Zara messenger bag

zara £19.99

when i saw this bag i loved it! and i thought oh its zara its probs like £50 or something redic! so when i saw it was £20 i was like oooooo i need it !! i went straight to zara and was pretty annoyed when i couldnt find it in my store :( but then i saw one! the last one in the shop high up on a shelf and i knew i had to get it other wise i would regret it and im so glad i got it! it has a big pocket and then two phone size pockets. its a nice leather style fabric and its a lovely grey colour- the rose colour bits are really nice too. i just love how this bag goes with EVERYTHING and how expensive it looks. i think its still on the website if you wanna pick it up :)


Chelle said...

Love, love, LOVE this bag!
It's definitely high up on my birthday list ;)

Annabel Wyatt Art said...

Awsome bag! I love that you shop in Hypnotic too :D x x