OOTD - 'The Storm before the calm'

Top: Topshop // Trousers : H&M //Necklace: New Look 

Your going to get bored of these trousers soon ! I just love them so much. They are so comfy and I love them. They are easier to wear when its sunny because you can wear white tops like this one.

I've been to university today and about to go to the gym so thought i'd do a quick outfit post!

Picked up the Loreal Micellar water today because it's only £2.50 in superdrug at the moment!

I'm going to London tomorrow to go to the Kurt Schwitters exhibition yay !!

'The storm before the calm' Cameron Conaway, caged: Memoirs of a cage-fighting poet 

Beauty Haul !

Collection Eyebrow definer (I thought it was a eye liner ) // Sinful Color nail Polish // New Mua polishes// NARS blusher // Naked shine hair treatment // Clynol Hair treatment. 

The other day I felt like going shopping and spent WAYYY too much money that I really don't have so  I thought id show you what I got. 

The sinful colour polish is really good and they only retail at £1.99 in boots. I will be stocking up on these. They look really similar to the China Glaze polishes. 

The new MUA polishes are supposed to be 'dupes' of the essie polishes so I thought i'd grab a couple. 

The Hair treatments are both from Poundland ! BARGAINS ! 

And the Nars blush was a little treat for me :) 

Dixi Woodstock and Luxe Bohemia Range

Thought i'd give you a little look at the latest Dixi collections, it's are now available on the website.

  I think this collection is perfect for the spring. Its a real festival style collection and would look great with a t-shirt and your favourite pair of denim shorts!

I'm loving rose crowns at the moment and think they are so cute and a must have for the festival season!

These tortoise sunnies are gorgeous and very vintage-like.

Just check out the www.shopdixi.com website for loads more from the new collection.

NARS Blush : Angelika

I've had my eyes on this for a while but decided I have far too many blushers so i've just never bought it but the other day I went into space NK and I wanted to buy something so bad and I ended up leaving with this !

I love it. I think the colour is gorgeous and it's a me blush ! Its pink and glittery !  The rest of my blushers even though they are all very similar in colour the rest are not glittery. This leaves a really nice shimmer/ glitter on your cheeks that glisten in the sun :) It's not too much though.

The pigmentation is your usual NARS pigmentation which I think is very good and the packaging is so simplistic and lovely and matte yay! I do love abit of matte black packaging.

For £21.50 it does leave a little dent in your bank balance but a benefit blush is like £24.50 !

The colour is quite natural if you apply it gently and you can build it up for more colour so its good for day or night. I love a lot of colour on my cheeks so this is perfect.

I've actually been applying NARS Gina which is a more orange tone blush to define my cheeks and then applying this across my cheek bone to define them abit more. So far i'm really loving this blush and so happy I got it :)

A really late Sunday Update

My screenprints 

I've been super busy recently with uni and the blog and its been difficult to balance everything but i'd nearly done it! My deadline for my practical work was last monday so I handed in these screen prints and some sketchbooks with loads of experiments. I now have to put together a presentation and thats due the 15th May so not long left and thats it then for my second year at University! 

001. You may have noticed I had loads of blog posts up last week ! I really want to stay on top of my blog so keep an eye out daily for new posts. I normally schedule them for 9:00am so they are new in the morning

002. I'm off to London on wednesday because I really want to visit the Kurt Schwitters exhibition at the Tate before it finishes and I will be popping to and other stories... and to get some Bioderma and also the film museum. we're not sure where to eat so send some suggestions. 

003. Me and Daniel are planning on going to turkey for our summer holiday so I need to go on a spending ban :( We are also going to devon at the end of may and he's taking me away for my 21st in September - it's going to be an expensive year! 

Topshop Peel Off Nails

Topshop Peel Off Nails £6 in On The Blink

I picked this up the other day in Topshop, I was looking for a different blue because i've been searching for a 'dupe' for Nails Inc Baker Street but they didn't have the one I wanted so I got this one. 

I didn't research the Peel Off Nails until I got home so I didn't really know what it was. It's a nail polish that is designed so you can just peel it off without nail polish remover - this sounds very good for those of you who are as lazy as me and just sit there picking away your polish. 

Honestly I really wasn't impressed I applied it on the night and woke up to peeled away and chipped polish. I think it would be okay for a night out but thats it! 

I think £6 is a bit overpriced i'd rather get myself a decent polish and a bottle of nail polish remover! 

