Naked Chocolate Palette - £7.99

So I jumped on the Make Up Revolution band wagon, after the launch of their brush collection I decided to place an order. You can see the brushes here, I did a quick post about my first impressions.

I picked up this palette about reading some amazing reviews. The colours are perfect for me so I just had to order this. 

When it arrived I wasn't left disappointed. The colours are amazing, there's a mixture of matte and shimmery shades and there's light to dark shades so you can create so many different looks. 

The pigments are so good and i'm really impressed with the quality for the price. There is 3 different I love makeup chocolate palettes to choose from so theres a variety of shades to pick from. 

(sorry for this awful eyebrow shot but I really wanted to show you the pigment in the shadows.)


 No7 Lash Impact Intense Volume Control - Boots - £13.50*

I've been using this mascara for a few weeks and I have to say i'm impressed. I have used No7 mascaras before and i've always liked them. I have quite sensitive eyes but i've never had a reaction to any No7 products. 

The brush is big and theres loads of bristles. The fibre brush is designed to stops clumping. I've tried this on its own on clean lashes and it gives bold lashes. It leaves lashes feeling fuller and full of volume. I feel after a couple of coats my lashes look really good, almost like wearing false lashes. I've started applying this on top of my Rimmel London Lash Accelerator endless mascara, this makes my lashes really long and then with the Lash Impact Volume Control on top for to add that Volume to my lashes.  

I love the packaging, it's amazing! It reminds me of Dorothys shoes from the Wizard of Oz ! 

I think £13.50 is a great price, I would repurchase this product it adds so much volume which is something I look for in a mascara. 


I've been hearing lots of people rave on about Asos and how good everything is at the moment so I thought i'd have a little browse at some bits and pieces. I've picked out just a few items that i'm loving right now. First of all these cute ankle grazers, i've never had a pair before because i'm so short however because asos have their petite range I recon I could get a pair that would actually sit above my ankles. I'm loving grey right now so I picked out this jumper, it's so slouchy and looks so comfy, but with some jeans and heels I think it would look so nice for a meal out or shopping. I love orange, I already have an amazing orange bag from Zara, but this clutch is gorgeous. I love how a bright bag can brighten up any outfit. I love wearing black and grey so this is just a perfect bag and would go with so many different outfits. I seem to be loving trainers at the moment, i've joined the gym and really want a pair of Nike running shoes, they have some really unique colours and patterns. I love these ones with the lime trim from Asos. I love shopping on Asos because you get free delivery and theres always some kind of discount code floating around.
Theres always discount codes on Fashion Beans, they always have codes for Asos, River Island and many more.
I'm on a spending ban right now because i'm off to Florida in like 7 weeks! I'm so excited, so i'm saving for that but send over your Asos wish lists i'd love to see them.


So this is abit of a different blog post, I suppose it's a little bit more personal. This year as you have probably noticed i'm trying to change a little for the better. I've been eating better and started going to the gym! I've been blogging and instagraming because I really need the push and the motivation to keep going. I'm really trying to be more positive and proactive. The last couple of years have been a mixture of highs and lows! A lot has changed, I met Clint and ended my previous relationship, I was with my ex for nearly 7 years so that was a huge change. Last year was my final year at Uni, which meant degree show and dissertation and I did it! I got my 2:1 and graduated! My final year was so stressful and I couldn't have done it without Clint, he was there for me and got me through so much. This year i've taken a year out and i've just been working part time and blogging. My plan is to gain some teaching experience so I can decide whether I want to teach and then I will need to do the PGCE teacher training course which I know is going to be so intense. I feel like i'm putting the course off and I don't want to give up! So i've made it my aim to be more positive and motivated. I need to get my shit together. I'm going to Florida in March so my aim is to get my CV and cover letter together and start researching schools for placements and start contacting them before my holiday so then hopefully I have a good period of time between easter and the summer for placements, this will be when i'll decided whether I want to teach and whether i'm going to apply for the course this year or next year.

Do you have any tips on how to stay positive and motivated? Have you ever taken a year out and did you find it difficult?


