Sunday Update

jumper; internacionale skirt h&m

001. This week I spent time with daniel, he's had some interviews yay him! Been working this weekend just a pretty boring chilled out week really because i'm back to university this week. 

002. I won £50 of Topshop vouchers yesterday which was pretty awesome, since all I did was fill out a survey! Theres loads of things I wanna buy but my local Topshop in the bullring has 20% off on thursday because theres a student event on so i'm hoping to go to that and get some discount :)

003. I'm staying at Dans this week :) because his family is going on holiday so were housesitting i'm gonna bring my laptop so hopefully blogging will persist but I'm gonna schedule some posts too, just incase i'm too busy with university work and stuff. 

004. Watched the savages on wednesday, it's such a good film. Its no longer on at my cinema but i'd recommend watching it !

Oasis A/W Must Haves!

Heres a few of my favourite picks from the Oasis range on the House of Fraser website!  I'm loving this khaki/military colour, and I really like the embellished collar! I would wear this shirt with leggings or jeans - its so versatile! At London Fashion week Topshop Unique were defiantly teaming leather/shiny black materials against this khaki colour and thats what I'm doing here- I'd team this lovely shirt with a leather jacket and some shiny leggings! I love these leggings because they are so stylish but comfortable and can make an outfit look stunning. I would say your must have this A/W is a leather jacket and this one from Oasis is gorgeous and would look lovely with all of your outfits this autumn. Its an essential to create that perfect rock-chic look! 

London Fashion week 2012 A/W Topshop Unique 
London Fashion week 2012 A/W Felder Felder 
London Fashion week Alexander Mcqueen

Motel Rocks Street Team

So I've been accepted to be part of the motel rocks street team and that means you guys get 20% off! All you have to do is enter 'amydtm' into the discount code box and you'll get 20% off !! It's that easy! here's a few things I like off the website. Being part of the street team is really good because theres loads of opportunities to get freebies and you get to give all your blog readers (thats you lovely people) discount on which is one of my favourite websites!

The Essentials

Batiste dry shampoo// Wella Silvikrin// Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Collection*// Nivea Express Hydration//Arm and Hammer Enamel Care*// Femfresh soothing wash*// Vaseline cocoa radiant// Femfresh wipes*// Lush ultrabland// skin therapy wipes// The Body Shop foaming facial wash// Balance me wonder eye cream// Balance me face moisturiser// Nivea hand lotion//

I've decided to put together this post of essentials! I do use alot of products and I love trying out new ones! This is a post of products i've tried and  some that I use religiously! Its also some products that I really want to review or mention but I don't really want to do a full post about one product so this way i'm posting about loads of really good products but getting all the important information out.

Dry shampoo! - I LOVE THE STUFF! I've tried the new timotei one and its nothing compared to batiste. Blush is my favourite and I use the original one if superdrug don't have it! (btw its like always on offer in superdrug so check there if you wanna buy it ) I have blonde hair so the way it makes your hair abit white doesn't affect me but they do other ones for different hair colours and it brushes out ! I love how you can get away with washing your hair and how it just freshens your hair up. dry shampoo is a must have!

Hairspray - I don't use alot of hairspray but when I do its Wella Silvikrin in firm hold or ultra hold! It doesn't have a nasty hairspray smell and it holds your hair up; does what it says on the tin ;)

Hair Removal- The Nair products are all new to me, I wanted to review the wax strips and was really excited to try them but then i wimped out and decided to try the shower power foam instead! It smells like most Nair products and is like a cream. You apply a thick layer before you shower and wait a couple of minutes then you go in the shower but try and not get wet and then use the spatula to remove the cream - removing the hair. Its really good and leaves your legs smooth and soft. I'm yet to try the wax strips.

Femfresh range- I won't go into much detail about this range but I will say that I defiantly recommend it.

Moisturisers- I love cocoa butter but I find palmers abit expensive and the smell is very powerful whereas this vaseline cocoa butter has a lovely smell and it moistures the skin- I got this on offer in superdrug for just under £2 which is like half the price of the palmers one.
The Nivea express hydration range is really good, it defiantly does the job when it come to hydrating the skin- I have very dry skin and this is perfect and it absorbs quickly.
I love hand creams and this is my favourite one! - when I take my nail varnish off I like to use this on my hands and nails- you only need to use a tiny pea size amount.

Face- The balance me range is really nice! I love these small sample size creams to keep in my make up bag for when I stop at dans. The eye cream is really nice- I'm not normally a fan of eye cream but I do love this! I also use lush Ultrabland on my face its a cleanser which is great for sensitive skin and also to remove make up because it contains beeswax. Also people with problem skin should use this on its own to bring the skin back to normal balance. I love foaming facial wash so when I finished my No 7 one I tried this body shop one and its really nice - it smells nice and isn't harsh on the skin at all!

I've been trying loads of new teeth products- I've been researching getting my teeth whitened but apparently it can cause alot of damage to your enamel so I've been using stain removal toothpaste and I'm gonna start using Arm & Hammer Enamel Care Sensitive toothpaste that restores surface enamel, It contains baking soda that is supposed to whiten your teeth more gently, its also for sensitive teeth.

*The Femfresh Range

The new Femfresh washes are available in Asda, Superdrug and Tesco, and the wipes are available at most retailers including Boots. The Femfresh Triple Action Soothing Wash ( 250ml: £3.49) Femfresh Triple Action Deodorising Wash (250ml: £3.49) Femfresh Feminine Freshness Wipes (25 wipes: £3.49)

*Nair Brazilian Spa Clay range

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream (RRP £6.69), Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Wax Strips (RRP £6.69) and Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Wax Strips(RRP £5.69) are available from Boots, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

*Arm & Hammer Enamel Care Sensitive toothpaste

Arm & Hammer Enamel Care Sensitive toothpaste (RRP £3.49) is available in major grocers and chemists.

