let it blow away . . . .

dress; topshop cardigan; newlook necklace; 18th birthday pressie from nanny nail varnish ; coral Barry M

its half term... you know what that means

Im a full time worker for a week lol
:'( i hateeeee school holidays for the simple fact that all families think lets bring our 34o333 kids to pizza hut and do amy's head it :@
haha its not that baddd.


i havent blogged in a while due to work and just other social events..
i need to be doing some college work over the holiday...

ive been shopping todayy since my holiday is like 4 weeks away. tbh i have loads of clothes from last year and just in general that i will be taking with me but i just bought a few things
i bought a maxi dress :o im so short therefore i thought a maxi dress would drown me but i love it... its from the apricot range in new look, its black and has an elasticated bit in the middle.. im sure ill post a photoo soon
i also bought some shorts, a bikini, a dress and a top

my new look delivery came today.. nothing for me though, daniels birthday is next thursday therefore ive treated him to some new clothes, cant post anymore on the subject incase he reads this lol ;)

im just really excited for my holiday
need to buy some wedge heels and then its just toiletries to get

i need some shoes for my leavers ball.

topshop wantsssss...

because i have

to save up for my holiday and dans birthday theres things i actually want to buy...
i think i may just have to have a little topshop splurge... and technically i can wear all three of these items on holiday ;) hehe

weekend is here... the weekend means work and revision so blahh

todays been strangeee. ive done work... its 4.15 and im so tiredd. got a 7 hour shift infront of me :'( blahhh blahhhhh

anyway i have to get ready for workk.
cannot post a pictureeee. i dont know where my new camera is ahhhh

the music that we play...

went to watch the new pirates of the caribean film today, oh how i love those pirate films ;)
wore my new outfit today, the one i bought yesterday,i believe it went down well... got a few compliments. i have alot of revision to do but today i have given myself a day off, but it just means ive got to spend all weekend with my head in the books. been looking at alot! of blogs recently, its so good because i get alot of outfit ideas but then i spend moneyy ahh.
ive decided for dans 21st im going to get him things that he needs... shoes tops aftershave. :)

thats a bit of weight off my shoulders becuase ive been worrying about what to get him.

ive just put loads of albums on my ipod... ive been listening to wayyy to much katy perry lol.
oh and now ive become obsessed with buying fashion magazines, it used to be one or two a week. ive bought three magazines today haha.
'look' 'more' and 'company'
i really like look and more because they give you loads of really cheap high street shops clothing, and they actually make alot of cheaper clothes look expensive, and to be honest im not really a fan of the whole aztec fashion therefore i dont intend on spending loads of money on clothes right now ( hmm i spent loadsss yesterday haha)
this weeks 'more' has an interview with lady gaga.. i love her again right noww :D:D

hmm well ive wrote a rather lengthy post todayy..
i dont even know if people like my postsss lol.
need some more folllowers

i enjoy writing :)

xx x xxxx

exam time..

as most of you know right now is exam period.
for me this is my final chance... if i want to go to birmingham uni i have to get my C's in history and English and an A in art, i understand i have set myself high goals. this will be a difficult time but i need to get these grades.
exam 1 out of 4 was today. My russia history exammm, im confident... i need my C and i tryed the hardest i could.
i have been buyingg to much stuff lol.
went for a little mooch around the shops with jadee today, took advantage of her discount in internationale.

i have been spending so much time revising. even when im with dan ive been revsising... tomorrow is my day off im going to the cinema and having a good time.. really want to watch the new pirates of the carribean film. i do love abit of jack sparrow ;D

phoned my insurance company, i still have over a week to wait before i hear anything about my phone :'( whyy did i drop it down the loo. :'(

its 9.00pm and im seriously considering going to sleep. im so tired.

; internationale £16.99

internationale £19.99

again (as above)

primark £8

the first step is to admit you have a problem..

dress ive just won on ebay lol

Skirt Topshop, top H&M, necklace Miss selfridge

top; forever 21, skirt motelrocks.com belt primark
so here it goes.... :'(
i am addicted to ebay
it pains me to say so but its true.
lol ive bought a neww dress this week, im as i write this bidding on a dress and a top :o
lost a few bid wars earlier lol, its very competitive. haha.

hehe just won a topshop dress.

haven't been on here for a week, so i have some photos to upload lol.
so much revision to do ¬_¬ !!

had to cut my hours at work to fit all my revising so i'm gonna need to watch what im spending ahh :'(

new camera new camera new camera

so... that means ill be taking loadsssss of photos hehe.
001. deadline for art is thursdayy :o :o im so scareddd.. got loads and loads to do :'(
002. bought my new camera.. did i mention that ?? ? hehe.
003. history exam next week and ive done no. revision ahhh

why do they dump everything on you at onceee.a h h h h hhh hhh hh

004. big pileee of stuff to doo.. fml

feeeling the pressure

cardigan; new look top; new look skirt h&m necklace; accessorize belt; primark
Nails. nude beige- models own and snow white-models own <3
001. first exam is 17th may, art deadline is next week. Its actually nearly the end of my time at sheldon( myschool) its real scary;
002. next week due to my hectic scheduel (cannot spell) i only have one shift at work woohoo. but thats time i need to revise :'(
003.really worried about uni. im kinda worried i wont get enough points for either of my places.
004. buying my camera tommmorroww i think :D ive missed taking photos.
005. check out my other blog to see my art project :D

cannot wait for the summerr.

demin jacket; primark
blouse newlook
vest top newlook.
leggings; forever 21 (just got white nail varnish on them :'()))

back to college :( late as always.
001. ive done some art work; check out my other blogg if you wanna look...
002. went shopping today and to be honest i really dislike the fashion at the moment, theres just the same oldd stuff out there... i really want to buy thingss. I bought a really cute bikini from h&m and a top, a plain vest top.
003. hadd tgi fridays todayy :D mmmmm <3<3
004. i have been spending alot of time on ebayy :o selling and spending..

robbed the boyfriends camera ;)

black pleated dress,peter pan collar; hypnotic
denim jacket; primark
necklace; miss selfridge

denim jacket; primark
top; river island
skirt; Riverisland
necklace; miss selfridge

001. been at home all weekend. the parents were away so dan stayed round. had work friday and saturday night.

002. sadly my beautiful cat JASPER of 17 years died this morning. its been very upsetting but i know its for the best.<3<3<3

003. got lots to do... student finace, artt work, revision.

004. tried a middle parting with curls todayyy... loveee iitt ;D