im saving guys...

001...therefore i cant spendd :'(
im in desperate need of a new camera and laptop and i recon a few more weeks slaving away at pizza hut and i'll be able to get a real good camera and laptop. about £550 saved up so far ;D
002.due to my lack of camera i cannot showw you what ivee been wearinggg :'(
however theres alwayss thingss i want ;D so ill show you them instead.
003.back to college today :'( tbh it wasnt as bad as i expected. my work load is MASSIVE tho. English and History is just revision because ive completed my coursework... finally. but ART omgggg... theres so much to do, i need to do more on my blog... complete sketchbook to a better standard.. finish my barbie dolls and their boxes, and tie everything together making it presentable as a final project. oh btw i have 2 and a half weeks to do this, as well as work and see the boyfriendd

would appreciate some help

im looking to buy a polaroid camera
i have no idea what im meant to be looking for
i want one that prints instant pictures, i want a vintage style good quality one.
any reccomendations

amy x

why do i always want so many things,

i want...
a new denim jacket, a cropped one prefrerably a light denim colour
converse, white.
paperbag shorts
a new camera; real good specs, need this for holidayy and v festivall


well did i get a bargain todayy ;D
im well chuffed with it....
pleated skirt in the sale for £15, its the black onee.
so anywayy yes when you go on the motel rocks website a pop up to claim your free £10 voucher appears but its not valid on sale items or atleast thats what it says, all i know is instead of paying £15 for my skirt i payed £5 so check it out ;D

hows everyoneee?
havent blogged in forever my laptops broke so currently ive been spending extra time at college doing my coursework and usings daniel or daddys laptop.
been saving therefore may invest in a new laptop.

working loads this week : 39 hours, its gonnaa killl me :'(
moneyyyy tho $$$$ :D

got 1 piece of coursework left; im in fact over the work count alreadyyy got loadss to do so this may take some time to edit/ cut up haha

this havee been strange.
spending so much time in college and workingg; roll on 2nd julyy; HOLIDAYY <3


your probably wondering why i have an image of a toilet

...i droppped my baby down the toilet..thats right the blackberry torch, right down the toilet.
i admit i cryed :'(
it was horribleeee. its working, except the camera and the wifi, which sucks so i have to send it off, to get a new one.

001.mothers day today
i bought my momma amarni diamonds perfume, her favee and a balloon <3

002. got lots of coursework to complete this week

003. my aim at blogging everyday flew out the window..

004. why is college so harddd.