Tarte Eyeshadow and Blush 

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow // Covergirl Mascaras 

Kate spade bag // purse // phone case 

Michael Kors Bag  and Watch // Nike running shoes 

Kat Von D make up // Ole Henriksen skincare // Sephora brushes 

Anastasia Brow Wiz and Dip Brow // Bath and Body Works Hand Gels  

You may or may not know i'm off to Florida in March for two weeks, were going with Clints sister and her kids so that should be fun. They have been to Florida loads!!  I think this is their 11th or 12th visit, so i'll be sure to share some hints and tips of their when were back. I'm looking forward to everything, the food, shopping and the theme parks. Were going to be booking our theme park tickets and sorting out our visa thingys this month. We have some planning in terms of travelling to London and back to think about aswell. To get all that stress off my brain I thought i'd put together this rather big wish list. It's a few products I know I want to get or look at in America. I've been watching some hauls and vlogs to get ideas of what it will be like. I'm so excited! I'm sure theres things i've missed off like a pair of Micky Mouse ears etc

Please leave a comment if you have any hints and tips for Orlando!

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We went to the park today to take these outfit photos, i'm so happy with how they turned out. I wasn't sure how i'd be feeling today as i've been ill for a few days. I haven't been able to blog as the laptop has been making me feel sick. Hopefully i'm on the mend now, i'm still not feeling great but i'll be back at work tomorrow. Bit of a boring outfit today apart from my amazing backpack* from Spiral, I use it for the gym and I featured it on my blog earlier this week. I went back to the gym today after having two days off, I didn't overdo it but I was happy and felt good when we were done. 

outfit details: 
Coat: Simply Be* //  Jeans: New Look // Scarf: Clothes Show // Roll Neck: Primark //
Boots: Public Desire // Cardigan: New Look 


Nars Virtual Domination Palette - £45- SOLD OUT 

Clint bought me this amazing palette for Christmas. I really love Nars blushers so this is amazing, it also contains the very popular laguna bronzer. Theres a huge mirror which makes it ideal for traveling. You have lots of choice the highlighter, bronzer and 3 blushers. 

The individual Nars Blush price is £22.50, so this is a steal at £45! The colours are great choices, it includes deep throat which is one of my absolute favourites. You get a really generous amount of each colour aswell, especially the bronzer which is great so it will last you a very long time. 

I love that you can swipe different shades to create a unique shade. I know that this palette is sold out now but if you ever get the chance to buy one i'd totally recommend it. It's such an amazing product at a great price. 


Incase you haven't already heard Make Up Revolution have released Make Up Brushes! Make Up Revolution are a very affordable make up brand who have some really amazing products. They are very popular with bloggers and make up artists and now with these brushes they are going to be that bit more popular. I haven't tried them out yet as i've been very ill the last couple of days however I thought i'd do this blog post so you can see them for yourself. 

They come in individual plastic packets and they are pretty decent quality from my first impressions. The handles are not too light, the bristles feel secure and very soft. The bristles are made from synthetic hair so they are very soft.

I thought i'd pick out a few of the brushes to see what I think, i've gone for the powder brush, the stippling brush, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow blending brush and the eyeshadow contour brush. 

There are now sets of brushes avaliable which are a great value for money and allow you to try all of the brushes. The individual brushes range between £1.50-£3.75. 

I can't wait to give these ago and I would recommend them for the money. They are avaliable here on the Make Up Revolution website



Every single Nars product i've ever tried I have loved and this is no exception. Bansar is a new shade avaliable in the Satin Lip Pencil. I've wore this so much over the last week or so.
The Nars website describes it as Rose Brown, its just such a gorgeous shade. It's like a dark brown with a hint of pink to it. It's so creamy and really easy to apply. My lips feel really moisturised and 
soft. The colour lasts ages I applied it at about 12 and it was still on at 4 o'clock when I got to the gym. It doesn't go all chapped or cakey either. I'm seriously so in love with this product. I have a couple of other lip pencils from Nars to try out which i'm so excited about. I have to be honest i've been wearing this shade so much! Its just such a versatile colour great for everyday or for a night out. 

I don't usually tend to spend too much on lip products, I have a drawer full of Mac Lipsticks that are just sitting there however I would buy another Satin Lip Pencil from Nars. They are so easy to apply and you get such an amazing product for your money. 

