REVIEW: Topshop brighton rock

 topshop brighton rock £8
 collection 2000 sweet tart
brighton rock                     :                     sweet tart 

ive looked at brighton rock so many times, online and in store and i love the shade but £8 for a lipstick is rather expensive as i rarely wear lipstick- lately ive been buying more lipsticks but i wouldnt spend £8 on a lipstick as im not really a lippy wearer however i had to buy this the other day as it was the only one left in the store and i told dan that if he left me in topshop i would buy something so i did! 
the shade is soo nice- its got more red in than i thought but its such a nice bright pink colour. the consistency is really nice and itsreally moisturising for a lipstick, overall i was really happy with the product and dont regret buying it...
until ! i decided the shade was very similar to that sweet tart collection 2000 lipstick that i reviewed last week. the colours are really similar - the sweet tart shade being slightly lighter and less moisturising however at £2.99 its such a bargain and such a good dupe if you dont fancy spending £8 on a lipstick!

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Charlotte said...

I've been tempted to buy a Topshop lippie for ages now, think this might be the one! X