bracelets or like friendship bracelets because I think it will make this cute little gold number stand out! 
From the new collection my favourite item has to be this leopard print blouse. I LOVE LEOPARD! so this really cute sheer leopard shirt is right up my street! I would actually say it works with everything here that i've picked from the warrior collection. I would tuck the shirt into some vintage denim shorts and add some studds and skulls for a really punky but girly look! 

My Topshop Wishlist


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My Carboot Sale Purchases

levi shorts £5. crafted studded top: 20p forever 21 jumper 50p white sleevless topshop shirt £1 urbanoutfitters skirt £1 necklace 50p  = total £8.20 

Who doesn't love a good bargain! I visited a carboot on sunday as I haven't been to one for quite a while and with all the good weather this week I thought why not. On our way to the carboot it was raining and we were very close to turning around and going home but the rain held off and I got myself some right little bargains.