REVIEW : Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Revlon Colorstay - £12.49 

I picked up Revlon Colorstay whilst the beauty products were on 3 for 2 at Boots. I had heard so many good things about it and decided I really wanted to try it out.

My Mac Studio Fix has been looking cakey so I thought i'd try this out and see whether I liked it or not.
I was very happy to see you could buy it for Oily /Combination skin because I have quite shiny shin so I tend to stay away from liquid foundations.

I've been applying this with my beauty blender style sponge. I've found this makes it so easy to apply.

The coverage is amazing, it covers all my blemishes and spots and leaves my face looking flawless.

The staying on power is great ! I tested it out last week I had uni early so applied it in the morning and went to uni for abit, I have to commute to uni and then I came home and went to the gym. By the evening my face was still great, My make up was still on and intact!

I have to say i'm so impressed with this foundation! For a drug store brand and its only £12.49 I would buy this over a high end product just because its so easy to apply and has amazing staying power.
Also it combats shiny skin and leaves my make up looking flawless.

I'm very tempted to try the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation as this is like £8.99 and apparently very good as well - let me know if you've tried it out?

Overall A great product and I would recommend!!

Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection - RRP £21.99 From Boots. 


I picked up the Core Collection the other day when it was on buyapowa for like £10. I have quite a few Real techniques brushes so decided to add this to my collection.

The set contains a Detailer brush - To conceal problem areas or use with lipstick

Pointed foundation brush - use with liquid foundation to build coverage

Buffing brush - Ideal for full coverage application of powder or mineral foundation

contour brush - delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer

The set is a really great value for money and contains 4 amazing quality brushes. I love the real techniques collection because its available at boots so is really easy to just go and pick up. They do these amazing sets which are great value - the indiviual brushes retail between £7.99 - £9.99 so 4 brushes for £21.99 is a great deal.
I really just wanted the buffing brush but this set was such a bargain I had to buy it.

If you have never used www.buyapowa.com before its great you sign up to receive an email if a product you want becomes available and you join the co-buy to get the price to go down. you can pay by card or paypal!

Have you used the core collection what do you think  ?

Project U-Neek



I was invited a lot to the Launch of Malgorzata Drohomirecka’s art work which is currently being exhibited at the Urban Company Coffee shop in Birmingham. As I’m an art student going along to the launch was a great opportunity for me to do some networking.

The evening began with a talk from  Alexandria who is the creator of project u-neek ! The project allows artists to carry on creating their works whist the project organizes exhibiting and selling the works. This is great for practicing artists because it means they can continue creating work without the stress of exhibiting and selling. Project U-Neek exhibits work in spaces across Birmingham like Crave which is a hair salon in the Custard Factory and other coffee shops. 

The exhibiting artist was Malgorzata Drohomirecka who is a screen printing artist and I really enjoyed her work. It was very geometric and she uses bright colours. Project u-neek use these launch nights to exhibit other artists work as well so also exhibiting was whitney Zaw and her amazing photography and Sketch (Alex Carby). 

I had a lovely evening and it was a great opportunity for me to me Alexandria and learn about the project  and networking. I now know the project are there if I ever think of exhibiting my work! 

What we got in our #BrumBloggerMeet Goodie Bags

Lovely tote bags from Watch Warehouse and painted by Sara, Chloe and Hayley

 Amazing Benefit Goodies including They're Real and Fake Up

Some lovely Products from Granny Sallys Soap Kitchen 
Lovely Yardley Body Wash 
Macadamia oil 
And All This ! 

I was very lucky to get all of this amazing stuff in my goodie bag! I'll be reviewing things as I use them so look out for that !

30 Ways To Save £1

Money Supermarket are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin by giving bloggers the chance to make £30! All you have to do is put together a post with 30 money saving tips and you get £30 from MoneySupermarket.com for more details click here. 

I've tried to make my tips not just fashion and beauty related and i've included everyday tips as well...

1. Invest in a money jar like mine ! Any loose change from your purse or money thats just lying around pop in a money jar and when it's full take it to the bank or to one of those coin star machines.

2. Download voucher apps to your phone like www.vouchercloud.com and O2 moments for money off shopping, eating out and days out!

3. Use comparative websites like Moneysupermarket.com to make sure your getting the best deals on insurance and your shopping.

4. EBAY! Buying things on ebay like clothes will save you money!

5. Take advantage of student discounts. If your not a student then get a friend who is a student to go shopping with you!

