my week off...

1.jacket: topshop dress: new look. 2,3,4,5,6,7: glossy box 8: rimmel primer 9:kate moss lipstick

this week has gone so quickly... its been my assesment week so i thought id be on here blogging everything. i did nothing.

monday: was the day i had my splurge and spent loadsss! i bought my jackettt <3 went tgi's
tuesday: went to town with my little sister to hand out CV's shes got a job nowww :D bought new look dress
wednesday: went the cinema, watched paranormal activity 3.
thursday: glossybox came. LOVE IT!
friday:work 11:30 till 9:30
saturday work 11:30 till 8:45
sunday: chilled watching tv all day

as you can see i didnt really do anything lol.

when i saw that octobers glossy box contained dermalogica products i immediatly subscribed as ive wanted to try out their products for quite a while... i think that the should have thought of their target audience which i would imagine is younger women not really bothered about the age smart range however i still think its worth trying the products they give you because they leave your skin feeling so soft... ive been considering purchasing some of the full size products.

havent tried the nail varnish yet but the shade is onethat i wouldnt normally buy i will however try it out. also havent used the eyeliner, i really wanted to try out the stila range... i want to try their foundation.

i bought the rimmel primer after using E.L.F's primer and absolutly lovinggg it and then unable to continue life when it ran out... so i thought id try a new brand. i should have sticked with elf. the rimmel one was £6.99 and elf's £6 one is so much nicer onthe skin . the rimmel one is like a really thick moisturiser. i really dont like how it leaves my skin... the accessorize one looks nice and also the gosh one.. its got a pump similar to the elf one.. however the mua range at superdrug have one thats £4 so ill have to try that one out too.

the lipstick feels really nice and has a long lasting colour. its not really the colour i was going for i would prefer a more pinky colour.

if you wanna knowww.

1. my new jacket topshop £58 2. shirt: select. 3. Sally Hansen hard as nails. 4&5. dress: new look£25

had a nice day off uni and work today. went to birmingham city centre with my little sister. shes been looking for a job, she had three interviews last week and has handed out loads more CV's today i think its definatly getting harder for people at college.

i bought the jacket. if you read my blog you WILL know what im talking about as its all ive spoke about for like 2 weeks. i loveeee it:D

i bought this sally hansen nail hardener. ive just put a coat on and i can already feel the difference its so good it tells you to put two coats on so im already very pleased with this

also bought this pretty little lace number from new look. i actually bought this burghundy blazer/kimono thing that once i brought it home i hated. it was in the sale so i had to exchange it... so i bought this dress. at £25 its very nice and i think will be easy to wear through winter

going to watch paranormal activity tomorrow ooo scareddd.

too rough to photograph haha

my deadline for uni has come round so quickly. we have 3 projects to do... and they all consist of three weeks work. so my three weeks is up and monday is assessment:|
I've worked three shifts this week, i quite like being back at work as i had a few weeks off and now im getting back into it. the tips are better ;) made £65 this week from just 3 shifts so tomorrow i will be purchasing the leather jacket from topshop that i must have mentioned 9032335 times lol.

just subscribed to glossybox... might be a subscribe for a couple of months.
i really think the dermalogica stuff in octobers box looked like a good amount of product for the money.
i hope novembers box is good because i know ive read mixed reviews on these beauty boxes...i just wanted a try one of them out. i might try glossy box out then unsubscribe and try some others out.

i want to get into reviewing products... i did a review recently on my E.L.F order... check it out here.
so i will most likely review the beauty boxes... i also need make up atm so im gonna buy some and ill review them :D

i feel so ill right now:( today im wearing a jumper jeans with my hair scraped onto the top of my hair lulz.
i reallly dont want to go to uni tomorrow but its assesment day and i wanna see what everyones done.

i have this awful cold...

jumper: newlook

im seriously sooo ill.
ive got an awful cold and it means my nose is like a constant tap.. drippinggg

i dont know why but i really didnt expect uni to be this stressful... tbh compared to alot of people i do think ive done a fairly sufficient amount of work but then again what i wanted to do isnt finished. theres things to do therefore i am stressed. my printer at home is completly stupid. the printers at uni are just as bad. they refused to print in a3, whats that about :S

got work at 5 tomorrow which im actually looking foward to ... im now a little work geek.
i reallly just wanna make enough tips so i can buy the leather jacket in topshop.

anyway im going to bedd.  going to uni like SO EARLY tomorrow since ive got about 2797398839 things to dooo

goodnight xo

just a little ....

post. seeing as i was going to post tonight but ive got work now. helping out doing a little shift, i dont mind as i do really need the money right now with christmas only 10 weeks away. ive spent like €€€ €€€€€800pound in like a month so i could do with some money. im starting christmas shopping this week or next as i really want to get the shopping out the way. im guessing everyone has seen the amazing leather jacket with the faux fur in topshop... well i want it so this week im thinking of saving all my tips from work and using them to fund this jacket :). just waiting for the train right now. im so glad i invested in alot of jumpers before itgot this cold. and my coat keeps me soo warm. might buy another coat because ive already broke a button off this one lol. anyway typing this much on the blackberry is hard. might post a outfit post later or tomorrow. byeeeee !

i am back.

feels like i havent blogged in forever. seems like i just havent had the time. ive started uni YAY and ive made friends..i seem to be on top of my work so hey things seems pretty good right now.
last week my boyfriends family went to gran canaria so I stayed at his...  another reason for not blogging. i watched so much TV mostly big brother and the inbetweeners, got quite alot of work done but it was so nice to just chill together. felt like we lived together

Ive bought the Canon DSLR 1000D i really love it!

i love mycamera :D

monday my university work is being assessed so this week i will be doing alot of work but i really want to try and get back into blogging on a regular basis. next week i wont be at uni much so loads of exhibition days planned so lots of photos. hopefully.

im not dead

saorry for my lack of blogging. ive started uni and back to work just lots of stuff going on. however ive bought a new camera... a canon eos 1000 slr!! so im so excited to start taking photos so ill be back to blogging this week :) xx x