Topshop VS Internacionale

internacionale is always one of those shops I go into before I go to Topshop because they always have nice things at a fraction of the Topshop price!

I picked up this jumper in store the other day and then put it down again when I picked up a similar cardigan! I was then browsing the internacionale website and found that the jumper was reduced to £17 instead of £22.99 as its priced in store! So i added it to my basket and then realised they had  20% off for students making the jumper like £13.60 but then theres £3.95 delivery but that still makes it only £17.55 instead of a whopping £42! if you bought it from the topshop website since you would get £4 off for being a student but then charged £4 postage!

what do you think would you buy the topshop jumper or save like £20 and buy the internacionale version!

sunday update

jumper; topshop// black bodycon skirt: h&m//necklace : topshop

001. I've had such a chilled out week! I went out on monday night with a couple of girls from work and we went for a nice meal and had a few drinks for my birthday! Then tuesday it was my birthday so spent time with the family and had a nice meal for lunch with daniel then wednesday and saturday was spent at pizza hut working !

002. Sorted out my wardrobe this weekend so its all full of my warm jumpers and cardigans ready for autumn/ winter! Have brought loads of clothes to dans as he has alot more room as his house than I do!
Normally i'm very naughty and just put everything on ebay or carboot it but i've put things away and i'll have a good sort out but for now I don't wanna throw anything away!

003. Back to university soon! I really can't actually believe how long i've been off for but i'm really looking forward to going back and having some money!

REVIEW: MAC Prep + Prime

MAC prep + prime skin base visage rrp £19.50

I've been using prep + prime for about a month now and I absolutely love it! I love primer! I'm just one of those people who was actually wow'd the first time I used a primer ! I think it was ELF's £6 studio primer since then i've tried this, porefessional, Estee lauder skin illuminator. 

I love the bottle its sleek and if you read all my mac reviews I love how simple the packaging is! I also like that its a pump- the problem with porefessional is its a tube but this kinda limits how much comes out and how much you use, i think i use like 3 pumps for my whole face! 

The actual product is like a cream which I like because you can rub it into your face and kinda see where you have put the product. Its abit glittery/sparkly which is nice too- I use this everyday so its not a standing out glitter its very subtle. I use Mac studio fix powder foundation after this so I let it dry before applying my foundation. 

I've found my make up lasts all day and it applies without any streaks or patchy bits! I do think £19.50 is abit overpriced but so are all MAC products in my opinion! but when you consider its £4 cheaper than benefit porefessional and this is 30ml whereas porefessional is 22ml

would you buy prep + prime or have you used it before what do you think? i'd love to hear :) Overall i'm really happy with this product, I'm always looking out for new products to try so let me know if you think you know of a better primer!

what I bought today

shirt: hypnotic birmingham cardigan: internacionale

 Gold by Giles palette 50p from new look

 grey racer vest £4 from new look

 Ebook case for my kindle £7.99 from new look

Spent some of my birthday money yesterday and this is what I got. I didnt even know internacionale had a website- i've just ordered a similar jumper to the cardigan that i've pictured here for £17 including postage because they have 20% student discount! online and in store !  

Topshop wishlist - Birthday edition

scheduled post* 

I'm working today! This should be scheduled for wednesday ;) it was my birthday yesterday and I really want this jumper so will probs buy it with birthday monies ;)

Happy Birthday to me!

enrapture totum styler, kindle, marc jacobs DOT

So I turned 20 today! I feel so old! (sorry people older than 20) I've had a lovely chilled out day. Momma paid for me and daniel to go out to lunch because she was working. I had a lovely chicken burger. We watched loads of two and a half men and then all my family came round. We actually have 3 birthdays in the space of a week, so it feels like I've seen my family loads recently which is nice :) I got the enrapture totum styler that I madeee my mom buy me after seeing like every blogger rave about it. I recently decided I wanted a kindle - I really want an ipad and I know i could just read books on that but I think id spend more time on twitter and facebook than actually reading books so decided that a kindle would be a good way for me to increase my reading- its also really handy for my train journeys to uni. and marc jacobs DOT! I really wanted to buy this in duty free but spend like £35 at the mac stall so decided against it- so was really happy when daniel said he would buy it for my birthday. I got a £30 topshop voucher off my little sister and money off my family. I had a lovely day, just had some birthday cake too :) 


Got my nails redone; bella; oreo brownie; bella; make up; donuts; new top; peach melba, scarf.

001. It's my birthday on tuesday - I'm really excited. I'm getting a kindle and enrapture totum stylers off my parents and marc jacobs dot off my boyfriend! I seriously cannot wait. 

002. Hoping to do some posts this week on the blog. Should be getting sent some products to try out so look out for some reviews. 

003. I really wanna buy things but kinda have to wait for my student loan money which sucks but i'm gonna go on a spree when I get it! 

holiday photo's

 top: River Island shorts: Levi's belt: new look sandals: Topshop 
 Top: Topshop Skirt: Topshop Belt: New look Sandals: Primark (old)

Top: Topshop Skirt :urban outfitters 

 Dress : Topshop 
 shorts: primark 

 Dress : topshop 
 top: h&m shorts f&f at tesco bag: primark 
 Bandeau top: primark skirt topshop

 Top: river island skirt: new look shoes: river island 
 strawberry and pineapple fanta 
 Top: Urban Outfitters Shorts : Topshop

Top and skirt: Primark