6. Sometimes buying more can save you money so if somethings on a really good offer then stock up.

7.Make a shopping list - Stick to your shopping list and you should only buy what you need.

8. Carboots - With the weather warming up get down to a carboot. They are a great way to make and save money.

9. Walk! Try walking to the train station or to the shop instead of jumping on the bus. Walking is free!

10. You don't need to buy all of your Uni books. Head down to the library and loan them.

11. 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets - don't pay full price. If your not on orange ask a friend if you can borrow their orange wednesday. Text film to 241 to receive your code.

12. Britain has the cleanest tap water in the world so don't bother with bottled water.

13. Charity Shops ! I got a lovely Topshop jumper in my local charity shop for £3 the other day

14. Advantage cards like boots cards and Debenhams beauty card come in handy when your buying your make up and skincare. Make sure you use them and collect points to get free money!

15. Groupon and Wowcher! Are great ways to save money when eating out, getting your hair done and even weekends away!

16. Look for online discounts on Moneysupermarket.com

17. Try samples of a product before you go and buy the full size. You might hate it and won't have forked out trying it first.

18. Trade in your old phone to websites like envirophone.con

19. Buyapowa.com is a great way to save money - They sell products a reduced prices depending on how many people join the co-buy.

20. On Ebay try not to bid until the last hour! This way you won't get into a bidding war meaning the price won't go up.

21. Compare your travel - Returns can work out cheaper than two singles. In birmingham you can get an anytime return which means you can return any time within 30 days.

22. Free delivery - Don't pay £3 or £4 for delivery. Sign up to newsletters to hear about free delivery promotions and websites like asos.com offer free delivery any way.

23. Try cheaper brands when buying food or getting toothpaste and bubble bath! The store brands can be just as good.

24. Check out deals on coaches before you go buying train tickets you could save yourself alot of money. My Boyfriend went to edinburgh on a coach and saved over £100 going on the coach instead of the train.

25. Put your summer or winter clothes away when the weather changes and then when you get them back out again its like having a new wardrobe.

26. Read reviews before spending money on products you could find cheaper alternatives or even find out that its not very good.

27. sign up to newsletters for restaurants to get their latest deals and offers.

28. Bring a flask to work or university. Don't spend money in Starbucks or Costa. You could buy a box of 80 teabags for the price of one tea at costa or a whole jar of nescafe for the price of a coffee.

29. DIY - DO your own hair. You can dye it at home yourself. Home colour kits are so simple and you will save £100's

30! Enter competitions- Online competitions and twitter giveaways are a great way to get free stuff !

I hope you liked my tips ! Go and pop up a post of your tips to get your hands on £30 !

Paper Themes - Cupcake Wrappers.

Cupcake Wrappers £12.99 for 24 - www.paperthemes.co.uk

I was kindly sent these cupcake wrappers to review so thought i'd make some cakes to try them out! My cakes didn't rise as much as i'd hoped though :( But I think they look cute still.

Paper Themes is a one stop shop for wedding stationary, invitations, place cards and wedding advice!
Although they so specialise in weddings that doesn't mean you can only order if your getting married you could buy things as presents or even just for a birthday or special occasion!
You can personalise things to make them that bit more special and personal!

The cupcake wrappers are really pretty and you can choose from loads of different designs from floral ones to polka dot ones. They are made out of a really good quality cardboard which means they are really sturdy and don't feel cheap at all. They are a great way to add a bit more elegance to a cupcake!

Like I said above these are not only for weddings - you personalise the text so you can make it say what ever you like and the patterns are lovely and very versatile so can be used for any occasion.

If you are looking for a wedding style cupcake wrapper then these are perfect because Paper Themes have so many styles to choose from and you can personalise them for your special day. They have loads of colours so you will be able to find one that fits your day perfectly! Cupcakes are a great idea for a wedding cake because it means no cutting up your gorgeous, expensive wedding cake for the guests ! You can give these out easily and without spending ages cutting the cake. You can also look at the selection of cake boxes available on the Paper Themes website too!

I think the Paper Themes cupcake wrappers are so unique and such a fabulous idea! This year i'm celebrating my 21st Birthday and these will be ideal for my party - I LOVE CUPCAKES and my guests will be able to enjoy my birthday cupcakes in style !

The Cupcake Wrappers come flat like in the first picture so they are easy to deliver and easy to store.

Head on over to the Paper Themes website here to look at the different styles of Cupcake Wrappers for your event, Party or wedding.


*this is a sponsored post *