How to be a savvy shopper - and save money by using wholesale clothing suppliers

Clothing is possibly one of the most expensive purchases we can make; taking a fair slice of the household income, keeping yourself well-clothed, as well as the rest of your family really can be an expensive and difficult task.
 At one time, hunting out the bargains on various auction websites revealed some hidden gems but, it seems that something so good was not bound to last and, with everyone realising there was money to be made, the bargains have all but disappeared.
Of course, add to this the fact that you are ‘in the market’ for a specific item, whether a winter coat or new black boots, the bargains on swimwear might not seem so appetising. But, wholesale clothing suppliers could have the answers…
Wholesalers are companies that deal in large quantities of stock, anything from general items such as stationery, to shoes, clothes and all manner of accessories. They will then portion of this stock into the type of quantities that other retailers would want to buy.

Where does wholesale clothing suppliers get their stock from?
There are all kinds of places and reasons why wholesale clothing suppliers come across great deals;

  • Import – wholesalers are companies that have the buying power to buy in bulk; rather than buying 20 pairs of jeans from a supplier abroad, they could buy 200 pairs and more! This gives them incredible buying power and can find amazing purchases. 
  • End of line – many wholesalers will also buy end of line or season stock from major high street retailers in the UK. Once an item has been in the store, and then on the sale rack it may be taking up valuable warehouse space. Rather than have clothes simply sitting around, retailers will cut their losses, selling these items at cut prices to wholesalers. Once again, the buying power of wholesalers means they can grab excellent stock at low prices. 
  • Liquidation stock – this is where a retailer has ceased trading and to claw back as much capital as possible, they sell off any remaining stock.

With all three of the above examples, it has to be emphasised that all the clothing stock involved is no different to the high quality items that many high street retailers sell. 

So, is this buying power open to you?

Yes, it can be and with all of us increasingly becoming savvier shoppers, always keen to get the best deal we can, there is a way you can tap into this wholesale market and many benefits too:

  • Find a wholesale supplier of the clothing styles and accessories you like – and take a note of their trading terms and conditions. Some suppliers will only to businesses but there are many online who will sell to individuals. BUT, the idea behind buying from a wholesale is that they ship in larger than normal quantities, hence you cannot order a single scarf and one pair of matching gloves. Quantities can be anything from 20 items upwards.
  • Club together with likeminded friends and relatives – one fantastic way of accessing these bargains is to form a ‘club’ with friends and family to take advantage of not only the price, but the quantities on offer too. All you need to do is add to price of the shipping/delivery to the item and you can instantly break even. This works well with all kinds of clothing items from coats to accessories. You will also find that some wholesalers do mixed bags of items and this too, can be a great way of tapping in to these bargains!
  • Find your entrepreneurial spirit! – there is nothing stopping you from buying items in bulk and then selling them on to family and friends, making a small profit for yourself. This is no different from running an agency type arrangement for various catalogues that were incredibly popular at back in the 1980s and early 1990s. These catalogues, of course, helped spread the cost with weekly payments but, with your whole sale clothing bargains people will love the price.
  • Sell online too! – family and friends are not your only customers, don’t forget there are hundreds, if not thousands of savvy shoppers just like you, on the lookout for a good deal on all kinds of fashion items for women, men and children too. You can tap into this great resource, grab yourself a bargain and then sell various amounts on the many online auction and selling websites that people use. 

Choice is not an issue…
Wholesale clothing comes in all sizes, colours and there are all kinds of items offered by sale by many high quality wholesalers. Your difficulty is deciding what to buy from such a vast range!

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image from missguided 

You've probably noticed lots of brands have brought out their own fashion activewear.  It's January and everyones starting their diets or back to healthy eating after cheating over Christmas.
I've never really been that bothered about what I wear to the gym because I go to a really little/quiet gym but after seeing all these gorgeous bits and pieces I think I may have to invest. 

I think a statement legging/bottoms is a great way to brighten up your gym outfits. You can wear different tops and mix and match different tops with your bottoms. 

I think getting compliments about your clothing at the gym would boost your self esteem and motivation levels. 

I just wanted to show you a few of my favourite pieces! Have you got any other brands you would recommend for activewear? I heard Primark have their own range coming out and poundland?? So theres really no excuse now. 

Do you know any fitness blogs or any good food blogs etc? 

image from missguided.